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  1. sharktooth

    Donald Trump serves McDonald’s feast after White House chefs walk out

    Or just pay the White House chefs their wages.
  2. sharktooth

    Donald Trump serves McDonald’s feast after White House chefs walk out

    I didn’t vote for her and I left “my country” over 20 years ago. Doing fine? National debt of $21 trillion? Well done, high fives all around
  3. sharktooth

    Donald Trump serves McDonald’s feast after White House chefs walk out

    Hands up all Americans that are proud of this idiot
  4. sharktooth

    At what age did you lose your coordination?

    Hmniuv iybdy ithvtefs ginfch? Hnhyrtdm jufvyut.
  5. sharktooth

    Good Car Mechanic Needed

    What they “are doing” is trying to take advantage of customers and make a profit, same as any big business. My old man was the Somchai with a spanner in his own garage a long time ago, but he knew what he was doing and didn’t rip people off.
  6. sharktooth

    Chiang Mai check stops

    Funniest post I’ve seen for a long time
  7. Scalextric has a lot to answer for...
  8. sharktooth

    Thai driving licence on your phone starts tomorrow

    An electronic license but you have to go to Land and Transport office to apply. It’s yesterdays world, tomorrow.
  9. sharktooth

    Car valet

    I get fed up hanging around, especially in the places where there is bugger all to do. Got quoted five hours at Central Festival once. Done mine myself yesterday with a hose, bucket, car shampoo, sponge and chamois... and actually made a really good job. Starting at midday was a mistake though!!!
  10. sharktooth

    Home Bread Making

    I haven’t tried a 100% whole wheat yet as I was wary, but that’s good to hear. I like a lot of seeds in my bread as well so I might go 40/60 with white and whole wheat plus loads of seeds. I don’t think even with the gluten I would be successful with 100% whole-wheat and lots of seeds.
  11. sharktooth

    Home Bread Making

    Surprisingly Central Food Hall had it. I first checked with Yok, but they were out of stock, however they had it today when I was in.
  12. I’m glad they are getting stricter, I’ve seen some punters with “carry on” luggage bigger than my large checked in bags.
  13. sharktooth

    Don't ride your bicycle in Chiang Mai

    That’ll be 99% of the population buggered then! I have to say that these videos make me laugh out loud.
  14. sharktooth

    Home Bread Making

    I recently bought a bread maker as I was fed up with the garbage sold in CM. Anyhoo, had three efforts already at “healthy” bread and while each tasted great, they completely collapsed during the rise cycle. I suspect it is because I am adding too many grains combined with whole wheat flour (although I did try and balance it up with proportions of white flour). On another recipe I followed it to the letter which included one cup of multigrain cereal and that collapsed as well, but it still tasted good. I have have been reading a lot on it and believe I may need to add Vital Wheat Gluten to my whole wheat grain recipes for my next effort. I realise it’s a learning curve, but any input would help.