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  1. You missed the part where they gob everywhere...
  3. Tinder, Badoo and Thaifriendly are full of them...
  4. You forgot to add that their thai partner ultimately leaves them and they become single mothers...
  5. Keep dropping stuff due to anxiety. Worried you will find her teerak.
  6. Fizzy, cold, pish water...
  7. Tinder
  8. I've been to Bottoms Up, the bar Roger went to in Hong Kong. Crap pub. He also looked the wrong way with his quote "Kowloon is over there". Man with the golden gun.
  9. If you read the books no Bond is actually like the Bond in the books. Apparently when Iain Fleming met big Sean he was shocked. His character was supposed to be a small unassuming guy. The big fella turned up flexing muscles and sporting the "Scotland Forever" tat :)
  10. Used to eat snake soup in Hong Kong during winter. Very good.... but tastes like chicken
  11. Tish wash a rasser windae dae tae bi shonisht
  12. You're right there. Their delivery charges are a rip off
  13. I've got a 9R 107R pair of coveralls,, gloves and safety glasses you can have for free. PM me
  14. Apparently old Sean wore a syrup in every Bond film