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  1. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    Think you cAn find stainless, much better than aluminum.
  2. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    To check the dates?
  3. Drinking Water Delivery - Mae Hia/Hang Dong

    Ask your neighbors, get the same one they use.
  4. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    It is this kind of stuff that makes living here a joy.
  5. Panthip Plaza-CM Refurbishment 2017

    What does that have to do with the topic?
  6. Immigration Priority Lane Request Form

    Fine Moe, nobody is forcing you to use the priority system. The system is like numerous types of senior specials offered by many organizations around the world.
  7. Trying to find a maid

    Ask your neighbors, they don't bite.
  8. Best exchange rate for GBP to THB?

    For Brits who expected everything to be peachy keen after the Brexit vote.
  9. Chinese tourists jumping queue

    Why do you think I might have information about the reasons for the design of the facility or how it is used? Have a look at post#3.
  10. Chinese tourists jumping queue

    They did not jump a queue, they were in a different queue. Different queue Eric.
  11. Marriage versus Retirement extension

    Guess you really meant it when you started out with "I don't think ...."
  12. Marriage versus Retirement extension

    Transfer into foreign currency account then exchange for baht when you choose.
  13. Residence Certificates - Chiang Mai

    Was that the 500 baht service?
  14. Chiang mai immigration open today?

    And on the eighth day God invented the telephone. He meant for you to use it.
  15. Red songtheaw minimum charge?

    He said most not all. Thanks for letting us know of your reading difficulties.