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  1. Why are they removing one of the few tourist attractions worth seeing here ? Now I have to tell my friends to cancel their trip ....
  2. I'm surprised that any foreigners are willing to eat in all the filthy restaurants here. 95 % of them would never pass the health safety standards in EU.
  3. They built life guard towers here already 20 years ago,both in Jomtien and Pattaya beach , but I have never seen anyone using them.
  4. Sounds like fun, where do I sign up ? I need some exercise.
  5. Maybe this is a new campaign by TAT to restore the faith in westerners , to keep the good image of expats , keep the bad guys out ....until next week.
  6. Keep it up , inform the Chinese government , maybe they will choose another destination,.
  7. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Are you sure you are telling the truth here ? The salad bar at Sizzler is 140 baht, a promotion running until March. And an ice coffe cant be more than 100. So where did you get 399 from ? I only come for the salad bar and I eat there weekly , never been sick , the Royal Garden location is probably the best Sizzler in town . Best value for money if you want a salad buffet.
  8. So I started my first fasting day on Monday and will continue to do so every week for a few months or maybe for the rest of the year. I downloaded an app to my phone, MyFitnessPal. It's free and maybe the best tool to count calories, because the database is huge so you just search for any food and the calories is added to your daily schedule. For my bodyweight and height I can eat up to 2500 calories on normal days and 500 calories on the fasting day. The good thing about this app it gives you a good idea of what food you should eat more of and what you should avoid. I just enjoyed a Ritter sport chocolate bar, 50 gr and 250 calories, you can eat 250 gr of fresh fruit to get the same calories. But really I don't care , as long as I average below 2500 daily and 500 on fasting day.
  9. Manchester United

    Sir Alex must be wondering what Mourinho is is up to. Only one shot on target , and Sevilla should have won by 2-3 goals if it wasn't for De Gea.
  10. If you're there please keep us updated , a lot of Norwegians back home are following this case now. Justice for Silje.
  11. Good to hear he is still in custody, a man I would not like to meet out in the streets late at night.
  12. He must have been brainwashed, been living here too long.
  13. A 20 year old Thai girl can look like a 16 year old here and that should be enough for any old man looking for a sex adventure, but no we have other types of sexpats who like them younger and they should be locked up for good.
  14. Manchester City

    Great news this for us Spurs fans. Could be on our way to the first trophy in a very long time.
  15. Probably a typo, he looks like 47 .