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  1. steelepulse

    Final preparations being made to raise ’Phoenix’

    The final final preparations, or the final, final, final preparations?
  2. Where's Najib and Thailand's watch borrowing man? Those two would make this look like a serious event.
  3. steelepulse

    knee's cartilage erosion - advise

    I have been taking flexacil ultra for a couple years now. I buy it off ebay. Works for me. Good luck and avoid the knife as long as you can.
  4. steelepulse

    Traffic safety raises concerns in Phuket light-rail plans

    More drawings, more studies, more money for those in uniform!
  5. steelepulse

    Chinese tourists injured in Phuket minivan accident

    From the article police are investigating. Besides not keeping enough distance between the vehicle in front and the van, what else is there to investigate? Did a ghost jump out?
  6. steelepulse

    All u can eat buffets/bbq + All can drink deals

    In the promotion section in the Phuket Forum there used to be an Italian restaurant in the Chalong area that had some sort of all you can eat pasta and beer promotion. IIRC ,it was around 699, but I don't know if that's still on or not. I can't recall the name of the place, always meant to give it a go, but the circle traffic put me off on doing it.
  7. steelepulse

    Hope floats for Chalong Underpass opening by April

    This is a big part of the problem for traffic coming from Rawai. All the busses doing 17 point u turns, cars and trucks sticking their noses in front of oncoming traffic etc. This only leads to more congestion and road rage. Not sure why u turn traffic can't be forced to go down to the Sai Yuan traffic light and have to wait their turn like every other vehicle coming from Rawai. Yes I get the fact that people from Chao Fa east have to wait a bit to get through the circle and want to immediately u turn, but it's nothing like the nightmare coming from Chalong. OK end of rant........................
  8. steelepulse

    Hope floats for Chalong Underpass opening by April

    On a tangent, Mrs SP told me it took from 14:45 until 16:00 to get from Saiyuan to Makro yesterday. More hours are lost sitting in traffic there then are put in by the workers.
  9. A judge at the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases said Charnchai "was not an affected party, therefore he cannot sue in this case". Sure he was affected if he ever purchased a single item from King Power. Things really aren't "duty free" if they are more expensive at the airport then in town where items are taxed. One only has to do the math to see if an entity can buy duty free, then be the only retailer allowed to sell at the airports, that perhaps all is not on the up and up. Nice cop out by the judge. Wonder where his next out of the country trip takes him? Vanuatu? Belize? Cyprus? or perhaps Mauritius.
  10. Any particular reason why the "entertainment venue" can't be named? This certainly can't be naming and shaming can it?
  11. Mops are going to have to be brought out again, big rain and wind at the moment. Traffic will be bad this morning.
  12. steelepulse

    New aquarium at central

    On the central website, they quote 1400 baht per adult, 700 per child, and 3000 for "family". Look for some very large family get togethers for a day out at the aquarium.
  13. steelepulse

    Phuket now has a world class shopping hub

    From what I understand, the world class shoppers ( also known as local students) are enjoying the place. Between the sleeping Chinese and the cashed up local students, how can this place not reap record profits for all it's retailers?
  14. steelepulse

    knee's cartilage erosion - advise

    I was scheduled for a partial knee replacement, but due to traveling for some long flights I put the surgery off. When I returned I was able to walk a little bit without pain, so I decided to not get the surgery done. I then also started taking a supplement that has glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Hyuralonic acid and a couple other ingredients. 3 years later, pain free and exercising on a daily basis. I buy this off of ebay and it costs around 400 baht a month to be pain free. Well worth it! I recently took an overseas trip and forgot to take this supplement almost every day on the trip and within two weeks of infrequent use, the pain started returning. Now 3 weeks after daily intake, the pain is gone again. YMMV