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  1. So allowing these vendors to open their stalls from 5pm to 2am only and making sure everything was left spotless would be a good compromise then?
  2. I hope he was promising them a better trough than that one.
  3. Yes, it's not our Thailand nor our KSR; it belongs to the Thais. End of the argument. Whatever they decide, let's go with the flow.
  4. And you are going to replace him with? Mfd 101 is correct.
  5. Should lose his licence for life, if he did that.
  6. But if he likes the changes, why should he "try" somewhere else?
  7. This is the most important thing. It doesn't matter what we expats, visitors or backpackers want. the future of Thailand belongs to its youth. If they want their country to progress towards being another Taiwan, Japan or Singapore then so be it. Whatever happens, we go with the flow and adjust our lives accordingly.
  8. The whole family seems to have been in on this one
  9. newatthis

    Killing the Khaosan goose

    Sorry. That is a pipe dream.
  10. newatthis

    Killing the Khaosan goose

    Sadly, it is these Thais who did nothing and will do nothing to stop this current [and it will be future] regime. They will let the hisos reign over them and then will eat their lunches and dinners at the new hawker centres that will be established. Also, if these vendors had been more considerate of both the pedestrians and the brick/mortar shop owners in the first place, then this blow-up would not have occurred.
  11. If you are in the same boat, follow BritTim's advice at post #17 above.
  12. Thank you for this, kickstart. The Chao Phraya in Ayutthaya is not exceptionally high at the moment and is flowing pretty fast. Opening the gates now should have a positive result in the long term.
  13. So where's ex-father-in-law? Why was he at the school? He seems to be an instigator of the problem at the school. In fact, this man would not have been nicked except for the fight with the ex's father. The BIB didn't find any guns or drugs then the melee started. Then the wrong man got arrested. Or did the ex's father have contacts?
  14. Obviously, they didn't start work on these repairs after last year's flood. Left it to the last minute again! Are you sure? The floods in the eastern area will not run into the Chao Phraya River.
  15. newatthis

    Good vs Bad Thai Girls - An Illusion?

    Well done! You saved Joe a lot of heartache. Don't worry about the girls....they'll find somebody else to give a sob story to.