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  1. Much of it was self inflicted. You forget that Stalin had no problem sending over unarmed conscripts in waves. He was also given to the wholesale slaughter of units that he considered disloyal.
  2. I stopped as soon as I saw Pakistan listed. Yes, the Pakistani military distinguished themselves by providing a safe haven for Osama Bin laden. Anyway, I nominate the Thai Visa Forum mods aka Bear Force One
  3. Because the western and NE Asia tourists who visited during the period of 1985-2005 were the demographic everyone covets; On a per person, they spent more in today's baht and used individual local services than the common visitor of today. Those visitors had money and they spent it. No one purchased Leo from a 7-11 and drank it in his room. During that era, there were no Sizzlers, Wine Connections, MK, Subway, Starbuck chains. Instead there were local restaurants and bars. where visitors spent their money. This meant that the money stayed locally. Before the corrupt thugs took over the tuk tuk industry in places like Phuket, visitors used the tuk tuks heavily and the local drivers charging fair prices made a decent living. Thailand's tourism geniuses peed all over the demographic that gave the big profits. Now Thailand chases after visitors from a regions that consider Thais to be infidels and not worthy of respect, or a nation to be exploited and used as a public toilet or another place to foul and soil. TaT thought its savior was to be in the form of the gangsters from Russia. How wrong they were, even if they took sanction circumvention to a new level. Now they can kiss the feet of the middle easterners, the Chinese and the Indians. Good for them. They earned it.
  4. Pathetic fail at sarcasm. The laws in place to protect civil rights and privacy in the USA and UK are strong and are enforced. Despite what you might think, a police agency can not access private data as easily as the manner proposed for Thailand. The judiciary is independent and is not cowed or intimidated by the military. Neither the US, nor UK military interferes in domestic affairs and in both countries the military is subject to transparent civilian oversight. If I am harmed by a police officer or the government, I have a right of recourse. I have far more confidence in the judicial system, the military and the law enforcement of these two countries than I do in the shakedown boys who hang out under the walkway in front of Market Village , Hua Hin at the end of every month collecting money. are
  5. the military court rejected police request for an arrest warrant against him. The clearest, most specific reason why people who believe in the rule of law and justice are opposed to military rule.
  6. Why comment if you don't have all the facts, let alone read? The 62 year old man was wearing a life jacket. I will not be surprised if the man suffered a stroke or heart attack or burst aneurysm. People who smoke, or who have pre-existing chronic illness die suddenly. Stop blaming Thailand because sick people die.
  7. How about no helmet and dressed inappropriately again?
  8. You are delusional if you believe this is a viable investment. You might as well spend the money on booze and hookers for the ROI you will get. The return on "investment" for the street vendor is enough to provide a subsistence type of living. There is not enough to pay the interest on additional financing. Typically, street vendor territories are controlled by the local organized crime syndicates. If the vendor is unable to raise the money from family, these syndicates provide the financing as they make for an ideal opportunity to launder money obtained from other activities such as the sale of drugs or the proceeds of gambling. No, not all street vendors are part of the crime rings, but one is going into turf where one is not welcome. There is already a facility in place
  9. Because you are a hansum man? Or, more likely, your left nut fell out of your speedo...............
  10. No. Not within his "rights". Putting aside the morality of the issue and the fact that Australia has human rights laws that forbid a commercial establishment from discriminating based upon race, gender etc., the retailer has VIOLATED many of his suppliers' supply agreements. You are obviously unaware, but the major manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products typically have a code of conduct that says that they will not knowingly supply to organizations which violate the law and/or that violate basic human rights. In simple language, the companies which provide the soap or bread or coffee or canned fish to put on the store's shelves do not wish to transact with stores which discriminate based upon race, complexion, creed, religion etc. It is bad for their brand image.
  11. In Hua Hin, go to the ferry on the day of travel. (When I checked a couple weeks ago, the woman said 3 hours, but that is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of saving time). Off season, there are seats. During holidays and high season you need to get there early. it is unfortunate that the ferry cannot offer a proper website booking facility and this will eventually cost the ferry passengers. people want certainty and do not want to play rtravel roulette. Avoid use of the minivans. The news is filled with crashes and fatalities, and that's just what gets reported. Minivans are the kiss of death.
  12. No it does not. Thailand attracts males who are predisposed to early death. Consider the demographics of many of these alleged suspicious deaths; - A history of smoking, alcohol and recreational drug use. - Pre-existing medical conditions such as heart disease, renal failure, pulmonary disease etc. - Pre-existing mental illness - Predisposition to dangerous behaviours such as criminality (e.g. drunk driving, fighting) Thailand is a location that attracts people who occupy the population segment that is already at a high risk of an early death. If these people remained in their home countries, they would be reflected in the suicide and death by misadventure stats there. In plain language don't blame Thailand because some guy with blocked arteries has a heart attack at the beach, or an alcoholic finally succumbs to cirrhosis, or a violent foreigner who lived on the edge of society pushed it too far, or a mentally ill man jumps off a balcony etc. There are indeed some cases where foreigners are murdered, however, the vast majority, the overwhelming number of foreign deaths are due to the behaviour and the lifestyle of the foreigner. How many times must it be said that foreigners should not rent jet skis, bungee jump, parasail at the beach or rent motorbikes if they have no driving experience on a motorbike or in the developing world? And yet they do. These people must take responsibility for their own stupidity. It is easier to stay alive in Thailand if one uses common sense and acts responsibly. Behave like a clueless adolescent and you get splattered.
  13. No. This explains in large part why we are where we are and you are where you are in life. It's called common sense and intelligent thinking. A male of 37 years of age is not a young man. He is a grown adult. Your excuse, might pass for a young man aged 15-22, but not for a grown adult age 37.
  14. I doubt any songtaew driver is complaining. I don't know what the prices are in CNX, but in Hua Hin its 10 baht a ride before 7 pm and 15 baht after 7 pm. This is hardly in the same league as Uber.
  15. In the time honoured tradition of boxing, an inexperienced boxer was sent into the ring. He lost and the Japanese boxer got to add another win to his record, making him more attractive to a promoter. Instead of of an empty gesture against the Thai boxer, why not go after the promoter who knew that the kid was not qualified to fight. That poor kid is going to suffer brain damage if he keeps being used as dive fodder.