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  1. bank acc/air/bus/train ticks out

    I came here 10 years + ago, on a one way ticket. I have a bank account...I own a truck...I have usufruct on property...I extend my visa every year....same rules now that were in place 10 + years ago. What laws or regs have changed as far as staying in Thailand?
  2. Shower not heating

    I had a 6000 watt Panasonic & the element died. It was out of warranty, but the repair was about 1000 Bt, IIRC. A rental house I had, with a Brit landlord, had 3 heaters. Two didn't work but I only used one bathroom, so no matter. Well that one died & I asked him to repair. He sent guys out 3 times & never did get it working, then had the unmitigated gall to to tell me maintenance is my problem, not his, eventhough the lease clearly specified HE was responsible for maintenance of all electrical fixtures. I bought a new heater, installed it & took it with me when I moved. I left his dead one of the floor.
  3. I guess you have never heard of 4 stroke outboard motors. Once again, I'm looking for governing documents. As there are many hundreds, if not thousands, of this type of water reservoirs in Thailand, there must be written regulations. Again, this is what I seek, not opinions.
  4. To answer your question " To answer you question, your post does not help at all. You could not be farther off the mark. Nothing in my post would lead anyone to believe that it is a pond dug in a housing estate. I described it as a man made reservoir. Where I come from a man made reservoir means a lake formed by the construction of a large dam. I will make a few points to clarify the situation. 1) It is a government reservoir with 2) a government admin office (remember I said we had already talked with the government lackey) 3) on government land. 4) It is 100% controlled by the government (again remember I said "I FINALLY convinced my Thai speaking half into going to the lake management office"). 5) It is a man made dam/reservoir. The dam is approx a kilometer long. My guess is the dam is 40 meters or so high. 6) The back line of my property is the government property line. If this were in my country, the government agency charged with over seeing this lake would issue permits for docks, to property owners along the perimeter and there would be private boats using it for recreation. There would be written regulations that defined every aspect of it's administration & use, along with prohibited uses, public use access areas, allowed dock areas & prohibited dock areas, so as to preserve some of the natural beauty. It is this document, in general, that defines uses for government built & controlled lakes across Thailand that I seek. I realize my first mistake was not including a picture. Collectively, these photos encompass about 20% of the lake area.
  5. What type of snake is this ?

    Not being a herpetologist, it appears I am in error to definitely say it is a Rat snake. A better photo of the head would help, but I understand the time for that has passed. I have searched the snake sites I have bookmarked & am not able to exactly match it to any positively identified snake. I have seen these before & they are usually more scared of me than I am of them. As a general rule, the non distinct brown snakes with small narrow heads are usually harmless. That's a GENERAL rule of thumb. Here is an academic paper listing many types of venomous snakes here in Thailand. Note that more are boldly & brightly colored, with vipers having wide triangular heads. Nothing comes close to resembling the OP's example. http://www.venomstreet.com/images/pdf/Asian Cobras/Characterization of venomous snakes of Thailand (Chanhome et al).pdf
  6. Reputable gold shop Pattaya.

    Nopparat Gold & Jewelry shop.. 175/1 Pattaya Klang, just east of 2nd Rd, on the same side of the road as the market entrance and not far past the market entrance, as you walk away from 2nd Rd. IIIRC, it's the second shop, very small, barely enough room inside for 3 customers. The wife, Nid, speaks some English & is easy to deal with. 038411435
  7. What type of snake is this ?

    Yep...Rat snake...harmless. Let it go & it will eat frogs & associated vermin.
  8. Why the multiple posts on the same topic. You already have a thread on this same subject in the real estate forum. I gave you the benefit of the doubt on that post, but it appears you have a not so hidden agenda.
  9. Yes...As I said "I live ON a relatively large lake..." There is no boat ramp, if that's what you were asking. No boats get launched. They (the square shaped home built canoe type boats) are simply pulled up on the bank. Again, I am asking if anyone has or knows where I can access written rules that govern what happens on man made water reservoirs in Thailand.
  10. Price of Land

