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  1. Thank God he is so dumb to try this and get caught. Imagine the lies he would have told patients to get extra money from them.
  2. Yes, and EU freedom of movement discriminates against people based on where they are from - an EU citizen can move to the UK without hindrance even if they have no connection with the place at all, yet I know of people who can't even bring their wives to the UK to attend a wedding, purely because they are from the 'wrong' country. I look forward to a fairer system of immigration after Brexit where people are not blocked from coming to the UK purely because they are not from Europe. The 'Little Europe' mindset is going to be the undoing of the EU as it loses importance globally in the next few decades.
  3. The non EU immigration into the UK comes mainly from India and Pakistan. It is very common for an 'anchor relative' that has a visa from these countries to be used to get the rest of the family over to the UK. A UK citizen who tries to get his/her spouse over to the UK is unfairly caught up in the visa rules intended to curb these abuses. I wonder if your comment is an attempt to smear me as 'Islamophobic'.
  4. Because the visa rules are patently unfair, especially when one considers that there has been an open door to absolutely anyone who happens to have an EU passport to come and live on the UK. This case highlights an unjust system. My wife was offered a job at the head office (in London) of her company but would not have been able to get a visa, yet ANYONE with an EU passport, whether they have any connection with the UK or not, can come over and get a job. The system is crazy and unfair and I hope it will change post Brexit.
  5. Surely some kind of quota for each country should be introduced to make things fairer. Off the top of my head something like 80% of non EU migration is from the Indian sub continent, this should be drastically reduced.
  6. I honestly cannot see how someone like this can ever be rehabilitated back into society. Either execute him or lock him up for life, but don't ever let him free to do this kind of thing again.
  7. The post you replied to said 'It is slow, infrequent, uncomfortable, overcrowded and now thoroughly unreliable.' The ARL isn't slow, but he is right on all the other points. It is infrequent for its primary use as a commuter train (every 12-15mins), often uncomfortable because it is often overcrowded and it is unreliable - trains are often wildly off from the timetable.
  8. Airport Rail Link (again Sorry)

    But the Express trains were laughably empty most of the time. Hard to justify the service when so few use it. Better to have longer trains with designated carriages for people with lots of luggage.
  9. This is not blackface. Blackface is a white person with comical make up i.e. pitch black paint and absurd think white lips, with the overall aim of making black people look like simpletons. Can you really not see the difference?
  10. No hate behind the ad. Just a homage to a celebrity who happens to be black.
  11. I tell you what also has no boundaries, the offense taken by oversensitive PC minded forum posters.
  12. As a white person of ginger heritage (my grandmother was a ginge and most clowns are ginger) I find this pic offensive and demand that all clowns are banned immediately.
  13. Some people just can't seem to accept that we live in a different era now and are unable to leave the baggage from the earlier era behind. Blackface (the derogatory portrayal of black people by whites as simple buffoons) has quite rightly been cast into the rubbish bin of history. It has been nearly 40 years since the Black and White Minstrel show ended in the UK, even longer for similar shows in the US. As long as there is no ill intent (as is the case with the Thai model dressing up as Grace Jones) and people just want to look like a particular celebrity, then I honestly cannot see why the race of the person dressing up matters.
  14. It is offensive to charcoal, coal, and other carbon based materials.