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  1. balo

    Warning of more wet, windy weather ahead

    If you remember December and January last year , we had a few days of rainy days here in the south east , so the same pattern just continue.
  2. balo

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Conclusion of this thread then, Google is your friend . Look it up.
  3. balo

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Barcelona played at the same time last night with their best players so they have no advantage before this game. Since they have won the group we can always hope Messi and Suarez will not start.
  4. Yes , but it's also based on a decision. If I were a billionaire I would still arrive and leave the stadium in a car and not a helicopter. Even if it would cost me some extra time.
  5. I haven't got a clue.
  6. Very funny this, I normally never look at my watch but every time I want to open a lot of pages the time is either :02 or :32 . So just have to leave the computer and come back in 3 minutes. Very annoying.
  7. Maybe they should get a woman as host this time to continue the #metoo ride. Neverending story .
  8. balo

    Jetski Mafia

    Not seen or heard of any scams going on for some years now, one of the few problems here the police actually managed to do something about.
  9. No Thai girls and go go clubs there , only camels.
  10. Yes Pattaya's finest men . They are all here.
  11. And still passengers think they are safe in helicopters ? I prefer a big jet instead if I have to go up in the sky.
  12. Cambodia is not changing to the better anytime soon , corruption is even stronger over there. If they want more genuine tourists to visit the first thing they should do is to admit they have a problem with poverty and sex trafficking. Tourists are not stupid and will choose another destination.
  13. Maybe they can turn this into something positive , we are number 1 ! TAT is on the case.
  14. balo

    Jomtien traffic lines confuse

    Meaningless and confusing .