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  1. And he won't have to worry about whether this Thai G/F would have had him bumped off in the future.
  2. Jilted man kills boyfriend of lover in Bangkok

    Only because of James Arness
  3. Lazada canceled my order why?

    I've used Lazada COD a lot. Only two problems were when the vendors sent the items via Thai Post. Post Office never advised me that the items were there. I discovered by tracking that they were held Poste Restante for over a week. Getting to the Post Office and they finding the parcels was a pain in the a*s so I prefer it when the vendors use Kerry or Lex but you can't tell the vendors how to send the parcels.
  4. Prawit: I will quit if NACC finds me guilty

    "Oh I don't believe in If anymore If's an illusion If's an illusion No I don't believe in If anymore If is for children If is for children Building daydreams " Thanks to Roger Whittaker
  5. Web Page keeps reappearing

    Good morning, I've been using 360 Total Security for the last 2 years.
  6. Web Page keeps reappearing

    Sorry for late reply. Full weekend gardening. Tried Zemana this morning, it recognized adware but couldn't remove it. So downloaded Hitman Pro. It recognized 2 malware and heaps of cookies etc. It cleaned them all up so I'll see how it goes. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Web Page keeps reappearing

    RichCor, thank you very much for this advice. I'm using Firefox now, so I'll download using Edge. Let you know how it goes.
  8. Maybe you're right. But if so, why doesn't he submit a letter, together with the watches to NACC, to verify this? Why all the ballyhoo about a dead friend? Is he frightened of losing face for having copies instead of the real deal?
  9. Yingluck in UK on entrepreneur visa: Pheu Thai

    Interpol has no power to arrest. It is up to the the police in the country, where the fugitive is, to arrest or not arrest him/her.
  10. Web Page keeps reappearing

    Hi all, My laptop has gone haywire. It's taken me about 6 attempts to get this page open. Whenever I try to open a particular page, another web page [in this case Lazada] would open up out of the blue. Now I like shopping on Lazada but having 4 pages for a Spin Bucket open up is quite annoying. Can someone please explain simply to me how to stop this happening before I take my laptop down to the garden and put the hoe through it. Thank you
  11. A good buy. Fat on the meat is still white; not yellow like I see on the chicken in Lotus and Big C sometimes.
  12. I bet Sulak Sivaraksa won't be asked to teach.