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  1. JonnyF

    After a two stroke off road bike

    PS. can anyone recommend a good, locally available coolant that's good for 2 strokes? Something like Engine Ice that's available locally?
  2. JonnyF

    After a two stroke off road bike

    No books on the proper MX bikes, just invoice. The dual sports like CRF250L and KLX250 have books (or should have anyway).
  3. JonnyF

    After a two stroke off road bike

    Yeah it's in pretty good condition, suspension feels good with no leaking seals, bearings all seem OK, clutch/gearbox feels good, has new hoses, brakes work fine, the motor runs great when ridden aggressively but it's a bit boggy down low. I know a lot of 125's are like that but I still suspect the jetting is off a bit so I'll have a play around with that. I've just ordered a new Wiseco piston/rings and an air filter as I'll need those things going forward. Just under 5000 Baht for both. I paid just under 60k for it including a basic service (change of transmission oil and coolant) and we set the correct sag for my weight etc. while I picked it up. He also delivered it for me for gas money. I saw a couple of similar bikes for low 50's but they were in a very poor condition. I think I need to spend about 8-9k on this one, so for under 70k I should have it up to scratch with a brand new piston/rings, new air filter and a couple of other odds and ends I've noticed. I'd really like a brand new KTM 150 SX but at around 450k I really can't justify that amount of money for what I'm using it for at the moment.
  4. JonnyF

    After a two stroke off road bike

    Yeah I had the same issue with a GSXR I had, no spares available in Thailand. Consumables weren't an issue. Model specific stuff like brake pads, air filters, pistons etc. can be bought from Ebay in advance. Simple stuff like chains, tyres, oils, grips etc. are all available locally. If something major happens it might take a few weeks to get stuff in, but that's a problem for all imports and I suspect it would be the same if I bought a brand new CRF250R from BigWing, they wouldn't have everything on the shelf. At least the smoker is reasonably simple and at the end of the day it's a weekend hobby not my daily transport so no biggie to wait a few weeks.
  5. JonnyF

    After a two stroke off road bike

    Funny timing for this topic as I actually bought a 2001 CR125 on Saturday. I was checking Bahtsold, Kaidee and mocyc.com for ages and finally found a guy who sells them in Pak Chong which is fairly close to our little hobby farm in Korat. He had this CR (I was actually after a YZ but I quite like the CR's as I had a 250 back in the UK which I sold whilst moving here). There's loads of junk out there, mine is reasonably tidy apart from the expansion chamber, but I'm sure it will be better with a fresh top end and a decent pipe. Been scouring the web for a piston kit etc. Just have to build the track now!
  6. JonnyF

    Proven way to get rid of Geko's

    We recently bought a hobby farm near Korat and the farm house was infested with them. So we asked around and got a free kitten from a local. Within 3 weeks they were all gone. The kitten likes eating them which keeps him entertained and keeps the jinjok out. Personally I can't stand the excrement on the walls, the fact they attract bigger predators such as Tokae/snakes, plus they irritate me when I am taking a dump and one runs out from nowhere in the middle of the night. I have mossie nets to keep out the bugs (and the kitten kills the couple that get in as well). My Thai gf hates them more than me, so not sure it's a "farang thing" to want them out.
  7. I guess the prices will come down a bit (maybe 10%), but not to US levels. That would leave a lot of existing Thailand customers pretty unhappy with their resale value.
  8. It's definitely wrong, but I don't think they take sales from Ducati. I actually like the new GPX 150GR (the Panigale copy shown below) and was considering one for the gf. I don't think anyone who was seriously considering a real Ducati would not buy it because one of these was available. It can get confusing though. Pulled up next to one of these at the lights on my 899. Wasn't sure whether to give him "the nod" or not
  9. JonnyF

    Govt’s thank-you party postponed indefinitely

    Sounds like a lot of guests didn't RSVP. I know if I had been involved I wouldn't want to fly back to be shuffled around taking photos with thai "officials" while watching an unelected general trying to bask in the glory.
  10. Like I said, they are fairly practical although personally I think a smaller bike would be better for lane filtering. In any case, practicality has it's limits for some. A "Beer Chang" wife-beater vest with 100 Baht Pokemon shorts and a pair of Crocs is fairly practical for Pattaya as well, but I wouldn't wear that because I don't really like the look. Likewise, I would never ride a PCX because I could find something equally practical that looks better. Of course, looks are subjective and some people like the "Chang vest and Crocs" look just as they like the "PCX and sandals" look. PS. not sure why you keep bringing HD into this. Are you under the impression I am a Harley rider?
  11. Yes beauty is subjective, as is style (hence the PCX riders preference for socks with their sandals). PS. the PCX is a step through.
  12. The PCX and NMax are obviously great bikes in terms of practicality. But I kind of get where the OP is coming from, they are a special kind of ugly. First time I saw it I was astounded. Your average scooter is bad enough but that front end with the bars in your lap? They do look pretty silly, and it doesn't help that the riders tend to wear socks with their sandals. If you MUST buy a scooter, my advice would be to buy an Aerox or a Vespa or something with at least a modicum of style. Oh, and lose the socks
  13. JonnyF

    Custom Honda Street Cub

    Cool project, be interesting to see how it turns out. This one is brilliantly done.
  14. JonnyF


    Exactly. Why pass the saving on to the customer when you can pocket it yourself as pure profit? All the Jap brands seem to do it so I'm guessing there's some kind of informal agreement between the big 4 that they leave the prices the same. Euro bikes like BMW/KTM/Husqvarna can't compete on price due to the import taxes so they have a nice little monopoly.
  15. JonnyF


    Typically, imported Honda "big bikes" in Thailand are at least 10% more than the RRP in America (the Africa Twin was more like 20% more). So 380k might be about right, but knowing Honda Thailand they'll round it up to 399k and bring it here 6 months after they are 100% sure that every other country in the world has received it's quota.