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  1. All people are born equal, some are born more equal than others.
  2. RIP little one. Life behind bars for that low life where his inmates can re-enact the scene with him.
  3. Instead of trying to control and regulate everything they fear and perceive as a threat, they should be trying to learn from them and encouraging their own people to adapt and improve. My overall experience here has led me to the conclusion that the quality of services - in general - is declining.
  4. On second thoughts, I won't sedate her. I don't think it would be a good idea in light of the fact that she's in kitten (early stages). She'll just have to do the journey fully awake... Thamks for the advice.
  5. I can't say whether she likes catnip or not. There's none growing around the block of condos where I live/she lives.
  6. That is a very good suggestion, but I don't trust vets here any more... they are, generally speaking, incompetent and only care about ฿฿฿฿ and not the animal's overall well-being. Hence my reluctance to go to any of them. When I do a job, I do it right. Thanks nevertheless for the suggestion.
  7. I want to take my cat from BKK back to the house in Korat next week. I'll be taking the bus so I don't want her acting up meowing and scratching for the whole journey. It'll be her first (and last) time to be transported anywhere. 1) What do you recommend I use to sedate her with and where can I buy it? 2) How much should I give her so she'll be sedated for 5-6 hours? 3) I'm pretty sure she's in kitten. Is it safe to sedate her when she's in that state? Thanking you in advance.
  8. Somebody at McDs needs to tell the managers to grow a pair of b*lls and enforce the corporate rules. I have nothing against people having a good time, but there's a time and place for everything and McDs isn't the place to drink.
  9. Sorry, but it's not up to the embassy (financed by tax payers) to fly her home, or to any other destination for that matter, or to bank role her stay in paradise. If people want to give her something on the street, so be it. If not, continue walking.
  10. From the limited experience I have with land/land prices here, it seems to depend on the location of the land. Plots close to busy roads are commanding higher and higher prices whereas where we live, off the beaten track, prices have increased gradually to approx. ฿ 150,000/rai (with road access) and parcels of land with no road access have remained unchanged at about 80,000 per rai. It also depends on how keen the owner is to sell.
  11. If the internet community ignored all his videos, etc. that would hurt him more than any fine or detention would ever achieve.
  12. 👍 you beat me to it... 😂 All jokes aside, but a country can't really deport people just because they're idiots.
  13. If there is a teacher attitude, then the teacher shouldn't be allowed to teach at any school - forestry or otherwise. Strip them of their certificates, jobs, etc. and let them work in a factory.
  14. It's what's pumped/injected into /fed to the animals that I'm more concerned about. What comes out at the store looks and tastes good... but what's "in'" it? We've managed to f up the food chain, too.