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  1. My wife's company pays 7 THB/km which is reasonable given the current cheap gasoline price.
  2. Right! Thailand’s tax revenues are the lowest in ASEAN. Only 3 million Thais out of 67 million regularly pay income taxes
  3. Since April 1st 2017 payments via credit and debit cards are no longer accepted. CC payments only when you add trips.
  4. And after 1 month of free rides the fares beyond Onnut will increase from 10 to 15 Baht.
  5. troublesome neighbours

    Contact the Pollution Control Department http://www.pcd.go.th/Info_serv/Hotline/default.cfm
  6. KSC server down?

    KSC website is down and can't log-in my email account. Anybody else is having problems? Tried to call the hotline, no response. Solved. KSC just came back online.