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  1. Thank you ubonjoe. I just thought that a 500000 baht TE visa for 5 years could be an easier way to go before I leave Oz. I'm considering all options.
  2. Following on from another thread I have on this forum [Tourist/Re-entry/ or what????], I have some questions: 1. Can I may the application from Australia? 2. If so, A) I presume the application is to be sent by post? Is payment made at the time of application? C) If payment is made by SWIFT transfer from Oz, who calculates the exchange rate? D) If approved, how is the visa marked in your passport for when you leave Australia? Thanks
  3. Meanwhile, at Sochi...?
  4. And any warrant issued will be filed in the bottom left hand drawer, probably under some porno mags.
  5. Just a follow-up. Do I need to cancel my work permit before I fly out? I assume my Non B extension will be cancelled as soon as I fly. Sorry for not asking sooner. Too many things on my mind!!!!
  6. Pizza Express......only an hour and a half. Should get a free voucher for that amount of time.
  7. Very valid points. I've had mornings where I've said to myself: "What an F....., c..... of a s...... of a country", so I wander down to the garden and get my mind on other things. It's all part of human nature. And when you see in yourself, you can fully realize how other people feel at times. And it's no good saying: "these people should go back to where they came from" because, as another TV poster pointed out: "Where ever you go, you go with you." Recently, I sent an email to my brother ranting on about the solicitor we have finalizing something for us in Oz. Sometimes it helps to get these angers off our chest. It's much better than holding it all in to save face.
  8. Yep, just finished watching season 1. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. Hey, thanks everyone for your insight and help here. It's really appreciated.
  10. Post a photo of her. We'll let you know if she is spellbinding.
  11. OOPs, posted before reading yours. Sorry, Ubonjoe
  12. Ubonjoe, would I be able to apply for a METV tourist visa and sort out the visa based on retirement when I get back here. The OA requires a police clearance which is more time and money in Oz
  13. " while the other camp insisting that members of the NRSA are men of honour and, therefore, they should have higher standard of ethical conduct than ordinary people." I'm glad that they've sorted out the proper division in society. Just on a side note. This is the day in Oz and NZ where we celebrate what ordinary men and women achieved.
  14. Hi all I've been here in Thailand for 11 years on a non B extension associated with a work permit. I turned 65 in Feb and started planning for my retirement last Sept....mainly through selling some property back in OZ plus a few other means. Sadly even after 8 months of planning, getting documents authorized by the Australian Embassy etc etc, things have not gone smoothly. The buyers either fail to get finance or now just dragging the chain. It looks like I have to return to Oz for a couple of weeks [maybe more] to sort things out. The non-B extension expires on 23 May. If I leave this week, I could get a re-entry permit but if this drags on in Oz, I may not get back before 23 May so the extension will be expired. My solicitor has been fantastic but she has warned me "The Titles Office and the banks can be slow and there are Easter, Anzac Day and May Day holidays so don't expect too much movement." Besides, the money won't have been seeded long enough for a visa based on retirement. 8 months of planning seems to have gone down the chute. So, what would be the best option here? Thanks for your help.