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  1. Warning to those traveling to Luang Prabang Laos. Do not enter from Nan Province as the road is very dangerous and almost unusable.
  2. DonaldBattles

    Random Chiang Rai Thoughts

    A little off post but my wife is trying to find some black and white kittens around 3-4 months old. If anyone knows contact me at Email [email protected] or phone 081 894 6401.
  3. DonaldBattles

    Random Chiang Rai Thoughts

    Does anyone have information on the scheduled completion of the Chiang Rai bypass road and bridge.
  4. New boxes of Montclair are now 3 liters for B995. It is the desire to keep Thais from eating or drinking anything imported. They protect the foreign reserves. With 420% import tax on rot gut you are not getting much value. Last time I was there Tachilek in Burma dos not have any box wines.
  5. DonaldBattles

    Only in Thailand? Road carnage gets a little help!

    Somethings here will never change.
  6. After having lived here 34 years in 9 provinces I am convinced that nothing will ever change in my lifetime.The four different languages represent 4 different cultures and is almost impossible for the average Farang to understand. I spent one year 5 hours per day in the university in Bangkok learning everything Thai. The longer I stay here the less I know. My wife tells me that I don't understand Thailand and culture. Guess she is right. After all of these years what else is there that I need to know?
  7. DonaldBattles

    mosquito time again/ why are they getting so smart now

    I have lived and worked in 9 provinces in Thailand over 34 years. Why would you assume that I have lived in the same house all this time. The screens in my house in Chiang Rai are 5 years old and in good shape. The mess holes in the screens are large enough for a mosquito to crawl through.
  8. DonaldBattles

    mosquito time again/ why are they getting so smart now

    This year is worst I have seen it in 34 years. The mosquitoes can get through the holes in the window screens.
  9. DonaldBattles

    Box Wine

    Makro Chiang Rai and Tops Chiang Rai no longer has box wine. Tops has some box beer. Also, I am told that across the border in Mae Sai they have no box wine. God only knows what the crazies are up to. I will try some Lao Khao with a lot of grape juice on my wife and will let you know if it works. After the first glass I think she will like it. 420% tax on wine is not enough.
  10. DonaldBattles

    New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    A few years ago Thamasat University stated that 50% of all government projects went to corruption. Most of Asia is corrupt and it won't be changing.. India and China have succeded in carrying it on in South Asia. I would rate Indonesia as being the most corrupt. You have to remember that Thailand remains a 3rd world country and comparing it to Europe or the US serves no purpose. I believe that 100 years from now there won't be much change here because this is the way people want it.
  11. DonaldBattles

    New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    It is my thinking that the government has not bought off the road from the contractor and will not do so until it is finished per contract. In the meantime, the contractor does what he wishes as it is still his road.
  12. DonaldBattles

    New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    To my understanding there are 12 contractors on this job. They sure spend a lot of time dicking around. If they tear it up faster than they build it then it may never be finished. I thought they would finish by the end of the year but now god only knows when they will finish.
  13. DonaldBattles

    New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    This road is poor and needs major repairs. The design was done on a paper napkin.
  14. DonaldBattles

    New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    The population of Chiang Rai continues to grow at a rapid. These are mostly young Thais moving from Bangkok for a better quality of life. Around 16;00 the traffic downtown is horrible. The new ring road will become the new Chiang Rai city. It will take about 10 years to populate. Downtown is miserable and no place to park. I never go unless it is absolutely necessary. In my neighborhood in Doi Hang a few years ago sitting on the front patio I would not see a car for 30 minutes. Now the road going up the mountain is like a free way. New buildings and houses in many directions. Once the new train and 4 lane road from Chiang Khong are finished it will bring more people . Road construction is well under way. Still waiting for the Chinese to finish the RR in Laos and then in Thailand.
  15. DonaldBattles

    New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    I think the road and bridge will be finished by the end of the year. There is a 4 way stop near me where they have spent a fortune on. Could have been done easier with a four way stop sign.