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  1. What is your electric bill?
  2. Here in my home country now for a visit. It's cold. Everybody follows the rules. The price marked on things is not the price you pay. Women are mostly overweight. You are expected to tip 15-20% if you eat out. (plus tax) Have to pump your own gas (did I mention the cold temps) Fun seeing my friends. But they seem to know nothing about the rest of the world. Their geography is so bad, I had my sister in law ask me if I drive to get to Thailand. Rant over, I'll be back soon. (breathing a sigh of relief)
  3. Guys, help me out here. Where can I buy into this (seemingly) great gamble?
  4. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    I wonder, do trolls get a special reward or feel some kind of euphoric state when their threads go over 20 pages?
  5. A humorous new book that talks about the problem from a bicycle rider's perspective: The Hazards of Cycling in Thailand Kindle Edition by Raymond Greenlaw (Author) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075ZNW77T
  6. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    That's pretty good and I always get some ideas from these threads. I understand some people go through ups and downs in life and might have to live as cheaply as possible at times. But I think you missed a few: Internet? Soap, shampoo, shaving cream, coffee, Phone? Snacks?
  7. Forest officials investigate illegal logging in Phuket

    Such a shame as cutting down an Agarwood tree is not the best way to get the (rare and expensive) oils. I have seen one Agarwood tree in Phuket, and it was scarred in a few places to make the oils. A healthy one will not produce the oils. I've been told the bark can be worth more than gold, but it is highly illegal to cut a wild one, as they are very rare.
  8. Yesterday it was a Russian at Karon. Rough seas out there folks. Minimal lifeguards. Good luck to the red flag snubbers. (this one was a snorkeling trip instead, but still too rough IMO to be out)
  9. Concerns raised over new B450mn Phuket marina

    I would think making some of the existing ones bigger would be a better idea. I realize RPM and Boat Lagoon are maxed out in space available. But Ao Por (both marinas up there) should have room to expand. Easier to build a few more piers than it would be to start anew IMO.
  10. This is the advice I would give (above) (I added the bold type) We have a hotel we really like in Ao Nang that has HUGE rooms. We have 2 kids, so in the past, we had to book 2 rooms. Now, we have the manager's phone number and call her first and explain who we are and that we would like only one room for the 4 of us (something not possible on the various hotel dot com etc. websites) She is glad to accommodate our wishes. If you are a good enough customer, a smart manager would be glad to accommodate yours.
  11. Is it Time to Wave Goodbye to the Honda

    I have an old Wave and love it. It looks old. I don't worry about it being stolen. The muffler is a bit rusty. Runs like a champ. Why would I sell it? Only to buy something that someone might want to steal. No thanks. Of course, I drive a 21 year old pickup truck. Don't care what other's think. I keep both in tip top shape even though they are old.
  12. Ofo share-bike dumped in Phuket Town canal

    I guess it's a slow news day. I saw many of these bikes being used at Sapan Hin a few days ago. I think it's a good thing. Now, will the police check the cameras and find out who did it? and then why? tuktuk mafia? accident? or drunk tourist?
  13. Different people use Facebook in many different ways. Tonight, I drove down (in the rain) to get a roti at my favorite roti stand. Normally it is quite busy and I have to wait. Tonight, while waiting, the cook gets out his phone and checks it. Facebook, he says. Someone texting in their order through messenger. What? I said. I can do that? He said sure: Here's our FB page on our sign, just text in your order and it will be waiting for you. I use FB to post pics of my life here in Thailand to my family back in my hometown. Some use it for political statements (I usually drop those people, as I don't want to hear about: religion, politics, and I dislike pet pictures) So, badmouth it all you want. I don't care. I'm using it tomorrow to order me some roti. (and looking for a second hand dining room table)
  14. There are many different uses for all the different social medias out there. The trick is to use the one that your friends, family and people you want to communicate with are using. For me, I have many of those who use Facebook. Thai people love FB and many use it for business. I just found out a new one today, that many people (Thais included) are using: WeChat. I thought "Line" was 2nd. anyway, to the OP: Up to you to use whatever one(s) you like. Or none at all. But if you want to communicate with Thais: FB or Line will probably get you more action than that VK you talk about. I for one, have never heard of it and have my doubts whether many of my friends are on there. But hey: to each his own! Go for it.
  15. Phuket tour bus driver charged for underpass pile-up

    I take it that you weren't here before the tunnels were built. As much as we like to complain about how long it takes to build a tunnel here, I believe they do much to keep the traffic moving. Especially northbound.