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  1. You need to walk from branch to branch, I recommend Kasikorn Just bring your passport and a residence certificate to prove your address.
  2. Why are they even posting this as "news" ? Nothing has changed , just more "delays", and that's it. He can hide in any country as long as it takes.
  3. I met a guy once who was married to a ladyboy in Chiang Mai , she was a lot taller than him so it was quite funny to see them together. He was open about her being an LB . Not sure if she had the surgery done.
  4. This is Thailand , not the west . Don't expect any planning ahead.
  5. Wrong title of this thread, it's not illegal to use Google maps but it's illegal to hold the phone in your hand while driving. Same rules in most countries. So imo they deserve a 200 baht fine,
  6. They sound more like Romanians to me, they try all sorts of tricks like this in Europe .
  7. So they are located opposite Foodland ? Name?
  8. This is Thailand , a pedestrian is just one of the many dangers you face on the narrow roads here. As a cyclist you need to be aware of your sorroundings at all times. I am out with my bike almost daily and the first thing I did was to buy mirrors for my electric bicycle. You need to focus 100% . If a bus comes from behind I just slow down . If I see a crowded soi with lots of people walking around I slow down . TIT.
  9. Looks like a potential ladyboy one of them.
  10. Russians are swimming 50 meters away from the sewage , they seem to enjoy it.
  11. Does it really matter ? As long as they follow the route on the map you will reach your destination. What's the problem here ? I don't get it.
  12. Why don't you name that shop, I am not aware of any hardware store close to Foodland.
  13. If you want to put money on the top goalscorer in the PL this season Lukaku should be your first choice. But I hope I'm wrong
  14. What a silly thing to say. UBER drivers know the location because we gave them the directions on the map . Just follow the map , how hard can it be ? UBER is still my first choice in Pattaya , just avoid areas where the taxi mafia are working.