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  1. No they are not the same the world over. I can assure you that Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, American, Scottish, Irish, Danish, South African, Swedish et al fishing boats respect the rules and international treaties. It is always the same countries who violate international agreements and who bust sanctions. So what if some of the fishing boats have Burmese crews? Those boats are owned and controlled by Thais. The captains are Thais. The first officers are Thais. They are supposed to be supervised and regulated by Thailand. The crews do not decide what to fish. The orders are given by the Thai captain and the Thai operators.The implicated people here were Thais, not Burmese. The continual blaming of foreign labour for the misdeeds of Thais is tiresome and wrong.
  2. It was the African Churches who were most vocal in their protests. The Church of England itself had been supportive, but had reined in that support out of respect for the African and Latin American churches. The American Church hierarchy pushed its view on its members. The Anglican Communion is supposed to function as one, hence the need to respect the views of other members. This is why many, many African and Latin American church members would have been offended to see Bishop Curry given the pulpit in front of the head of the Church of England. It is a theological concern with deep and painful roots.
  3. On a positive note, it is refreshing to see an honest politician. By honest, I mean that he has clearly expressed what he intends to do. Voters will have a choice; to either accept a socialist state or to reject it. One certainly did not see such transparency from previous Labour or Tory bigwigs. However, I anticipate that at some point he will have his Preston moment. Speaking of Preston, I believe that the UK would be better served if the panel of Nevermind the Buzzcocks was running things. Simon Amstell and Noel Fielding would certainly do a better job than the whole lot of them
  4. 205 is scum and he should be dealt with by other riders.
  5. geriatrickid

    Thai Navy denies plan to sink ageing battleship

    You sparked my interest. Quite an interesting history HMS Minstrel (J 445) Minesweeper of the Algerine class Navy-The Royal Navy Type-Minesweeper Class-Algerine Pennant-J 445 ModReciprocating engined Built byRedfern Construction Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Ordered-15 Mar 1943 Laid down-27 Jun 1944 Launched-5 Oct 1944 Commissioned-7 Jun 1945 End service-Feb 1947 History- In July 1945 she joined the 10th MSF, Nore Command Nov 1945 10th MSF, East Indies Jan 1946 11th MSF Feb 1946 7th MSF June 1946 11th MSF Paid off in Feb 1947 to Category B reserve at Singapore. She was bought by the Royal Thai Navy in April 1947 and renamed HTMS PHOSAMTON on 20 Nov 1947 She attended the Queens Coronation Spithead review in 1953 whilst on Naval Cadet training. She is still in service as a training ship and is believed to be the oldest Steam Engined warship still in service. The part about still in service is obviously outdated and no longer accurate. However, I had no idea she was steam powered.
  6. geriatrickid

    Thai Navy denies plan to sink ageing battleship

    I don't think the Thais have any clue as to the safe removal and disposal of asbestos, PCBs and other hazardous waste.
  7. And yet tourists still go and still frolic in the water. It really is disgraceful that this has been allowed to continue. However, as long as there are tourists and no incentive to stop dumping raw sewage, nothing will be done.
  8. geriatrickid

