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  1. What is new in Chiang Rai ?

    Thanks for the update Good news about Peter and Orn's bookshop Waterfall looks great ! Any more updates,please let me know Best Wishes Wiley Coyote
  2. What is new in Chiang Rai ?

    Sorry,I have not been North for 2 years.Can you please let me know if there are any new tourist attractions ? Any new shopping malls ? Does free bus still operate to Central ? Is there still Orn's second hand bookshop off soi Jet Yoid Have a good weekend Best Wishes Wiley Coyote
  3. Which days and time of market soi Buakhow

    Many Thanks ehs818 Best Wishes
  4. Which days and time of market soi Buakhow

    Thank You Moonseeker Just what I needed Cheers Wiley Coyote
  5. Hi, Can you please remind the days that there is a market in soi Buakhow ? What time does it start and finish,stalls start packing up ? Thank you Wiley Coyote
  6. Hotel Hi Chiang Rai

    Thank you Philby We feel the same,central location,relax and do something different from home. Thanks again Best Wishes Wiley Coyote
  7. Hotel Hi Chiang Rai

    Thank you very much Sceadugenga
  8. Hotel Hi Chiang Rai

    Hi Friends,Any points of view on this hotel in Central Chiang Rai ? Is it close to Orn's bookshop ? Best Wishes Wiley Coyote