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  1. Chinese Medicine Practitioners

    A clinic is located in the old city across from the Lost Book Store
  2. Actually I think these things are a set up for the outrage a few of the posters here can shower on Thais
  3. Grip strength and ageing

    One way to improve your leg strength is to do the get up from sitting 10 times. If you are at home or else where fairly private get up 10 times each time you rise from sitting
  4. Grip strength and ageing

    My grip strength has improved but because I got back into the gym and started lifting weights again.
  5. Divorce before visa application

    I think she should get every bit of the 500,000b more power to her at least she had a plan the loser she married just happen to be looking for some free tail
  6. jeez you have a chip on your shoulder about 90 day reporting. I guess you were unaware of that little requirement when you moved to Thailand
  7. Well said the fact he has it all wrong, do a bit more reading as the story is unfolding as we speak
  8. Please tell us what a typical american name is.
  9. They have warning signs along the highway letting you know where they are at
  10. Geeze do you make this stuff up, when you travel no matter what country you are from you are subject to the laws of the country you are in. The only people who this may not apply to are military and that is only if they have a forces agreement with the country they are in.
  11. Just drove from CNX to BKK and returned and I didn't see one accident on highway one. Didn't see one cop out there either but a lot of speed cams. They really do not have a big enough police force to patrol the highways
  12. When will the haze subside?

    The are burning the sugar cane fields for harvest. To answer the question it has just started so do not start worring about something you have no control over
  13. Road work on Highway 1

    I am the same but this past week lots of bikes on this highway. I stopped and Nakon Sanowhere and at the MickeyDs must have been 10 or 15 big bikes riders taking a break
  14. Just finished a trip down to Bangkok and Back to Chiang Mai via Kanchanaburi. Coming down to Bangkok on the east lane of the highway was a very sweet drive, the road where they replaced the old tarmac is pristine and very smooth. The construction has been completed to about 30k North or so from Nakon Sanowhere. Then you hit the old patch section which has not been touched yet, still very rough. The work on the highway interchange on to the 121 bypass around Nakon Sanowhere appears to be complete. The significant construction is now focused on the 121 bypass, you will be funneled down to one lane in both directions on the east side of the highway. We were able to maintain 60kph from start to finish. They have the west side torn up and are replacing the road bed and new paving. Going back to Chiang Mai was as good as the other side except the patch area was a bit longer but not unbearable, a small section of construction still in progress but not a problem. There appears to be a pipeline of some sort going in and there were cones along the shoulder but all work being done off the highway. Enjoy your next ride on this highway still in good shape