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  1. I probably would. If I trusted the operators. But my boy is 11 so, it is a moot point I'm making.
  2. Yes, it's hard to blame the people when there are no bins to place your garbage in anywhere near the beach. Now, they've finally put some at Nai Harn (I hear a few hotels got together and paid for them), and the beach is noticeably cleaner. Now it's more the dogs attacking the overflowing bins and dragging the garbage back to the beach. I once saw a school group walking down the road, picking up garbage. I thought this was a great idea because some of them, probably didn't know it was wrong to throw your garbage out of the window as their parents often do it. Education! And bins so you have a choice!
  3. The Laguna marathon is coming up Jonathon ^. June 4 or 5th this year. Marathons can be brutal, or they can be fun and not so stressful. Depends on your training and how fast you want to go. My goal is always to run it faster than last year. But each year, my times get slower. But I don't quit. Cause I don't want to look like some of these pregnant looking geezers I see at the beach some days. (i'm talking old men) Back in my heyday, I completed the Leadville 100 in 26:39. I trained for a year for that one and felt great. Up until mile 87. Those last 13 were something I'll never forget (and hopefully never feel like that again) In retrospect, maybe I should have quit.
  4. I don't normally drive much at night, but just got back from a 1 1/2 hour drive in the dark. I'd guess 5% of the motorbikes have either no tail light or no headlight, or both. I can't see them. Must be the cause of many of the accidents.
  5. We were false charged by an elephant in that park about 5 years ago. Scared the hell out of us and we took off, fast. Later, we were talking to a park ranger and told him about it. He said, yes, there's one elephant there that doesn't like cars or trucks and sometimes does that. He said, he hadn't killed anyone but has flipped over a few cars. I wonder if it was the same elephant.
  6. DinoPark has got to be the biggest in square kms. It is pretty much a water park though and no rides, you have to work for your fun. Consider it a plethora of obstacle courses in water.
  7. I always thought the mahout stayed with an elephant for life. Maybe that's not true. But if it is, why not ask the mahout the elephant's name and if he knows the present owner?
  8. 360 is a Thai style place, just up the road from Dino Park. It is quite unique in itself and not so easy to explain. Some time when you are up that way, go look for yourself, no admission to look, just to swim. (100 baht) Heading north, look for the truck weigh station about 10 kms north of Sarasin bridge on the opposite (southbound) side of the road. Make the next u-turn and take the road just south of the weigh station up the hill to the top, park and walk the rest of the way.
  9. We went there yesterday. Wow! It is HUGE. They've spent a lot of money to create this place. Must've been more than 150 water pumps, and air pumps. At least 100 person staff. Plus the lifesize plastic dinosaurs that move. My son talked them into letting me in for Thai price of 350 baht. (not sure how) We got there early and had it to ourselves for an hour or so. (11 am) There is so much to do there, you can't do it all in one day. It is mostly all inflatable sliders and massive obstacle courses everywhere. There is a 7 meter high jump with a dinosaur ................well, here's a picture:
  10. We can hope it's a hospital. Or a park, community swimming pool and sports complex or good school. But it's probably going to be condos, a mall, or fast food conglomerate. Or the world's second largest ferris wheel.
  11. I am planning on taking a bunch of Thai kids, so it sounds OK to me. Probably built as a rival to 360 up there. My kid and his friends love that place. I think it's 100 baht there and the people there are probabaly 95% Thai. But I'm not, and will check this dino place out. (I probably won't pay, just watch) Thanks for all the info guys.
  12. Anyone been to this place yet? My 11 year old says lots of kids talking about it and he wants to go there. I see it's 950 baht for all day. Sounds OK price-wise. I wonder if it has all the safety precautions of nearby "360" ? (satire) We love that place but it sure seems a bit unsafe by western standards.
  13. News to me that Thai Farmers bank went bankrupt a few years ago. I've had my account with them since 2000 and been adding money and taking money out all along. I bought their stock too and it went up nicely in the 8 or 9 years I held it. (KBANK on the SET) They did change their name to Kasikorn band at one time. When did they claim bankruptcy?
  14. Here's an article on some things to do up in Issan: I remember going to a cave, somewhere in Khon Kaen or Loui or thereabouts (a long time ago) where millions of bats flew out every night and many people gathered to watch. But I can't find it online. Anyway, lots of national parks up there. As well as ruins and temples. I always enjoy driving around Issan. Lots of hard working people who don't have much money and many live the old fashioned way, making string out of bamboo, carrying their rice to a restaurant, eggs gathered by nets strung around chicken coops: Memories!
  15. I've got a friend who has 12 garages. There isn't a car (or truck) in any of them. Yet, they are full. Hobbies rule.