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  1. Motorbike map Bangkok in and out?

    If you come in on the 32 or 1 highway it will eventually have a frontage road which you move over to. I have taken this road out of Bangkok a few years ago, and as you ride along the frontage road disappears and you are on the main Highway
  2. I guess you do not read all of the stories about crooked Japanese. Sorry but they are just as dishonest as anyone else.
  3. Could be Payap. or maejo and there are several others around as well.
  4. What's Happened to Songkran in Chiang Mai?

    My wife works in a hotel near old city last year full but this year out of 102 rooms only 70 booked. Either the over building is having an affect or bookings way down
  5. Older Persons Budget, UK, how much?

    Since he has his mind made up and not taking advice, I would say Bye Bye what is the point of you wasteing your time. I am 72 this chap doesn't seem like he really need advice
  6. O the moaning and whining from the TV brigade. It is their country let them run as they see fit eventually they will do something but your whining doesn't change one thing
  7. Customs duty on imported motorcycle

    Your dealing with the commerce department sounds fimiliar to the man I met who imported the Mg/TD.
  8. Thats the number who would have died any way
  9. Why is Songkran disliked by so many Expats?

    They complain just to have something to complain about, for many if it is Thai culture it is bad I want to change it
  10. I believe that is another part of the Royal Thai Police why not start a different thread
  11. Shopping at the fresh market?

    Let me just say that is a lie I have refrozen meat many times and when I cooked it no problem
  12. Shopping at the fresh market?

    I meet many people at the fresh market and they usually are not cooled but the meat I buy varies from cool to hot after they have killed it
  13. Thtroid-S,what dose.

    Thyroid s each tablet is 1grain of thyroid medication. It is a derived from pigs. You could start by taking your temp. each morning upon waking and recording the result for 7 days, also after first temp. take another 10 min. after the first, record for 7 days. After 7 days if you have a consistant temp. below normal you may have a thyroid problem. also are you tired in the afternoon in need of a nap. this would be consistant with low thyroid or thyroid uptake. Do this then go to a dr. and have a complete thyroid profile ran, you could have normal thyroid reading but maybe your receptor sites are not working well.
  14. Customs duty on imported motorcycle

    Someone I know imported a 1953 MG/TD to Thailand, It took him 2 years to get all of the paper work completed and the final permission for import. He did not bring the car to Thailand until he had permission otherwise it would have set in an impound lot for the 2 years. He said he would go get the paper work fill it out go back the next week and be told sorry we need this as well, get the paper work fill out go back and repeat. He refused to pay tea money although he never said if any was requested. If you decide you want to give it a go good luck.
  15. Customs duty on imported motorcycle

    Plus it will take at least 2 years to do it legally, but have they not stopped all imports of second hand bikes into country