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  1. No this is white Virbec enzymatic,chicken flavoured toothpaste. He licks his teeth and likes it Reduces plaque
  2. I would recommend Virbec enzymatic,chicken flavoured toothpaste. Even if he lteeth ,enzyme works
  3. wileycoyote

    Watch Repair?

    Theres another guy on the corner of the soi and main street that runs down past Edison(Tops) towards the Wangcome Hotel. We have bought watches from him and also had repairs done and cheap as well. He has been there 25 years that I know of. Thanks Big Gary,your directions are better than mine. It is the same watch-maker Ta Wiley Coyote
  4. wileycoyote

    Watch Repair?

    I would recommend the watchmaker on the corner of the street opposite Edisons and the Thai Farmers kiosk beside the main entrance of the Nightmarket. He has been there for over 20 years that I know of,he speaks good English,will give you a fair quote (which permits a slim haggling as well ) and it will be ready ,when he says it will be ready for collection,He has sold us & serviced many watches for the whole family over the years.He is also honest enough to say if it is beyond repair. Wiley Coyote
  5. wileycoyote

    Outrage Over Expensive Movie Tickets

    I agree & excellent movie (in spite of the critics)
  6. wileycoyote

    Thai Airways Long Haul

    Dear Sungod, Sorry . Unfortunately,not currently on LHR_BKK_LHR,when we flew Dec/January However,rumour is TG are offering better economy class from 2011 with personal TVs & Better seating,livery etc. However ,they do offer a better add on price with British Midland (Star Alliance) & it so easy to depart from your home airport & pick up your luggage at your Thai home airport rather than Suvarnabhumi,where you just transit. Best wishes Wiley Coyote