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  1. geriatrickid

    Thai wife wants divorce after 5 months

    So what was the outcome? 3 years ago divorce was in the cards. Did it occur? Did OP discover the joys of hanging with a trannie? Did they reconcile or seek marital counseling? So many questions.
  2. LOL. Look at who the drivers are.
  3. geriatrickid

    Filipina Flight Attendant Breastfeeds Passenger’s Baby During Flight

    Quite right. It is most common to do so. One does not wish to have sagging breasts. Besides, this is the job for the wet nurse.
  4. Listen to your girlfriend and do not force yourself into the relationship. Mothers know best and the child may be confused if Mom tells the child that she is marrying grandpa - แกรน'พา
  5. geriatrickid

    Trump under pressure from Melania to fire top aide

    How do you expect to be taken seriously when you make an idiotic claim of an extramarital fling between Ricardel and Trump? Look at her. Sheesh. Trump has a certain type. As for Kelly, he was supposed to have been gone long ago. It might be a good thing if he leaves too as he hasn't been stellar in his position. Don Regan was able to manage the hyena Nancy during the Ronald Reagan period, and Nancy was much more difficult than Melania. I don't know if that poor kid can write yet, so your expectation of taking notes and writing history may be asking too much.
  6. geriatrickid

    Japanese Man Marries Virtual Pop-Star Because He Distrusts Real Women

    This man is either mentally ill or a brilliant marketer as he received some free publicity for this idiocy.
  7. Ahh, so in a non backwards country it is acceptable to vandalize property? Perhaps if vandals were dealt with more harshly, many western cities would not be blighted by vandalism and graffiti. We are constantly told not to take the law into our own hands and to allow the justice system to deal with crimes like this. Unfortunately, the system usually does not respond, and people grow frustrated and eventually blow a gasket or turn to authoritarian figures for relief. People have a right to live in an environment where their property will not be vandalized by losers. I would have given these idiots a broom and garbage can and told them to go and clean up some of the popular tourist spots where their kind toss their cigarette butts and garbage. A week or so of cleaning would have taught a valuable lesson.
  8. Instead of "blaming", why not be a grown up and recognize that when a relationship fails there are reasons for it. You have no idea as to the complete facts of the case. Do you know the answers to the following; - What was the status of the relationship? was it a forced marriage where a young girl was forced to marry? - Was the marriage intact before the extramarital activity commenced? Typically it is not. - Did the aggrieved husband have a mia noi and the woman said, what was good for him was good for her? - Was the husband able to satisfy the woman's emotional and physical needs? - Was the the husband a bum, i.e. a gambler or a drunk or a wife beater etc.? He's obviously given to violence. You don't know the answers to the above, nor does anyone else here know what those answers are. Maybe he was a taken advantage of. I don't know and neither do you. I don't get involved with married people, but when a marriage is over and one spouse won't grant the divorce without a fight, these things can happen. Rather than judge and say the kid deserved a sucker kick to the head, I believe it only fair and wait for the facts, especially since these stories have multiple versions of the facts. One thing I do know is that these were kids and they were too immature to be married. This is what happens when folks who are too young to marry, marry. This isn't 1940, where people were obliged due to circumstances, to behave as adults when they were still teenagers. the the couple was no longer a "couple", if the aggrieved husband
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California and a US citizen. His name wasn't very "American" by your bigoted standards. Chuka Umunna was born in South London and was a Labour MP. His grandfather was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crime trials. Take a hint. It's 2018 and people born in European countries can have "ethnic" names from non European regions. Sikhs have been living in Canada and the UK for 200+ years and they still call their boys Singh.
  10. Lovely. Good timing too. Just after peak high season, so the key tourism season won't be ruined. Anyway, I doubt that there will be an election in February.
  11. Government officials Intentionally misspelling names or refusing to correct errors and denying victims of such events their right to vote is suppression. The US Federal Court said so.
  12. There were many issues in GOP Florida controlled counties. The denial of voting rights for the afro americans in Georgia was sickening. The voter suppression was a throwback to the days of lester maddox
  13. geriatrickid

    Austrian colonel spied for Russia for decades, Vienna says

    Austria just being Austria. Investigate the man and if there is evidence put him on trial. If he is guilty, hang him for treason.
  14. geriatrickid

    HIV+ soldier accused of raping 75 boys

    People knew what he was doing long ago. This didn't suddenly occur. Dig deeper and we will find enablers and the people who covered this up, probably going back 15+ years. Hunt them all down.
  15. geriatrickid

    E-cigarettes set to be legal in Thailand

    LOL, Such rubbish. So what if the "cotton wool" (sic) looked clean and dry? It means absolutely nothing. Toxic substances can do their damage in small quantities such that they are not readily visible. Why do you think/ personnel who fight fires must wear a breathing apparatus, or lab workers working with small amounts of volatile organic substances are obliged to use fume hoods and specially ventilated rooms? My lab organic solvents did not leave a black sooty stain, but they could kill you, even in small amounts. It really is difficult not to laugh at the ignorance on display here. It's wrong I suppose, but it explains so much. Vaping is not harmless and there isn't one study published in a reputable scientific journal, nor peer reviewed that supports the claims of of the vape pushers. However, there are growing number of studies that highlight the dangers. As far back as 2014 there are reports like the Chemical evaluation of electronic cigarettes (citing research from the US FDA) that was in the British Medical Journal (May 2014 - Volume 23 - suppl 2). The report showed that there were; Wide ranges in the levels of chemical substances such as tobacco-specific nitrosamines, aldehydes, metals, volatile organic compounds, phenolic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, flavours, solvent carriers, tobacco alkaloids and drugs in e-cigarette refill solutions, cartridges, aerosols and environmental emissions. Ultrafine particulate matter with different particle size distribution ranges was reported in e-cigarette aerosols and environmental emissions. Undeniable fact, so please don't toss out some unsubstantiated, unsupported crap to justify the inhalation of chemicals. You want to do it, fine by me, but don't try and justify it with fake BS science. Vapers are not much different than glue sniffers . They are both addicts and they will lie to justify what they do. That's their business. if they want to inhale the toxic fumes, so be it, but they should just be honest and say, hey we are drug addicts and prefer to vape because it is safer because vapers do not fall asleep with a cigarette and set the place on fire. Vapers don't toss cigarette butts out the window of a vehicle and start a wildfire and they don't smell like a disgusting ashtray. Vapers may not even have the rotten teeth and gums of heavy tobacco users. Possibly true, However, vapers will still die of lung and/heart disease and/or cancers at a significantly higher rate than non vapers and non smokers.it is usually a long drawn out affair and the people suffer.