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  1. Always good to have some metal saved. That said, you should probably look to buy them and store them in countries that have lower crime rates and a real police force. Depending on the bank or private vault service, you're looking at around $800-$1500 a year to store 25-30 kilograms of whatever you want. That's enough for most people's rainy day I would think. Singapore, Taiwan, Japan if you prefer this region. And of course Switzerland if you want to take a longer trip and want better scenery.
  2. SG is one of those... where most banks will ask you for your NRIC card (local ID) but will then allow account opening to non resident foreigners as long as you 'have a good reason' to hold an account there. I've been both approved and declined at various banks for simply having my reason as 'I would like to save some of my capital outside of my home country because it's less economically and politcally stable compared to SG.' I wrote Maybank, Hong Leong, and CIMB down in KL and it was no and no for the latter two, and Maybank saying, well, it'll be up to the branch manager, so please fly down for a visit. Still looking for other options...
  3. For both personal savings/fixed, and multi currency accounts. Other than Singapore, which I'm already using and is wonderful in this regard. What are some other options? Google typically just spits out the 4-5 'industry' rags that are pretty much all trying to peddle their own 'this is how you do it' document or publication without providing much specific information. No tax on interest income would of course be the main plus.
  4. Who should have priority on public transport

    Premium seating (and appropriately adjusted fares), like on planes.
  5. It's still good old fashioned slavery without the titles.
  6. Reason enough to build a 3rd airport!
  7. The lesson probably would have been just as effective if she did the packaging (in the shop and not in traffic). Of course, then there wouldn't have been any media coverage. A symptom of the look at me Facebook / Youtube generation.
  8. Goes to show the leniency that society provides those with world class knockers. Basically The Big Bang Theory. Who cares what the plot is, because, well... world class.
  9. Perhaps, but this family runs a fried banana shop for a living, so lesson wise, it was probably the least confusing (taking the child's potential interpretation of the lesson into consideration) route to take.
  10. LOL. Now that's a blast from the past. Bangkok Dhaka London and back on their DC-10 in my early 20's. Nothing like turbulence over the Himalayas to get one thinking... 'must work harder so that $500 bucket shop flights are not so appealing.'
  11. CX for J class to HK.... EK is great of course, but that return flight time gets back in town a bit late.
  12. The way the locals get around this 'risk' is they simply pay a travel agent they know to print up a ticket (which of course nowadays is just an itinerary with a booking code and ticket number) for a few hundred Baht. 500 is the going rate last I heard. The unspoken agreement of course is you'll later actually buy the ticket for them if all is well visa wise. Note to the authorities... you should really be calling up to confirm these bookings with the airlines (not sure if that is an invasion of privacy or not... but hey, just sweep that under the in the national security rug) to defend against this.
  13. Nowadays I generally go by aircraft type, seating configuration, and of course departure times (don't like to wake up early when possible, not even to fly) within a collection of airlines. EVA, SQ, ANA, Korean, JAL, Cathay to the right.... and EVA, Finnair, Emirates to the left. For example I'll try to schedule around Emirates 777 operated flights for their A-380 flights or Finnair's A350 over their A-330 flights when connecting through Helsinki. Direct to Heathrow, Amsterdam, or Paris... hard to go wrong with EVA Royal Laurel and there's no worries about aircraft changes as it's been 777 for some time now and will likely continue to be so for awhile. To the right it's more complicated but all it takes is a few extra clicks and using Flight Radar 24 + Seatguru makes it easy. For example there is a tangible level of happiness/comfort difference when you're connecting through Tokyo on JAL and your first leg (and more importantly 2nd leg) is on their 787 vs. one of their older 777-200s or if it's a Cathay connection through HK on their A-350 vs. one of their 'regional business class' A-330s or 777s. Rinse and repeat, double check all legs and you're set. Worst case, if there is a plane change: unplanned or seasonal, I think back to when I was 10, flying on the TG Dallas to Seattle to Tokyo to Bangkok run sitting in the back of a 747 thinking: ONLY TWO STOPS to Thailand and 5 restrooms within a few rows of my seat, such convenience, ...this must be the good life.
  14. Another option is to make use of ACS outreach (where they don't care what you bring in and the lines are minimal especially if you're staying there). Just make it a part of a mini holiday and book a room at whatever hotel they are using for the particular outreach.