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  1. I make the transfer in Norwegian crowns and the fee is split between Norway and Thailand. I pay 30 kr in Norway (200 thb) and I always check if the currency exchange rate is correct on the day the money arrives. Around 200 baht Kasikorn keep in fees. So yes , under 500 baht total and no extra hidden fees.
  2. Good job kid, next thing for you now is to exercise and stay healthy .
  3. Here in Pattaya there's only one I can really recommend and that's Fivestar J . You can trust them , clean good food. In Bangkok there's several , mostly Asian dishes . I recommend Tripadvisor to locate the nearest in your area.
  4. I only pay a few hundred baht in fees to transfer from my local bank in Norway to my Thai bank (Kasikorn). Any amount up to 100k , never paid more than a few hundred .
  5. You can take the elevator down , located between the rest rooms and Burger King . Then you need to walk a few meters to the entrance . I did this myself.
  6. Its a dodgy area so you need dodgy roads to get into the right mood.
  7. Great , expect a 20% raise in your monthly PEA bill.
  8. I miss Canarysun, he was my inspiration, now I'm living the cheap good life.
  9. The secretary of NATO , Stoltenberg is trying to please Trump but what he really feels about him is deep anger , he told some local reporters in his native Norway.
  10. Right , 260 baht for a frozen dish , no thanks. I know about some decent vegetarian restaurants in both Bangkok and Pattaya and you pay no more then 80-200 baht for freshly prepared food.
  11. Been on AIS Fibre now for 2 months, cheapest package 599 baht , I'm very happy with it, its very stable compared with 3BB, in my area Pattaya Naklua. . Both with or without VPN the quality of the video streams have been good.
  12. You don't have to avoid all of Indonesia , I think people are more relaxed in Bali, the muslims are not in majority there. But avoid this province , what a sad place it must be. But the victims should consider themselves lucky to only be caned. In Saudi Arabia they would have been killed.
  13. RIP , was it necessary to post a pic of the full corpse ?