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  1. How did you come up with that number? The 296 plaintiffs will receive compensations worth Bt15,000 to Bt240,000 for a total amount of Bt23 million, plus interest at the rate of 7.5 per annum from the lawsuit date.
  2. djayz

    The existential threat to Thai universities

    maybe he's gifted... Seriously, not everybody has the same study habits.
  3. djayz

    The existential threat to Thai universities

    Well said Samui Bodoh!
  4. Maybe you should spend less time on tinder (whatever that is!) and stalking this Thai au pair lass on facebook. Try meeting a nice woman in person and invest your interest in her. Why you're so intrigued/obsessed in the life of a person you've never met is beyond me. I've had three Thai students who moved to the USA to work there as an pairs (for a year). Not really that unusual.
  5. Why do you assume that just because they're from Isan they have criminal records? Do you have any statistics to back up this statement? I agree that many of them are lazy/laid back and have a low level of education, but to imply that many of them are criminals just shows how little you know about them.
  6. Most of them haven't come even remotely close to mastering English yet, never mind learning another language...
  7. Thank you Ubonjoe! What I assumed would be a relatively straightforward process seems to be a little more complicated...
  8. I'm currently employed legally in Thailand on a Non-immigrant B visa with WP. However, I am changing employer next month and I was wondering if I should apply for a non-immigrant O visa due to the fact that I have a Thai child here with my partner. From what I can gather, on a Non-O visa I could continue to live and work here legally and this wouldn't change if I ever changed jobs again. Is that right? What documents do I need in order to apply for the Non-O in Bangkok (eventually in Korat if that is slightly easier and less hassle). Thanking you in advance for any information you can give me.
  9. djayz

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    LOL... I've given up going that. The confusion it causes simply isn't worth it... LOL
  10. djayz

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    A sad state of affairs.
  11. djayz

    Brush cutters

    Great feedback! Thanks guys! Much appreciate it. I remember my old man buying a Black and Decker drill about 30 years ago. It wasn't cheap then, but he bought the better brand. Three decades later, the same drill is still working - no problems. It just goes to show, that you get what you pay for.
  12. djayz

    Brush cutters

    100% agree with you. I often "do my homework" online and then purchase these kinds of items at the store, where I can take a closer look at the real thing. Will be passing DuHome next week so I might pop in then and look.
  13. djayz

    Brush cutters

    Thanks. I was leaning towards one of the more well known brands. Found Honda and Husqvarna on lazada. Can't decide between 2 or 4 stroke...
  14. djayz

    Brush cutters

    I forgot to ask in my initial post: are the heads (e.g. grass cutter, trimmer, saw blade, etc.) all a standard size i.e. fit all makes and models? What I mean is, if I bought a Honda which comes with a trimmer, can I walk into any hardware store and pick up a saw blade and attach it to the Honda? Or would I have to buy a blade specifically designed to fit a Honda? Hope this makes sense.
  15. djayz

    Brush cutters

    I need to buy a brush cutter (aka whacker) as soon as the rainy season passes. I have zero experience with these things so I have to ask for suggestions. What should I look for? 2 or 4 stroke? Any brands that you recommend / I should avoid? Thanks in advance for any info.