    Thai Airways profits up nearly 50% for Q1

    Considering the fact that almost all of the international airlines have been reporting bumper profits, the modest profit posted by TG is nothing special. It's called increased yields and more efficient aircraft. The addition of the new AB350s and B787 have made a significant difference. If one wishes to sing praises, then please have a kind thought for former TG president Piyasvasti Amranand, currently the chairman of PTT. He joined TG in 2009 to turn it around and he did. He was the one who was behind the creation of Thai Smile which slashed domestic costs, and it was during his administration that the decision was made to order AB350s and B787. These are the aircraft which have provided the equipment best suited to the TG routes. This guy deserves praise and recognition for what he did. His strategy is now paying dividends.
  9. You do not know the circumstances of why she did this. Typically, these drug mules are selected because they are either desperate or feeble minded. No one in her right mind would swallow this amount of heroin, no matter how much she was paid as all it takes is one leak for the person to die. The people who should be terminated on sight are the people who put her up to this, particularly the drug lord who ran the import ring. They are rarely caught, but simpletons like this one are. Then we get to see this charade of enforcement and a useless idiot is sent to jail to show that they are doing something, all the while the drug lord enjoys his ill begotten wealth.
  10. Not at all, and you are demonstrating the uneducated aspect. (Thank you for that.) Do you even know who this curry fellow is and the anguish and serious trouble he has caused for the worldwide communion? Are you even aware of the theological divide between the American church and the global Anglican communion over family values and the role of homosexuals / gays within the communion? The USA church, to which this chap belongs pushed its views of homsexuality on the other members who resisted. The Americans nearly caused a major schism, because the Africans were very upset and felt that the US "liberal" views were contrary to African social customs which are inherently conservative. In 2016, the global archbishops imposed sanctions on the US church, which included this preacher, and the archbishops issued a statement in support of the “traditional doctrine” that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This position was not endorsed by the American bishop. For reference sake the statement was as follows; “The traditional doctrine of the church in view of the teaching of scripture, upholds marriage as between a man and a woman in faithful, lifelong union. The majority of those gathered reaffirm this teaching.” This statement was drafted to ensure that the most vocal opponents of the American position, the churches of kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, did not leave the communion in protest. As part of the agreement, the US Episcopal church was banned from representation on central church organizations and was barred until January 2020 from voting on issues relating to church doctrine. Michael Curry, the presiding bishop of the US Episcopal church, the same person who presented his rambling speech criticized the position of the worldwide communion and rejected the concerns of its African members. I am in no way saying that the position of the US Church was wrong. However, that position stirred up alot sh*t and nearly caused a split in the church that would have seen African and Latin American along with the more conservative western members leaving. I don't doubt for a minute that the invitation of Curry was the doing of radical members of the Church of England. They were a tossing a bone to a fellow supporter of the erosion of current Church doctrine. To those who are claiming prejudice, I suggest that they consider the fact that Bishop Curry is offensive to the African church. The prejudice shown is by those who wish to force their interpretation of the doctrine on others and to dismiss African cultural norms. One cannot change church doctrine on a whim. This man should not even have been invited.
  11. And you are wrong. The issue of the overfishing by Thai fleets is one and the same with the taking of protected wildlife. If Thailand cannot respect international agreements to not fish for protected species, and to not fish in waters where they should not be, do not expect people to give the benefit of the doubt to a Thai fisher who is part of an industry with a lengthy history of misconduct.
  12. geriatrickid

    Living in an oven

    You make an excellent point. There is a concrete gated housing project in Hua Hin that boggles the mind. Everything is paved over. I mean everything. There are houses, but there are no yards per say, just semi walled enclosures which are cemented and asphalted over. Few shade trees. The place gets so hot during the day. I don't know what the developer was thinking
  13. Correct. By then there could be an international data base where criminal convictions are uploaded and shared. This is done in the EU with ECRIS. Canada and the USA have a shared police record system such that the border officials can cross check a passport. It would certainly make it a lot easier for legitimate foreigners applying for work permits.
  14. Highly unlikely it was accidental. You are either willfully ignoring the sordid history of Thai fishing fleets or are genuinely ignorant. Thai fishing fleets have had a lengthy history of violating international rules and of engaging in environmentally irresponsible acts. It goes beyond the dumping of raw waste and bilge water. You know those tuna cans that have the "dolphin friendly" inidicator? The sham of protecting dolphins was forced on the Thai tuna fleet by the EU and the USA. The Thai fishing industry resisted. Do you know what bycatch is? It is the killing of allegedly non target animals because of the methods used to fish. The respective percentage of marine mammals known to suffer from bycatch are (93% of baleen whales; 83% of phocid seals; 82% of toothed whales, including dolphins; 57% of otariid seals and sea lions; and 100% of sirenians, which include manatees and their relatives). This means that they are regularly killed by the current methods used by nations such as Thailand. Do you know why there are pirates off of Somalia? It is due in large part to the destruction of the local fish stocks due to overfishing and illegal fishing by foreign fishing fleets which are distinguished by the presence of Thais, Indians, Iranians, Vietnamese and Chinese. The sad fact is that these trawler barbarians will not be significantly fined, nor will they lose their vessels. They will go back to their activities and will be careful not to get caught next time.
  15. Humans are primates, but in this case, primate has a different meaning.