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  1. Tagaa

    WW2 Willy Jeep

    This one linked above was made under license by Mitsubishi (note the 3 diamond logo stamped into the grill panel). After WWII, Japan needed jobs and the occupying US Army need vehicles, so Mitsubishi was put to work making these. I believe they made them into the late 1990's...maybe longer, I'm not sure. I saw one for sale sitting on Sukhumvit in Pattaya 6 or 7 years ago. They wanted 300,000Bt for that one as well. Again, I passed. No matter, it's not a real Jeep in the true sense of the word. I would doubt it's even 4WD, as there is no transfer case shifter visible in the photo. . I would't pay $10,000 US for it, but that's just me. Mahindra in India made these as well & may still be making them.
  2. Tagaa

    WW2 Willy Jeep

    I bought my first Jeep when I was 17 years old and have dabbled in old Jeeps in the US & restored one to end of the assembly line condition prior to moving here in 2004 -2005. I have been looking at them here, whenever I see one, and I am not impressed. I saw one 2 years ago...it was a CJ5, 1969 Kaiser model, (IIRC) per the VIN plate. I ran the serial number & it was originally purchased by the Thai gov't, not as a military vehicle, but probably for some ministry, agriculture or whatever. It had been repainted OD green, although the original color was more blue than green (see the flaking paint on the cowl around the Kaiser VIN plate). It even had the original 4 cyl gasoline engine. It was the most correct one I have ever seen here. It ran great & I would have bought it, but the seller wanted 280,000 Bt. About $8,500 or so at that time. I could buy that same Jeep in the US for $2000 or less, as similar types all need major work or restoration, as did this one. Most that I have seen here have had the original 4WD drive train replaced with a Toyota 4 cyl engine and transmission assy, and since they are from a old pick up, they are no longer 4WD, as the original transfer case will not fit with the Toyota (or whatever) replacement parts . Most that I see on a lot are a collection of parts, made to look like a Jeep. I saw one in Leung Nok Tha, on the lot across from the Tesco, that sat there for sale for well over a year. It had a Philippine after market tub, a Toyota diesel engine & all I can tell you about the frame is that it was not manufactured by Willys, Kaiser or American Motors . The top was wrong, lights & dash were wrong, steering column was wrong, and on & on. The guy wanted 280 or 300,000 Bt...I can't remember for sure. I passed on that one as well. My point is that most of the Jeeps you see here are not Jeeps at all, just a collection of parts made to fit under a repop Philippine after market tub & front end. All seem to be priced so as to remove as much cash from the farangs wallet as possible as quickly as possible. My advice is to stay away from them unless you are intimately familiar with the old girls. Just because it's OD green & has a few white stars painted on it does not make it a an old Army Jeep or even a civilian Jeep. The photos below are from the one I mentioned above that was purchased by the Thai govt.
  3. A embossed, certified copy is an original, not just a photostatic copy. Razel indicated in our conversation she would mail it back to me. I have sent her a follow up - subject second request as she has not replied to my e-mail sent to her two weeks ago.
  4. Tagaa

    Cremation / Health Insurance

    I guess that depends on what your definition of affordable is. I just renewed my health ins. I have a $1,000,000 policy, only exclusions is for a ruptured achilles tendon I had repaired 10 years ago. I have had the policy for 5 years now & the renewal annual premium was $2036. I am 62. To me that's affordable...not cheap, but affordable. I would doubt that anyone would write you a policy at all, and if they did there would be exclusions out the ying yang. I would think Medicare in the US would be your best bet, but you'll either have to live in the US or travel back for medical care. If you plan on staying here, keep at least a million Baht or two in the bank as self insurance. .
  5. I have only read the OP. I have two things to say. 1) For GOD's sake man, grow a pair. 2) NEXT !!!!
  6. I'll second Father Ray Children's home in Pattaya.
  7. I still haven't gotten the certified CC of my birth certificate back. I have gotten 2 mailings from SSA, one from Manila & one from Baltimore, so I'm wondering if Manila has even mailed it.
  8. On Line Application update: Submitted app via website on June 14, completed phone interview with Manila on June 29 & mailed requested documents. On August 11, I received a confirmation of benefits letter from Baltimore dated July 28, stating the amount I will receive, that it will be direct deposited to BBK Bank account & that first payment will be made "around" November 2. Payments after that will be made on the 3rd of each month. All in all, relatively painless. The biggest problem was trying to deal with the main office of Bangkok Bank in my town. They were clueless. After wasting an hour with those idiots, I went to a small branch in Robinson's & the lady there knew all about the process & completed all the paper work in one visit.
  9. Tagaa

    big big wet coming

    Shocking...it's raining in rainy season. Who'd a thunk it ??? If memory serves , this happens every year, some years more than others, but still every year. The Thais seem shocked. <deleted>???
  10. Tagaa

    International Shipping

    No cheaper solution exists, in my experience. You are shipping items half way around the world. Why would you think there would be a cheap way to do it? I sent some documents to a friend in the US...used EMS at the post office & had tracking. It was 1600 Bt for an approximate 8" X 10" envelope. It didn't weigh much. The Thai post office is the cheapest option you will find, short of somebody taking the items in their suitcase when they return to the states.
  11. I finally gave up on a tracked return option to get my birth certificate back. I mailed them the 1199 & birth certificate today via EMS and instructed the SSA to just return it by regular mail. It will probably be fine. Eve if I never get it back I can't imagine what I would need a certified birth certificate for at this time in my life. I've had this one since 1984 & used it twice, up to this point. Anyway, it's all in their hands now. Hope to get the first payment November 3.
  12. You know as well as I do that when you call Manila you get a recording that promises to return the call within 5 days...then they never do. Again I'll ask the question..." Will the Philippine post accept a pre-paid Thai EMS envelope for the return? FedEx & UPS are not an option out here. "
  13. Thanks for that...that's what I thought but as usual with US Gubbmit forms, they have to make it seem more complicated/nebulous than it is. Still looking for info about the return pre-paid envelope to get my birth certificate back. Will the Philippine post accept a pre-paid Thai EMS envelope for the return? FedEx & UPS are not an option out here in the hinterlands.
  14. So far so good for me. I do have a question. The lady sent me a 1199A for my direct deposit. I filled out my portion & took it to the bank this AM. They lady signed & stamped it, but did not want a copy. She did not complete the box under BKK Banks routing number which reads "Depositor Account Title." Is this for my name or something from the bank? What goes there? I do not want to send it to them & have them return it because this box is not filled in. Almost forgot....she wants a cert cc of my birth certificate, which I have. She suggested sending it FedEx, UPS or DHL. Well, I live in Bum f#%k Issan & none of them have a location within 150 K's, as far as I know...probably further. I can send it EMS, no problem, but will the Philippine post accept a pre paid EMS return envelope to send my birth certificate back? I've never tried that before.
  15. Just received a call (7:07AM) from a nice lady (Razelle) from Manila. Verified all info, benefits to begin in November, 2018. She will forward an e-mail with info to give to Bangkok bank regarding direct deposit. She needs a certified copy of my birth certificate as there was a discrepancy in my DOB, that was corrected, in person, at the SS office in the US. This makes no sense to me, but whatever, I just want this process to move forward. I asked about the estimate of benefits on the SS website. She says that estimate is what I will receive, so it's not really an estimate. According to her it's correct. Applied on June 14 & call on June 29, with an e-mail as a second request. Not to bad I suppose. Now I can stop carrying my phone every where I go.