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  1. Tagaa

    Wet Oppo situation

    To "SOMEHOW" turn it off ........remove the battery.
  2. You don't need a pool to learn how to swim. There are literally thousands of shallow fish ponds dotting every village in Issan. There are two within a few hundred meters of my house.
  3. Probably already said, but as I don't have the patience to read 3 pages, I'll say it again... Darwin at work.
  4. The comment I want to make about the OP's post will get me banned for life.....so I can only say this is why Thai's think we are stupid.
  5. Tagaa

    Rubber dingy

    There is a Marine supply store called Watchara, just before the True Value hardware on Sukhumvit, at the intersection of Thepprasit, across from the outlet mall. There is also a marine supply/boat dealer on Sukhumvit, between Makro & Big-C, IIRC...same side of the road. Also lots for sale on Baht & Sold
  6. Sorry that the kids died, but how much responsibility will be attached to the parents? Kids cant swim...river nearby...OK to play in the river. Are you kidding me? Kids cant swim...river nearby ...Parents to kids...STAY OUT OF THE RIVER OR YOU'LL DIE!!!!! How about ...river nearby...teach kids to swim...
  7. Tagaa

    Mukdahan area asphalt driveway pavers

    Maybe a better solution is to divert the water flow. Possibly a stone filled catch basin & concrete culvert to divert the flow under the driveway.
  8. Tagaa

    The RC Planes

    I've seen that video before. I clicked on the guy that made the plane. He has a first flight video. It says the location was Owatona, Minnesota, USA...so doubtful it was made in Lamphun. Excellent job, none the less.
  9. Tagaa

    The RC Planes

    I live in Issan & have posted the same question, but not for Ubon. I got one reply from guy in Chang Mai. It appears people like us are from Pluto. I'm 2 hours away from Ubon so I'm afraid I can be of no help, except to tell you to look forward to the sound of crickets, or people that have quads, such as a Phantom. But that's not flying...Almost no skill required.
  10. Jackdd is correct. Thais consider volunteering work. If you had a retirement visa (visa police please ignore the generic term) you would be in violation of your visa to volunteer. Get a work permit and you're good, but you would lose the retirement visa. I'm not sure about the visa based on marriage, but I believe the same rule would apply.
  11. Tagaa

    Engineer to replace belt on tumble drier

    It's not that hard. There's a small tension wheel/pulley at the bottom, in the back close to the motor. Most likely it just slipped off the pulley. Question: if you haven't had the dryer apart, how do you know the belt isn't broken? That's more likely than it slipping off the tensioner. The back panel should come off without difficulty. Take the back panel off and all the guts should be visible. Reach in & loop the belt around the 2 wheels. Make sure the tension spring has not come loose. I would buy a new belt prior to disassembling the dryer, if you can determine the length prior to taking it all apart. Use the great & powerful www to find info on the part. All dryer belts are about the same, except for the length. If it's not broken & the dryer is old, I would replace it while everything is apart. But that's just me.
  12. Tagaa

    Gun-toting woman starts huge catfight at fast food drive-thru

    Probably Memorial Dr or Candler Rd...a real high class part of town. You gotta give Vonshay credit for going at it with the big one.
  13. Dude...April Fools Day was 6 days prior to your post. Sorry...I couldn't resist. No such shop that I have ever seen. Every now and then Villa Market has fresh jalapenos. Then there are the local chilli's in every market. Other than that you are probably out of luck. Next time you're in Farang Land, get a packet of seeds & try your luck. If you are like me, they wont grow, and if they do you won't get the pepper you want. Don't ask why as I have not a clue.
  14. Tagaa

    Large Size Songkran Shirts

    I was in Pattaya for 2 days mostly to make a Villa Mkt run and other shopping. I need some new shorts, but alas, my experience was the same as yours. I was in the store & checking out for at least 45 minutes & the be right back sign was up when I came in & still up when I left. Only in Thailand.
  15. Tagaa

    Looking for Van/Truck for Hire or Mover

    I used this guy. I found him on the side of the road in the Makro/Big C area. He had a large 6 wheel truck, IIRC. It's been about 4 years ago, so I can't say for sure he is still in business in Pattaya, but it's worth a try. Vitthaya Transport - 085 744 9834.