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  1. It is very, very dangerous to get to the airport or even to the BKK airport bus station now. Ideally they build an overpass or have stop lights installed at some point. I needed a bus ticket, and my friend drove me out there on the back of his motorbike. Scary. Then when I took my taxi to the depot, I nearly soiled myself as a big truck bore down on us. You did not mention the current air traffic, so obviously you are nowhere near any flight path. The airport has traffic now and there is a flight school. Also, the Royal Palace and several military installations are in close proximity. One can see the helicopters flying over HH from time to time. The HH runway goes in the direction of ocean to the golf course, which means that planes will most likely be away from residential areas. I believe that when the runway was built it was done with consideration that there was a royal residence and a wat in close proximity. Anyway, with the new quieter jet engines, it is unlikely you would be disturbed. Well, it's a different rout and more likely to succeed because it is from the FD hub of KUL. Ideally, it could land at DMK first and have pax clear customs/immigration and then pick up some transfer pax. I would gladly fly this route. DMK-HHQ. It would attract alot of Bangkok residents now if it meant avoiding traffic. I'd be in heaven if Hua Hin could get flights to Ubon or Krabi or even Phuket. Total bliss would be a flight to Singapore or Hong Kong. I could see weekend flights from HKG working. 2.5 hour flight and so much better than going to BKK or HKT. Not likely. Look at the demographics of Hua Hin. Mostly middle class and educated. Military and government town.These people are not going to let some tuk tuk thug push them around. Hua Hin is an upscale town without the visible rot of Phuket. The type of shenanigans common to corrupt towns of the southern triangle of corruption are not acceptable to the people of Hua HIn. There are upscale tourist attractions like the Intercontinental, Marriott, and specialty units of Sheraton, Novotel & Hilton. It offers quality retail as per the BluPort to discount retail as per the Hua Hin shopping center. Even the midpriced lodging options are of higher quality than then their peer group on Phuket. Slobs in singlets with barbed wire tats accompanied by bimbos with gigantic fake boobs puffing on ciggies would feel out of place in refined Hua Hin. See above. Hua Hin has its famous noisy passenger trains. Nothing says I love you more than the screech of the whistle of the 2 am diesel express. Not that difficult. A plane could easily be processed by 2-4 agents.
  2. Umm, won't the tides be much low again next month around the 21-23 of August as the new moon starts again? As I recall from grade school there is a relationship between the gravitational forces of the moon combined with those of the sun, with the moon pulling the water.
  3. It is. Because most people at TVF are older men, they may not appreciate how scary child birth is for a kid. This has really bugged me since I first read the story. Poor girl must be overcome with guilt and in bad shape. A mother doesn't toss out a kid like this whether still born or alive, so this must be a dire situation.
  4. I disagree. Both had a place to stash their valuables. Think of Oscar Wilde when you think of an Englishman in Pattaya.
  5. If you consider out of control rats, cockroaches by the millions, trash and stench, you can have that charm. Ok. And some men do not contract HIV after they engage in unprotected anal intercourse. It doesn't mean that it is not a dangerous activity. Myth 1: The street vendors are all poor. Realty check: No. Some of the prime locations had significant turnover. It's much like the masseurs and sales touts who worked the beaches of Patong. Westerners assumed they were impoverished folk. It turned out that the kingpins were making tens of thousands of baht a week in high season. The BKK street vendors are paying "rent" to untouchable gangsters.Removing these vendors puts a dent in the gangsters' income. The vendors are drawing on a lot of municipal services and not paying for it. They illegally tap into power lines, and in some places cut into water pipes contaminating the line and not paying for water taken. They dump their waste without covering any of the costs of the sewage and trash pickup. The BMA tried to organize the vendors and license them over the years. The vendors refused.. If there is a slant and drainage, it is the new vendor locations that the BMA wanted to set up years ago but was stopped from doing so. I think his point is that in BKK there are restaurants operating 24/7. The other option is that your delicate flower could learn to boil water to make her noodles.
  6. How about considering that there is a legitimate reason for all of this? -Is your equipment clean and not foul smelling? No warts, chancres, odd growths etc? - Do you have bad breath or poor hygiene. Be honest. That';'s for you to verify. - Is she ok? Sometimes intercourse is painful for women with conditions. - Not everyone likes to engage in oral sex. Michael Douglas learnt the hard way of the risks involved. - Maybe she has stress. If it's something else, you may wish to consider a new domestic partner.
