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  1. balo

    Im getting very bored

    Funny, thats the description I would call someone sitting on a bar stool in Pattaya for 6 months , boring. Climbing the mountains in CM and CR , move your body and feel the fresh air I find more exiting. Plenty of outdoor activities and that's not boring at all. But everything becomes boring if you do it enough times.
  2. You are talking about digital nomads that only work on freelance contracts with companies in the west. Most of them have kept their home address and pay taxes there. Like myself. An income of only 40k-60k thb does not qualify for this . He is talking about people who earns a lot more and for them this could work , especially if you want to be a part of a network in Thailand and are looking for local business as well as foreign. And regarding your comment we do not contribute to Thai economy is complete nonsense . All of my money are spent here. And I do not live in a cheap room but a nice condo with a pool and a gym. Not 5 star luxury but much better than what is available for the same money in my home country.
  3. balo

    Manchester City

    I have a European betting account and decided to place €50 on City and continue to bet on City winning all their PL games before Christmas and hopefully make a profit. 2 games played and looking good.
  4. balo

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Jingthing and others who enjoy food from new Chinese/Asian places in town will be happy the next years but western places are going to close pretty soon if the Chinese invasion continues. And that worries me. Still some decent German, French and Italian places around but also several are closing their doors.
  5. Doesnt mean anything, I would do the same and open another account if I had information to share about a dangerous criminal. You have to be careful with these people .
  6. Chilean not Nigerian , the headline is wrong.
  7. balo

    Manchester United

    I think Mourinho will struggle this season. Top 4 belongs to City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs. They said on Sky yesterday that United's back 4 is worth 117 million pounds. Well they looked like amateurs to me.
  8. Someone should frame him so he can get deported , 2 murders already and almost no time in prison, that is crazy.
  9. balo

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    I look forward to the food court in T21 , if it's the same as in Bangkok. But I am worried we might end up fighting for the food with the Chinese .
  10. balo

    Lazada Thailand

    Always COD for me , I want to inspect the package before I pay . After 100 orders never had a problem with them .
  11. I think that Finnish guy was wanted for something in his home country . Yes , if you do not follow the rules you are either hiding something or too sick to think for yourself. Good to see they are caught.