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  1. Thanks for all the reply's. It just seems odd that after several years living here all of a sudden we get these tax assesment forms to fill in my wife pays tax on her income direct through the milk sales. In the forms it is asking about my income pensions etc etc,so in theory my wife has access to over 40k extra every month so will they tax her and not me.So in a way it is a indirect tax. I am just wondering if anybody else has had this situation.
  2. Hello   My wife got a nn 94 i think its a tax self assesment form. I am on my 3rd extension and i get a pension every month of over 40k to back up the extension.In the form it wants to know my personel income.We also have a dairy farm and land will i have to pay tax on my uk pension in thailand when i already pay tax in the uk. Thanks for any replys.