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  1. Was that a buy 1 get 2 deal?
  2. sharktooth

    Edible Pizza

    Absolutely. Roasted Scottish cheddar on toast with cracked pepper...
  3. sharktooth

    Visa Agents Days Are Numbered?

    I went in for 30 day extension. 15 minutes! My 100baht change was missing, but I was too happy with 15 minutes to care.
  4. sharktooth

    Cheese, Anyone?

    Rimping were doing a two for one on mature Scottish cheddar. Magic as roasted cheese on toast with loads of cracked pepper.
  5. Crude Brittannia is also quite good. Bit of an oldie...
  6. sharktooth

    DHL / Customs scam ?

    When I first came here the shipper used dhl (drop it, hide it, lose it) for something I ordered and the dhl driver called me and said “where you live?” I replied “at the address on the parcel mate.” Arrived 30 minutes later.
  7. sharktooth

    What is the general rule for tipping?

    I usually always tip, apart from where service is shocking. Hell, I even give petrol pump attendants 20 baht.
  8. I only use uber or grab no matter which country I am in that they operate. Taxi drivers all over the world will attempt to take you up the farter.
  9. sharktooth

    What do you hate most about driving in LOS?

    All the minutes I am on the road from leaving my condo to arriving back. i met a guy recently that bought a Honda rebel and said “Thai drivers will respect big bikes on the road more than they will scooters.” I right pal, good luck with that one!
  10. sharktooth

    Edible Pizza

    Microwaved pizza? Blooohargggg...
  11. sharktooth

    Chiang Mai Buddy

    Emailed CMB twice offering them “business” and they didn’t even bother replying.
  12. My job at 10 was putting out the fires in cars my dad was welding underneath. He couldn’t be bothered removing the carpets.
  13. I regularly order from Lazada but mainly small ticket items. Only time I was burned was with a set of kitchen scales that shat themselves after a year. Apart from that I’m happy enough using them.