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  1. Which model did you own? Mine has 17,xxx kms and has been in the shop 3 times for the 1000, 6000 and 12000 km service. It is lazy, ignorant posts like yours that make this forum increasingly irritating to visit.
  2. Hmmm, you might be getting sidetracked there. Fact is, nearly every post indicated it was made in Thailand.
  3. It's possible it could need repairing at some point. Also possible it could save my life. I almost lost the rear end on my old GSXR accelerating too hard to overtake a truck in the rain. I was able to save it that time without traction control, but who knows what would have happened if I hadn't. I was doing about 120 kph and it was in the middle of nowhere. Personally I embrace the new technology, not only can things like traction control save your life, but quickshifters are awesome fun.
  4. Definitely more hopster than hipster! Having sat on the bike I think it would be OK for a tall guy. The seat is adjustable and can be moved backwards and the pegs are quite far forward. It's very low, but the position of the bars and pegs means it doesn't feel cramped at all. Quite roomy in fact.
  5. That's strange, if you google "Z900 Made in Thailand", virtually every result suggests that it is. Just one example here... states "It was unveiled at the Intermot motorcycle show in Germany last year and will be imported in the country as CBU from Thailand" Of course sometimes these websites just copy each others information but it's weird that they all state the same thing. All the first videos on Youtube were Thai as well (short test rides, walkarounds etc.) and they cropped up weeks before any non Thai videos - that is far from conclusive but led me to believe it was in fact made here. I could be wrong though.
  6. Z900 looks good, but I'd say the MT09 with traction control, rider modes, quickshifter etc. is probably a higher spec for the same price. Slightly less power than the Z900 on paper, but back to back comparisons suggest it feels punchier in real life conditions. It's 17kg lighter as well. The MT09 is also made in Japan, as opposed to the Z900 which is made in Thailand.
  7. I think it's the best looking "modern retro" by a long way. Stunningly good looking in fact. But the small tank and single seat limit it's usefulness for me. It's a shame as it's supposed to be great to ride, but the cool factor and lack of practicality might push the bike a bit too far into Starbucks hopping, latte sipping, Hipster territory for my liking.
  8. Last time I checked a S1000RR was 820,000. So he's saved about 130,000 Baht on the sticker price plus it's probably got a few aftermarket parts. Same as you, I'd rather pay the extra and have a new one. Mainly because I don't see how this bike could have been legally sold by the police before trial. I'm guessing Benz racing might want it back at some point and then it's going to get messy.
  9. I'd be pretty annoyed if I was accused of something and the police sold my motorbike and car before I even had a trial. Does that really happen? Guess so.
  10. The "government" should fix it's own National park scam before it turns it's attention to others.
  11. He fought very well, gutsy fighter and just about deserved the win over Gonzalez. I had him winning by 2 points. Credit where it's due, he obviously put in a lot of work to achieve this, hope he can maintain that now he's 'made it'.
  12. Good to see they're all perfectly aligned.
  13. This is great news for farang supporters of double pricing. They should get down there quick, as soon as the cashier has taken their money and stopped laughing at them they can start boasting on ThaiVisa about how they just got ripped off, but they don't care because they are so rich and it was only 'a few beers'.
  14. Previously I recall he said he needed more time to prepare the documents to explain the payments. Now it turns out there were in fact no payments. I'm relieved to hear that nothing untoward has taken place here .
  15. I've boycotted them for the last 3 years. Used to go to Erawan a few times per year (paying local rate) but then they started to want the tourist price despite me living here 10 years, having a work permit, driving licence etc. Given that I pay a significant amount of tax here, I see no reason I should be charged 10 or 20 times the price to use public facilities. It's basically because I am Caucasian, no other explanation. So I refuse to support their discriminatory practices and spend my money elsewhere. For those who think it's OK, maybe they can petition for the practice to be applied everywhere? Maybe you can ask if we can sit at the back of the bus and have separate toilets as well. You're like turkeys voting for Christmas.