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  1. If you rent ... just move
  2. Because any 'fee' will go straight into a 'private official pocket' ... it's all about me only here in Thailand.
  3. Jeez, I hate the idea of dying here at home with all these goons taking photos, likely stealing anything of value lying about. It just disgusting ....
  4. And stop taking (and selling) the graphic phone camera photos. This is a disgusting standard practice here in Thailand.
  5. Any recommedation for a salad bar buffet in the Kata/Karon/Chalong areas ? Years ago I used to go to the Karon Cafe which had an excellent salad bar .... but parking became a nightmare and I stopped going .... anywhere else .... with nearby car parking .... thanks.
  6. But only in limited areas ...
  7. But the Thai Immigration intrude into where foreigners reside. It's not about any 'partner' .... it's about the 'landlord' .... just another Thai Gov intrusion if we want to live in Thailand ... sigh sigh
  8. In 19 years of being landlords we have always given deposits back subject to the contract conditions. I think that is the rental normal.
  9. No ...
  10. You are really showing how irrational you are. Not serious ... just trolling
  11. Druken state then goes swimming after night at bars .. say no more
  12. Really stretching your 'transport' agenda to link it to 'hospital admissions' .... way out there NKM
  13. Over the last 20 years I have bought 3 cars and 4 m/bikes. I did the paperwork myself and always had to show my original passport. Maybe the 'dealers' have a special 'deal'. Just saying ..
  14. Always been the case that the Transport Office MUST see the original passport or work permit or yellow book, when copy presented.
  15. I passed the Amigo Bar on Nanai yesterday abiut 13,00 and I was surprised to see it open again. I guess some mug bought the lease .... ??