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  1. neo555

    External HDD Failures

    Have you tried to plug the HDD into another PC as advised by the other member here?
  2. I think that is great news. Most governments just feign ignorance and hope that the blockchain disappears as "sudden" as it has appeared (for them) Where it is most urgent to step in is the online wallets which are pretty easy to create and their management lacks security or ethics to not end up as an exit scam.
  3. neo555

    Bit Mining

    Yeah its true mining has become industrial. One thing I'd like to add and that is that the price for a cup of coffee in some countries in other countries pays enough to live on for 2 to 3 weeks. Skycoin is around 3 $ a piece. It is an interesting project, IMHO its way too ambitious to succeed.
  4. neo555

    Bit Mining

    You always can mine easier coins and trade those. No antminer needed. Skycoin i.e has a DIY option with raspberry pi. In the debt question I concur with the Chinese philosophy.
  5. neo555

    Initiative Q

    Spam is unsolicited info, difficult to accomplish in a forum where you enter to be informed. Sure initiativeQ is MLN type but one where you invest your email. Not such a big cost. The promise that you can keep the Units allocated to you and that each q will be a dollar is far fetched. A nice way to have many members and a new payment scheme is what the world needs, a competition to Crypto.
  6. neo555

    The Ripple/XRP/ thread

    In a perfect world is great to make it that simple, in our real world there are people taking advantage of everyone they see as weak. Where are the security measures to avoid that even a grandson could use Grannies XRPs to buy a few gallons of beer?
  7. BTC certainly will raise and so will the commissions of the interwallet transfers. In all the stagnation the core issues where not addressed, insecure wallets and high commissions.
  8. neo555

    The Ripple/XRP/ thread

    trader by heart? I reckon the trader effect was not foreseen by Satoshi
  9. neo555

    The Ripple/XRP/ thread

    Sure all valid and not bad, just not the same as a pay with XRP button. That is all what is needed, put in on the ripple page and many merchants would use it.
  10. Yup and it should be pointed out, maybe via twitter?
  11. neo555

    The Ripple/XRP/ thread

    Yes true unfortunately the consumer needs way more; the consumer needs a button with which he can pay for something, best placed in Amazon or eBay. The currency archiving that will be the winner. Which will make the race of the coins? Among about 2 K in Crypto ICOs and no one can afford to wait and hope that i.e. Jeff Bezos has a vision and places that button on his sites. Ripple did a lot of good things so far it just is too fixed on Banking and big business, the Blockchain is meant to be for the elite alone? For Ripple it looks the way.
  12. Sure that is actually why I don't take those "news" as news worthy. We need to filter out FUD and rumors, not good for the movement-
  13. neo555

    The Ripple/XRP/ thread

    Ripple is pretty much fixed on big business. I loose hope that they could eventually turn around and deal with all those lower corporate retailer solution with make up a mainstream scenario. By the way Viamerica is not that big a company, I had to look it up first.
  14. Well it is not a good thing to let Information out when being a good journalist. Also it takes some seriousness out of the article wouldn't you agree?
  15. Nice one and smart. Plus a nice input for the state. Unfortunately they let out the names of those token which where admitted