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  1. steelepulse

    Phuket man nabbed with over 52,000 ya bah pills, ya ice

    Glad to see nasty speed taken off the streets. Hopefully it will stay off the streets. This is a pretty signifigant amount compared to the 20-100 pills that normally result in a bust.
  2. Didn't know bars stayed open until 7 am in Kata. "Police have tracked down CCTV footage and found that the tourist was drinking before at a bar in Kata Beach with a Thai man until around 7am today."
  3. If you were referring to me, click on uploader's profile and from there you can see what they've uploaded.
  4. He'll have an excuse if it doesn't happen. The weather that the TMD has raised warnings about makes for a good believable excuse.
  5. Thanks. Couldn't find it by name, but did from uploaders profile who has a lot of nice titles.
  6. I'm enjoying this series. Didn't see a s3 with subs mentioned. Who was the uploader that has English subs? Lime also has s4, but don't see any mention of English subs either.
  7. Be nice if those of you posting ever went to Nai Harn, or even lived here in Phuket. These lifeguards have been at the beach daily for quite some time.
  8. steelepulse

    Garden Services in southern Phuket. Advice please.

    I can check, but I think the job is a bit small. Might be better off finding a couple local lads with their weed wackers and let them have a go.
  9. steelepulse

    Garden Services in southern Phuket. Advice please.

    Do you need this as an ongoing service or one time? How big is the yard? I use a service that comes every couple of weeks, but not sure if it's a one time job or small yard that it would be worth it for them as they employ a number of staff.
  10. Perhaps this guy is an early riser and was heading to work.
  11. steelepulse

    The Top 10 Beaches in Phuket

    Maya Bay has been closed for a number of months and is in Phi Phi, not Phuket.
  12. Both, monthly maintenance payments to ensure timely alerts about upcoming activities. The same thing that happens with stall holders in tourist areas.
  13. Startup S3 is now out. I saw it at tpb.
  14. No surprise. These guys stump up some pretty big "association fees" which in turn buys them impunity from the bib.
  15. steelepulse

    Patong - The Wake

    According to people I know that take the bus, the driver will stop anywhere along the route. I do agree though that the payment system sucks. They need to have some sort of machine where you can pay by cash, coins, or another payment method.