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  1. OK. Thanks everyone. My neighbors are complaining too. Leads me to believe that maybe they read the meter at a different time than they said they did. Only other explanation I can think of is the heat and more fans running, but that should be minimal. We have one aircon and only use an hour or two a day. Maybe I should get it cleaned.
  2. Normally, I pay around 1,000 baht to 1200 baht. Today, I got my bill and it was over 2,000 baht. Anyone else notice a huge increase?
  3. Rent a guitar

    PM sent.
  4. Outreach program March 14, where?

    Anyone know where? And what time they start? They're website just gives the date. Help please!
  5. Does anyone know where they are holding the outreach thing next Wednesday in Phuket?
  6. ^Only BTC (Bitcoin)^ Then you have to sign up with binance.com or similar (Kracken?) And transfer your BTC and buy the alts on there. I am in the same boat. bx wouldn't allow me in since I'm American. No problems with coins.co.th
  7. Need a Midrange (beachfront?) bungalow tip

    Another place come to my mind although I haven't been there for quite some time. Over on Karon beach's north end, you have the Karon beach resort. Next to it, to the west, there are 2 more places that are actually on the rocks a few meters from the 5 km long beach. I don't remember the name, but I used to stay at a small bungalow down on the rocks, further to the west although the tsunami wiped THAT out. Over on the east side, just north of Chalong, there is a boatyard where they repair (possibly even build) yachts, there are a few bungalows there. Of course that beach is not good for swimming, like the west side. The OP might also want to check out Ya Nui bungalows. You have a road between the bungalows and the beach, but it is a nice, small, somewhat unknown gem of a beach. If you can afford a little more money, Vijitt often offers some great deals and they have luxury bungalows on the beach (east side though) Keep in mind, the east side beaches have better views as their islands in the view, instead of just plain sea (west side) Also, what about Panwa? There are some villas over there right on the beach? Don't know about smaller bungalows but I imagine there are some. (I don't get over there much)
  8. Bitcoin hit 10,000 today

    Yeah!!! The experts said 10k by the end of the year. The way it was going, I said 10k by the end of Nov. It's been a fun ride. Where will it end?
  9. It probably depends where you live. Here in Phuket, the Items for sale-Phuket FB page is the quickest way to sell something. I've bought and sold on there. Tried bahtsold, this site, and craigslist 2 of the 3 are free), but the FB page was the quickest to move my stuff. It depends how many are watching in the area you are trying to sell I imagine. As far as worldwide, Amazon is king in the US, ebay in some countries FB in others.
  10. Need a Midrange (beachfront?) bungalow tip

    I like Ao Sane bungalows. Stayed there for over a month when I first came here, 15+ years ago. I have friends (whom I've recommended Ao Sane too), that love it now. It's a bit rustic but that's what they want. No TV or WIFI, but right on the beach and the restaurant is good. But, you need a motorbike to get there. I don't really understand what this fight going on over definitition of a bungalow is, but Ao Sane bungalows are right on the beach IMO (good snorkeling at Jungle beach too) Most of them are concrete although I believe there are still a few wooden ones up in the jungle (in the back) At least 2 are air conditioned. And a few on the rocks is very close to the sea. Maybe the guy saying they are not bungalows has not been there? Anyway, back to your fight guys..............
  11. What is your electric bill?
  12. Here in my home country now for a visit. It's cold. Everybody follows the rules. The price marked on things is not the price you pay. Women are mostly overweight. You are expected to tip 15-20% if you eat out. (plus tax) Have to pump your own gas (did I mention the cold temps) Fun seeing my friends. But they seem to know nothing about the rest of the world. Their geography is so bad, I had my sister in law ask me if I drive to get to Thailand. Rant over, I'll be back soon. (breathing a sigh of relief)
  13. Guys, help me out here. Where can I buy into this (seemingly) great gamble?
  14. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    I wonder, do trolls get a special reward or feel some kind of euphoric state when their threads go over 20 pages?
  15. A humorous new book that talks about the problem from a bicycle rider's perspective: The Hazards of Cycling in Thailand Kindle Edition by Raymond Greenlaw (Author) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075ZNW77T