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  1. This is just a delaying tactic until they can get the correct companies/taxes/monopolies in place to ensure that the "good people" profit from the sale of e-cigarettes. They don't want people stopping buying cigarettes from the Thai Tobacco Monopoly and importing e-cigs from abroad. No no no, that would be most unhealthy. Once they have a way to profit internally from the sale of these things they will change their tune and accept conventional wisdom that whilst not as good as quitting altogether, they are better for you than normal cigarettes and can aid quitting (they helped me quit 3 years ago). They also don't smell and are better for non smokers in the vicinity of smokers.
  2. Latest rumor is that KTM/Baja are interested in Ducati. I like KTM and think they are a much better fit for a brand like Ducati with their focus on racing and innovation. I'd worry that if HD bought them they'd focus too much on the Ducati image, branding and heritage rather than investing heavily in R&D and pushing the technology forward like KTM do. Hope this goes ahead.
  3. Exactly. Had this been a Pitbull we'd have had all the barstool experts demanding a ban on Pitbulls. I wonder which breed they want to ban in this case? It's clearly the responsibility of the owner to train and control any dog. Unfortunately it's too late to do anything with the dog in this case and it should be destroyed ASAP and the owner banned from dog ownership. Unlikely to happen though, unless a local throws it a cyanide sandwich.
  4. Yep. Turn right at Cliche Cafe. I believe they have special parking for Honda Waves, but only if you are wearing sandals, over 50 and sporting a Tesco pisspot helmet. You should be fine :)
  5. And if it doesn't work, don't blame the PM. General Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday said all Thai citizens have to take responsibility if the reconciliation plan fails.
  6. I could be tempted by a Sportster if they sorted the pricing out and sold them at a similar price to the US. They are currently ridiculously overpriced in Thailand for what they are. I think the problem for HD is that they can't attract younger riders to replace the older guys that have either stopped riding or will keep their 1993 Fatboy until the day they die. Their bikes are fine in my opinion but the modern retro bikes like the Triumph Bobber or the BME R Nine T are a lot cooler for the younger Hipster crowd and the HD image isn't really attractive any more. When people think of Harley riders they (rightly or wrongly) think of the older bearded, Jack Daniels drinking, Willy Nelson lookalike, or the bikie gang type and neither of these images are really attractive for normal people who just want something fun to ride.
  7. Maybe try the MT07 as well, a lot of reviews have said it's a better bike than the SV (depending on what type of riding you do).
  8. Lovely bike, congratulations. Obviously on a TV Ducati thread you'll get the sandal wearing PCX riders whose "friend" had one that broke down every 100 metres, or their mate down at Friends Bar told them Uncle Billy Bob had one in 1993 that was always in the shop. Mine has been super reliable, looks, rides and sounds awesome. Can't think of a better bike for those 2 hour blasts out of Bangkok to the coast at the weekend to unwind. Obviously a good dealer is important as any brand of bike can have issues. Vibhavadi are excellent, hopefully Korat are good as well. Enjoy!
  9. I'd imagine this will go the same as Jenphop. Plead guilty, receive a very light sentence, appeal the light sentence, out on bail never to be heard of again.
  10. Same here, when they didn't mention bail it actually occurred to me that after 3 years this might be the first ray of light that things could actually be changing under the current regime. That optimism lasted less than 5 minutes.
  11. He's out already, and anyone with any experience of Thailand will know he isn't going back in.
  12. Out on bail already - entirely predictable. The appeal will drag on for years and by the time it's all practically forgotten they'll decide to suspend the sentence and give him 48 hours community service instead (which he'll never attend). That's the way it always works for the rich and connected.
  13. Reconciliation was never the goal. They've been very successful in doing what they came to do.
  14. But the army wrote this one and it lets them retain power even when "democracy" is restored. So no need to rip it up, just tighten it up a bit if they feel they haven't covered all the bases or if anyone finds any loopholes. The fix is in.
  15. Not a complete waste. Elections give the appearance of a democracy to the rest of the world. That's why it's so annoying when those nasty politicians aren't sufficiently subservient to the army whilst "in power", it forces the mask to slip for a few years. Still, the new constitution should sort all that.