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  1. Like everything else, taken in moderation it shouldn't be to much of a problem. It's just those who take in too often are the ones who develop health problems.
  2. It would have been the perfect rescue if he hadn't tragically lost his life trying to help. Respect.
  3. Getting ready for the onslaught of tourists who are expect to flock there soon thanks to all the recent publicity.
  4. This guy believes that the tourists are (mainly) to blame for all the plastic floating in the rivers and seas?!?! What planet does he live on then? You couldn't make sh*t like this up if you tried to... I honestly give up on these people.
  5. All the more reason to age gracefully...
  6. djayz

    IELTS training courses Bangkok

    Thanks Bobby. I mean courses designed to help / train teachers to be better IELTS teachers.
  7. I fail to see how reporters are involved in the search effort. I haven't seen too many of those risking their lives diving into the cave to rescue any of the kids. He can't hold his drink and has a violent nature - not a good combination.
  8. djayz

    Pros & cons of dating a Thai(man).

    If this is in fact true, then the ONLY advice you need to give your friend is this: STAY THE FXXX AWAY from this guy!! He's a loser, big time, and he isn't going to change anytime soon (if ever). As for the other points you raised, well, they just confirm what a loser this guy is.
  9. Are there any places/schools/courses in Bangkok which can help teachers/newbies to brush up on their IELTS skills?
  10. Great thread! I need to do the same at our place in approx. 6 months time. I would avoid using the PVC pipe as it becomes very brittle with time and isn't particularly stable. I grew passion fruit 3 or 4 years ago and it becomes really heavy with all the foliage and fruit. You need something sturdy. Here are a few photos I found on the internet - just for ideas.
  11. djayz

    Jack Russel

    I didn't know that - I haven't bought or sold anything on it. There is also this site, but it's mainly in Thai. https://108dog.com/ Again, I haven't used it so I have no idea what the quality / sellers is / are like. Good luck.
  12. djayz

    Jack Russel

    On FB there is a group called "Pets for sale Thailand". I've seen jack russels offered for sale there.
  13. Great news! For a change. A life changing experience for those kids.