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  1. djayz

    Brush cutters

    Just a brief update regarding the cultivator attachment for the brush cutter. I tried it yesterday and gave up after approx. 15 minutes. First of all, it's a small contraption and relatively easily mounted BUT it weighed more than I had anticipated and it was literally pulling the front end of the cutter down. Secondly, I had to rev the motor too much in order to get it to work. And finally, the weeds kept getting rapped around the thing to the point that they clogged it up. I decided to stop before doing the motor any damage. Baht 1,500 down the drain, but I just had to try it.
  2. As my mother would say "there's an eejit born every day".
  3. First, educate/train the educators/trainers. Secondly, motivate the aforementioned group by rewarding them with a decent income (obviously they should be assessed on a regular basis to ensure the quality of education/training is up to scratch). Finally, assure students that they'll earn an income which reflects their qualifications, expertise and work performance. Until these three basic issues are addressed, I don't see the nation being propelled in the future.
  4. djayz

    I would like to retire on a farm

    I forgot to mention earlier that there's a thread running on this forum about starting a small farm. The member, a Thai, shares his experiences, photos, advice, etc. and overall it's very informative. You might pick up a few ideas from the thread. Various members have contributed to it.
  5. djayz

    I would like to retire on a farm

    I constantly hear the people living across the street from our house saying "falang baa" (farang crazy) when they see me working, but at the end of the day, I know I've EARNED my cold beer(s) and they do taste ever so good.
  6. djayz

    I would like to retire on a farm

    My missus and I have 3.5 rai together, a far cry from being classed as a farm, but it's enough as a "hobby garden". It is hard work keeping it maintained (I spend more time weeding than actually working the land), but it's extremely rewarding to sit down in the evening to food that you know is organic and you grew it yourself. I don't care about the hard work - I grew up on a farm in Ireland and know what work is. Yes, the tropical climate makes it even more exhausting, but I love it! Living in rural Thailand is not everybody's cup of tea. If you need people (farangs) around you, bars, clubs, nice restaurants, etc. then this is definitely NOT the ideal retirement plan for you. If on the other had, you have a good, diligent, smart Thai partner, you should give it a shot.
  7. I strongly believe that the majority of people are good by nature, but some are just rotten to the core. His stepmother isn't fit to be near kids, his father appears to be a pathetic excuse for a parent who failed to protect his flesh and blood and I honestly don't have any sympathy for his useless mother. Another child who doesn't have a single caring, responsible guardian in his life to help and protect him through childhood. Very sad.
  8. djayz

    Stop fruit flies from infesting mangoes

    Bought these recently on lazada. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/50-i125144319-s131212272.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.1.3bb239dc1vbTUI&search=1 They're okay if you have a small orchard but probably not practical if you have many trees bearing a lot of fruit. Then spraying would probably make more sense.
  9. Why wasn't she transported by ambulance?!?!?! I understand that one hospital may be better equipped to handle certain emergencies and patients are sometimes transferred, but I can't understand why the poor woman had to take a taxi! Unbelievable!
  10. Give that cop a medal! All joking aside, but conventional forms of punishment in the form of fines simply don't deter these simpletons from modifying their cars, bikes, trucks, etc. with the sole intention of making them sound louder and cooler.
  11. djayz

    Brush cutters

    I need to buy a brush cutter (aka whacker) as soon as the rainy season passes. I have zero experience with these things so I have to ask for suggestions. What should I look for? 2 or 4 stroke? Any brands that you recommend / I should avoid? Thanks in advance for any info.
  12. Hello. A family of four (parents and two children) looking for a 3-bedroom house or condo in or close to Hua Hin for the period from 28th July until 10th August. Will (most probably) be renting a car for the period so transport isn't really a problem but don't want to stay more than 4-5 km outside Hua Hin. Any suggestions? Anybody looking to rent a house/condo for that period? Budget: About Baht 15,000 for the 2 weeks.
  13. yes: Philippines, Cambodia. Don't bother naming countries unless you can come up with some concrete comparisons as to why the Philippines and/or Cambodia are better than Thailand (unless of course you just replied to "get an extra point"...). Pretty useless information. Well if you are going to be rude to people no one is going to help your with your homework/school project..... . Manarak is 100% correct when saying Cambodia and the Philippines have easier polices/regulations as regards items 1 & 3, not sure about the Phillpines, but you certainly can't own land as such in your own name in Cambodia Is this concrete enough for you ?.... Based on the 3 criteria given, Thailand is certainly the most restrictive in comparison with Cambodia and the Philippines.. If this is not good enough for you then do your own research... Yes thank you. That is a bit more helpful. And no, it's not homework or a school project and I wasn't trying to be rude, just trying to point out that "Philippines and Cambodia" doesn't answer any questions.
  14. yes: Philippines, Cambodia. Don't bother naming countries unless you can come up with some concrete comparisons as to why the Philippines and/or Cambodia are better than Thailand (unless of course you just replied to "get an extra point"...). Pretty useless information.