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  1. A general application of bukake once a day will clear it right up.
  2. Chinese

    Years ago I was in the Shanghai-La in Shenzhen. Probably at that time the most expensive hotel in Shenzhen. Anyhow, I noticed that in the lift they had a carpet with the day off the week on it. That’s quaint I thought, they must change it every day. Nice touch. Hmmm... that evening when going back to my room I realized why... there was a huge double yolker of a gob on the carpet. Some minging pleb had hawked up a big green groger and gobbed on the carpet. Charming people...
  3. Bodies of four Japanese tourists flown home

    These minibus maniacs are a fikkin menace!
  4. Monday 27th Nov anyone going to Mae Sai

    You might struggle to find someone willing to drive there and back in one day though. When I drive there I always overnight in CR to break up the trip.
  5. Border runs

    Never noticed it. Is it in reference to punters attempting more than two per year, or just in general or what?
  6. Border runs

  7. Border runs

    There are also one or two signs around Chiang Mai advocating the use of motorcycle helmets, however...
  8. Chinese

    Have you ever smelt the dog breath of a mainland Chinese woman? It would give you the fikkin boak.
  9. Border runs

    Has this been changed again? I thought it was only one per calendar year?
  10. Would that include scattering sugar on their floor to keep the ants happy?
  11. Never understood this. Basically they are vermin, rather like a large rat but that will chase and bite you. A bloke in our building who seems ok (to say hello to anyway) does this with the vermin near us. Is it just to hope they won’t bite them when they are passing on their push bike? It’s beyond me...
  12. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Awww bless. Keyboard warriors... gotta love em. Keep it up sweethearts and with any luck your husbands will do the same.
  13. Good Place to Learn to Fly my Drone

    Thanks. I did think about that, but isn’t it owned by the military? Don’t know how keen they would be with me flying around there.