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  1. Over the years I have seen plenty of cops with semi-auto pistols but still some with the .38 revolver
  2. I just watched the video this isn't the first time they have been busted. hehehehe
  3. No Thais do not get a pass on gambling, a lady in our neighborhood has been busted at least 10 times for gambling along with her friends. She owned a massage and hair salon. When the police drove by and saw the doors shut and a lot of shoes in front it was time for a raid. Usually 2,000b and if they went to court dropped down to 1200b. They did arrest people just watching as a neighbor and her mom were both fined 2000b for being present. Again Thais do not get a pass
  4. have to ask why not, there didn't seem to be a bunch of russians roaming around ready to save him.
  5. I use liquid zinc which does a great job of keeping my estrogen low I also take DIM as well cannot remember last estrogen reading but it was in low range. I use Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  6. They just do not get it you cannot force people to do what they do not want to do.
  7. This guy may have been smart but no common sense, they will never learn do not show extreme wealth as a farang it will set off the alarm bells. Why take a bribe when some cop can have it all. The funny thing about his bust he left his actual e-mail address on the darkweb site
  8. Just remember they bring their suicide with them, their mental illness just continued to develope after coming to Thailand the place they thought would cure their problem. Many times people think a change of location is all they need to set them right. Having a mental illness is not something anyone wants but if you have it get help qualified help
  9. The only time I have seen the TM6 to be a problem happen to be when a couple of 747s landed at the same time from China and very few had filled in the TM6 on board
  10. The lady was probably freaked out about the accident more than likely fight or run kicked in. I find it interesting how many posters her are all to prone to accuse people of being cowards when they where not at the scene and have no idea what was going on in the other persons mind. Until you experience it you do not know how you will react.
  11. Who have you been talking too, the 90 day non-o visa can be converted to a extension of stay up to 30 days before expiration. As you have the income use the income letter from the US consulate in Chiang Mai. You will need to make a reservation and print out the form from the Consulate website, complete the form before visit to consulate have 50 dollars in US currency or the equal in Thai currency depending on exchange rate. You will get the letter approved before leaving. Fill out TM-7 have 4x6 photo, copies of all listed documents. You are ready for immigration. Not as crazy at CM immigration as it was a few months ago but will be a few hour adventure. You should be able to do all of this yourself and not use an agent who will charge you a rediculous sum of money. PM if you want I will be happy to answer your questions
  12. When do you think they changed the financial requirements for an extension of stay, it sure hasn't been lately
  13. If you had read the prior stories about who was not allowed entry they recieved their visas from neighboring countries. If you get your visa in your home country more than likely never a pip when you come in. The people at immigration are not idiots as many here would have you believe they can look at your passport and figure out what you are up to. Yes sometime they get it wrong but I would say most of the time they get it right.
  14. There were 5 storms that blew thru in a few months causing the problem
  15. i have been hit on by beggars in every country I have been in they tend to be a pain in the ass. Someone said they do not steal how do you know this are you with them 24/7. People offered them help and they said no, they were never looking for help just some baht.