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  1. And after 1 month of free rides the fares beyond Onnut will increase from 10 to 15 Baht.
  2. Contact the Pollution Control Department http://www.pcd.go.th/Info_serv/Hotline/default.cfm
  3. KSC website is down and can't log-in my email account. Anybody else is having problems? Tried to call the hotline, no response. Solved. KSC just came back online.
  4. Also in Pantip. Had good experience with both
  5. Khun Pon Cytech Computer 4fl, Room 412 Pantip Plaza Cell 0812411072
  6. What a shame. Most popular BKK hotel among my family and friends.
  7. I guess the operators of Icon Siam will be very pleased
  8. And while they at it, knock down Suvarnabhumi airport also. Architects: Werner Sobek, Matthias Schuler and Helmut Jahn
  9. Money Game It’s called “การเล่นแชร์” (gaan len share), literally means “play share”, somebody said it's originally from Chinese immigrants in Thailand. In old days they used this method for funding their businesses, since it's widely accepted and joined in all levels of Thai people, so we had the specific law for Gaan Len Share almost 20 years ago. Many business people use this funding to provide liquidity aside from their bank loans. Gaan Len Share is different from แชร์ลูกโซ่ (châe lôok sôh), literally means “share link (chain)” which is illegal, fraud, and has been developed in the form of direct marketing - Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing or disguised in some franchise businesses. Gaan Len Share - the person who sets up and manages this game is called “ท้าวแชร์” (Taao Share – ruler of the group or game), วงแชร์ (wong share) 1 วง (wong or group) can have x มือ (meu – hand or number of participants). Participant can join the group more than 1 meu, Taao Share can manage more than 1 wong or group. Taao Share should have good reputation of trustworthiness to attract people to join these shares. For example: this wong share has 10 meu but only 6 participants as some of them join more than 1 meu. 2 types of participant in this game, one who needs money and one wants the return (interest) which is supposed to be higher than depositing in the bank. The details in managing this kind of funding vary, mostly for their convenience and security of their money. Majority of this participant is always those who need money, that’s why the interest is very high. For example: 5 participants (A, B, C, D, E) for 1 wong with 5 meu, 10,000 baht of each meu, A is Taao Share, they agree the day of เปียร์แชร์ (Bpia Share) is the first day of the month. First month: A as the Taao Share, with privilege for not paying the interest and will be the first person to get money from this wong. A receives 40,000 baht from B, C, D and E, then A gives 4 cheques 10,000 each in return to B, C, D, E Second month: C and D need money, both of them want to Bpia Share, at the day 1st, they write the number of interest to A, to bid this share, supposing C offers higher interest – 1,000 baht. C will receive from B, D and E 9,000 baht each, totaling 27,000 + 10,000 (from A’s cheque) = 37,000 baht, then C gives 3 cheques 10,000 baht each to B, D, E Third month: B and D want to Bpia Share, D offers higher interest – 1,200 baht. D will receive from B and E 8,800 baht each, totaling 17,600 + 20,000 (from A and C’s cheque) = 37,600 baht. D gives 2 cheques 10,000 baht each to B and E Fourth month: B offers the interest 600 baht. B receives from E 9,400 baht + 30,000 baht from 3 cheques (A, C, D) = 39,400 baht. B gives 1 cheque 10,000 baht to E E has 4 cheques 10,000 baht each, total interest earned 2,800 baht. A – receives 40,000 baht, gives to B, C, D, E for 10,000 each B – receives 39,400 baht, gives to A (10,000) + C (9,000) + D (8,800) + E (10,000) = 37,800 (B earns 1,600) C – receives 37,000 baht, gives to A (10,000) + B (10,000) + D (10,000) + E (10,000) = 40,000 (C pays interest 3,000) D – receives 37,600 baht, gives to A (10,000) + B (10,000) + C (9,000) + E (10,000) = 39,000 (D pays interest 1,400) E – receives 40,000 baht, gives to A (10,000) + B (9,400) + C (9,000) + D (8,800) = 37,200 (E earns 2,800) It is a loose example from a person who used to play this game, roughly to understand how it works. There are many practices of Gaan Len Share, this kind of funding was popular among business people before the economic crisis in 1997, the amount of money circulated more than 100 million baht in some groups, millions of each meu. But many Taao Share disappeared after receiving those money in the first month, they set up many wongs and their cheques bounced. High risk, High return, Convenience, Easily to access big amount of money.
  10. went there last week. sad sight. like a graveyard. most shops empty and abandoned.
  11. Qatar Airways in this week’s schedule update has postponed planned Chiang Mai service launch, previously scheduled to begin from 16DEC16. The oneWorld member previously planned to extend Doha – Yangon route to Chiang Mai, using Airbus A330-200 aircraft 5 times a week. Current schedule filing shows Qatar will continue to operate Doha – Yangon sector 5 times a week, an overall increase from 3 weekly. QR918 DOH0230 – 1200RGN 332 x14 QR919 RGN1840 – 2215DOH 332 x14 At time this post goes to press, the airline has not filed new launch date for Chiang Mai service. routesonline.com
  12. Hmm, seems there is more to the story Singapore: Defective MRT trains sent back to China manufacturer http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/hairline-cracks-in-26-mrt-trains-made-in-china
  13. Slight correction on your number: the Thai military has more than 1.750 flag officers (Generals and Admirals)