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  1. Ipad help

    Can anybody tell me a simple free program to use to transfer my music and a couple movies to my Ipad from my desktop PC from time to time. Is itunes the best way to go or do I have to pay for everything???
  2. What can a falang wear???

    Reading in the news just now that a lot of Thai`s are starting to wear a lot of pink and yellow shirts today to show respect for the most beautiful man that Thailand has. Is it ok for a falang to do the same or would it be considered an insult??
  3. Rain

    I see the news reports about a bout a lot of rain and flooding in Bangkok however since I`m only a tourist and don`t normally spend a lot of time in Bangkok all the different places mentioned still leave me a little lost. Apart from an umbrella and perhaps some waterproof shoes is there really that much rain to worry about? I`ve got a friend coming next week and will be staying close to where MBK is...
  4. oops!!!

    Sorry posted in the wrong place
  5. Where is this???

    So how far a driver is it??? An idea on how much to offer a taxi guy for the days hire to take me there???
  6. Where is this???

    Can someone please tell me where this place is located??? I was sent these photos by a close friend who tells me they are just outside of Bangkok but I don`t know where. Also if possible what would be the best way to try and visit them... Thanks
  7. Belt buckles

    A friend is in CM at the moment and tells me he was at the night market and he went past a shop selling some belt buckles but now can`t find it again. Anybody else seen it in thier travels??? I`m stuck here in Perth Aus so can`t help him look.
  8. Graduation

    I am slowly learning to never rush a Thai person but it`s been over a week with no reply to my email. Do you think it would be rude if I sent him a text??
  9. Graduation

    Sorry for the late reply, I took a look at the home page and apart from the home page being english the rest was all in thai. I have emailed the co-ordinator so I`m hoping he will be able to help.
  10. Graduation

    Got a friends daughter attending university in Phrae and I`m hoping to be able to surprise her and her family at her graduation in October. Anybody have any idea what dates it could be? If I can find out the universitys web page would it be on there somewhere??