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  1. Good point. Hadn't thought of that.
  2. If he couldn't give her any love during the past 15 years, I don't think he can give her any/much now...
  3. Or, maybe, he [the German fella] didn't want to pay the fine for operating a vehicle without the proper driver's license... so he decides to leg it.
  4. The motocyc driver should have "let the police" do their job and he should have stayed out if it! The cops had locked the tourists bike and were dealing with him in a nonaggressive manner. Then "butt my nose in where it doesn't belong" comes alonge and the situation escalated.
  5. djayz

    NE live in village monthly

    I was neutral about your situation until I read this. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. You're too generous, good-willed, kind and caring. All lovely characteristics, but down here in SE Asia, esp. in poor areas like Isan, that'll be your downfall. Theymight not be deliberately taking you to the cleaners, but they're poor for a reason. All your handouts, financing shops, etc. is ever going to change that. Never, never give them so much that you don't have the price of a return ticket home. I live on Korat and both FIL and MIL have their own land and a small shop. Once a year for Songkran they get 4,000 or 5,000 from their kids. That's it. They spent a lifetime working and saving. They only buy what they really need. No waste....
  6. djayz

    Kim Jong-un Wants McDonald’s in North Korea

    From all the things, products, services, etc. that the West has to offer and this is what he picks?!?! Lord have mercy on us...
  7. I can't say I feel sorry for him... having a bloke urinate over the balcony can't be a plesant experience for those living / walking under him.
  8. It might not be a crime to talk rudely, but any half normal child would be very upset if they found out that their parents were treated in that manner. I know I would be! I compliment the family on being so forgiving. I know I wouldn't be. Imagine how you'd feel if you, for whatever reason, had to leave your sick mother/father in a home in the belief that he'll/she'll be "cared for and well treated" in their final days and then find out that two ignorant dimwits took the p*ss out of them. Disgraceful behaviour! I don't care what nationality they are. They should be dragged back to the care home and made wai in front of these poor patients on their death beds.
  9. Good point, especially re Sukhumvit Road. I've always assumed a cut of the takings is passed up the food chain and that's why the cops seldom rock the boat on Sukhumvit.
  10. Some people are past training... does that mean we can destroy those, too?
  11. djayz

    Plant avocado tree in Issan ?

    I live in Korat and just recently bought a few avocado trees (grafted) from a TV member called "Dumbfarang" (see link below). It's way too early for me to say if they'll do well here where I am or not, but so far, so good. There are two threads running on this forum re avocados with some good info re where to buy, how to grow, etc. Check out: and
  12. djayz

    Fed Up with so called 'Tourist Attractions'

    If you think Thailand is anything other than a third world/developing country, then you need to wake up.