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  1. Damaz6052

    The collapse of Phuket’s lifeguards

    They never used the tower on Kamala Beach. The guards were always underneath chatting with their mates.
  2. Good time to move Heroins monument and open the intersection to traffic.
  3. Damaz6052

    Brit getting married in Thailand...

    Silverdales see below. With the docs the embassy gave you and your passport in hand. Go to the MFA and use translating service inside the MFA building. Take the escalator to the first floor and you'll see the translating service as you step off. No need to look for an agent. This office can take care of the translating and rubber stamping. The process takes 5 days. If you don''t want to wait. They can post the docs to your home address via EMS.
  4. Damaz6052

    Brit getting married in Thailand...

    I've helped many couples threw this process. If you can't make an appointment at the UK embassy and get them to notorize your documents then you wont be able to legally marry in Thailand. The security guard wont let you into the embassy grounds without an appointment. Wait until you get home.
  5. Damaz6052

    Marriage Documentation

    From the Embassy website. Please note that this service is available for British nationals intending to marry in Thailand only. We cannot administer an affirmation to confirm your marital status if you are already married, divorced or widowed. You should present your marriage certificate, divorce decree absolute or your late spouse’s death certificate. The divorce papers might need to be translated and certified by the MFA at Laksi District BKK. Might be worth the extra Baht just incase.
  6. Damaz6052

    Nine arrested in Phuket drunk-driving campaign

    Yeah and finishing at 11:30pm??? They should be checking after the pubs close.
  7. Thanks, I've found the group on FB. I live in Phuket.
  8. I am looking for a few chickens. Can you recommend a breed that's available in Thailand?
  9. Damaz6052

    Chickens & Eggs

    Is there any particular breed I should be looking for?
  10. Damaz6052

    Ministry of foreign affairs in Phuket?

    It's a new requirement since late last year, this document also needs to be translated.
  11. Damaz6052

    Chickens & Eggs

    Where can I buy good quality chickens that lay eggs? Thanks.
  12. Damaz6052

    Ministry of foreign affairs in Phuket?

    MOFA will only accept a passport copy certified by your embassy. Looks like a trip to BKK! Use the translation service inside the MOFA office. They're situated on first floor as you walk off the escalators.
  13. Damaz6052

    UPS Phuket

    Hi, anyone have a mobile number for UPS in Phuket? Is there office still on the Bypass Rd? Cheers!
  14. Damaz6052

    Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker, on tv?

    10:30pm UK time.