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  1. What you seem to miss is that people like the OP have a very small impact on the tourist numbers in Thailand. Canada is not on the list as top place that tourist come from to Thailand. The majority of tourist come and stay 5 to 10 days and are gone. Your argument is as old as the nail in the coffin quip used here years ago.
  2. I think she is great plus she makes the PM mad. hehehehehe
  3. Put your thinking cap on these are not people who overstay by accident and then one thing leads to another and it is 3 0r 4 years. The people they are going after appear to come in with the intent of over staying while they run a illegal business. They have offered plenty of time for over stay people to come clean but many do not. I believe last year amnesty was on offer. Also how do so many here comply with the regulations and stay legal over the years, you are making excuses for deadbeats
  4. The Nay Sayers have a new target
  5. So you think 5 MPH bumper would have made a difference
  6. Read the article, it was the truck driver who survived as the truck was hit in the rear
  7. There are weak people like this every where never a dy goes by without some mother, dad, or both over doseing in the car with kids in the back seat, or 20 people being killed by a gunmen. Now that is sick or a very mentally ill society
  8. No you do not need a IDP to apply for a licenses your local licenses is fine
  9. Knee Replacement

    I never asked him and he has never said as I am 73 I do not think it matters. Twenty years makes me 93. My Dr. refused to do a knee replacement on a friend in his 40s he told him you are too young. This was after several had told him only choice was a knee replacement
  10. Knee Replacement

    Thanks for your concern but getting on the motorbike was as much a marker of improvement as well as transportation. yes I know the danger as much as anyone but one must live their life cannot hide in the room avoiding accidents. I could do the same thing walking down the stairs.
  11. Knee Replacement

    If you have the money just do it here, my surgery ran about 6000.00 dollars plus a few hundred dollars for other expenses. Hospital aquired infections are rampart in the states. They are taking it a bit more serious but you just do not know. I took a lot of vitamin C to boost the immune system and had the wife bring in a bottle that I kept in my luggage. My Dr. was very serious about the possibility of infection as I have a history of cellulitus. But every thing went just fine and no problem. I would do it here again very positive experience. I did put my surgery off a few years but mainly because I did not have a lot of knee pain over the years.
  12. Some people are beyond help, they come here and stay on tourist visas for years when it would be so much easier to get a non-o and then extension of stay
  13. Knee Replacement

    About month and a half since surgery to replace knee and I am doing great. Started riding motorbike yesterday, the big deal was to lift kick stand and put it down knee bends enough to do that so good to go. Walking now I can fore go the cane now but still carry it in case of stairs or steps. Headed to bed last night and didn't even think about how I would climb stairs went one foot after the other instead of one step at a time. I am making good progress but go to therapy and exercise at home cannot slack off.
  14. This can be an emotional subject for some but not every farang is taken to the cleaners. A friend hit a drunk on a bicycle who was on a 4 lane roar and the police determined my friend not at fault. He did give the family 50,000 baht more as a help to them the police said do not have to pay.