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  1. LivinginKata

    US ambassador shares concerns about tourism in Phuket

    I have met a lot more than that ... mind you that's over 22 years. My first neighbour was American. I have had at least 10 US tenants over the years. Have 2 right now. Can think of another 20 passing friends. Lots of them down at Don's restaurant in Rawai. All claiming to be ex CIA or ex NASA or ex FBI. For sure US visitors to Phuket are less than other Western nationalities.
  2. LivinginKata

    ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    I believe in giving government officials the minimum required on every form I have to fill in. No need to help bring Big Brother here any quicker.
  3. LivinginKata

    ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    Who cares. This is not required input on the web site.
  4. Yes, I was thinking that the resurface could be for some sort of anti-slip material.
  5. Only very short sections need resurfaced. The down slope into Kata was ok. Only some sections near the top were bad. Waste of money.
  6. LivinginKata

    Chalong underpass

    Wake up man. Plenty other threads on this topic saying traffic flow improved. You quote a 3 month old dead topic.
  7. LivinginKata

    ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    You don't really need to enter that. Only names, passport number, country, gender are required fields.
  8. LivinginKata

    Chalong underpass

    Just back from Food for Foreigners. Thought I would chance the traffic for my monthly stock up. No back up at all from Rawai. That temp lane into Chaofa East makes a huge difference.
  9. LivinginKata

    Weather Forecast - Phuket

    Again ... very dark sky. Heavy rain. More coming over Krabi and Songkla
  10. Sounds like some sort of access way now considered a 'right of way'. If tesibaan built a road then very good legal case as public way.
  11. LivinginKata

    You Heard It Here First...................

    Wrong, been there this morning. Opens on 13 December 2013
  12. LivinginKata

    Opening A Bank Account In Phuket On Tourist Visa

    Update - just talked to one of the guys today. With a bit of fast talking and a rental contract he managed to open a bank account with a tourist visa. Bangkok Bank at the Lotus mini mall to the south of Chalong Circle. Kasikorn and SCS branches at this mall would not sign him up. He was well please he managed to open a Thai bank account.
  13. LivinginKata

    Opening A Bank Account In Phuket On Tourist Visa

    Says he is only here for a week. Most likely staying at hotel or guesthouse. Won't have any rental agreement. Immigration won't give residence letter on a transit visa (30 day stamp). Bank's never post any documents to a home address. ATM card is issued at time of opening bank account. Ain't no cheques or cheque card going to be issued to a private individual.
  14. LivinginKata

    Opening A Bank Account In Phuket On Tourist Visa

    Quite honestly opening a Thai bank account has always been hit or miss depending on how that branch manager interpretes the rules, and how hungry he is for new business. Recently I supplied a couple of my guests with the appropriate paperwork but they were flatly told a Work permit is required - Kasikorn and SCB. I advised them to try other branches - still waiting for them to report back. I read this report in the Chiang Mai forum --> Link --> http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/657464-open-a-bank-account-scb-or-bangkok-bank/page-3
  15. LivinginKata

    Villa Super Market Opening In Cherng Talay

    Off topic post and the reply removed