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  1. 22 of November

    The date on the calendar is not red, so my answer would be no. There are 2 Chinese characters (in red) on that day, so it may be some sort of Chi-com holiday.
  2. Buy imported turkey for Xmas 2017

    Makro Pattaya used to have them. You could feed a family of 4 for more than a month on what that one bird would cost. I no longer live in that area, so you'll have to drop in and check for yourself. I live in the country now. A lady across the street raises turkeys & ducks. She wants 175 Bt p/kilo for a live bird & the buyer has to kill & clean it. Needless to say I've never bought a turkey from her.
  3. The last time I was in Central Festival in Pattaya there was an Apple store. I don't recall which floor, but it was closer to the Beach Road side. It's been a few years since I was there. It may be gone now. Who knows?
  4. Thanks for the info. As I was only going to go for 2 or 3 days, I've decided to bag it & stay home. Way to much trouble for a few days away. A question does come to mind, not that it matters, but I'm curious. The purple International Transport Permit - the last page, or back cover, says "This permit allows vehicle registered in the Kingdom of Thailand to be used in international traffic." Nowhere i n this book does it say it is good for only Laos, or another country & nowhere does it say it excludes transit to Cambodia. So why is it "ONLY used to travel to Laos?"
  5. Understanding Thai Addresses

    Two old sayings come to mind: 1) There's an exception for every rule. 2) Rules are made to be broken.
  6. Understanding Thai Addresses

    The question of house number has been answered a few times, but unfortunately, the answers are incorrect. The number is not when the chanote was issued and is not when the house is built. This answer is sort of correct, but not exactly. For instance...a guy starts building a house down the road from your plot. A month later, you begin to build. He runs into delays for some reason, or your builder is faster. The house number is assigned when the "HOUSE BOOK" is issued. For that to happen, the house has to be almost complete to complete & inspected by the pu yai ban or some other official. Or not, depending on how lazy they are & if you are paying money for expedited service, shall we say. For instance, we have 2 houses on on piece of land (1 Chanote) The back, bigger house was started first, by about 1 month. The front, smaller house was rushed to completion because of the custom of moving in before Kow Pen Sa (or however you spell it). The tradition is, if you don't live there before it starts you have to wait 90 days until the Kow Pen Sa is over. So it was completed, house book issued & occupied first. The bigger house was finished and occupied (by me) about a month after the holiday started. not being Thai, I cared not about this tradition. Theoretically, only one house book was necessary, however, I wanted the houses on separate electric meters, so to get separate service on 2 meters, we had to get another book. The small house, started second, but completed & occupied first is the lower number & the second house, started first but completed & occupied last is the higher number. The house number is assigned as the house books are issued. Simple....but totally useless. I feel sorry for a new mailman. he just has to hunt everybody down & hope he can remember which Somchai lives where. Sorry to be pedantic, but that is how it works. Condos and developed moo bans will be different, of course, and numbered sequentially based on the original developers plan.
  7. You mentioned to cross at Osmach. I don't see that on any Thai or Cam. map. There are 2 crossings called Chong Chom on the thai map - one at Hwy 214 & one at Hwy 2201. Is one of those the one you are referring too?
  8. True Visions

    I suffered through 3 years of almost blindingly slow internet (9Mbps as best, paying for 30) with 3BB. In August I paid a deposit for fiber optic with the promise it would be installed within 30 days. 74 days later, they finally installed the cable & the next day it was turned on. Now I get 156/49 speed for 230 BT p/mth more than I was paying for 9Mbps. Life in Issan just went up a few points I got rid of TrueVisions back in May when they 1) turned off a promotion that I had had for years, without any notice, I might add and 2) went up on the monthly fee. I get TV through USTVNowdotcom via the internet. What I pay for my upgraded internet and the subscription to USTVNow (they do have a limited free plan) is about the same p/month combined than I paid to TrueVision for just their crappy satellite service. To the OP, get a wifi network card for your PC...400 or 500 BT, maybe. If you don't know how to install it, take your PC to the shop & they will do it for you. If you have a smart TV, it has wifi built in, so you will not need to run cables, just connect the TV to the PC via wifi. If you have an old stupid TV, it's time to bite the bullet & upgrade. PowerBuy is your friend. They have a 7 days, no questions asked return policy (I used it on the LG TV I initially bought). I didn't like the color, so they swapped it for a Samsung, that just happened to be 1000 BT less, and cheerfully refunded the 1000 BT difference. They even had a guy that spoke great English. This is remarkable as I live in deepest darkest Issan, not Pattaya or BKK.
  9. Wording of Will