    Thais in our area base their asking price on what they "heard" somebody in the area got for their land. If you don't know it by now, Thais lie about everything, especially money. If they are fortunate enough to sell their land, they tell everybody they got a million, when in fact they got 200,000. This makes them appear to have great face & be elevated from Lo-so to village Hi-so. Then the next rice farmer that wants to sell land to pay off yet another loan, asks a million, because that's what Somchai got. Or so they think. There is no data base of what property actually sells for. You just have to rely on the old tried & true definition of value: Value is defined as what a person under no obligation to sell and a person under no obligation to buy agree on. If land has been for sale for years & no one is willing to buy at their asking price, it is over priced. The problem is Thais lack the ability to process logical thought. If they want a million & no body buys the land, they lose face if they sell if for it's apparent value of, lets say, 200,000. So the land goes unsold, until they post it as collateral to the village loan shark. When they can't payback the loan, they may sell it for a reduced price. But again, maybe not. Like I said, logic does not exist in Thailand.
  11. I thought there used to be a legal forum, but I can not locate one. So I will post my question here. I live on a relatively large lake that is a man made reservoir. There are a few small canoe type boats on it and a few have a long tail motor. Being a sailor back home, I would like to have some sort of boat here. I could have a small sail boat, but traditionally it is only windy in the winter months. After much consideration, I deduced that the type of boat I would get the most use out of would be a pontoon boat with an outboard of 30 or 40 HP...fishing, a small BBQ with a few friends, drinks at sunset, that type of thing. I did a lot of searching & found a company that makes aluminum boats in BKK, and they can build a pontoon boat like I an looking for, with some parts sourced from China. I have seen photos of the finished product & they are quite nice. Prior to scheduling a trip to the factory & ordering the boat, I FINALLY convinced my Thai speaking half into going to the lake management office & confirming we could have said boat & not have any problem with the govt lackey in charge. His answer was, I'm told, ...."NO." It was reported to me that he was surly & much less than friendly so she is reticent to go back & find out exactly what type of boat we can have, short of a canoe with a long tail lawn mower type engine. Some large reservoirs here have motorized floating houses and party boats, so his opinion makes no sense to me Does anyone have a link to or a copy of the actual written rules that regulate reservoirs in Thailand? There has to be something written, not just an opinion of the local lake muckity muk. I have the Thailand Civil & Commercial code, in English, but I can find no reference to my query.
  12. As the Golden matures, her coat will come in. My last Golden pup looked like her & this is what she looked like when she was about 4 years old, IIRC.
  13. Low Ridership on Bell Bus to Pattaya

    Let me get this straight. You can afford a plane ticket to Thailand & a condo in Pattaya, but you are complaining about 150 for a taxi from the bus station in Pattaya to your condo? What am I missing? Why not just book a car from BKK to the condo? I used to use Buddy Way Taxi. From Asoke to my house around Maprachan it was 1400 Bt, IIRC, including tolls. No waiting, no other passengers, no smells , fairly new Camry or similar car, driver drives like a normal person, not a maniac on speed. Walk out of the airport, they are waiting, get in the car, next stop home.
  14. Honda Lawn Mower ,where to buy ?

    10 years ago, I bought a brand of mower I can't remember (I think it sounded Japanese) but it had a Honda engine. The sticker of the brand has long since gone away, but the mower still starts on the first or second pull. AMAZINGLY, it looks just like the one in the above photo, except mine is red & has a hard plastic bin for the clippings. The engine is identical to mine. It did have the annoying blades the previous poster mentioned, and I suffered aggravation with those for 8 years, but I replaced it with a solid steel blade I bought at a local hardware store. It was a shade to long, so I got out my grinder & cut off 1/4 in on each side & balanced the blade. I don't know where Rally 123 bought his replacement blade parts, but the 3 times or so that I replaced mine, they were about 150 Bt for a bag with 2 new blade ends, new nuts, bolts & washers. You don't really need to pay the extra Baht for a Honda BRAND mower, but you definitely want a mower with the Honda OHV 4 stroke engine.