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  1. Months have passed and he hasn't been able to clarify ONE watch, niw he's expected to clarify possession of 25 watches in 2 weeks?!? Give the man a break!
  2. 13 surrogate children in Thailand, more in Cambodia and Japan... something's fishy here. No normal human being would want so many kids.
  3. Unless you are 1) black or 2) travelling on a Nigerian passport, I don't believe you have any need to worry about there being greater scrutiny or more hassle for you at the Thai/Cambodian border.
  4. The things some people will eat...
  5. Finally people are opening their eyes and starting to talk about these, and other, issues. How much longer will/can they tolerate this cr*p?
  6. I hope they're ready to queue up at imm. control after their long flights, squeeze into the airport link train or queue up again for a taxi, have the patience to explain to him where they're going and have the luck that he actually knows the place/way AND don't get stuck in Bangkok traffic... Welcome to Thailand ! I know my way around now, but I wouldn't be impressed if it were my first visit... things/service/value for money have deteriorated in my opinion.
  7. Another farce brewing... the only people who benefit from this kind of circus are the clowns (BIB).
  8. I'm old, but not that old 😉 45 pushing 46.
  9. I think that was rather nice of those actors to donate blood and help save a life. I have to admitt that I don't even know what blood group I am... I keep meaning to donate blood but... never get around to it... Gute Besserung Rupert!
  10. When will this drama end? It's been dragging on for months!
  11. Scary s***. Imagine you're sitting in one of those minivans minding your own businesd and some monkey pulls out a weapon! I despise drugs and what they do to people/make people do.
  12. Swans

    I could sit for hours watching swans swimming effortlessly back and forth. Beautiful birds.