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  1. Maybe we're the lucky one's with our Ford EcoSport. No problems in three years.
  2. Just a thought. Instead of all the debate we could also post on Facebook and other social media sites similar to what is done in the US and known as an Amber alert. We might be actually helpful.
  3. Also FYI the exchange rate was about 20 baht/$1 back then or just fractionally more. 500 baht notes didn't exist. 100's were the highest. They were not readily accepted by the street food venders. There was even a 5 baht note. We had pockets filled with coins from 10 satang to 10 baht and we used the satang coins. Nothing was just rounded to the baht. A bowl of rice with gang kee wan was 1.5 baht. A bowl of noodles the same. Pla too were 2 for a baht.The BKK bus fare was 50 satang back then. A samlor in Chiang Mai was 2 or 3 baht. This gives you another perspective of what USD 7 was worth in '67.
  4. USD 7 in1967 purchased more than one quarter oz (4/15 oz )of .999 gold ! And it purchased a lot in BKK and even more in the north. 100 Baht "brought" a long time real winner. Half that for a freelance University student. Enough to buy about 80 bowls guaytheow moo with seven USD. Not sure about Trivago's inflation factor but suspect it's based on US CPI which has been redefined so many times it reflects more what the US federal goverment wants it to be then reality.
  5. Fresh ocean fish in Chiang Mai -- revisited

    I don't spend much time in the high end resort hotels that have sprung up over the last ten years. If any is available fresh likely they would know. When we go to BKK a few times a year we get ours right from the fishermen and bring back on ice. I like fish so we buy fresh water local. Lately I've been getting a few fresh water varieties from an American friend who is a retired Washington state marine biologist and avid fishing enthusiast from Mae Khong reservoir . Tasty.
  6. At Chiang Mai Int. a one day overstay will be noted but depending on the immigration officer at passport control you my not receive the 500 Baht fine.
  7. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Did this time last year appear to have more smog to others ? I've been having a SE breeze on most days and I was wondering if to the north of Chiang Mai city this is having an effect on the visualized air pollution. Up in the mountains to the west of course there has been haze for a few weeks and actual field burning could be seen in in the mountains in early February .
  8. After reading these replys I conclude that ninety percent of the posters either do not live in Thailand, have only been here a short time , or are living very insulated lives. He's been charged. He will not receive prison time . He will leave the Kingdom. Life will go on.
  9. 1. What level are you at ? Beginning Thai. I'm trying to relearn the alphabet,vowel and consonant sounds that I learned before by using a private Thai teacher supplemented with Thai early grade school teaching materials . I used to know common everyday phrases in order to take a taxi or eat in a restaurant and had a vocabulary of at least three or four hundred words. I never went beyond this low level because when in Thailand my Thai friends spoke English. My Thai wife of 15 years is fluent in English having earned post graduate degrees in the US and resided there for over ten years. We converse in English. My two children are fluent in Thai having learned it before English. They can read and write Thai. They speak with my wife and others using Thai. I thought that I would learn Thai as they grew up but that didn't occur since as they were learning I was busy with my profession. I know and have met many foreigners who are fluent in Thai of varying degrees over the last 35 -40 years. Total immersion and a Thai teacher preferably one with skills as teacher of Thai as a second language or else a very dedicated Thai educated teacher in my opinion is needed if one wants to really learn the language. Knowing the alphabet is of cause a necessity. Fluency is of varying degrees with every language. My wife speaks Thai fluently with foreigners and says that their Thai is perfect. They usually tell me that they have been speaking for 15 to 20 years and have no problems with speaking Thai except for speaking at a higher level of intellectual discourse which they usually say is not possible. Looking at my bilingual children aged 11 and 13 who have been speaking Thai since having learnt to speak ,have learned the alphabet at an age appropriate level ,read and write and have been speaking Thai their entire lives-without question they are 100 % capable of living here without speaking other languages and excepting at International school that's what they do. When tested using a Thai language aptitude test their Thai lags behind their English by two to three years. In conversation my daughter is thought to have learned Thai as her native language in Thailand by most Thais. My son although fluent is assumed to be a native Thai who may have lived in Singapore in his early years. My wife whom studied education among other fields tells me that our children would not be able to compete at a Thai University because as she states the language then is at a much higher level for example when writing poetry. Learn Thai as early as you can. Other variables exist other then learning skills. Everyone who has been exposed to noise will have varying degrees of high frequency hearing deficits by age 45 -50 making learning more challenging especially with a tonal language. If you are having real difficulties have an audiometric exam. You may require a hearing aid and be unaware. From what I read it seems that you know that you need to speak with native speakers. Try to learn from a central Thai speaker if at all possible. You will be speaking like my friends who are fluent soon. I might need a second lifetime. 2. Can you read and write ? No 3. How long have you been learning for ? At least 25 years. 4. How did you learn ? Native Thai teacher. Basic Thai early grade school material. Multiple Leaning Thai books which for me are useless trying to learn Thai because the sounds and tones can not be transliterated using the Greek Roman alphabet .A few courses using DVDs such as Rossetta Stone which I thought were next to useless for me. 5. What other languages could you speak before Thai ? English fluently. Beginning Dutch with ability of verbal conversational communication skills and the ability to read Dutch much more easily and at a more advanced level then speaking. Beginning Greman ;one year of University study. Beginning French ; one year one on one teaching by a native French university French language professor.
  10. I always find it interesting and amusing how consistently in this decade TV posts degenerate into discourse far away from the initial topic.
  11. How long you can stay depends on your citizenship. Most westerners 30 days. You can obtain a tourist visa and stay longer. Sixty days with the option of a 30 day extension while here. If you go the latter route I'd advise your GF or whom ever owns the residence where you are staying to file a TM30 within 24 hrs. It is enforced at least in Chiang Mai. I found out when filing for an extension . My wife paid the small fine of 1600 Baht.
  12. Nancy, I'm not new to CM but have only recently attended CEC meetings and want to say thank you for making me feel very much at home within the first few minutes of my first biweekly breakfast meeting. I wish you and your husband my best wishes for happiness in Kota Kinabalu. drbill aka William
  13. The headline appears to be a disconnect from the article and the news as reported in the WSJ and WP. At least they appear to be targeting many criminals for a change. For the last dozen years they appeared to concentrate their efforts disproportionately on tax paying successful illegal Asians .
  14. I find it interesting that this is still news. In times past this would be anchient history by now. Those of you who have been in the Kingdom through several past Prime Ministers and prior Military led governments should know what I mean. .
  15. Mesnwhile its use is still illegal and will result in time in a Thai prison cell while the country is overrun by drunks killing innocent people on the highways like flys and by alcohol users taxing the Kingdoms health system and economy with alcohol related liver, cardiovascular and degenerative neurological diseases and lost productivity.