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  1. Were no seat belts involved? Doesn't look like the vios was traveling at excessive speed and I would think airbags and seatbelts would have saved everyone involved.
  2. Hello, these are private taxis here in Phuket, hello.
  3. Nice little earner for the Capt.
  4. steelepulse

    Where to find PRP for hips, knees in Bangkok?

    Did you ever get this done Stefan65?
  5. If you present paperwork with the General's name and signature, can you still be up for "computer crimes act" nonsense. Sure you would not want to be in country due to the con artist General having friends, but still why not expose the guy and get out of Dodge. Good luck to the general getting the guy in Singapore.
  6. steelepulse

    VIDEO: Foreigners attacked by ladyboys in Phuket

    Pre sunrise, after all night boozing and some ya ba for the ladyboys?
  7. steelepulse

    Use Phuket beaches with caution, say lifeguards

    How does a Bangkok-based consultancy LP Laikhum Co Ltd, get a lifeguard contract to which they have no experience or knowledge.........................? Classic. The guy running the group that took the fat contract doesn't have faith in his employees and their equipment. "Further, serious doubts have been raised as to the skills the lifeguards have and LP Laikhum Managing Director Dr Nutpol Sirisawang has already voiced his concern that his lifeguards do not properly equipped to carry out rescues."
  8. steelepulse

    Make marijuana legal, says Phuket Poll

    That or, the "influential" people are already raking it in in the cannabis distribution business....................
  9. If you like documentary films with some amazing footage of our planet from the space station, give One Strange Rock a look. Different aspects about earth told through astronauts that have spent time at the space station. 8.8 on imdb https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7651892/ "The extraordinary story of Earth and why it is special and uniquely brimming with life among a largely unknown but harsh cosmic arena; astronauts tell the story of Earth through unique perspective."
  10. steelepulse

    International to Domestic transfer airside

    I will be doing this and I asked airline rep about this. Trying to discern what exactly she means. I think she is saying clear immigration at BKK, then look for transfer desk for domestic airline. If my bags are checked all the way through to HKT I can do this and not have to go to arrivals hall immigration and collect bags there. Is this correct what I am thinking she said? "Immigration need to clear at first port of entry Thailand. But at Transfer desk at International to Domestic with Immigration counter for passenger connecting flights PR-PG . your baggage must check to final destination HKT (PG)"
  11. Is this the soi that goes up to Big Buddha?
  12. This new Bangkok based company must really have some pull to even consider proposing such an absurb idea. They can't get competent lifeguards on all the beaches, but they can extract another 140 mil out of their deal for some super smart cameras. At 3.5 mil each, that's just about enough for a new E class with a reverse camera.
  13. Unfortunately these "officials" are more concerned about saving face and lining their pockets than the image of Phuket and safety of it's tourists. Says it all when the guy in charge sends his deputy to take the heat and give some gibberish answers as to why they have failed so bad. BTW, did we ever get an explanation about why a company from Bangkok with no known experience gets the contract..............................?
  14. steelepulse

    Chalong Circle closed to turns from early next month

    >>>>I see a complete f... up coming! How many years of this mess must we endure? Well if you believe the original timeframe, the circle is already complete. If you believe their latest projection, only until Songkran next year. Agree with you inThailand, article ( or the contractor) could perhaps explain which direction each road will be allowed to go.