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  1. newatthis

    Where to buy a high-end laptop?

    On line https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?_keyori=ss&from=suggest_normal&page=1&q=dell xps 13&spm=a2o4m.searchlistcategory.search.5.4c1a11ebbqiaKL&sugg=dell xps 13_4_1 or in Chiang Mai, you could try your local Banana IT; JIB; or Advice stores. If they don't have in stock, they should be able get for you from Bangkok.
  2. Why? If you know under age kids are involved, what's so evil about grassing on someone?
  3. newatthis

    500+ Foreigners Arrested In New Nationwide Raids

    If that were true in Thailand, then the sale of whitening products would cease together with the nose operations and the breast enlargements etc.
  4. SCB does NOT show it as an overseas transfer on either my mobile app or internet laptop printout. They just show it as an Automated Transfer plus Deposit No Book with a reference detailing transfer of funds between banks.
  5. Here's another 24 pages you might like to read..only a couple of months ago, too:
  6. In other words: "They're got us by the short n curlies."
  7. Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. Sadly, most Thais don't realise how the constitution set this mob up.
  8. It's the lack of logic here. They were quite happy to pay me 37000baht to teach & get me a work permit etc for years. But now I'm retired, they want me to have an income of 65,000 a month to stay here.
  9. And all because someone rightly [or wrongly] complained about Quasimodo ringing the bells.
  10. The logic is not there, it it? They'll issue me a work permit and extend a non-B every year as a teacher on 37,000 per month. But now that I'm retired. I've gotta have 65,000 per month. With all my free time, I'm going to drink 1000 baht a day?
  11. I apologise. I realize that s1 has 8 episodes and s2 has 7. 15 episodes should still only be 20 mins max to add subtitles. Because of another TV going in the house at the same time, I subtitle all I can now. I can just hear the one I watch while reading at the same time. Got so used to doing it that I dislike not having subs. Rake (AU) just finished. Sorry to see it go but it was starting to run out of good story lines. Great acting by all.
  12. National Police Chief could be up for defamation here. What's wrong with their reputation? Who says it's not good?
  13. Every season is only 6 episodes, isn't it, cobber? So it's a simple download sub, rename copy, rename paste 12 times for 2 seasons.... 20 minutes Max.