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  1. Nobody has the right to steal no matter how popular, I don't believe anyone has said that. In my opinion what is needed is a sustained period of democracy whereby the electorate can begin to see what is happening, mature as voters and become more educated in terms of who they vote for. That might also allow for a new generation of politician to come along that is less corrupt and gradually things could improve (slowly, I'm talking decades). The military resetting the clock to zero every few years prevents this from happening. Democracy never matures and politicians try and steal as much as possible in the shortest amount of time as they know they'll be ousted anyway. The cycle has to break, and in my opinion the only way to do that is putting an end to these coups. They don't reduce corruption anyway, so with corruption being a constant you may as let democracy mature.
  2. Excellent article from The Nation, for once. It appears that the rats are fleeing the sinking ship.
  3. Only thing that's changed is that you can't vote this lot out. The corruption remains as strong as ever. I'd argue it's even more blatant now. Coups are never a good thing when they replace democracy with the forbidden D word, even if that democracy was far from perfect.
  4. Quick update, got the plate back today so that was a month, as suspected a bit longer than the 1 week that they promised but still not too bad. It should have been 3 weeks instead of a month but I had to go back in to the shop a week after my original post as they had photocopied the incorrect pages of my passport/work permit (either that or someone at the Land Transport Dept was having a bad day and decided to request something they knew the Tor Ror Or agent didn't have). The process was a bit of a pain to be honest, I'll be using some well hidden cable ties in addition to the usual bolts this time as a backup in case the bolts/brackets fail/loosen.
  5. Any s1000r or other bmw owners here?

    I was looking at the S1000RR in 2015. I contacted BMW in BKK and their pre-sales service was awful, very snooty and acted like they were doing me a favor by selling me a bike. I asked for a test ride and they didn't have any demo bikes, but he said he'd call me when a customers bike was being serviced and I could ride that!! I started having doubts at that point, I certainly wouldn't want my bike being used as a demo bike while it was supposed to be being serviced. Also, a while back there were reports of one of the main dealers in BKK who was swapping out good parts for the worn out equivalent during services, that worried me but may have been a one off and sorted out by now. I'm very interested in the all new 2019 S1000RR that will be released at the end of this year, but I'll admit the servicing and spares situation worries me with BMW. Ducati have been great and Yamaha seem pretty good so far (although the bike is only 6 months old they did have a spare part available at a very cheap price when I butchered the original part while fitting new levers). I do get the impression that bikes are a really low priority for BMW Thailand whereas the likes of Ducati, Yamaha etc. obviously have that as the core of their business.
  6. It's great to hear from guys like this, a really refreshing change to hearing the daily lies and contradictions from Big P and Little P.
  7. Not always an option though is it? In my case you had to slow down to about 30 kph to move onto the hard shoulder as it was potholed dirt, with a bus about a metre behind me, not fun and not safe. Besides, I don't enjoy rides where I'm getting bullied onto the hard shoulder because I'm on a scooter. I'd rather accelerate away and continue my journey. I did Chiang Mai to Pai in December on an MT09 with my gf on the back. It was cold and wet. I can't imagine how painful that would have been on any scooter trying to get past all those slow moving trucks belching smoke. Or trying to keep speed up on the slow uphill corners (with no gears) because some idiot in an Isuzu is right behind me. Relying entirely on the brakes (because I have no gears or engine braking) on the way back down. With the MT09 in power mode B, traction control set on the max level, 120 front and 180 rear Bridgestone tyres with ABS as a backup it was a really enjoyable, stress free ride. Overtaking is safer on a big bike. Braking is safer on a big bike. Riding over 100kph is safer on a big bike. They are more stable in wind, more stable over bumps and rough roads, have bigger wheels, they command more respect from other road users. There is really no argument for scooters being safer than big bikes unless you lack self control or riding experience.
  8. Yep a PCX is faster than a Wave. Won't help you if Somchai in his pickup truck is up your ass. Unless your PCX goes about 200 kph.
  9. Very clear evidence mounting up. This can mean only one thing - a larger amount of brown envelopes will be required to escape real punishment.
  10. Just one example. For dogs you might slow down. What about a truck sat on your tail on a narrow road when the bike is maxed out? I rode 400 kms in Cambodia recently (Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville and back) on a Honda Wave, and getting tailgated by buses as I pinned the throttle on that POS going uphill was no fun at all. Downright dangerous. Had I been on my MT09 I would have accelerated away and kept him at a safe distance behind me. The hard shoulder was potholed dirt so pulling over wasn't an option, slowing down meant trusting the bus driver to see me and avoid me. When they did pass, I could have touched them with my elbow if I wanted they were that close. Not to mention spending 20 minutes sucking fumes behind slow moving stuff that I didn't have the power to overtake because I'd have been on the wrong side of the road for a minute, creeping past him. Fast bikes can go slow, but slow bikes can't go fast. Believe me, that journey would have been MUCH safer on a big bike.
  11. Yep, I also think it's a good thing if people who can't ride a motorcycle for whatever reason can still get out and enjoy 2 wheels. I just think the 300 is a better fit for the scooter platform. The 300 is a lot cheaper, more storage space, goes about 150 kph - fast enough for any scooter, - it's lighter, looks better etc. Not sure why anyone would pay over 200k more to own this thing. For 425k You could have a XMAX 300 for scootering (if that's a word), a KLX/CRF250 for real off roading and 100,000 Baht leftover for mods/trips etc. Be interesting to see how many they sell.
  12. Don’t Resign, Plead Prawit Wongsuwan Fans

    No, No, No. These are the "good people". Laws are for the peasants.
  13. I'm with Allan on this one. 425,000 Baht for a big ugly scooter that pretends it can go off road is crazy. That's more than I paid for an MT09, which is a made in Japan 850cc triple, adjustable traction control, slipper clutch, quickshifter, rider modes etc. I kind of get the 300cc scooters but this thing is just a bit odd. Like a "big bike" for people who can't ride motorcycles.
  14. Good to see the tax I pay being spent so frugally and on such a good cause.
  15. Go on then. What are you waiting for?