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  1. Unless he thought he was holding a fake sword this looks like a suicide to me.
  2. Good news for the victims , this will be a big public media show and the police involved can't just escape from this one.
  3. Why didn't she just take the airport train like most people to the nearest BTS station and then it would be a short taxi ride to Thonglor. The taxi drivers at the airport should be avoided. UBER is a good alternative too .
  4. A 50 year old ladyman ? He must have been doing this for 30 years in Pattaya .
  5. Another Thai classic . You just can't make this stuff up. RIP.
  6. I buy all my shoes at the ECCO stores. It's a Danish owned chain and the shoes are produced in Thailand. I'm size 46 and they always have my size . In Bangkok you have one ECCO store in Mega Bangna , not sure about Central.
  7. The U.S is a democracy with some fundamental rules , you can't just change that over night . If he thinks running a country is the same as running a business he is really not a good candidate for this job . But we already knew that.
  8. Alphaville were really big in Scandinavia , maybe not so much in the UK. It used to be one of my favourites from the 80's.
  9. I'm back in Pattaya, nice to feel the sea breeze again after 6 months in Chiang Mai , For the last few weeks I could really feel my body was suffering more because of the air quality .
  10. Well that was easy , I went to Central to the AIS shop. After waiting in the queue for some time I was expecting the worst, deposit and contracts to sign. But everything went smoothly. Just handed over my ID, and that was it. No deposit to pay, monthly bills will be sent to my address. And I received a text message that a technician will install the line in a few days. So far so good.
  11. You don't have to go far for that, Hair Well inside Central Festival , ask for Noi, she knows how to use a scissor and she cut the hair of farangs every day. Not the cheapest but sometimes you have to pay extra for the best in their profession.
  12. Good to hear it was solved, Lazada is a big international company and they need to be serious about solving issues when the customer did nothing wrong.