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  1. Why bother with all of the rain the roads will be crap very fast anyway, all it takes is one crack for the water to get threw and the asphalt is history and yes I know the roads can be built piss poor
  2. In the end you guys are spending to much time here on tourist visas and the 30 day visa exempt it has been obvious for a while they where cracking down on this. They want to see people on these forms of entry to look like they are really tourist come in and leave.
  3. As long as the issues of the past are not discussed and resolved then they will continue. As long as Taksin will not admit his being part of the problem then they will not be resolved and yes they will continue.
  4. They are already putting cables below ground in different areas of CM
  5. Because the guy on the bike could have gone thru your wind shield and killed you. I had a similar deal with a semi in my lane around a curve yes I should not have moved over to save my life.
  6. I think the are picking on the wrong guy he has the money to fight these guys. The kid in KK has been in jail for months, same charge, this guy did he even have to pay bail
  7. The car camera is the game changer, happen to a guy I know in CM he hit a bicyclist who was on the main road drunk. the cops looked at the camera and put in the report bicycle guy at fault. The guy I know did give the family 50,000b but that was the end of it.
  8. It appears he will be living in Thailand where he cannot use his medicare even if he qualifies.
  9. If they do cause a problem just explain it to them nice and slow showing them the dates of expiration and on and on. They tried to keep me off a flight on Cebu Pacific back to Bangkok a few years ago and I explained to them very slowly and eventually they realized I was correct. It took about 15 min. for them to understand.
  10. You are making up things to reenforce your own beliefs,you are not considering the factof Thai law. Facts will always beat down I think it should be this way.
  11. moe666

    low testosterone, possibly?

    Spot on people do not realize even young people can have low T and need to supplament
  12. So if they had given the guy say 50 years we would have had a bunch on here screaming that he was given more than a Thai would have gotten. Just cannot make people happy here. I do agree that the sentence seems a bit short but who here really knows all of the story and what was given to the judges.
  13. moe666

    Dams increase water release

    How do you propose they do that
  14. The turnstiles have been there for awhile and I have never had a problem getting around them. Like all things in Thailand they stopped trying to stop people going thru them after 6 months
  15. moe666

    low testosterone, possibly?

    Testosterone does convert to estrogen as we age get your free t checked as well as your estrogen. Not that expensive and if your estrogen is high you can take a couple squirts of zinc a day to stop the conversion.