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  1. One to one-and-a-half years if they are using Burmese workers...... two years to infinity if they are using Thai labor....
  2. ...and I have been driving in Thailand for the past 10 years without having a single accident.... I'm thinking our luck may one day run out......
  3. I came to say the same thing..... Only a fool would use a credit/debit card to make a purchase in LOS....... Cash only !!!
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCAA_Division_I_Men's_Basketball_Tournament
  5. I agree with the lack of honking heard in Thailand as during my earlier trips while in BKK the only honking that was noticeable was when it was raining out. And then I think the honking was merely being done to let others know you were there rather than to annoy. However road rage in the USA used to be notorious in the USA if I recall correctly. But I cannot say these days as it's been 5-6 years since I last drove there. I do think that the officials in the USA had started to come down hard on road rage drivers and perhaps have taken some action thus the reason for reduction lately. That and the use of mobile phones where now there are folks calling into authorities when road rage is first noticed. I recall reading on the news almost daily about fist fights, shootings, stabbings, and such due to road rage, but as I said I think that has been a thing of the past. (fingers crossed) Here in CM I always try to be a polite driver although I do drive very offensively. I drive to get away from all the other drivers. However I do not block intersections like many Thai drivers and when I drive in front of places like Makro and Big C I always stop and allow those folks walking and pushing carts to pass across the area. It's funny though because when I do that they usually give me a look of 'shock' as they cannot believe I stopped to let them go or else they are not even looking as they don't expect anyone to be stopping for them.
  6. Hard to watch March Madness or perhaps The Masters via download....
  7. Try watching any USA sporting event and then come back and tell me how much ads are repeated...... I swear, if companies reduced their advertising by just a tad then their products could be sold for a lot less.....
  8. Exactly.... One would think with just living here a few months that walking across any street is a danger... The hardest thing for me was the need to actually look in both directions all the time even if it was a designated one way street. Honestly one needs to be cautious even when walking on the sidewalk....
  9. Some ATMs will allow a 25k THB withdraw.... and currently most of the ATMs are now charging 220 THB as they recently increased the fee.
  10. Just like anywhere, NJ has it's nice parts but for the most it sucks.... (my opinion) -Real-estate prices are much higher than they should be. -Traffic is horrendous with rude drivers. -Most folks are downright mean and disrespectful. -High crime. -High taxes. -Drugs and gangs most everywhere. I've never lived there but have been there many times to know it's a place I wouldn't want to live. I have friend and relatives still living there as well as some that have moved away. There are many many other places in the USA that I would rather be from, currently living, or visiting..... (Again, my opinion)
  11. NJ.... Why would anyone confess to living there.....
  12. Totally agree.... I mean, how difficult is it to do a load or two of laundry? The part that I mostly dread is the ironing but I do this in the comfort of my AC and in front of the TV so I can watch a favorite show or movie while I do the ironing.
  13. This reminds me of years ago when I was in the TV Repair business, It was back in the days when the majority of the TVs were still using vacuum tubes and service techs (myself) were still making house calls. Anyway we charged $19.95 to make an in home service call but this particular customer was considerably outside our service area. I asked my boss (owner of the store) if we could do a service call for that location. He said no problem but since it was so far out we need to charge $24.95. So I called the guy back and told him the new price for his location and he agreed. After getting the make/model info from the guy I loaded up with the schematic, spare tubes, and other necessities. It really was quite a drive from our location and when I got there I found the TV (floor model console as most were in those days) was dead, just as the caller said. I went around the back of the set and started to remove the rear cover when I noticed that the TV wasn't even plugged into an AC outlet. Regardless, I removed the cover and attached my AC cheater cord into the chassis, turned the unit on and it worked perfectly. Come to find out the owner was using an extension cord and apparently his son removed the extension cord to use elsewhere so the TV was no longer plugged in. The guy didn't want to pay me the agreed $24.95 at first because of a simple fix but I told him he needed to as it was agreed upon and I didn't own the shop so my boss would be expecting the payment but he could call my boss and ask. He didn't call, he paid, and as I was leaving I could hear a teenager getting his a$$ chewed out. .....ahhh so many glorious stories in the life of a TV Service Tech.....
  14. Yeah it's been two weeks and I'm still waiting for my guy to find a replacement PCBA that burnt up due to ant infestation. Perhaps he's having issues because it's a Samsung, it's a newer model, or he doesn't have good sources....
  15. I just did but I probably should not have .... (I sent you a PM.) You can now publicly reply and state how much smarter I am than you.... or just send me some $$$$$$