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  1. School in working class Central belt Scotland. Fights every single day, the belt every second day... can't remember what happened on the thirds as I was busy dodging the kids jumping out of classroom windows.
  2. Alternatively, take five seconds out of your life to order Uber car.
  3. I got mine on eBay. Free delivery from china.
  4. The young lad that took me into town last night bought his new car on the basis of his work with Uber. Good luck to him.
  5. I pop around to one of the "mum and dad" shops round here. Get a cold Leo and sit outiside. Always have a laugh with them, buy some crackers and feed their dogs.
  6. Good luck pushing the bike all the way to a motorcycle shop.
  7. Well, it's not a tickling contest for old ladies. If one likes ones prawn sandwich with their lobster bisque, go watch a Manu game.
  8. Basketball, Hockey and Dutch football. Appear completely unaware of the Old Firm.
  9. "If you know the history...." Possibly the only two two "Irish" bars on the planet not showing the game. Would gladly watch in a Scottish pub, but .... errrrm... Crap feed at home watching the hibs v sheepshaggers. Can't be doing with this tomorrow. sorted now with a bar in loi kroh. hail hail
  10. And not one of them showing Celtic v Rangers game this weekend. No idea...
  11. It depends. I taught scuba in phangan years ago and if it was a group of Foreigner girls then it didn't happen, but if they were traveling on their own then yeah I'd end up banging them. It came down to a trust thing. They were very appreciative if you took care of them in the water, which I inordinately did.
  12. I'm probably just being daft, but isn't there some sort of thai equivalent to the "Highway Code."?
  13. I am sure I saw the questions posted online before but I can't be bothered looking. Google it, buy a pen and a long sleeved blouse.
  14. There is that option as welll. What I would say though is buy a cable a lot longer than you think you will need as that will give you different routing options. Excess is easy to hide. I also have a dual USB that plugs into the fag lighter so can still charge other stuff and keep the dash cam running.