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  1. "saying that she had improved the image of tourism in Thailand and shown its quality to the world." A grave exaggeration. It still has, and will do for decades to come, the same old image.
  2. Initially I was going yo write something else, but your post put the story back into perspective 👍
  3. I'm tired of all these articles and stories about a (naive) Western bloke marrying a (dubious) Thai bar singer, bar lady, bar whatever. Aren't there any nice stories about a Westerner marrying a Thai and living happily ever after? Two people who got their act together and "made it work".
  4. There's a fool born every minute...
  5. Happiness comes from within, not from good looks. At least now he'll be the best looking guy at the factory 😉
  6. Never mind. He'll turn up in a few days, after the alcohol has worn off, claiming he had to leave the scene because he had something very important to take care of. He'll wai and apologize a few times, check in to a temple for a few days and then he'll be behind the wheel of another bus a little while after that.
  7. Somebody really milked that deal! Ugly. Wasteful. Pointless.
  8. Warning to all Scandanavians living in the NE: Wear warm clothing and protect yourself from the cold. These cold temperatures can cause hypothermia and in a worst case scenario, lead to the death of yet another Scandanavian. Thai cold season too cold, not same as in Faragistan. 😉 Stay warm, stay safe, stay alive.
  9. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    I've often thought about building an underground water storage tank... if I ever get around to it and have the necessary spare cash to build it. Does any body here have any experience with underground water storage tanks? Aside from the additional cost of digging the dirt and the need for pumps, are there any other drawbacks to storing the water underground as opposed to storing it in tanks at ground level?
  10. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    The same can be said for any country.
  11. I won't speak for anybody else, but in my case it's about other people making decisions for me. I'm 45 and can decide for myself if I want to stay at home or go out for a drink - alcoholic or not.
  12. Oh not this topic again... Let people decide for themselves; to drink or not to drink.
  13. What a sick ....! Who would do such a thing to a wee harmless infant? The mind boggles to understand some of the news articles I read. Is there any home left for humanity?