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  1. JonnyF

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    I think this would be a good thing if enforced. I used to enjoy sitting in the outdoor section of pubs to get some atmosphere, people watch, have a chat etc. I prefer it to the echoing noise, TV's and freezing air con inside. Now however, it is basically a smoking section. Either the smokers sit out there and puff away, or patrons from inside come out every 5 minutes to furiously puff away before going back into the air con stinking of smoke so I end up going inside. I used to smoke and was always pretty considerate of non-smokers but unfortunately a lot of smokers don't give a toss if your meal has just arrived, they'll sit/stand a metre away and spark up - not even making an attempt to blow smoke the other direction. So feckem they can go down the street as far as I'm concerned.
  2. JonnyF

    New Battery

    If you're really stuck and have a computer UPS you can remove the battery from that and charge your motorcycle battery with it.
  3. JonnyF

    90km with the bike to the beach - no fun

    Bang Na Trat is the worst road in Thailand IMO. The only place (touch wood) I've had an accident, about 8 years ago when I hit some idiot reversing up the road to visit a food stall. Much better to go on the back roads near Chachongsao. Still not great (and adds 50kms to the trip) but far more enjoyable and safer.
  4. JonnyF

    S1000RR 2019

    Some nice tech here. The dash and mode selection etc. looks awesome.
  5. JonnyF

    S1000RR 2019

    Some good points. But I would argue that just because a good rider on a small bike could beat a crap rider on a s1000rr is not really relevant. In boxing we say a good big 'un always beats a good little 'un and the same applies to bikes given a rider of equal ability. In terms of why people commute on a million baht bike (outside Bangkok type traffic) I would say why not? Maybe they enjoy it? Why drink decent wine when you can get pissed on lao khao.? Why buy a bed when you can sleep on the floor? And I say that as someone who has been known to sleep on the floor after copious amounts of crap booze
  6. JonnyF

    S1000RR 2019

    I often take the 344 to Klaeng and I assure you loads of people do over 140. Lots of Benz and Bmw from Bangkok heading down to the beaches doing closer to 180. I've been tailgated beyond that speed. Of course you could sit in the left lane plodding along at 120 if you want and that's fine, you're OK with a 250 or whatever if that's your preference. I prefer to be able to choose where I am in fast moving traffic rather than being a sitting duck being overtaken by idiots who leave me 50 cms of space as they blast by while scrolling through Facebook. Plus lets be brutally honest it's much more fun on a nice fast bike.
  7. JonnyF

    S1000RR 2019

    I disagree. They make excellent all round bikes and a lot of people tour on them. Others commute to work on them. They are probably the most street based of the superbikes with the benefit of being excellent track bikes as well. I would much rather take a s1000rr for one of my weekend trips to the beach in rayong or the twisties in Kanchanaburi (200 km of mainly dual carriage way) than one of the bikes people often quote as practical such as Ninja 300, Cbr500, crf250l etc. No comparison in terms of safety and fun when surrounded by Thais in trucks doing typical real world Thai highway speeds (140-160).
  8. JonnyF

    S1000RR 2019

    Yes, primarily on the track but there are lots of good roads in Thailand where you can open up a fast bike in relative safety at the right time. I wouldn’t be riding this bike to the 711.
  9. JonnyF

    S1000RR 2019

    Gotta respectfully disagree with some of that. 100nm between 5500 and 14500 is a lot of torque across a lot of rpm. Keeping an in-line 4 howling at the 10, 11, 12k sweet spot is tons of fun. I also like twins (and triples) but there is also something about riding a turbine smooth inline 4 that really does it for me. I miss my gsxr but don’t really fancy dealing with Suzuki Thailand with a “big bike” so this might be the ticket if it’s as street friendly as the previous generation of s1000’s.
  10. JonnyF

    New CB650R (retro-ish style)

    Looks good. They've redone the cbr650f to have dual front lights as well, looks loads better, very similar to the Fireblade now.
  11. JonnyF

    S1000RR 2019

    I Like it! Heard talk of 14,000 pounds for the base model so possibly 850,000 ish in Thailand given the week pound, strong baht and Thai import tax ? I actually prefer the red, looks like an inline 4 Panigale and that subframe on the motorsport color looks awful. I think the 2 indicators turn red to make a brake light. I'm quite tempted.
  12. Very sad incident and the silence is deafening as surely they/he would say if he wasn't on there. I don't see why he wouldn't be if he attended the game. I guess several family members were on there as well and maybe other VIP's. I hope casualties are as low as possible.
  13. Very brave guys. I was pretty surprised with the verocity of the lyrics, they certainly aren't pulling any punches. Very powerful images at the end as well, with the infamous lynching from a tree incident that The Dead Kennedy's used for their "Holiday in Cambodia" album cover despite it being in Thailand. As Thai music goes it's not a bad song either. Better than some makeup wearing prettyboy crooning "kidtern terrrr" like 95% of it.
  14. Yeah, but if you take the panic over Brexit out of the equation (personally I think the pound is undervalued at the moment but that's another topic) then you'd probably be looking at around 52 to the pound making it 8400 pounds and probably cheaper than the UK price.