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  1. Well first time success for me to report online for Koh Samui Immigration - make sure and use all caps and use the drop down menus for dates and addresses. But from submission to approval was under 2 hours. Can't believe it really, I might have to go buy a lottery ticket!
  2. crass and inflammatory post deleted
  3. Post edited. Bok choi I suggest read the forum rules again before you post
  4. Koh P has small monkeys living in the mountains, my husband gets up early and sees them from time to time, these are much much smaller and do not have the massive teeth and are definitely not escaped coconut monkeys. But there used to be those too, not sure escaped or not but my husband told a story of his dog getting into a fight with a wild one years ago when he was a boy. Dog won but barely.
  5. Interesting notion, not sure its doable but will certainly pass it on.
  6. Its interesting to me how many men assume that all women use marriage as a trap and that it is the ultimate goal for women. Google marriage rates in Japan and see how thrilled Japanese women are to get married. I know many western women who choose not to get married because they don't want to be tied down to a man who may or may not prove reliable (and by this I do not mean financially but in every other way). Marriage is a two way street guys, something a few of you seem to have forgotten.
  7. Animals read body language far more than humans do so perhaps the messages you send are not as clear to you as they are to them? I dont believe there is a psychic connection with animals that results in communication but i think that we communicate far more to animals than we know we do. i do believe they have a consciousness and intelligence, it just happens to be different than our own.
  8. Name and shame removed, we don't allow defamatory comments on Thaivisa and if we can't drop the flame war in this thread it will be closed and members warned.
  9. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday to HM the King, his love and dedication to his country is a quality o be greatly admired.
  10. A request well heeded I should add. There are many celebrations taking part all over the country but if you are at a loss as to where to go your Provincial Hall and District Office will be sure to have celebrations honoring HM the King on the day
  11. Off topic and unhelpful response removed. Please heed previous warnings regarding this kind of thing. thanks
  12. Post discussing moderation removed. If you have questions regarding moderation please PM a mod but do not hijack the thread, thanks. Its not about moderation its about the OP's visa options, thanks
  13. Or so some like to think, I am married to a Thai man as is Boo. Everyone has different tastes and best leave it at that. And yes, the sad boys who can't seem to keep their own unwanted opinions to themselves will find themselves suspended if they post one more. Back to the topic There is no need for PR its expensive and unnecessary. Convert to a non-O on your next renewal and then get the one year extension based on marriage to a Thai husband, her wp would still be up to how many employees regardless of what visa she has so that information while well meant is irrelevant. Once you have the non-O you have some breathing room to apply for citizenship.
  14. rather odd way to put it that western women want tans. If farang women wanted to "Look Thai" they would be having nose jobs and eye tucks to do so and that isn't happening Next time try to post in a way that makes more sense. cheers.