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  1. Actually, many of us folks waiting did encourage those at the back to come forward. To be honest some of those newbies had no documents ready and expected to be hand fed. Oh well ...
  2. Yes some sort of signs would help, like papers in queue here on the left, waiting for processing wait here on the right. I felt guilty pushing to the front but turned out every one I pushed past was waiting for passport return.
  3. Best of luck with that. If you want to tour China I would book with a proper western company.
  4. No ... now page 165. Time to close and start again. I am surprised it's gone on so long. Needs refreshing.
  5. I have requested mods to close this topic as gone way way off topic.
  6. Initial contruction defect .... why .... paying a very low cost job and pocketing the bulk of the gov funding. Same thing on our private road. The co-developer guy paid a cheap price for the concrete road and rain water drains. For the first year he tried to keep the heavy plant and heavy trucks away but as land plots were sold these folks wanted to build. So he disappeared and now our road is much broken.
  7. I agree with that. It's just driver instinct to avoid any object on the road. Although I would qualify that a driver should be driving at a speed able to brake safely within visual distance of any obstacle.
  8. Not so sure I agree with that. We travel around Thailand and SE Asia on short 5 day holidays. For sure we don't skimp on hotel quality but even my Thai wife comments how expensive day to day street costs are compared with Patong. So I would challange that 'Patong is not a particulary cheap holiday' . Really depends on your life style and expectations.
  9. I have often asked my Thai wife why so many similar businesses cluster in the same area. Her logic is that potentential custemers go to that area and know that there is plenty of choice in barganing power ... from the Thai point of view. When I pose the opinion that maybe a new business should open in a new area without competition next door, she say ... how would anyone know where they are... Thai logic maybe wins .
  10. Does that 23 million include buying the land ... if yes might be worth a look by an investor with money. I'm wondering if it's on Rat-u-Tit just before OTOP ? Place there been offered for sale for many years on various websites ... no signs outside.
  11. Even no so dodgy business are pressed for 'tea money'. We know a lady who started a legitimate small scale beauty salon on Nanai Rd. The (the BiB) wanted 3,000 baht a month so 'make sure she had no problems'. It's mafia stuff. She caved and paid ....costs too high and she went out of business in less than a year.
  12. Why always the 2.00 am crashes ???
  13. Along Kata Beach road they have at last placed green garbage bins every 30m, plus penalty signs for littering. Can't remember how much, might be 3,000 baht.
  14. Exactly correct and it allows the property owner to fly under the income tax radar. Also they hope the business fails quickly, as in the first year, then they lasso another mug. But I have to say that there are less mugs about these days. Still some, but harder to find.