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  1. I wonder how many guys give a thought to how their "helmet" smells when steppin out for the eveing
  2. what he means to say is " ...the order had been issued to discriminate equally to both old and new parties"
  3. not my conclusion.. is the growing scientific consensus.... do your own research
  4. and our woman god wants all of us women to run around topless.... with pu$$y hats on.
  5. The cholesterol hypothesis postulated by the lieing, fame chasing, Ancle Keys in 1950s' (who manipulated and omitted data) has long since shown to be utter rubbish. Correlation does not = causation:' An increased number of fireman at a burning building does not mean fireman cause fires. More people die in an ambulance than any other vehicle... this does not mean you should not call one in an emergency More people die in a hospital than any other building does not mean you should avoid hospitals when you are gravely ill. Elevated cholesterol present in someone with CHD does not mean it is responsible for CHD... cholesterol is the fireman at the site of a fire.
  6. and here's a dimwit that slammed Trump's big wall in the media ....... while living safely behind a big wall.
  7. and many may be shocked that the kidnapping and drugging of a young man doesn't equally shock you.
  8. Mum put ‘naughty’ girl in chains ‘to protect her’

    both are opinion.. nothing more . "up to you"
  9. Mum put ‘naughty’ girl in chains ‘to protect her’

    You accuse the poster you quoted for creating a stat out of thin air, then do exactly the same thing?
  10. Perhaps curbing crime and/or keeping the roads safe are often not the priority when checkpoints are setup... this seems especially true near the end of the month when quotas need to be filled. Probably not going to improve road safety if this mindset doesn't change.
  11. " they don't spend much, cause trouble and have no manners, " Are they talking about themselves?
  12. " He also insisted that the hierarchy system and punishment by senior cadets would have to continue. " One of the many reasons someone with this Military mindset should not be in charge of a country.
  13. Cadet died ‘due to health issue’

    Absolutely, but it doesn't manifest with broken collar bones/ribs as well.
  14. " They said they did it for fun as they don't like Grab. " Average IQ across Thai populous... 91, brought down to this level no doubt because of these 2 morons.