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  1. If have a green number plate then it's a registered taxi. While can't seen the plate in that photo given the stickers on the side it's a likely legal taxi. And for sure all these non metered taxis are privately owned.
  2. LivinginKata

    Loan for Thai national?

    Don't get sucked in pag and steven. NKM is just fishing for fun.
  3. LivinginKata

    Major electricity disruptions hit Phuket

    Sounds like you have a 3 phase power supply. The road side transform might blow one of the 3 fuses. Place irregular loads on the 3 phase transfer. Can get induction between phases. Thus one phase might be normal and the other 2 half voltage.
  4. LivinginKata

    Phuket: Areas to have water shut off for one week

    I laugh at these reports. In Patong we are lucky to get water for half an hour on any given day.
  5. Most likely missed a zero - 3 million sounds about right.
  6. LivinginKata

    Loan for Thai national?

    You stated - "that ALL Thai loans from foreigners are never repaid" You were wrong and now you are deflecting - I might say trolling as that's your MO.
  7. LivinginKata

    Storm lashes Phuket

    I agree, Strongest I have seen my 22 years here. Ad we are not finished yet. More to come. We lost electric twice over last 2 days but the electric guys had back on within an hour both times. Karon cable tv out twice over last week. First time out almost 24 hours. Right now still out for 36+ hours.
  8. LivinginKata

    Loan for Thai national?

    Rubbish - I have loaned Thai family members chunky amounts many times over 20 years. Every one paid back and with interest. Edit - and in times when I was short of building money they loaned me money.
  9. LivinginKata

    Wet weather warning for Phuket

    So far today that was quite a storm. Most of our heavy planter pots have been blown over, one is in the swim pool. I expect quite a lot of damage will be reported about the island. And I don't expect is is finished yer.
  10. LivinginKata

    Loan for Thai national?

    Bank loan - no chance. Only the shark loaners at best 10% interest per month. Usually much more. No pay = broken arms, after that worse. Forget it.
  11. Very very old topic. I need a document signature witnessed by a public notary for my Singapore bank. Can go to Patong but Chalong area better. Any up to date information welcome.
  12. LivinginKata

    Online 90 day TM47 report

    No. 7 days past is the max limit over.
  13. LivinginKata

    Patong - The Wake

  14. LivinginKata

    Patong - The Wake

    Yes, it has very pleasant 'outdoor' seating. In years past I dined there many times many times. Service good, bit pricey, food always as per the photo. I suppose I just got bored with the food.
  15. LivinginKata

    Online 90 day TM47 report

    Last month mine took about 2 days. No need to panic yet.