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  1. I eat it weekly at my healthy restaurant here in Pattaya. 99 baht for a complete salad meal. Never got sick there, https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293919-d10438439-Reviews-Wooden_Box_Pattaya-Pattaya_Chonburi_Province.html
  2. I wonder if some of the sailors just "missed" out on the parade and went to soi 6 instead?
  3. It was a Thai this time so maybe we can bury the myth that only farangs jumps/are pushed out of balconies. RIP.
  4. I went to their home page and this is too funny , read what they say about taxis under "Getting around in Pattaya" Getting around Pattaya is simple and you are never far from the sea at any point. Pattaya is about the same size as Singapore, well connected to regional airports and a great destination for a business trip or vacation. Taxi Most of the taxi are metered in Pattaya, we recommend you ensure the taxi has an operational meter prior to starting the journey. The pricing structure is 50 Baht first two kilometers then 7 Baht per additional kilometre. There will be a 100 baht surcharge if departure is from airport. Most hotels and resorts will provide an airport pick up and drop off service where you will be greeted at the arrival gate and ushered to a waiting car.
  5. It will all be forgotten when the boat show is over. This was just a 2 week show to show the world we are Thailand and we are on top of the world...... .
  6. I am not ready to die and my goal is to do daily exercises when I'm 100 years old. Just live a healthy lifestyle and carry on with activities as long as you do not get any nasty diseases, This man is 95.
  7. I need to print 100 pages!

    Not so sure about that my Canon ink printer was cheap to buy , but replacing the ink cartridges is very expensive, 100 pages of ink is not cheap .
  8. It is my understanding he did not kill anyone himself? He ordered his cult followers to kill . So maybe there was some human in him after all , and not only a beast .
  9. He is almost there, only need a pair of big boobs and remove whatever is between his legs and off you go .
  10. Actually if you have a back problem the monk will succeed in a few cases , with trapped nerves he could get lucky and hit the right spot. Just like my physiotherapist .
  11. What kind of bacteria will kill you ? Must have been something nasty in that salad.
  12. I think it's over now , the whole festival so you're a bit late.
  13. Don't worry , you can protect yourself against accidents, no ploblem.
  14. He is not in jail yet He was 18 and maybe on drugs , maybe he didn't know what he was doing , maybe he do not remember. Let's bring him back to Pattaya and then wai in public , then maybe go and do some time at the local temple.
  15. Funny they try to promote this campaign in walking street , maybe PM and the "high ranked officials" has a secret dream to demolish all of WS and turn Pattaya into something else , no bar girls , no go go clubs . That should solve all the problems , not.