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  1. The long long time corruption in Patong, and also Chalong, has at last become headline news. Sadly will not stop the big corruption....
  2. Patong - The Wake

    More like 20+ years. I arrived 1996 and it was well on the way down back then ..
  3. Chinese Consulate gifts B200k for Phuket CCTV cameras

    Just a joke. Who pay for the cables and personel to live monitor or even after look at recorded video. A good publicity stunt for small money. Means nothing ...
  4. “adjusted to look better, stronger, and more suited to the culture of Phuket”. Bigger fenders/bumpers. Stronger brakes. Just all hype nonesense. Not even in Phuket yet.
  5. Replacing loose covers for sofa and chairs

    Miss out the middle man ... read this topic. Will make cushion covers. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1005353-sponge-part-for-upholstery/
  6. It was proposed by central government in BKK. But public out cry won the day very quickly.
  7. Nothing is going to happen here ... I just hope they took his gun away ? “The investigation is still ongoing. The suspect’s diagnosis from the Suansaranrom Psychiatric Hospital will form part of the evidence in the case, so it will be a while before the investigation is closed, possibly a few months,” he added.
  8. British tourist, 60, drowns at Phuket's Karon Beach

    On that day it was almost flat calm at Kata Beach. I suspect there might have been a health issue ?
  9. Samkong underpass flooding just bad timing

    Press statements are all BS. We all knew these underpasses would flood in flash rain fall. Blocked drains, pumps not work, etc, etc.
  10. I think that quoted 100 million Baht is unrealistic for a monthly take. For sure a 2k regular monthly payment seems to be the usual, but 'irregulars' pay much much more, in the 10 -20 K baht range. Huge money making racket by the BiB.
  11. MaAnn - is he still there ? Lot's of money available .... all in his big fat pockets. Over 20 years I have personally met many corrupt local leaders but this guy takes the cake and eats it.
  12. Most of them are building workers. They or their employer pays a few thousand baht each time the BiB/Immigration get off their arse and catch them.
  13. 810 were bought out. Big business for the BiB.
  14. Re-entry Permit

    Thanks also. About to get re-entry this week
  15. I wonder how many TV members appreciate your avatar about buses ....