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  1. I have searched for Bravecto for month here in Kantharalak, Sisaket and in Sisaket and Ubon R., but did not find it, neither at vets or pet shops. But now I have just bought it at Lazada, a month ago they did not have it. Look forward to have ticks free dogs a Golden and a Thai dog.
  2. The Danish police have just announced that there is DNA match between the torso and Kim Wall
  3. My danish embassy don't do outreach, but I just e-mail them a copy of my passport and my taxreturn for last year and for the price of 1000 thb and 40 thb for EMS they send me a letter for renewal of my extension. Easy and cheap.
  4. PEA and the 290k transformer :(

    Where I live in Sisaket we have 230 volt between fase and neutral, so I just thought that Thailand had stepped up to 400 volt between the fases as in Europe at least in Denmark where i come from. And there we write 3 fase supply as 3x 400 volt. Bigger load can be on 2 or 3 fases, but I admit that in Thailand it is legal to have bigger load on 1 fase than where I come from as 16A fuse is the biggest fuse allowed i 1 fase supply.
  5. PEA and the 290k transformer :(

    If 3 fase then it is 400 volt between the fases
  6. Cooking gas is more heavy than the atmospheric air so when having the gas canister in the cellar, the gas cannot escape if there is a leak and a spark is all there needs to ignite it.
  7. Thai wives wanted in the Faroe Islands

    I have had my thai wife with me to the north of Greenland and she enjoyed living there. But she missed trees and more vegetables than were available there She was the only Thai person in town, but no problem for her, she felt welcome.
  8. I have been driving from Phuket to Kantharalak many times and slept over in Cha Am, that is half way. I almost always drive in day time since it is to dangerous driving at night time, trucks with missing lights, holes in the road and what ever laying on the road. When You come to Bangkok then take no. 9 south of Bangkok it cost a few baht but more relaxing.
  9. Not a good translating or writing of the area names. It is Kantharalak Hospital and the police station is Bung Ma Loo, the Police station is about halfway on the road from Kantharalak to Pha Mo E Dang.
  10. Dog Walks

    Around Bang Niew Dam in Ban Bang Jo between Surin Beach and the Heroines Monument. Very good area to walk the dog. About 5 km around the lake and there are fine trails up into the hills and there are more streams running into the lake.
  11. Krabi faces 12-day blackout from August 20-31

    Read the news paper article, it says 250 kW
  12. Retirement visa

    That depends on which Immigration office you go to. After moving from Phuket and having made 9 retirement extensions there with all the hassle, I now live in Sisaket. When I made my retirement extension in october last year at the Immigration office in Sisaket town, the nice and helpful ladies in that office made retirement extension, 90 days report and re-entry permit all in one time and they even made all the photocopies for 20 baht, photos they took with the webcam to the PC. In and out of the office in less than 20 minutes.
  13. It must be Cheow Larn Lake in Khao Sok national park in Surat Thani, some way from Krabi