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  1. Whats disc golf? Is that the same thing as frisbee golf? Someone actually set up business doing frisbee golf?
  2. Nope, I said I am in a corner. This party was in one location. The fireworks tend to be the entire length of the island. Also, wasn't this party up in the hills? ie raised above the rest of the island? So, kind of similar to the altitude fireworks reach? and no, I didn't say I didn't believe him, I do, just that it was amazing. Sad, but amazing. You forgot mattias, koh Phangan has parties all over the place all month long. I can hear a party quite clearly in the hills behind our house even though it is 4-5 km away, with trees and houses intervening, so yeah, I believe it. It depends on which way the wind is blowing how loud they can get. Sorry if I took it that you that you were saying Jose was lying, I should know better, English is not your first language and perhaps you don't phrase things the best way. Accept my apologies.
  3. Mattias, you don't hear the boom boom boom of parties? The bass is incredibly loud and it is very easy for such noises to travel over open water when it is clear and calm. Suggest you investigate how sound travels before accusing someone of lying
  4. I find this practically impossible to believe. Yes, as incredible as it seems, sound travels over still water (i.e. damp air) at night like you wouldn't believe. For example, the sound of fireworks in Samui usually arrives here in Bantai about 45-60 sec later. Even in the middle of the day, we can clearly hear the Lomprayah and Seatran boat engines churning away until they've gone almost half way across the strait, about 4-7Km away. jose '-) Indeed, its true, we can hear the percussion from the fireworks going off in Samui.
  5. Honestly, Jose, I did not hear it at all. And I am just down the road from you. Of course, we are in a sort of a corner here, so perhaps that slowed down the sound waves.
  6. I was under the impression that there was a "party permit" that could be applied for that allowed one to play music all night. If enough people complained it might be enough to get the permit cancelled.