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  1. Damaz6052

    Ministry of foreign affairs in Phuket?

    MOFA will only accept a passport copy certified by your embassy. Looks like a trip to BKK! Use the translation service inside the MOFA office. They're situated on first floor as you walk off the escalators.
  2. Damaz6052

    UPS Phuket

    Hi, anyone have a mobile number for UPS in Phuket? Is there office still on the Bypass Rd? Cheers!
  3. Damaz6052

    Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker, on tv?

    10:30pm UK time.
  4. On Wednesday the police and army came to Kamala to arrest a member of a local family for organising life guards on Kamala Beach. Apparently he was in the US talking to the ISLA and asking for their help in training life guards. They came to lock him up for violating the contract which has been awarded to some high up official in Patong. Seems the new contract holder can't find any life guards as yet....
  5. Despite these court rulings and convictions they still allow the building of illegal structures etc etc..I see the land high above IndoChine is being cleared...
  6. A recent photo from Kamala Beach. They're pumping the dirty water out from the surrounding building sites.
  7. Damaz6052

    Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    Changed from Chrome and the difference is very noticeable!
  8. Damaz6052

    Non Imm O in Ho Chi Min

    I received my Non O at HCMC this year. Very straightforward and don't forget $200USD.
  9. No motive found yet! He could have done it for sport alone.
  10. Damaz6052

    Phuket seeks to ensure beach safety

    Great news and I would hope 14,000 is enough for the lifeguards.
  11. Damaz6052

    Phuket lifeguards confirm Oct 1 strike

    A recent news article says there's 95 lifeguards. If they getting 10k each...where's the other 950k going from 1.65m monthly budget??? Seems the news should be focused on asking these questions and not asking for more money!!!!
  12. Hi, I am thinking about taking one of there accident insurance policies. Anyone had problems claiming from this company before? Cheers!
  13. Damaz6052

    Phuket lifeguards confirm Oct 1 strike

    My thoughts exactly! That's 1.65m per month...how many guards are there???
  14. How about these idiots protest against the corruption within their government!!! Ask questions of their PM Najib Razak as to where the 100's of millions of USD have gone from the 1MDB fund....