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  1. I would not be surprised if she's really a he. This could be a real crying game :)
  2. I like the use of a non Thailand location to illustrate. Epic, I can tell it's not Thailand because; -there is no garbage strewn about - the walkways are passable and not blocked -well kept homes - maintained vegetation - no low hanging wires - Appropriate street lighting - Chimneys and proper ventilation of rooves and toilet waste pipes.
  3. North Korea heading for diplomacy gold medal at Olympics

    The South president is being played and he will be quite shocked when he finds that the North goes back to nuclear weapon testing and crimes against humanity as soon as the Olympics are over. It's easy to talk peace and the need for dialogue when one has the luxury of 25,000 US personnel in harm's way acting as a deterrent. The USA should reduce its presence and let South Korea deal with the issue on its own. Both Australia and Canada have deployed assets to assist in documenting the Chinese and Singapore busting of UN sanctions now going on. Yet, no one hodls China accountable. Instead both the Australian and Canadian PMS are on their knees begging the Chinese for trade and being played. The next time the South has a war it can fight it on its own. Tens of thousands of US nationals, with hundreds each from the UK, Australia, Canada and France died to keep the South free. Now the USA and especially Canada, since the nuclear missiles will mostly likely detonate over Canada are at risk because of the madman in the North. The South Korean's president way of repaying the sacrifice of the North Americans is to now collaborate with a despot nation that runs concentration camps and torture prisons.
  4. What a silly story. They are not destitute, and most certainly have money. The tip offs are; - The teeth. They don't have English teeth. That took some money to do. - They are employed, albeit as teachers, but still they have jobs and certainly would not have gone on a trip without appropriate financial resources. I get it that they have been hurt by the fire, but everyday in the UK people suffer fire losses. In Thailand, there is a tragedy an hour, and yet here they are asking for a handout. best of luck and to those who wish to contribute, ok.
  5. The apple may not have fallen far from the tree.
  6. Carnal relations??

    It's BS perpetuated by an angry ex spouse of Richard Pryor.
  7. Whoa. Stop and think it over. I almost missed it. The ambulance was taking a sick person home from Pathum Thani Hospital And the ambulance had its siren and lights on. Since when is a home transport drive a critical care transport? Sirens and lights are used when it is a critical case, not for taxi services. This is part of the reason why Thais don't pay attention. Thailand is a country where people love their uniforms, love to blow whistles, love their emergency lights and absolutely love their sirens.
  8. van from Hua Hin to pattaya...

    LOL. No one picks a van because they "want" to. It is because they have to. Thailand is a country where the majority of the population are economically have nots. It's like sangthaews, tuk tuks and taxis. In Hua Hin, many people will take a crowded grimy sangthaew because it is 10 baht, while others who don't mind the 150 baht fare will take a tuk tuk to cover the same distance.
  9. Never thought it would come to this

    Nonsense. Hua Hin has completely different demographics. The quality and type of services reflect that demographic. Old Euro families? What does that mean? Palm Beach & San Diego USA, the South of France, Sardinia, Whistler, BC all attract their version of upscale "old" people too. However, there are also large numbers of young people. The difference is that the young people skew to an educated, middle class to wealthy demographic. Hua Hin is for people who have better things to do than to sit in filthy cheap bars/whore houses. In HH, aside from the very small tourist ghetto, if one goes out for a drink, it typically will be in a place with some ambiance and where the staff are not sex trade workers. Yes there are old farangs, but they are active and often in great physical shape. That's why they come with someone or have families. They don't need to go the hooker route of Pattaya. You consider Hua Hin boring. Well, there is plenty of excitement and action to be had. It seems your idea of fun and excitement differs from those of us who are active and lead healthy stable lives. Hua Hin is for active people. The beach is relatively empty so it is ideal for running or walking. There isn't a whore on every corner and no transvestites/transexuals harassing anyone. Best of all, the socio-ethnic demographic of foreigners is conducive to a pleasant environment.
  10. van from Hua Hin to pattaya...

    I have been on the ferry during choppy weather and it runs just fine. If too rough, it does not sail. And there most definitely is a robust S&R capability for the route. It's a short route with heavy traffic from commercial freighters and there is a static position of Thai naval vessels in the gulf. Also, they have a drill every year for rapid response. This is last year's drill. https://www.royalferrygroup.com/page_bx.php?cid=5&cname=&cno=128&cno2=&show= As I type there are 4 tankers, and 5 commercial vessels sprinkled on the sea in proximity to the route. 2 Thai naval patrol vessels are near the route. You can't have better coverage than this. A ship could easily be on scene within 15 - 30 minutes.
  11. Tourist’s mermaid pose incites wrath over coral damage

    And you know how they died? Coral in that quantity does not just wash up on a beach. It was harvested. Perhaps some was dead,. However, with the large quantity seized it is more than likely that the Russian or an accomplice physically removed it from a reef.
  12. Tourist’s mermaid pose incites wrath over coral damage

    Big difference. One involved touching without direct damage. The other involved removing the coral from a protected zone. Your logic would hold that if one sits on your vehicle, it is as serious as someone who pulls off your car door and takes it away.
  13. van from Hua Hin to pattaya...

    Faster & much, much safer. One must not put much value on one's life to pick a mini van over the ferry option.It's 1200 baht to take the boat.
  14. ATM fraud near Holiday Inn

    There are a few banks who allow 30,000. Thai Military bank (TMB) is one of them. This is the most valuable method. I do the same with both SMS and email. It's free and works like a charm. I set mine to advise for withdrawals in excess of 2000 baht.
  15. Stomach "flu" and fainting

    Let's back up. A proton pump inhibitor is well tolerated when used as prescribed. They were never intended for long term use. They are to be used when there is a risk of GI bleeding associated with other medications, or when there is a need to recover from ulcers or physical damage caused by acid reflux. For example the yellow pill pantoloc (pantoprazole) is the drug of choice for heart patients who have been put on a blood thinner with aspirin because they are the only PPI that doesn't interfere with the drug and has the fewest adverse reactions. PPI drugs behave differently and have different adverse reactions, because they have different active ingredients. For example, Prilosec is a PPI but interferes with Plavix increasing the risk of a negative outcome. This then brings us back to PPIs and the intended use. They work best when used for short term. This is separate from the fainting. Let's now turn to the fainting. It happens when the blood pressure drops. Some people have low blood pressure. If they take certain drugs, this can exacerbate the condition. ACE inhibitors and beta blockers are common contributing factors. The first step is to review any and all medications. Some PPIs when taken with another drug can cause a low blood pressure crisis. If one is just using a PPI and has fainting episodes, then there is a bigger issue at work. I suggest that the OP take a reading of BP 4 X a day for the next week to see what the range in BP is. If there is BP issue, it will show up. This is something that needs to be done before visiting the doctor, because the physician will only see the BP at one point in time. Bring the data pool when seeing the physician. There are any number of physical reasons for a fainting spell such as an irregular heart beat, or heart disease, or a thyroid hormone imbalance. Only a thorough exam can determine that. However, inventory your drugs, and do your BP monitoring. I can't emphasize it enough, people use medications and don't realize that they can interact with each other.