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  1. Looks like a potential ladyboy one of them.
  2. Russians are swimming 50 meters away from the sewage , they seem to enjoy it.
  3. Does it really matter ? As long as they follow the route on the map you will reach your destination. What's the problem here ? I don't get it.
  4. Why don't you name that shop, I am not aware of any hardware store close to Foodland.
  5. If you want to put money on the top goalscorer in the PL this season Lukaku should be your first choice. But I hope I'm wrong
  6. What a silly thing to say. UBER drivers know the location because we gave them the directions on the map . Just follow the map , how hard can it be ? UBER is still my first choice in Pattaya , just avoid areas where the taxi mafia are working.
  7. I agree, some posters are complaining a lot and want to compare Thailand with their own country , you can't compare , and Pattaya is unique in its own way . You will find arxxholes everywhere, I just avoid them instead of complaining on TV.
  8. Astrill I pay for 6 months subscription before I renew. Never had any issues, the Norwegian server (I watch Norwegian TV) was down for 3 days and I complained , they gave me an extra free month. Good customer service.
  9. I agree, it is easy to blame it all on the pedestrian , but in this case the bike rider were not adjusting to the traffic pattern . Also she should be aware of the bus , I have a mirror on my bicycle and always look for trucks and buses on busy roads and slow down.
  10. 5000 baht is a joke. He earns $30000 monthly on Youtube clicks , so he will get the money back within a few hours.
  11. She would be begging in Russia as well , but much nicer climate in Thailand and lots of tourists that will donate money so she will carry on unless immigration deport her.
  12. Rosenborg