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  1. Newly bought bike. Temp plates but maybe not Phuket plates. Not sure
  2. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    This is the new pork pie ... mmmm.... no jelly ... bit dry ... but Ok
  3. 301 ‘lucky number plates’ up for bidding

    Photo from the last Phuket auction 2 years ago ...
  4. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    Does look dry to me. No idea what that pie is on the left, Just back from FFF. Bought 4 pork pies. Look slightly smaller than the previous ones. One on counter thawing ready for my dinner.
  5. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    There are actually 3 Fisherman's Way. One north of circle and 2 south. This FFF is at the further south one. Just a few hundred meters between the 2 southern ones.
  6. I had a 5 day work assignment in Lagos. Training gov official on computer software. I once wandered out of the hotel 'compound' and was immediately shaken down by a man in uniform with a long rifle. After that gov car only to from hotel. Flew home on the Saturday and told my agent I would never go back there again. And I never did. Shit Hole country.... I can say it.
  7. That right on the road in front of Chalong Police station.
  8. I had not realised to Rawai. I hope they take the coast road over to Rawai else the will be stuck in the Chalong Circle car park for hours.
  9. I order you to make the traffic flow ... now there was a King Canute with the same idea.
  10. How about the driver at the appropriate road speed for the weather conditions ... oh wait .... need to get the pax back to hotel for dinner time.
  11. Chinese man dies in Phuket underpass motorbike accident

    That sounds like could have happened ... Looked at the other photos.
  12. Has wifi and some sort of tracking app where the waiter can see where the bus is located and time to bus stop.
  13. Good Way to Block a Road

    Video in news section. Yes he started rolling back on the hill. Lucky no-one seems to have been wiped out. Looks like all traffic stopped at the time.
  14. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    And the OP is a one post wonder,
  15. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    No pork pies again yesterday. Delivered only on Mondays so finished by Sunday. Given frozen pies then why not order a bit more. I suggested this to the Thai lady owner. I also gave her the Yorkie company details. Just as a caution, check your bill. Was a big glitch with their bar code reader yesterday. Saying no more. Defamation ....