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  1. On 1 million baht bail each when they cheated 100s million bahr. They will be long gone by now.
  2. Give Geoff a break. So many folks conflate Visa and annual Extension.
  3. A least it's not a USSR built plane. Ilyushin and Tupolev had many crashes.
  4. It's called the Elite Card - expensive but it works for some people that I know.
  5. Yes, photo of family in front of house with street number claerly visible. And as you likely know you need to take your wife along for interview and form signing. Edit - last extension I had to sign another form which I think just verified the photo was valid. No bother at all.
  6. Nice pun there stevenl. I wonder how many reader will twig.
  7. For sure staff ripping him was a big problem. Competition from Villa - no way as his small scale shop was in the junior league and Villa not even open when he was in decline. I can believe he had a mountain of debt as his new mall was large and nicely built. I could not understand such a big upscale move from his small Thai style cafe. Think he dumped his lady so problems there.
  8. I doubt it ... it's all about making money for the operators and tour companies. Likely low budget, no qualified instructors, no tour/diving licence ... etc etc
  9. As far as I remember the bus side swiped the small car crushing it flat and the bus continued on a few more meters and crashed into an electric pole. Likely the only way the driver could stop the bus from killing more people.
  10. Corruption and taxi mafia same same .... as sure as the sun rises each morning.
  11. Yes .... condolences. But what were the parents thinking allowing an 11 to snorkel without any off site pool training.
  12. Only the 2 studies were funded. That moey was quickly 'pocketed'. I don't believe any construction money has been approved by central goverment.
  13. Wow ... I guess you just want to troll. The 60,000 was the bail money. We got it back. We legally corrected our building plan and permit to cover some extra rooms. We were wrong. Corrected it legally. Not one iota of corruption or bribery. Much asked. Nothing given.
  14. Likely more for an airport so called limo. Best take the meter cab and have him switch on the meter.
  15. Really Really .... I have never been extorted for money by Immigration. They have asked, and I politely decline. This has been my message to all members on Thaivisa for years ... don't pay other than the official fee. Same with every other aspect of our company business, plenty ask, my Thai wife deals with all the Thai stuff and says no. One time the corrupt building inspector wanted money for a building permit irregularity, wife chased him off our property with choice Thai words. Inspector reported us to police, we are arrested, tried to shake us down for money at the police station, we would not pay, just bank guarantee each our 60,000 baht bail money. Once free we sorted out our building permit, court still chased us, had to report to the court every 6 weeks for many months, one gov legal guy asked to my wife right in front on me for money to make the case go away. Wife had studied the possible fine, just 3,500 baht, told him that, next week case dropped, asked to collect our bank guarantee papers. So do not say I accept corruption ... I do not. But I have always tried to keep a low profile here in Phuket as I do not want to get the attention or be 'friends' with BiB, Immigration, or town hall officials. God knows they have tried many times. So as you say 'so we know almost everyone who you are.' Sure given I have been high profile on TV for 10 years and on an early Phuket forum for the 10 previous years