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  1. " “Do not forget that we have 400,000 to 500,000 troops. Manas is just one person. Can he alone ruin the whole Army?” Prayut responded furiously. " One bad apple can have a domino effect.
  2. And I'll be able to run the clippers over my head on the patio, instead of hiding away in the kitchen to do it.
  3. I think this is an overstatement. Do you judge all Thais by the behaviour of a few? If his actions gives me a "despicable image" in the eyes of Thais then that's just too bad, however I'll try and give them credit for a bit more common sense.
  4. Sounds like a good idea:
  5. I thank you for this info, ratcatcher. A very sensible post.
  6. And he certainly was not living an inconspicuous life.
  7. While watching downloads of "Father Brown" the BBC had ads for "Death in Paradise." I found S01 on PB. Personally, I think it's a gem. Look forward to working my way through the 6 seasons of this comedy/crime show. Thoroughly recommend it.
  8. And too much methane could the delicate balance of the ecosystem.
  9. Correct. We should take care of our natural environment.
  10. OP, you really have to make sure your wife is on board with you in this decision. And, in your heart, is it truly for the better hospitals, food good schools etc or is it because you want to be near the beach? All moves are big decisions no matter which country you live in. Marriage is an equal partnership between two people and, as such, no one person can make the big calls.
  11. Thanks Ubonjoe. How many days before it is due can you do it online?
  12. I think that statement, which is just fear mongering, has been answered many times before.
  13. That's exactly right. "A permit holder shall not.....change the locality or place of work from that which is specified in the permit unless prior permission is obtained from the registrar." So teachers can only teach at the school noted on the permit and teaching extra classes at home is officially a "no-no." Replying to an earlier post, the minimum wage for Westerners is Thailand is 50,000baht per month,, but teachers are exempt from this requirement.
  14. " Though the case has been settled with an agreement to hold a smaller ceremony later many people were left asking what can be done in similar circumstances when such things happen. " Many people seem to be very unsure about their relationship with their future partner. Maybe, money has become too central in their lives.