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  1. moe666

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Did my extension of stay today or I might say my agent did it. Gave them all of the information on Monday she sid Thursday would be good because of holiday, she ask me what time I say 1630 ah very good time. Arrived at 1627 walked in my agent says have a seat ok. about 3 or 4 min. ok take photo. Took photo signed a new tm 7 printed out, she picked up passport and checked it together every thing done including tm30 renewal. Out the door and off to see a friend 15 min total from arrival and back to my friends shop. I used the income method with last letter from US Consulate and copies of my credit union statement showing pension money same as letter. Also furnished copy of Banl Book showing funds transfer of some 200000b. All for the grand total of 4000 bhat. and yes I know I could do it for almost free but I can afford to pay someone 2000b to do all of the work for me. I use to do it mydelf and now just do not have the need to see how the system.
  2. moe666

    Royal Enfield interceptor Price

    Just remember it is no longer a Brit bike well in name only, it is a Indian Bike now like it or not
  3. At present I do not think anyone transfering money into thailand is paying tax on their retirement transfer
  4. As usual the immigration officer saying things that have not come to pass, there still has been no directive from on high as to what immigration will require starting next year. if it is the money in bank only option I will convert to a marriage visa as I will need to tie up less money in the bank. On monday handed all of my paper work to my agent for my extension of stay including bank statements in the US and a Thai bank statement showing a transfer good for 4 months at 65,00 bhat. She didn't think there would be a problem, I will find out tomorrow at 1630. By the way only a 4000 bhat charge for extension of stay and a tm30 up date. yes I know could have done it myself for cheaper but I have done it myself and decided a few years ago no need really and it is cheap enough
  5. moe666

    Triumph History

    That use to be the case but now they get the special reduced tax rate. I believe when it went into affect about 2 or 3 years ago a few people who had bought before the tax reduction paid 700,000 or more bhat for various models. There were a few pissed off buyers who had bought before the new tax break
  6. I doubt this will have any affect on the tourist numbers, several tourist have been killed by cops and it never affected the numbers coming before. The majority of tourist will never hear about this incident. It will not be headline news in america but it could be in France
  7. Finding a PTT station in Thailand is no problem, there is one I believe about every 10 feet along any main Highway. When I was touring a lot around Thailand they are the only gas station i would stop at. I really do not think you need a GPS for Ptt in Thailand, not sure about malaysia
  8. moe666

    its not all one sided

    I think the days of the farang being to blame automaticely are over, insurance and cams have brought an end to that. I know to farangs who were involved in accidents resulting in deaths both were found not responsible and both had cams in their vehicles. A few weeks ago my car was rear ended by a old lady on amotorbike. It was determined by everyone involved it was her fault. In the end she or her family are poor no blood out a turnip the insurance will repair the car and I will get a big increase in insurance rate
  9. Did you originally come here for more rules and regulations or to escape them where you lived.
  10. Read the complete article, hidden in coconut fibre.
  11. Your a nutritionist? and know this for sure? Who knows if your right or wrong, I know I feel a lot healthier when I take a VitC supplement than when I don't, also Krill Oil for my Omega 3's that I know I wont get from Thai fish. Iron can be deficient in a lot of people. and need a supplement I am a heavy drinker and moderate smoker (cigars) both destroy vitamins in your body that IMHO need replacing more than with just food alone, specially Thai vegetables containing who knows what pesticides The thing is multivitamins don't work Infact, people taking multivitamins have a shorter life expectancy. Stop wasting your money, you are paying to have a shorter life. Can you give us a link to your statement, it is a bit over the top and would need a bit of substantiation
  12. Since the subject has turned to multi-vit. I agree do not take them and I am a vit. taker but only single vitamins taken thru out the day and being very careful what I take together. Typically in a multi the dosage will not be enough to get the desired affect and higher dosages are needed especially in us older population as the digestive system isn't what it use to be. that also includes the absorbtion of all those fresh vegetables and fruits one has to eat. I always love that line eat more fresh food, my question is how fresh is it, what is the quality of the soil it was raised in, what crap has been sprayed on it to make it look fresh, and to kill the bugs and the bacteria. Everyone here is entitled to their opinion but please if you are going to knock someone else for what they put into their bodies at least understand why they prefer an alterative to good health, it has worked for me over 40 years and I am very healthy having no side affects from high dosage vitamin treatment. I do believe the warnings are a bit of propaganda to frighten the uninformed.
  13. The warning seems to be self explanatory, its called CYA. As most Mds have no training in the use of vitamins and minerals why would one waste their time and money consulting someone who knows squat.
  14. One thing in Thailand is they are not concerned about showing an accident in all its gory detail. This was just posted on Face Book tonight Looks to be two dead falangs off what looked like a CBR600 maybe 1000? Also looks like one had a half type helmet ? Hard to tell as most of his head is gone. Both wearing shorts & slippers I think They show the drivers license but I did not notice the country their from & am not going to watch it again One of the guys from Wales, looked like Pats, I think even with a full face helmet he would have been dead. I wonder how fast they were going. Fools in paradise wearing shorts no less but the least of their worries.
  15. I wear Tour Master mesh jacket, Joe Rocket mesh pants both bought in the states last year. Yes they are hot while waiting for a light but you are foolish not to wear protection while riding. I also have a HJC full face helmet with flip up chin guard. The helmet now has a big scrape were my forehead would have been, the jacket has a 1in. diameter hole in the shoulder with frayed arms and legs on the pants. I also wear leather gloves while riding there is now a hole in the back of the glove but the back of my hand is in perfect shape. All of this gear is ok while moving not to hot especially up north around CM. Just saw your post about being free and all of that but what I have found is that a full face helmet at 100k is much more comfortable than all of that air in my face and eyes. Iwas hit very hard on my last trip by a few flying things that would have really hurt if not for the helmet. Enjoy your ride and be safe.