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  1. Whatever you decide. Would be beneficial to obtain a copy of her ID card and ask for her home address. See what her reaction is.... If anything goes south, this info is valuable.
  2. Just be aware. Things are sitting pretty. You are convinced it's love and dreaming of great plans for the future. You just don't hear about these circumstances. The girls that ending up with all the sweat talk, get to the promised land (meaning marriage, then moving the the individual's home country). Then, after a couple/few years, after settled down and learning the ropes, either find a new sponsor/husband, or sugar daddy, and moves along, leaving you depressed and bewildered. Be sure to get to know her, don't get married soon afterward, see how things play out.
  3. The cost of drilling a well should be the least of your worries. Land prices vary considerably. For half a rai near the city, you are looking at 2-3m baht minimum. Further out varies in what direction you go, North, East or South of the city. Building lots that are ready to build are almost non-existent. Except in an established moo ban, but then you may not be able to purchase a land plot and build your own house plans. Once you are here again, take time to look at all options. You may end up not wanting to build and just rent a place.
  4. Maybe not so clear. What I meant was that in the afternoon, 1 p.m. when they opened back up after lunch, at that time there was no one waiting for retirement extensions. The day before when I did my extension, I figured there were only 21 people that obtained extensions total up to that point.. That's based on when I left there at 2:25 there was no one waiting.
  5. My experiences at Prom Immigration 4 and 5 Jul. 4 Jul - Arrived at 0815. In line for retirement ext. Turned out to be #18 and only one other person behind me. Was told to come back after 1 p.m. I believe they told all numbers after #16 to come back in afternoon. I arrived back at 1:10 p.m. There was already one person in front of the officer. After that individual left, officer called #16, then #17, both no shows. I was next. Went smoothly. Handed back passport at 2:25 p.m. and on my way. It seemed as if there were only maybe 3-4 others there for retirement extensions when I left. 5 Jul - I didn't want to wait and do my re-entry yesterday so went back today. Arrived at 12:55 p.m. All total about 20-25 people lingering around. Went to check in desk for them to check the paperwork and get a queue number. #38, went inside, only two people ahead of me. Was out of there at 1:25, and again only noticed two other people that had red queue cards for re-entry stamps. Very SLOW day. What is really surprising. There were NO people coming in for retirement/medical extensions. Absolutely no one. Officer and crew just mingling around. Even when I left there was no one at the desk. 90 day report people were all handled by time I left. Actually, when I left there were hardly any people waiting for anything, UNBELIEVABLE!!!
  6. Pramanada Immigration

    Hi all. Anyone done a 1 yr extension lately. Wondering on early you must queue up to ensure you get a number, assuming they are still only giving out 20 numbers for the morning and 20 numbers for afternoon. An update would be appreciative. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, the flight is on Air Canada NOT Korean.
  8. Thanks all. Just to clarify a bit. I'll be flying Korean airlines from CNX (Chiang Mai), layover in Seoul, to Vancouver and then on to LVegas, all on one ticket, straight thru. Want to know if I have to pick my bags, clear customs and immigration, prior to the flight on to Vegas. Or, just arrive, go to a transit point, direct to my departing flight.
  9. Wondering if anyone from Thailand, flying in to Vancouver, and on to Las Vegas made this trip recently. Would like to know if it's necessary to clear customs and immigration in Vancouver or do it all in Las Vegas. What is the transition process? Is there a transitioning area that you can go direct to your departure for domestic airlines. Any info on this really appreciated.
  10. Looking For Tile in Chiang Mai...

    You might try Thai Watsadoo, on super highway heading to Lamphun (not far). Second choice maybe Global House.
  11. Has anyone flown this direct flight, from CNX to Seoul, then direct to Las Vegas. I know the drawback is the 13-14 hour layover in Seoul in each direction. Just curious about the airline itself, old aircraft?, pleasantries, etc. Also, have anyone flown in business class? Thanks all...
  12. Tax Refund Chiang Mai

    I read up a little about the "prompt pay" . Apparently it just came in to existence the second week of Jan. From what I gather, you have to sign up (some bank, don't know which one). I stopped checking about it because I surmised this system will be charging a fee to do the transfer of funds. That's about all I know - not interested...
  13. Tax Refund Chiang Mai

    Our tax lady at the tax office told up if we have "prompt pay" refund would be within a week. If not, it would take up to 45 days to receive the check. Prompt pay is fairly new and don't know anything about it. It has to deal with funds from one institution to another...
  14. Mail in TM30?

    Hey Bill, did you receive a receipt back in the mail. If not, your TM30 was probably used as a basketball and thrown in the trash...
  15. My wife had both knee replacements 3 yrs ago by Dr. Chanakarn. Also, a good friend had both replaced by him just over a year ago. Wife cost per knee was 155,000 at Rajevej Hosp. So did my friend. His cost was a tad bit more, I think he said 165,000. My wife just had a hip replacement 8 days ago. Same hospital but not Dr. Chanakarn. This was an emergency situation and had to use the Ortho surgeon at Rajevej. Dr. Chanakarn has his own clinic just over the river from the hospital. He will however, do the surgery at any hospital you choose, which I'm sure would be much more expensive. I compared the prices from my wife's knee surgery to the hip surgery. Everything on the detailed list increased in price. Needles, tubes, monitors per day charge, EVERYTHING. So my guess that the cost would be near 175,000 - 180,000 baht. Check the other hospitals, I'm sure you can't beat this price Oh, here's his clinic phone number: 053204545 hours are 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. m-f, Sat 9-12 a.m. Be sure to call first, he makes trips out of the country now and then to train/give speeches. Hope all goes well for you.