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  1. My girl has a large steaming sausage and myself a couple of fried eggs and fish pie...
  2. Wasn't the Charlie Chaplin impersonator a failed Austrian postcard artist?
  3. Deviled kidneys and pork chops with a side of colchicine...
  4. And there's a moose loose aboot this hoose
  5. Life doesn't get any better than this????? That is a "shit the bed" scarey comment...
  6. No, of course not. Why should she speak Thai... being Thai and working in Thailand.
  7. Errrm... she is a bit of a hound. The burd that works in my local 7/11 is better looking.
  8. only place I trust not to get a Korean dictator DO
  9. A1 is watered down Sherman tank pish. Not a patch on Daddies or HP
  10. I love this forum. At least people are honest and tell it like it is. On the Chiang Mai forum that I use, cos I live there, folk are so up their own arse and pretentious it beggars believe. Nobody admits to their mistakes and any slight on the locals is shouted down as thai bashing. Let rip boys, let rip...
  11. You missed the part where they gob everywhere...
  13. Tinder, Badoo and Thaifriendly are full of them...
  14. You forgot to add that their thai partner ultimately leaves them and they become single mothers...
  15. Keep dropping stuff due to anxiety. Worried you will find her teerak.