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  1. Phuket tour bus driver charged for underpass pile-up

    I take it that you weren't here before the tunnels were built. As much as we like to complain about how long it takes to build a tunnel here, I believe they do much to keep the traffic moving. Especially northbound.
  2. Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort up for sale

    And the sewage treatment plant is just above it. So, they are sandwiched by **it. They're not the first to go under at that location.
  3. Perhaps you are an insurance salesman. Have you ever tried to collect insurance from a travel insurance company? I have. It took almost a year to get my mother some money from them after a bad trip she went on. Insurance companies are in business to take your money. Not to pay it out. (know any poor insurance salesmen?)
  4. Cash no longer king in payments shift

    Wonder who they polled? Certainly not my (Thai) wife or her friends. None of them would know how to use any electronic payments except for the ATM transfer. I go to the market here in Rawai (where many Thai's do their grocery shopping) and never saw anyone accept or try to pay with anything other than cash. So, I'm calling this guy's statistics BS Online food ordering with their mobile? Yeah right!
  5. Phuket residents demand clean-up of beach rubbish

    Down here in Nai Harn, a few of the local hotels got together and bought and placed some trash bins near the beach, and talked to the Orbotor (I imagine paid some money) about getting them emptied daily, and the beach is much cleaner now. I see Thais and farangs both cleaning up the beach after whoever it is that leaves their garbage. (It is not always Thai people leaving it.) At least now people have a choice and a place to put their trash. Times (hopefully) are changing for the better in this regard. Up there in Mai Khao and Nai Yang beaches, they have enough hotels and resorts to do the same. Their GM's should understand that a clean beach converts to more and happier tourists. So, maybe they could be talked into doing the same. Personally, I think this should be the government's job, but I don't always understand the cultural differences here.
  6. I walk through that sea gypsy village probably 2 times a week. I've never had a child beg from me anywhere near there. There is an old man who smiles and says hello, and if you say hi back, he'll put out his hand. All in good fun it seems. I don't understand this clampdown at all.
  7. Victim helps arrested bike thief in Phuket Town

    Theft is pretty rare here in Thailand. I almost never lock my truck doors But I wouldn't leave my keys in my motorbike. No sense in tempting the very poor. Back in the states, on a recent visit, I left my car unlocked for 3 minutes. They took everything inside, including an old jacket, and a few pair of socks. I get too used to the goodness of people here in Thailand.
  8. “Strictly enforcing the rules cannot solve the original problem if motorists still have bad driving habits,” he said." How would he know ? Has he been to a country where they strictly enforce the rules, and seen that people drive stupidly anyway? I remember about a year ago, they changed the lights to red (heading north) in the center lane. About 50% of drivers ignored these red lights and just drove in that lane anyway. So scary. So, I'm glad to see the cones in the center lane. Although making it 4 lanes would have been a much better idea IMO.
  9. Tha Chatchai checkpoint

    I see them stop and search a bus once in a while. Not that often though. I often assume it's because they are looking for someone in particular and are then much more vigilant. Or else it's just random.
  10. Need a real GPS

    Where do you live? I'm in Rawai and have a Garmin 60CSX here that you could borrow. It has Thai mapping in it from about 7 years ago I think. Should be fine for what you need. Although it won't have Laos roads in it. I have some important tracks in there from some hiking I've done here on Phuket, so, would need it back. Problem may be that I'm leaving on the 30th and won't be back for 2 months (going hiking in Europe). Don't need it as I bought an Etrex 20 now as it's much lighter and smaller. If you live in Rawai, you could return it to my wife or son possibly.
  11. Phuket as a full-time home

    I live in Rawai. Paid 50 baht for my lunch today. Was over in Kata last week, and paid 120 baht for basically the same thing. Probably because I don't know any more than the typical tourist when over there as far as where to eat good food at good prices. When you live somewhere, you learn where is good and where to stay away from. That goes for most places. I suggest to the OP that he come and live here for a few months. Then try somewhere else and compare. The biggest problem living here is Chalong circle. But if you don't need to go through it, life is pretty good.
  12. Their new factory in York, Pennsylvania (near where I come from), is very automated with robots doing much of the work. They use real humans to put in the engines, and feed the cables through, and to push carts around the factory because the union makes them keep so many paid employees. But the robots and machines are doing most of the work. So, yes, they can probably be built just as good in Thailand. In the old days, the assembly line had the bikes come through in the order that they were ordered. (old factory where all the Harleys used to be put together, although the engines and trannies are all built in Wisconsin) They figured it would keep the job from being boring and monotonous. Now, all that's changed too and they do different models on different days. The tour is free, although if you want the full tour (paint room, some souvenirs, behind the lines, you can pay for and get the "steel boot tour" We've done both. If you're ever there, go for the free one, you see almost just as much.
  13. Where to buy fidget spinner in Bangkok.

    My son wanted one and we went to a mall here in Phuket. A few of the kiosks in the aisles were selling them. So, I would imagine if they are here in Phuket, they would be selling them at those little kiosks in the malls in Bangkok too. Somewhere in MBK would be my first try. A few of his classmates had them too, so, they are making their way into Thailand. Good luck.
  14. Phnom Penh Nightlife?

    There are young kids (8-12?) sniffing glue and trying to rob tourists who hang around the waterfront area around 138. They tried to grab my shopping bag and another farang pointed them out to me and what they were doing. After I knew about it and could spot them, I saw a few different groups of them. Just beware. Apparently the cops take them in for a week or so to the detention centers but then let them back out. Poor country with some desperate people. Mostly though: I loved the place.
  15. After reading a few posts on this thread and experiencing my mother trying to collect on a travel insurance policy a few years ago: I really don't understand why anyone would buy travel insurance. They don't want to lose money So, they don't pay. They pay their lawyers good. But not their customers. Ever see how much some of these insurance people make? No thanks.