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  1. Pattaya beach now dubbed "War Zone" by tourists

    Pattaya is the sex capital of Asia, always has been and always will be because that is the way the Thais want it. What do think people come to Pattaya for? I lived there for 5 years while working in Rayong. I enjoyed the city but not the dirty beaches.
  2. It is a long and mountainous trip. Recommend you spend the night in Pu Rua a lovely place.
  3. Baht depreciation expected

    Remember July 2, 1997? These controlling rich people and the military people do what they want when they want to. Truck loads of money was shipped overseas to Swiss banks. They let it go from 25 to the $ and in Jan. 1998 it was 56 to the $ and the rich brought their money back. Yes I had Economics 101 and 102. Plus I have had 34 years of Thai economics. Don't ever think that the people who control the show follow any logic except what benefits themselves.
  4. Baht depreciation expected

    I don't think the Bank of Thailand, the 25 rich families and the military that run the country pay a lot attention to the US$. In order to protect their wealth they have to keep the Baht at a high level. This is accomplished by the central bank controlling the currency.
  5. After being here for 34 years and working and living in 9 provinces I can never go back to the USA. I have been back 2 times, once when my mother died and the second when my now wife and I went to Hawaii and the mainland to get married. I said good by to all my old NASA friends and relatives and reminded them that the plane flies both ways. No NASA friends or family members have chosen to come.
  6. It is hard to find the truth here. When you ask a yes or no question you get a 15 minute answer.
  7. BBC journalist on trial for Thailand crime reporting

    Have you ever met a person here that would admit and accept the truth?
  8. Sausage rolls are small and very dry would you rather have a juicy hamburger. Sausages are the most consumed processed meat in the world and have been around for ever. Of equal importance is the US invented the hamburger. Fletcher Davis Fletcher Davis of Athens, Texas claimed to have invented the hamburger. According to oral histories, in the 1880s he opened a lunch counter in Athens and served a 'burger' of fried ground beef patties with mustard and Bermuda onion between two slices of bread, with a pickle on the side.[9] The story is that in 1904, Davis and his wife Ciddy ran a sandwich stand at the St. Louis World's Fair.[9] Historian Frank X. Tolbert, noted that Athens resident Clint Murchison said his grandfather dated the hamburger to the 1880s with 'Old Dave' a.k.a. Fletcher Davis.[17] A photo of "Old Dave's Hamburger Stand" from 1904 was sent to Tolbert as evidence of the claim.[17]
  9. As a former person in the food business in Thailand I recognize this as the true English sausage roll. I have sold a lot like this and they were great. A chef from Lincolnshire taught me this style in Phuket.
  10. Definitely is a hot dog roll. The English sausage roll is made and enclosed without the casing and taste a lot better.
  11. Automated distillery eyes 10% of liquor market

    Note that Thailand does not promote automation. Recently Ford announced the building of a new truck plant for export that will employee 10,000 people. Elon Musk at Tesla makes an entire car with 160 robots. Thailand is not ready for this.
  12. Automated distillery eyes 10% of liquor market

    There is no hope of a decent liquor being produced here. Once a dog starts to eat sh***t you can never make him stop.
  13. Has anyone from the USA received their yearly status letter from Social Security for retirement. I keep looking for mine. The postman here cannot be trusted.
  14. Notice that the Thai government is not opposed to the blasting of the rapids in the Mekong River. It will be easier for smaller Chinese made submarines to navigate.
  15. I am curious as to how you define foreign culture. The Zhou Dynasty in China goes back to 1046 years BC.