  7. We don't that yet. Teenagers can panic. Of course it could be violence. Whatever the cause, the mother is in need of urgent psychological and medical assistance.
  8. Not as easy as that :) The float test isn't very reliable and is one of the sneaky 7 lung checks. If they were quick to offer a 4 day aging, this suggests this was a live birth. Rot usually sets in prior to delivery on a still born. You will see it with the deterioration of tissue connectivity. One has to be very careful when handling these specimens as a limb can easily be pulled off, or the skin torn. Sometimes the child can die as a result of the birth, especially if it is a difficult delivery. The head can be crushed or the child delivered in the wrong position such that it literally is strangled. The female who delivered this child must be in a terrible state and is most likely in need of medical assistance. I hope that she wasn't one of the local sex workers who was beaten by a pimp or a customer causing the loss of life.
  9. Wow, you really are naive. The Pornography kings of SE Asia use harmless looking women to set up and lure people. These innocent Chinese people may not be so innocent, but are instead selling pictures of children to perverts. I suggest you read up on who and what is involved in this very lucrative niche. I suppose you don't believe their are men who walk about with cameras who take pictures up women's dresses. 2 have been caught on the BTS in the past year.
  10. just like drug users and whores operate in some areas and leave their garbage behind. Have you considered that the people running legal businesses in the area were being cheated and that the quality of life of the locals was destroyed because of the noise and mess and congestion from these illegal vendors? Farang knows better. Farang wear big amulet and wai to tuk tuk driver. farang more thai than Thai. Farang say very important have illegal filthy vendor who not pay tax and put burden on municipal services because farang want to eat mystery meat sausage and have heart attack by age 70. Those diners left a mess on the beach. No one would have said anything if they didn't leave their broken glass beer bottles, food leftovers, syringes, cigarette butts, used condoms behind. No big loss. It's time for Samui to go a bit more upscale. the junketeers can go back to the Gold Coast or try out the water world in Luton, or have their kabobs in Malmo. When the heart is diseased, one has no other choice but to go with drastic invasive surgery. The vendors were asked to behave responsibly to put garbage in bins, not to dump oil and and to follow the health and safety regulations. They chose not to . This is their doing. Good riddance. Indeed. Obviously someone is not a selfish prat. I would have used a tank to crush the vendor stalls and fined the customers 1000 baht for littering. Could have easily made 250,000 baht a day on fines.
  11. They have to make up for the ones who are killed every day due to their state of being.
  12. No I don't know if the dog attacked 5 times. What I do know is that the information is being massaged and emotions stoked. Get the facts straight first. The information like all other incendiary stories is not verified. You are being played for a sap.
  13. And what if this little agent was attacking the dog, throwing rocks and poking him? Do you know otherwise, or will you just accept the report as is? Do you accept other news as reported, knowing that facts are altered and it's never anyone's fault? Alleged attacks. How do you know it was 5? Why are you so quick to accept the report as truthful? Perhaps after they are done shooting ignorant foreigners who are proponents of violence? You don't know if the story is accurate do you? Ever seen how these angelic Thai kids torture animals? Why? When a foreigner has a car crash with a Thai and the Thai is responsible for the crash but demands compensation, all of the TVF regulars hop on the condemnation train. How do you know this boy wasn't trying to harm the dog? How do you know what the other 5 events were? You don't. I have seen enough to know 2 things; - Thai rural kids can be wickedly cruel and selfish - Some Thais are prone to lying and blaming anyone and everyone else other than themselves when something goes wrong. Probably because one of the impoverished hand to mouth TVFers might salvage it and eat it? Or more likely, because people are not irresponsible idiots who throw poison about, not knowing what the impact will be. This thread is testimony to the ignorance and stupidity of so many foreigners. They will question stories in the media, they will make up obtuse stories to rationalize their dalliances with whores, and they will come up with convoluted claims about conspiracies, and they will eagerly accept a questionable story at face value. No evidence to substantiate the claim of the magical dog flying over a fence, or to corroborate an alleged 5 prior events. Dogs will bite when they are threatened. I know that when Thai kids torment the dogs they are often bitten and many Thais like so many farangs love to kick dogs, especially sick, and injured dogs.
  14. Hello. It was Thailand. we all know how the locals and some foreigners react to this type of event. They don't stick around because they do not wish to take responsibility. It's part of the blaming of someone else or something else behavior pattern.