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  1. Why I do not go to walking street, whats the point. The two guys who kept the fight going were a couple sneaky bitches. Too bad a ladyboy wasn't around could have buried a high heel in their heads
  2. More than likely Thai-Indian, every one realizes there is a huge population of Thai citizens with Indian background
  3. Thanks to both posters, I have a Thai license already, the source of the information as Isaid earlier is a bit dodgy Just doing some checking do not want to pass on false info
  4. Does anyone know if the requirements for a Thai licenses has been changed. In a conversation with someone I know was told that you have to have international licenses to apply for a new license. From what this person said you cannot use your license from home country. This person is a bit misinformed on a few subjects thought I would check this out
  5. May I ask how long you have lived in Thailand, anyone staying here long term should know and understand what is legal and illigal. This is nothing new many article written about illigal tour guides
  6. I thought Thai people never stopped to give assistance
  7. Yes the Thais will take a look at The UK for advice, we are in Thailand let them make their own laws and enforce them the way they see fir. If I wanted US laws that is were I would be living
  8. Just reading the many post here one can learn alot about human nature. The guy is very out of it, why a bible verse on your hand in a buddhist country, doesn't really make a statement in Thailand
  9. No more wacks on the back it can actually cause the object causing the choking to fall futher down the wind pipe
  10. Moving violations are enforced in the US but road rage still happens, what part of the world are you from and there is no road rage.
  11. These are what we call a swamp cooler the humidity needs to be low for them to work efficiently, here in the north a good option during the dry season. As it is stated on the cooler they will only drop the temp. 5 to 15 degrees again that depends on the humidity. Place them near a outside air source a window or door so they can pull the hot dry air from outside also open any other windows and doors a bit to allow the air to be forced thru the room and outside, if you are only getting the air inside thru the cooler then eventually they will stop working because of the humidity rising in the room. Remember they will only cool down 5 to 15 degrees.
  12. In this case it isn't hard to paint expats in a bad way, have a chat with the culprit before getting carried away with the media. Does it really matter drunk or not.
  13. Put him on the spit and build a fire a bit of long pork coming up. I thought brits could hold their booze
  14. Only a few americans not all
  15. The PI is just another 3rd world christian nation with rampant crime and proverty. I do not understand why so called christian nations have such proverty, homelessness, and crime. I have relatives who live there went to see them a few years ago, one uncle is the village captian and he had to take a gun to the funeral of a village citizen.