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  1. Okay, so after 8 years I have finally moved into a different house and now I have three questions regarding the TM.28 form. 1) There's a section called 'Visa', anyone know what goes on that line? 2) How long does one have after they move before submitting the TM.28 form? 3) Are there any fines associated with submitting the form late?
  2. How about foos? Any foosball players or a place to play?
  3. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    Sure in the hell beats beans on toast...
  4. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    This is the American breakfast that I miss......
  5. Photo printing and framing

    Thanks FolkGuitar... I may check them out if I do not hear any other responses. But I really would like to have a 'one stop' service if possible. Since I cannot seem to find out how to edit my original post I would like to make it known that the areas for my requirement are more of a preference and I am game with hearing about any location within CM. Likewise the size I mentioned may be smaller as the picture I am wanting enlarged is not extremely high resolution so if resolution is lost during the enlargement process I am willing to make it smaller.
  6. Photo printing and framing

    Okay, I am looking for a shop that will enlarge a digital picture, print and frame it. My requirements: - quick service (preferably the same day, but next day is okay) - near Big C Hangdong area or Night Bazzar The size would be something like 14x20 inches (35x50 cm)... or there about Any recommendations please, especially those where you have personally experienced... Thanks in advance
  7. Uber, Grab etc...

    I used an Uber to go to Riverside restaurant from the Night Bazaar area last week. The cost was 45 THB.... Took at tuktuk back to the exact same location I was at previously and the tuktuk cost was 120 THB. The Uber had AC, drove properly, and I didn't have to inhale the nasty exhaust fumes from traffic.
  8. looking for the right place !

    Honestly, that's a great recommendation for the majority of the Thais that drive scooters... :-)
  9. Why not park across the street at the gas station and pay the 20 THB, that's what I had been doing...
  10. It won't happen Nancy, it's a government office not a commercial business. Like the majority of government locations they will allow someone else to provide parking space offsite, for pay, and then expect to receive a kickback.
  11. Previous parking was almost non-existent so I'm not at all surprised if there would be none in the future. I mean really, where would any space for parking come from?
  12. How much stress is there to getting a photo taken, photocopying a few docs, and fill out a simple form? Been doing it for 8 yrs and not once have I arrived any earlier than 7 am..... Always had a morning queue except for this last time where I was the second one after lunch.
  13. Live webcam from Chiangmai

    Is the webcam down?
  14. Chinese tourists jumping queue

    I think you are better describing the Thai's driving skills....
  15. Agent = Waste of money.... (in my opinion)