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  1. sbk

    2011 Bike Weeks

    Lets start Bike Week 2012 //CLOSED//
  2. sbk

    Cant Remove My Picture From My Profile

    Depends on the reasons, please use the report button and list your reasons or PM a mod on duty with a link and the request
  3. sbk

    Help - Lost Siberian Husky

    Great news indeed, you must be so relieved!
  4. sbk

    Bts To Suvarnabhumi

    I have taken the MRT with a carry on bag and it takes me 30 seconds to stop, unzip the bag, he looks at it, i close it and go. From touchdown to arrival at my destination it takes me an hour with the express train in rush hour.
  5. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    JemJem, nice to see you back I am older than my husband, my great aunt was 5 years older than her husband (and they got married during WWII) but I think, at least for me, really huge age differences would be out. I'd feel too much like the guy's mother
  6. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    Wow sound like you got yourself a dreamy man (appart from the fishing for me), Where where where did you meet, please do share !!!! Don't forget he's also Chinese Thai, studied abroad and has never worked as a prostitute. Um, I'd say it was funny but well, its not,not really. But there you go, you win some and you lose some, I don't think its funny when people say it about women either.
  7. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    Okay, this is interesting. Are the wives of these resort-owning Thais farang, or Thai themselves? I'd venture a guess that they are Thai women. Mind you, I can only speak from my own experiences, but where I live (Chiang Mai) there are not a lot of middle or upper class *that I know* Thai men who will consort with farang women (there are probably some that I don't know; CM is small, but not that small!). Nearly all the Thai man/western woman couples I see in Chiang Mai are comprised of the early 20-something, headscarf-wearing, long-hair with fisherman's pants variety (and I'm talking about the man and the woman!). Does this mean these guys or girls aren't middle or upper class? Of course not. But going on appearances alone, I'd guess not. I work in an office setting with lots and lots of Thai men, and I don't think many, if any, of them would date a farang. Family pressures, maybe? Now I'm descending into speculation, which has no place this discussion IMO. In fact, I think the OP has long since fled the thread in fear of what she has created Sorry guess it wasn't clear I was responding to the WTK's question about my farang women friends. Not sure why would I talk about thai women with thai husbands in a thread about farang women married to thai men but yes, they are all farang.
  8. sbk

    Distemper Outbreak On Phuket

    actually, culling is only a very temporary solution, Phangan Animal Care on Koh Phangan proved spaying and neutering of strays on a systematic basis was far more effective over the long term. Visiting temples and sterilizing all temple dogs, and re-visiting those temples later to get more. Offering low cost sterilization for pet owners as well.
  9. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    That's just basic debating; You never came out denying that, when you look at couples around you, the Thai man looks considerably more artistic than the average dude I might see walking into K-Bank on Pahon Yothin in Bangkok. (Yes, I'm visualising a lot, that's debating too) So in my post on the previous page I put this in front of you, asking if you agreed or not, because you would have much more exposure to these relationships than I have. And note -again- that there is no insinuation on my part of anything else. It almost seems that you approach every discussion as a battle, where in fact we are getting dangerously close to actually answering the OP's question. Why are there so few Thai men - Western woman couples: Because most Thai men do look like the guy walking into K-Bank on Pahon Yothin, or like a farmer, and only 0.00x% look like Bob Marley and manage to strike the right vibe that Western women may find exotic, free spirited and generally appealing. I did not say that. Some idiot said that. Could you stick a yellow post-it note to your screen that says "Note to self: Farang males are not a Borg-like entity of interconnected misogynistic conscience, but individual people, good and bad and in between." ? Actually, no I don't think basic debating is telling someone what they are going to say next but if you think so, well good luck to you. Anyway, no actually, I was going to disagree but was so flabbergasted by your assertion as to my thoughts and words that I was sidetracked. Apologies, but please, next time do not put words in my mouth, it is a pet peeve of mine and sure to annoy Now, back to the subject. Lets see, I don't know if you would call my friends husbands middle class since many of them are generally too wealthy to be considered middle class but all live fairly rural lives. I have 3 friends, no make that 4 whose husbands OWN beach resorts. Then there is a woman married to an architect, another whose husband is a former Muay Thai champion and another whose husband is a chef. (yes, a proper chef). Truth be told, many of the girls you might see with what you consider a traditional thai man farang woman relationship are most likely just temporary gf's ala the bali story told earlier. Only a few long term ones, like Boo, fit into your stereotype and even then, if you met Mr. Boo, you would quickly realize that although appearance wise he may, in all other aspects he most certainly does not. And while I guess you could say my husband is the beach/boat variety, that would be a tad ingenuous since he actually owns the resort on the beach he lives on and his boat is a powerboat. And he fishes daily but with a collection of expensive rods and reels that would be the envy of most western fishermen. Its a hobby, he loves it, so why not? So, Winnie, I would like to turn around and ask you specifically, how many western women do you know personally in long term relationships with thai men? Not know of, not guess coz you see them somewhere but actually know?
  10. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    actually Sadie, the only bone I have to pick with WTK is his insistence on telling me what I am going to say next. (which I guess would qualify me as thinking myself "high and mighty" )
  11. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    Yes there are plenty of young attractive western women travelling. However there aren't that many young attractive western women living in Thailand for any significant lenght of time. There are some that do live here, but from the Western men I know, they would rather thai women. Great, good for your friends, but this topic is not about western women and western men, last I looked.
  12. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    Thanks for letting me know what I was about to say Winnie. Guess I wouldn't know my own mind if I didn't have your help with it But, you know, I have had this tired old argument with men on this forum since I first joined and well, frankly, after 8 years, its tiring. It doesn't really matter what I say or what I do, those with preconceived notions and closed minds will forever stay that way. Suggest you get out and about more, meet people and get out of the circles that you are comfortable with and you might find a great big world of all sorts of interesting people living lives you never knew about existed out there. Including, gasp, attractive western women with gasp non beachboy/guitar playing/tattood dudes. Note to self: be sure to tell husband he's got to get out of working the business, grow his hair, get a tattoo and learn to play the guitar.
  13. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    Whatever. I have always found it interesting when western guys trot out that tired old cliche when its pretty clear to anyone who chooses to look that there are plenty of young attractive western women travelling, just as there also plenty of older, unattractive and overweight Thai women around. I guess its much easier if you live your life with blinkers on seeing only the things you want to see. But please, do not then go ahead and pretend that its fact, thanks.
  14. Good question, I think post natal depression can last quite long, and you are right, get her out of the house is good, but can't be easy now since its winter in the UK and that must be extra miserable for her.
  15. sbk

    Thai Men + Farang Women

    Indeed, and I guess anecdotal evidence by me and Boo would not suffice for WTK since it doesn't suit his ideas of these relationships. Fact is, I married quite young and did not come "fishing" for a man, in fact none of the quite a few western women I know married to Thai men were "fishing" for a man. And many of these women are actually married to professional or otherwise fairly successful men. But hey, what the heck does my experience of over 20 years in contact with many farang women through various means (not just online) have to do with WTK since he clearly knows?