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  1. O please how many people run thru flames, you need to get a life
  2. Could be one of her lesbian lovers, they can be very violent toward each other.
  3. Get away from that tree, even being indoors is not a sure fire method of avoiding a lighting strike. Stay out of the bath tub and do not go near windows. People have been known to be struck thru a window
  4. Get over it boys you can sure tell the few who were never pushed beyond endurance to accomplish something. My son while studying for his masters had various abnormal experiences due to sleep deprivation.
  5. Ok smart guys, I live in Chiang Mai which is about 280k above sea level and about 800k from Bangkok. That is really not a lot of slop, then live in Bangkok which is at sea level or lower do you really expect the water to drain very fast. TV brain trust figure it out.
  6. Had mine done couple of years ago at c-pat. Surgery preformed by a lady who trained in Australia, about 40,000b. Two trips first for check up and start antibiotics in eye. Return a few days later in for surgery they use some imported equipment that does the job. A few days with eye patch, then back for checkup a week later. All go now nolonger problem night .driving. Two other people I know had the same surgery preformed all happy
  7. In my neighbor hood about half meter and at the market one meter. not all flooding comes from the river all it takes is a big rain as Friday morning
  8. We are in Kard Kom area our small soi still flooded with about eighteen inches of water, the market area still flooded. 3 years here first time our soi flooded
  9. In some restaruants in the states the waitress or waiter is responsible for the unpaid bill
  10. I was already prepared in the states they have syndrome called going postal the boss pisses you off you come back later and kill him and few of your co-workers. happens boys get over your false anger
  11. We have flooding on my soi from very heavy rains over night, the water is waist deep around our local market. All located south of Chiang Mai Gate, Chiang Mai.
  12. Everyone goes to Hooters now paying big money for their beer
  13. Accidents actually no such thing, with proper training, and following the rules 99.9 percent of accidents can be prevented.
  14. Why not give it a rest, they will do as they like and guess what we as farangs have no say. Pay the fine and move on.
  15. O come on they have been doing the checks around the moat for years. The last 6 or 8 months the frequency and locations have increased but same same