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  1. Didn't seem to matter when a scooter crashed into my car. The Thai scooter driver had no insurance and his license had expired as well as the scooter registration. Do you think that mattered to the police. "You drive car, he drive scooter, your fault.'
  2. I agree, I avoid Mondays, Fridays, and the days after a holiday.. I noticed that there are now 3 or 4 other rooms (shops) that immigration has taken on just a few doors down from the main room. Looking at the signs those rooms (shops) are being used for various immigration services and one of them said 'Marriage to Thai' (or something of that nature). So i'm speculating that is where a person would be going to queue up to get an extension based on marriage to a Thai.
  3. I noticed those that were taking longer were the ones that didn't copy all the pages in their passport and had to go to the copy store. Or didn't sign all the copied pages.... or didn't know how to fill out the TM7 properly. But then again the process can be somewhat confusing for a 'newbie'.
  4. First of all, I thought this thread was supposed to be about our experiences and questions regarding immigration at the Promenada? So please start another post if you want to rant and rave about Thai citizenship or what the Thai government call us foreigners... Thanks! My experience renewing my Retirement visa extension yesterday (Thursday July 13th): I arrived at 7:10 am and received queue #17 at approx 8:30 am when they started passing out the queue numbers. I was told to come back at 1:00 pm so I went back home for that time (I live about 15/20 minutes away). Just to let it be known, queue #16 arrived about 6:45 am and queue #18 arrived about 7:20 am... I went to the front of the line and spoke with the person holding queue #2 and asked when he arrived. He arrived about 8:20 am or so but paid to have a queue sitter get a place for him and I was told that sitter arrived around 3:00 am. I didn't ask how much was paid. Returning at 12:55 pm they started processing queue #14 promptly at 1:00 pm. My queue number was called at 1:20 pm. Having all the required paperwork in order (TM7, all passport copies - signed, and income affidavit from US Consulate) I was processed in perhaps 5 minutes. Got my picture taken and was told to have a seat while they held my passport for signatures and such. Was called at about 1:50 pm, received my passport back and was on my merry way..... all within an hour. NOTEs: I wasn't asked for anything else (i.e. TM30, proof of income, rental agreement, etc), only the paperwork I mentioned above. I filled out and signed everything in BLUE ink My photo was the required 4x6 cm and had a WHITE background I still see many folks coming in early to do the 90 Day Check-In. Some arrived at 6 am and earlier. I shake my head wondering why. I did take note that when I was there in the afternoon (between 1-2:00 pm) that the 90 Day queue number being called was in the 120s.
  5. 'ED'? Hmmmm I think you might mean 'ER'.... big difference..
  6. Yepper, been doing that routine for the past 3 years or so... Go in around 2 pm and hardly no wait. Went in last week, in and out in 15 minutes... (It probably would have been sooner but one of the gals that processes the 90 day likes to chat it up.)
  7. Yes, that forum has always been an issue for me, that's why I no longer visit it.
  8. Two things: 1) Why do men like large aggressive dogs, is it due to a lack in their manhood size? Don't get me wrong as I can protect both my property and my family without the need to have a large aggressive dog. 2) It's distributing to see the video of that small infant tugging at the dog's ear. Yes the dog may love her and see her as family but there's that one chance that the dog will become annoyed and snap!
  9. Thanks elektrified for the reply. I am curious, do you have any visible scar from the procedure? Also how was the cut covered up until it healed?
  10. Yes, I have read about that and other 'home remedies' before making this post. The thread (dental floss) tying isn't a method I would prefer after reading about it. First there would be this nasty looking dark growth appearing until it does fall off, if it does. Secondly if the thread isn't tied at the proper location of the skin tag stalk then the blood circulation wouldn't be obstructed and it wouldn't work. And then there's that possibility of infection or large scar/bump left behind. I would just as much pay someone $$ and get it done properly by a professional who has a good track record.
  11. Jamm'n out in Chiang Mai during 2007 Loy Krathong festivities.... (Poor quality digital camera from 10 years ago)
  12. I was informed years ago from a Thai friend that you never stop to assist at an accident. Even if you're not at fault but the person dies then the family will blame you for the death and demand money from you.
  13. Can you tell me, was yours large and was it on the upper or lower eyelid?
  14. I've paid 50 THB for water at a bar as I wasn't wanting to drink anymore beer for the evening.... A rare occurrence!
  15. I have reviewed the 'Recommended Doctors And Medical Specialists' post that is pinned but I want to know if anyone has any recommendations for a doctor that can remove a skin tag that is located in a sensitive area, the eyelid. I would like to hear from someone that has possibly had experience for such an operation in the past year or two. Also any estimates as to the possible cost would be greatly appreciated.