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  1. Filipinos fit in well all over the world. Big communities and they are well liked. Yes they need the jobs and if they do not steal jobs from educated Thais I see no reason why they can't continue to work here. They are better educated than the average Thai , that's for sure.
  2. Nothing is free in life , that's for sure.
  3. As already mentioned COD is the way to go . Expensive laptops are almost never in stock and ordered from abroad, most probably China. So there's the delay . You need to be patient , the problem in cases like these is that if you cancel it Lazada will end up with one expensive laptop in stock and maybe nobody wants to buy it. And the company in China will not take it back . So if you paid already I am afraid it can be very difficult to get your money back .
  4. You need to stay healthy at that age, a glass of wine is fine , not a whole bottle of the stronger stuff . RIP.
  5. Well I experienced a not so pleasant sight last year. I use the hills to exercise around late afternoon or just after sunset. I normally start from the jogging track and move over to the wilder area toward Pattaya park. Suddenly I spot a fat older white guy , almost naked with his dxxx out . There is a younger boy masturbating him in the public view for everyone to see. I know this is Pattaya but I was shocked for a few seconds , I shouted something like "find a room " before I continued jogging. I wish I had the camera with me, it would make some headlines in the local news .
  6. I know a Filipino teacher who's interested , he's been teaching in Bangkok for 7 years and are looking for a new school . He's highly qualified. I will send you the details if your school also hire Filipino teachers.
  7. I'll give you my car if he does.
  8. You don't have to run all the way. Many just walk the distance, At least that's what I did .
  9. Many people in Pattaya do the same with money they do not own or are not allowed to use, they are cheating the system . In Scandinavia this is a well known problem .
  10. Yes it's back everywhere now , must have been a distribution problem . Mod can close the thread now . Thanks.
  11. no no no , Tropo will have the last word , and he should beacuse he is right.
  12. I stopped using toilet paper ages ago, the water gun is an amazing invention.
  13. The Swede is a convicted criminal , charged with violence and hitting people in the face. Another bad guy in Pattaya. I am not saying he is guilty but I would say the police is onto something here.