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  1. moe666

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    Geez all the whining and crying about feeling like you are trapped. Just stop the way you are thinking you where thinking the same way when you moved to Thailand. I am trapped here at home I need a change. After a few years in Thailand the new wears off and you are back to the same place that brought you here to start with
  2. O you can spot a hard core meth user. For starters no teeth as they develope meth mouth which is rotting of the teeth. Also skin issues, yes meth doesn't kill them usually aids.
  3. We had a fellow killed down the road from us. He was working on ahouse walking the roof beams must have lost balance and reached out and grabbed the electrical wires overhead.
  4. In Chiang Mai what the point you will be having this fight every time you wish to park. Stay below the radar what is the point of pissing off a bunch of people
  5. He could have gotten legal a few years ago, paid the fine, left the country, gotten a visa and then extensions on his return. looks like a 10 year black list
  6. moe666

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    Do not be angry at your own government it is up to them what they will provide. By the way of the documents you provide how many are forgeries easy to do. By the way when I raise my hand I realize i am subject to 10 years confinement for lying.
  7. moe666

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    Nothing new about this and not a rule change, at the end of the list of requirements it states the I/o can ask for any information he or she thinks relevant
  8. moe666

    Wife ,42 had 1. GOUT attack

    I have low level uric acid, eat and drink anything have gout once or twice a year. I take chochicine when an attack is coming yes you can tell. Years ago read an interesting article about gout and it actually starts a the liver loses its ability to produce an enzyme that neutralizes purines, as they increase the kidneys cannot cope and you will have a rise in uric acid. Diet your joking right juat about any food that worth eating has purines check out the list. well good luck, and stay hydrated
  9. O absolutely she had worked on Soi 4 Nana, this woman would come around recruiting couple times a year.
  10. I know a girl who spent a year in Switzerland doing just this not sure if same pimp. It cost one million baht all in air fare, visa, medical and a few other odds and ends. She paid off the debt in about 3 months and then saved a good chunk of change before coming home. She kept here passport and could go out on days off. Her commet after coming home was I thought I liked to boom boom and no problem but a few months of 10 guys a day wore off the fun part. She has a nice husband now living in England and she treats the guy good
  11. If they were a nightmare they would do as the ancient Romans did, declare the rich person an enemy of the state execute them and then confiscate their fortune also kill,imprison, or exile family members
  12. Yes another nail in the coffin, that is the phrase writers on thai visa used for years to describe the Thai tourist industry well guess what stronger now than 10 years ago when that saying was popular
  13. Great news all of them got out alive, my best wishes to the family of the ex-seal who died.
  14. moe666

    My Thai wife just had a meltdown

    Last a life time, that is the propaganda sold by western culture. Got to keep that family together bringing in the crops. Say 100 years ago most mariage didn't last that long the wife usually died in child birth, so no divorce needed. Well good luck on yours.
  15. moe666

    Custom Honda Street Cub