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  1. Cameroon is a beautiful country I've been told. Not the same as Nigeria .
  2. Maybe their first flight out of Thailand. Inexperience and stupidity hand in hand.
  3. balo

    Stampede for the cave drama scoop

    So the boys will now become millionaires? Become hi-so Thais? No need to dream about becoming professional soccer players anymore. They can open their own business.
  4. Sorry to hear about your situation , all immigration offices act differently so you just have to report and hope for the best. Only 3 days overstay and since its the weekend and you have to wait until Monday is no big deal really . Pay the fine and renew your visa.
  5. Maybe he was sleepwalking? Maybe stayed at the airport hotel and he was dreaming he wanted to have a swim so he walked all the way to 3rd floor and jumped. Only speculations of course.
  6. balo

    Bicycles for rent

    There is a new cafe/coffee shop in central Pattaya road, on the way up to Big C , on the left side when you're coming from 2nd rd They have 3 bicycles for rent , they looked new to me , mountain bikes. There is a rent sign outside.
  7. Never mind the wall , they should give him an extra 10 years for wearing a shirt of a shirtless woman on holy ground.
  8. Maybe some of the Asian restaurants , I don't think the western restaurants and the normal chains will have to worry . Plenty of amazing restaurants that offer better value than whats inside this expensive mall. For me personally who lives nearby it means shopping at Foodland, a cup of coffee, watching a movie and eat lunch in the food court. If some of the other more fancy restaurants offer amazing food I also might try them.
  9. balo

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    There is a Korean Pan cake house in there. A bit on the expensive side and looks like small portions.
  10. balo

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Sorry for the loss of your friend, he was not old , may he R.I.P. Was he sick or was it an accident?
  11. balo

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    It's working, I bought it from iHerb.com. Normally I dream a lot when I sleep , I wake up from dreams. But with Melatonin , I sleep better and longer.
  12. balo

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    Not sure , they do not look the same to me.
  13. balo

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    When I walked past them yesterday it was completely empty while the other places seem to have plenty of customers. But please report back.
  14. balo

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    Maybe I remember wrong about the gyoza , could have been 35 . But the smoothie, coconut was only 25, strawberry 30. If you want mixed fruits maybe it was 40 .
  15. Would be interesting to know which nationalities , I would think the majority would be from Cambodia and Myanmar, and Indians and Russians. Not so many westerners , maybe 10% of them .