    If he wants to remain living in the house, a usufruct for his lifetime is fine. I have one & see it as the best solution. She needs to will the property to a specific/named relative/friend and for safety sake and clarity, state in the will that her wish is that the usufructee remains in the home until his death. You and I know that in the west, leases and usufruct survive property transfers, but remember where you are and how far a little tea money will go if placed in the right pockets. People can raise all manner of challenges on things that are not clear, but by CLEARLY writing her intent, it will be almost impossible to challenge. If the intent is to sell upon her death, she needs to stipulate exactly which person/relative is now the legal owner, who is to be executor and be responsible for the sale, the percentage of proceeds that the widower is to receive and what other family members are to get the balance and in what proportion. Things left nebulous are open to interpretation. Specific instructions are not.
  10. I have friend that will be in Siem Reap for awhile & I thought I would drive down to visit. By looking at the map, the best place for me to cross would be Chong Chom and directly south to Siem Reip. I know that this past summer, LOS closed ALL border crossings, but I am sure that has been resolved, by now. I am asking for specifics of anyone that has driven across the border in the last month or so, preferably through the Chong Chom crossing, if possible. I already have the purple truck passport, but am unsure what else I will need. I did find a thread that addressed these issues in this forum, but it is 2 years old. So...looking for up to date information. Truck book - check, purple passport book - check, Valid Thai drivers lic - check, Thai insurance - check, re-entry permit - check, US Dollars - check, Insurance for Cambodia? Cam. or Intl drivers license? Daily fee? Anything else I didn't mention?
  11. Getting out of rental contract

    Don't pay anymore rent, find a new place to live, read the rental contract thoroughly this time, don't give any notice, move, forget your deposit. Hopefully you only paid one months rent as a deposit. The scam here is to get you to pay 2 months rent as deposit. Deposits, as anything to do with any real estate transaction, are negotiable. I've never paid more than one month. If they held firm on 2 months, I walked away. It's just one more way to get more of the money out of your bank & into theirs.
  12. Wording of Will

    A few points... 1) She can write a will, transferring the ownership to whomever she wants. She can further stipulate that as part of leaving the property to that person, they must allow you to occupy it for life, or they can sell it, granting you a certain percentage of the sale proceeds, or a specific amount...it's up to her. The important point here is that she MUST stipulate, in the will, how the proceeds will be divided & who gets what. If not, it's up to the person inheriting the property and you are out of luck. 2) Upon her death, if she dies without a will, the house will go to her closest living relative...First is the children if there are any, if not, then parents if either is still alive, then brothers & sisters, in that order. So if she dies in a motorcy accident before she executes the will, you are out of luck. 3) You say you have a twenty year lease. That's a good thing as, BY LAW, whomever inherits the house has to honor the lease. That being said, this is Thailand & good luck on enforcing that lease upon a Thai relative, in a Thai court. Same if the house is sold. The lease continues & the new buyer, BY LAW, has to honor it. Again, good luck with that. 4) She CAN will the house & land to you, but you must sell it. You have a year to do so.. Unsure what happens if it is unsold after a year. You'll need to consult a lawyer on that wrinkle. Get the will written , do it now, and be VERY specific as to what is to happen and, who gets what and how much. My will bequeaths one exact amount and after that it's percentages of what remains.
  13. Character is doing the right thing, ESPECIALLY when no one is looking. I'm glad you are not my neighbor.
  14. Quantify better...??? There are certainly more flights to Ubon, than Nakon Phanom. Two different vans are available to take you to 2 different hotels in Muk, directly from the airport, from Ubon. No idea about Nakon Phanom. If you are going into Muk proper, then Ubon is probably the best bet. If you are headed to Nakon Nowhereburi, in the northern part of the province, N.P. is probably better, travel time wise, anyway.
  15. Thanks for the answer to my question.