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  1. Agree, it is disgusting. Unfortunately E cigarettes threaten the profit of the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (that's actually their name believe it or not but at least they are honest about it!), that's serious. Violence between the serfs, not serious. As soon as TTM start profiting from E Cigarettes, they'll be declared legal and healthy.
  2. Finally you are getting it. Defending the indefensible must be tiring after a few years. Maybe better to admit you were wrong and suck it up. Then you can start to post honestly instead of spending your days defending a position that you clearly don’t even believe in yourself anymore. It takes a brave man to admit they were wrong but you won’t regret it.
  3. Panigale V4

    Be sure to give us a detailed review when you get it! Hope Ducati Phuket have sorted out their service issues now though...
  4. Buying a BIG bike private party

    I agree with Eisfeld. The Z900 is lighter, more powerful and will have a full warranty. Unless that Z800 is under 200k I'd be saving all the hassle of finance, tax, registration etc. and getting the better, warrantied bike off the showroom floor. Not sure how good a friend he is, but you need to be really careful about second hand bikes in Thailand, Sakaeo has suffered a number of floods so it may have been a victim of that, could have been badly crashed and rebuilt etc. If you do decide to buy the Z800 you can either leave it registered in the Sakaeo or transfer it. I transferred my old GSXR from Chiang Mai to Bangkok with no issues. I have also ridden Phuket registered bikes in Bangkok for 7 years with no issues. For expired taxes, you just have to pay the back taxes plus a very small fine (from memory it's maybe a couple of percent of the taxes owed, an insignificant amount really).
  5. The MV really just proves my point. It is about 18000 USD in the US. 31000 Dollars here. That's (give or take) the 80%. The HD is more like 150%. 650,000 + 80% tax is under 1.2 million. So why is for sale at over 1.6 million? Because it's overpriced, even accounting for the tax.
  6. I don't work for the HD sales and marketing department so I have no idea why the price is so ludicrously high. Maybe trying to keep brand exclusivity? Maybe they figure they won't sell many at 1.2 million either so may as well take the extra 450k Baht? Maybe the head honcho is unqualified for the role but his subordinates are scared to point that out to him. Who knows? A lot of HD riders will only ride HD and would rather drive a pickup with a large HD sticker on it than another brand of motorcycle, so they might think they can charge whatever they like and fanboys will pay it. My original point was simply that they are way, way overpriced here in Thailand. You can't justify that price tag based on taxes alone. Last time I checked it was 80% tax on fully built imported motorcycles which would make it 1,1xx,xxx Baht not 1,6xx,xxx Baht. If they assemble it here it will be a lot less than 80%. I read a while back HD is building a plant here in Thailand. If that happens you'll see CKD Harley's here and the price should drop substantially. Or maybe they'll just keep it at 1.6 million and pocket the extra profit? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-harleydavidson-thailand/harley-davidson-plans-a-thailand-factory-to-serve-se-asian-market-idUSKBN18L0DA
  7. Actually not all brands. The Japanese bikes are not too overpriced now, maybe 20 or 30% over US prices (if imported) depending on the model. European brands are a bit more as they don’t have the asean agreement but Ducati have found their way around that by assembling here. An s1000rr at 7xxxxx baht is a lot but isn’t too offensive. Then you have HD Fatboy. 1,6xx,xxx Baht. Clearly overcharging. I think he was trying to use the old “we are not in the US” argument. Of course we all know that, but there is still no justification for a 1.6 million price tag for that bike. Import taxes or not, it’s a pisstake just on price, before you even get into the technical flaws of HD. A lot of Americans think they’re overpriced at 650000 baht. Obviously if you drink at the local hog bar every night then you need one to fit in with The Bros, but that doesn’t mean their overpricing is irrelevant.
  8. It highlights the amount that HD are overpricing their products in Thailand. Other imports are nowhere near 2.5 times the price so it appears HD are fleecing their customers. If you are considering one of their bikes in Thailand, it’s useful to know you are getting ripped off. Why is it NOT relevant? Unless you are a brand loyal fanboy that is happy to get screwed by the HD corporation because you love the HD image.
  9. I was wondering if Honda will sell the CB1000R. If they do, they'll have to restrict it or it will be more powerful than the CBR1000RR SP that they currently sell which would be a bit embarrassing.
  10. Thanks for the pics. That 2018 Fatboy looks awesome (not really into HD but credit where it's due) but 1,629,000 Baht? They're about 650,000 in the US. That's crazy pricing.
  11. Panigale V4

    I think you're right about the CKD, makes sense and the prices add up. Yeah the V4 is a bit smoother down low than the L twin from what I read although whether this V4 Panigale is as refined in it's first year as an Aprilia is after years of incremental improvements remains to be seen. I'll probably wait for the 2019 S1000RR anyway. I've got a feeling that might be the bike that moves things up another notch (like the first gen did when it was released) and I quite fancy a move back to an inline 4.
  12. Panigale V4

    I can't imagine they'd allow a brand new flagship model which is also a brand new engine configuration to be built in Thailand. I guess they could assemble it here (maybe crate a complete engine over) but I think even then they'd need a certain percentage of the parts to be manufactured here as well to get the tax break, can't remember the exact details. I think a lot of Ducati sports bikes are "only" 10% more than Europe. Remember, European prices are already inflated compared to the US prices so with the strong Baht I reckon they could sell an Italian made Ducati for 10% more than a Euro price. My 899 was pretty much the same price here as the UK when I bought it (before the pound tanked) and that wasn't manufactured here. I'm not super serious about buying one either, partly because it's a first year brand new design but also because in my experience Ducati's only really "work" properly when you're riding them reasonably hard (maybe the V4 will be different in that regard to the L twins but I doubt it). I can't imagine being able to ride an 1100cc V4 very hard much of the time in Thailand. Be fun to have a look though :)
  13. The Benelli Multistrada TRK502 reminds me of something as well. Can't quite put my finger on it though. It's also pretty awful to ride by the sounds of it though. Cheap though at just over 200k Baht. Quoting from the MCN review below... The main limitation is the lack of power from the 500cc parallel twin and the colossal weight. 235kg, just 9kg less than the top spec BMW R1200GS Exclusive TE. The TRK has the weight of Butterbean and the punching power of a small dog. Try coming to a stop and you’ll almost be thankful for the lack of power. The two 320mm front discs feel dated. Very dated. They feel incredibly spongey for most of the travel on the front ever, only biting when the lever is almost touching my other knuckles. The brake lever is span adjustable, but I found it almost impossible to feel any difference between the four settings. The handling also fails to impress. Granted the incredibly bumpy and inconsistently surfaced roads we tested the bike on in northern Italy would put most suspension through its paces, but I’d like to know what the front end was doing while cornering. As we rode the bikes, I never had any idea what was going on – the front end felt distant and failed to instill any confidence. It’s a nice seat to spend a day in, but with a gutless engine, heavy weight, vague front end and inconsistent brakes, it’s not anywhere I’d want to be.
  14. Panigale V4

    Prices announced. V4 base model is 949,000 and V4 S is 1,149,000. 949k is pretty good for the base model, I was expecting a lot more than that given the 1299 prices. Look forward to reading/watching some reviews. Might go to the motor expo at Impact Arena this weekend and have a look.
  15. That's exactly what sprung to mind when I read it as well. Only takes a few years to grow lol.