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  1. To be honest when I was a student in Edinburgh many years ago, I never paid any attention in lectures either and that was before mobile phones were invented.
  2. Farang in very bad shape at Thapae Gate

    Why would someone post such details and basically say they couldn't be arsed helping?
  3. Ticket to ride

    Assuming there was a brain in the head to damage that is...
  4. Best bars to watch football in and have a chat?

    My Place Lounge on Loi Kroh
  5. Delightful New Restaurant!

    I dropped in there a couple of months ago. Very pleasant place.
  6. Don't bother with Nimman Songthaews

  7. A course in Anger Management may help as well...
  8. Just a pity your English grammar and punctuation are a bit pish...
  9. Young Thai Big Bikers, Mentally Retarded?

    Where do you get your speed gun calibrated?
  10. Big tits and small pussys. I need to get this dickleksia checked up on....
  11. Young Thai Big Bikers, Mentally Retarded?

    Hahaha brilliant!
  12. Young Thai Big Bikers, Mentally Retarded?

    If you'd had to pull out onto the main road wouldn't you have to "give way" anyway?