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  1. Knee Replacement

    The Dr. says it looks good now it is just wait and see, the reason I waited for a number of years is the fact I had very little pain just some discomfort when I over did things. As the Dr. in the states said you have no pain now who knows what will happen after surgery. It is a hard surgery to predict a lot depends on how commited to therapy you are. I paid out of pocket as my deductable in the US would have been about the same. I am to old for health insurance in Thailand or it is just to expensive. I have recieved care here that is as good or better than in the US.
  2. Knee Replacement

    Around 1991 blew the knee out in a sailing accident, the Dr. in the states tried to save the cartilage by reattaching it but that only lasted one year. After it came lose the second time had it all sucked out, have the videos. Everything good for 20 years and woke up one morning and cannot walk, after some ibeprophen could get around and went back to the same Dr. and he did a MRI and reported bone on bone but at that time very little pain in the knee he advised no pain do not fool around with it. Of course as time progressed started having muscle ack and pains in leg but not much in knee joint, so taking his advice just was carefully about activitity to keep pain down. During this time did some research and also a few threads about Dr. Chanakhan here in Chiang Mai. Went into see him 3 years ago and discussed the issue he wasn't pushing the issue and neither did I. I have waited three years and the distance I can walk without pain has become less and less. Decided to see the DR. again and we did another x-ray and more bone to bone contact and bone spurs. We set up a time and the rest is in the initial story. The cost of it all is about 236,000baht that included initial blood work and a sonic gram on my legs as I have limpadema or swelling of legs due to fluid retension.
  3. Knee Replacement

    This passed Monday went to Rajavej Hospital in Chiang Mai checked my self in at 11pm the emergency room started the usual rounds of checks and measurments after they were complete went to check-in desk. Spoke to the lady there and was assigned room 903. Went back to Emergency room for one more blood press. check all ok. Wheeled chaired up to the room, nice and big a bit spartan but thats ok with me. Around 1pm operating personal came up in a gurney and jumped on to that bad boy. Finally wheeled into operating room before 2pm, meet the lady with a big hammer as I requested a general she asked me a few questions and all good my Dr. was there suited up ready to go one question about which leg I told him left and we were ready. Dr. Chanakan is a highly recommended knee replacement guy here in Chiang Mai. He does about 40 of these a month as well as head of Sports Medicine at Chiang Mai University. We exchanged a few word and it was bye bye as the Dr. put the mask over my face and said have a good sleep. Woke up in recovery room and the knee was killing me not from surgery but I needed a pillow under it for support. The guy in recovery had jacked me up with some happy land juice but needed that pillow. Finally was wheeled up to room and told them get a pillow under my knee OOOO what relief. Had gubes from the knee for drainage and one from a more private area for drainage, it was kind of cool not having to go pee. The bed was a rock and if I had stayed much longer I would have developed a bed sore. The usual wake up all night for a blood pressure check, oxygen check, and Temp. all of which were fine. The Dr. came by earlier with a picture of the knee after surgery, he was satisfied how things went and I was in less pain than I thought I would have. The stay at the hospital non event full all the staff very professional. Dr. came again on Friday took a look at the wound says that looks good, you want to go home yes I do before i get bed sore. He says ok Ill set it up. Went up for physical therapy, they did there thing bent the knee to 97 degrees they were happy and I am back on monday for more fun. The boys with the van came and got me into a ambulance bed right into the ambulance, they drove me to temporary housing as it has elevator to the floor I am on cannot walk up 10 stairs as of yet. Been walking around room 3 or 4 times a day as well as doing therapy exercises. Thanks to my wife for putting up with my sorry butt, I will write a few more lines as this progresses. Total cost till now 230,000b for surgery and hospital stay. Most of that incurred first day for surgery. I believe the Dr told the wife 210,000 after surgery.. If you have questions I will try to answer.
  4. Does it really make a difference the guy is dead, o forgot he would care if a westerner.
  5. Just out for a afternoon or morning ride, guess he took the wrong turn. Way to go dude.
  6. Airport link train sucks

    Rode this train one time from the airport never again, still need to get a taxi from the station to hotel. I just grab a taxi from the airport direct to hotel much more convient
  7. Immigration Priority Lane Request Form

    What we have then is a priority system that jumps certain people ahead of the line causing younger healthy people to wait longer. I am 73 but in good health I just do not feel that my being older should allow me to jump the line ahead of people who came earlier than myself.
  8. Girl died saving her sister in motorbike crash

    If you have been here any length of time you know some people have no choice than to put 5 or 6 on a motorbike, what choice do they have. Anyone here up to donating a car for families to use when they only have a motorbike for transportation. A tragic accident but what are poor people to do. The piss taking squad is happy they all got their tow cents in but they haven't changed a thing. My best wishes to the family in their time of need
  9. This sort of stuff is why we love Thailand
  10. You do not know that much about Chiang Mai and the North as you think. Yes he has a power base here but do not ever think every person in the North follows him in lock step.
  11. What they would ride these things for a few miles to get the shot and then pack them up and drive to the next shot. Loved the movie but we all know they didn't ride these things from LA to New Orleans
  12. They left out the part it was owned for a while by a Italian Co. also AMF and during this period the quality was in the toilet.
  13. Nuns on the run after attempted armed robbery at bank in Pennsylvania

    The original men in Black
  14. That is one bright boy, a real shining light