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  1. When applying for an EU visa I strongly recommend going to a northern EU country (Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden etc) rather than a southern country (Italy, Spain). The former are likely to be helpful and accommodating and above all fair minded, whereas the latter are more likely to be petty and obstructive.
  2. The bikes had nowhere to go? I'm pretty sure the motorcycles here are fitted with brakes.
  3. They had enough time to brake. If they had been riding defensively they would not be in hospital now.
  4. If you can't control a motorbike then don't ride one on the road. Nothing to do with "If you were as good a rider as me" more like 'If you could ride to a very basic level'.
  5. Truck driver cut up the bikers BUT the lead biker had ample time to adjust/slow down/swerve etc. For a country that has so many motorcycles, the lack of knowledge about how to control a bike is staggering. I have seen motorbike taxi riders who clearly have no idea about how to use counter steering.
  6. I recently paid my bill 8 days late at 7/11 with no probs in BKK. I think you get charged 40 baht for paying late.
  7. But at least they will probably have to take off their gloves to pick their nose.
  8. I will never understand why people automatically assume that when someone ask a question for a friend, they are really asking the question for themselves. The OP is anonymous <deleted>! The name of Bluebird279 is tarnished forever! Why would he care? Why bother questioning it? Actually, it might be a tactic to avoid the sanctimonious rantings that inevitably get posted on threads like this.
  9. The driver may have overreacted but he was just responding to violence against his wife by the monk. In the same position I would have smacked him on the jaw.
  10. Great, thanks.
  11. Is this still the case? I checked the embassy website and it still hasn't been changed. Are there any reports of people getting visas without financials?
  12. Couldn't you stretch it to 17 months by getting an extension of 2 months on the final entry by going to immigration with the wife?
  13. What do you mean by saying that most bright people voted against Brexit? Is this opinion anecdotal or is it because more graduates voted for remain?
  14. I do see the risk. I am not a Conservative supporter and have never voted for them. But I also see not giving the government the power to make a deal as an even greater risk. The UK needs to get out ASAP so that we can get on with making trade deals across the globe. The longer we are in limbo the more it will hurt the UK. I see the amendment by the Lords as a cynical attempt to derail the whole Brexit process. Not sure what you meant by saying that they would line their own pockets rather act in the best interests of the UK. Can you be more specific?
  15. 3) ANS - Because if the UK parliament gets a veto on the final deal the risk is that the UK will be offered the worst possible deal after the longest possible negotiation period. The EU could do this in the hope that the UK parliament would veto the deal, delaying the whole process and increasing the chance of another referendum. If the executive has the power to agree to any deal then the EU would have to accept that Brexit IS going to happen and is more likely to offer a better deal. Also, going into a negotiation it is important for the parties involved to have the authority to make decisions. If the UK negotiators do not have that and have to go back to parliament to approve everything then it makes the whole process a farce. (I understand that this is the farcical system the EU uses and is why a trade deal with Canada took seven years and was at one point stalled because the Belgian regional parliament of Wallonia refused to pass it! Absolutely absurd. Europe is a continent, not a country)