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  1. Google flights, but as you say, no direct flights.
  2. Has anyone flown into Savanakhet instead of doing the fly drive option with airasia or nok air? They only fly every other day and was looking at arriving on a Monday and flying out on a Wednesday on the 15:50 flight leaving ZVK. Assuming passport gets collected by no later than 14:30, will there be enough time to catch the flight? I can't imagine the small airport and small plane would take to long for immigration.
  3. You're hilarious. It is not nonsense. Both things can be easily obtained by filling out some paperwork and paying a fee. You saying that importing or having coral is illegal is nonsense. It's only illegal if you don't pay a fee and get a CITES permit/certificate. Stop with the scare tactics and spreading of false information.
  4. Do you not know CITES? You buy a permit/certificate, and import coral/fish various animals on the endangered list etc. and you can legally import said items. Do you know about a license to drive? You take a test, pay for the permit/certificate and you are legal. How is this utter nonsense? Please explain how paying for something that requires a permit or license is "utterly nonsense".
  5. Nothing different than saying driving is illegal. To be legal both require simple licenses. CITES for coral, driving license to drive. Pay a fee and illegal becomes legal.
  6. Phuket ghostriders in the spotlight

    What's even more frightening is the whole local community by the school/mosque/temple/7-11 would be up in arms if fines started to get handed out to every offender.
  7. Phuket airport GM addresses hours-long queues

    Nice, you got very lucky. A few days before I fly, I check flights arriving an hour before my scheduled arrival time to determine if I want to risk a long queue, or spend the extra money for fast track.
  8. Phuket ghostriders in the spotlight

    These ghostriders really are dangerous. They force motorbikes going the correct way out into the way of faster moving traffic, which forces that traffic over to fast lane and boom, accident occurs without the ghostrider even being in the incident. Of course these lazy dumbass ghostriders also get into accidents, but they cause many where they never have a collision themselves. The other day I was walking out from a shop and waiting on traffic coming from the right. When it was clear to step out, a ghostrider moving quite fast from the left missed me by 10 cm. Then the idiot has the nerve to give me the stink eye for almost getting hit by him as he's going the wrong direction. Unfortunately this "crackdown" is hot air for 99.999 percent of locations where this occurs on the island.
  9. Phuket airport GM addresses hours-long queues

    I have cut down on my travels outside of TH due to the heavy traffic getting to the airport, and the long immigration queues once at the airport. I always wonder why only half of immigration counters are open and then as to why each IO feels they need to keep you hostage for 3-4 minutes per pax while they thumb through the passport. To rub salt into the wounds, I normally see quite a few IO's hanging out over on the side checking their phones and BS's with each other. Surely they can't always be on a break every time I arrive at the airport.
  10. Realestate agent wanted

    PING NKM who is always banging his drum about so many properties available online.
  11. What are you on about. I said nothing about importing dead coral, only gave my observation about a lot of pieces of dead coral at a certain beach who should be charged under the law if this Russian lady also got charged for having dead coral.
  12. I think this is a bit over the top. When I used to frequent Ao Sane, there were literally thousands of pieces of dead coral in amongst the bigger rocks, landlocked forever. Should the bungalows that are there be charged for harboring dead coral since they didn't put it back in the ocean and it's on their property?
  13. Dickies lighthouse

    Is that the old Jimmy's lighthouse?
  14. how often are houses robbed?

    This is where most of the case work is done. You get some workers over to fix something, and naturally they start looking around.
  15. how often are houses robbed?

    Nothing in my neighbourhood that I know of in 15 plus years. I know of a couple friends that have left things outside that subsequently went on walkabout, but these were small low value items.