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  1. No more extortion today, but tomorrow is a new day...... [emoji41]
  2. There is a reason why there are no world famous authors from Thailand. But I am sure intellectual discussions do exist here outside the food category.
  3. balo

    Tottenham Thread

    How many Spurs players were picked for the England squad ? Kane, Dier, Alli , Trippier and Rose? So 5 players from Spurs , just tells you how important this club is for England.
  4. My wife pays all my bills, all I have to pay for is food .
  5. True , better chance of survival during daytime it seems. Better vision , more traffic on the roads so you have to slow down , maybe not drunk etc.
  6. Foreigners feel the need to talk to other foreigners in Thailand because they are fed up with trying to have a conversation with their Thai partner. "Yes We go, we eat, we sleep. no have , can not , no good , money now , go atm, me tired go sleep , no sex ".
  7. The audience is bisexual men. I think we have to draw a line here. If 10% of the population identify themselves as 100% gay , maybe we can add another 10% who consider themselves straight but like to experiment sexually , and have no problems to have sex with both females and men. With that in mind , I would say that a 110% hetero would never have sex with a LB unless very drunk or the girl had a sex change and removed the penis. A straight bisexual wouldnt mind a penis even if his emotions for the LB is straight and not gay. I hope that is clear. No we can all chill out.
  8. Keep it up Thai people. Whack the foreigners with a snooker cue, , kick them in the face. Soon I can have Pattaya for myself. .
  9. They were Thais I believe. I have visited some village Thai houses that looked similar , although not as bad as this.