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  1. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Good for you. We are all built differently , I stayed at 86 kilo for 40 years and I am a tall person . I cant gain much weight , but then I do not eat more than 2 meals per day . If I eat too much I just feel uncomfortable. When I visited the US a few times , I could not finish the big lunch and breakfast plates, like my American friends. I mean its like a meal for 2 people on one plate.
  2. Another good job by the local police . In an earlier thread some posters suggested the police were a part of the criminal gang . People should shut their mouths and let the police do their job .
  3. Do we have a link to that facebook page ? I find it hard to believe that Thais try to defend the ladyboy scum in Pattaya.
  4. I have seen an ad from a possible new owner who tries to sell 1 unit for 990000 baht . Good luck with that LOL
  5. So he could be hiding in Rayong , not too far away from Pattaya. This is very important information . The local police should be contacted.
  6. Whatever happened to The Avenues?

    My gym inside the condo complex is better than The Avenue.
  7. Yes the dead woman feared for her life , I have seen that video too. But it doesn't mean this was anything else but an accident.
  8. When I lived in Bangkok I owned a car , so I am used to driving cars. But no need for it here in Pattaya. Short distances to most places. When I need to travel further or with friends I use UBER or GRAB. I can handle the slow city traffic , but I would not dare to use a bike on the main roads here or in Bangkok. If they can start producing small electric cars that is cheap enough for the locals I can see a big future for it. In India they have already a plan to invest in a electric car factory so Indians can buy electric cars with a suggested price under $10000.
  9. Electric bicycle is much cheaper . I own one , who needs a car .
  10. Just a Russian without money , so he try to survive in the wilderness. Normal behavior in Russia.
  11. Mom , your son is a ladyboylover. .
  12. People are stupid , thats the problem .
  13. Why hasnt he returned to England after all this ? I am sure he can live on some welfare money and try to get a real job .
  14. Baht Bus drivers asking for more than 10 baht

    What is your starting point in Jomtien ? Near the police station is where I normally start from or VT1/VT2 . I also have to add I do not take the baht bus as often as you in this direction so it is more like twice a week .
  15. Baht Bus drivers asking for more than 10 baht

    It's 10 baht, not 20 !!!!!! I take it all the time from Jomtien to Big C Marina North Pattaya. 10 baht. I repeat 10 baht. But if you hand over 20 and walk away thats your problem. I always have a 10 baht coin in my pocket. I hand over the coin and walk away.