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  1. It's the FATHER of the bride that's 51.....
  2. Whats with the oversized budgie smuggler on this robot that one of the Saudis is eyeing so enviously....
  3. I think you are probably right in that any leniency is at the discretion of the judges
  4. My understanding in this, and I may be wrong, was that they confessed only after having seen the overwhelming evidence against them....
  5. that's what the article says... not what YOU said.
  6. You refer to a potential loss of business ... not the potential of becoming first lady. Both mutually exclusive. I think many will think her claim of "potential loss of business" is/was completely valid.
  7. The article was published long before she was first lady...........
  8. Then the media should also not stereotype drivers as saints for returning cash/bag/gold left in their taxis as they seem to extol weekly.... since not all taxi drivers are that honest either.
  9. Bet the food in prison wouldn't meet his high expectations either
  10. Having issues opening my can of chang... might go shoot the girl in 7/11
  11. Almost ALL of them will " never be able to understand or adapt to the Canadian culture", will not be ale to work and instead will become dependent on the state and tax payer.... just as the government wants
  12. Thai Rath reported that the cops had done their bit to preserve the good image of Thailand .... but in doing so, didn't they just confirm to him and all reading that he was the victim of a Thai scam? How exactly does that "preserve the good image of Thailand ". Ahh... the irony
  13. So fedup with this PC leftist rubbish... If you break into my house, you are not deemed to be "an undocumented visitor"... you're a bl00dy criminal
  14. CNN .... bahahahahaaaa
  15. the OP seems to imply fist fight first started between 2 thai women....