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  1. Your spin on things is not honest. Farmers have always taken out loans to PLANT crops. This has been the cause of so much grief for the nation's poor and disenfranchised farming class. They take on debt that they cannot service, and it turns them into indentured servants. It is especially bad in Ubon where only one rice planting now takes place. The crisis with the farmers has been getting worse over the past 50 years and reached it's worst state during the Abhisit era. I'm not blaming him for that as the "seeds" were planted decades before when the military junta of that era screwed things up. Do you remember when the Yingluck government was catching flak for farmers' suicides? Have you noticed that these suicides are no longer reported by the media? It's not allowed. What do you think the suicide rate among the farmers is now? The rain is helpful. Ok. It has always been that way in rainy season. The sun is helpful too. Should the military be given credit for the days when the sun shines? Unfortunately, you seem oblivious to the fact that Thailand had its worst drought in recent history last year. Precipitation is closer to normal this year, but this doesn't mean all is well. It takes time for he water table to recover. It takes time for reservoirs to fill up. The situation is not helped by the fact that the countries upstream of Thailand are screwing with the river systems. Too much is being diverted. I have visited the "real" Thailand. Are you aware that parts are still subject to military imposed curfews? STop and search occurs without any respect to fundamental human rights. In case you missed it, Thailand's current approach to arresting people and condemning them to lengthy prison sentences on a certain law was taken to task this week and roundly criticized.
  2. One factor not mentioned is that the shipping lane may not have been as "wide" as we think. There are issues such as depth and topography not shown on the maps. I believe the "overtaking" suggestion. Inexperienced junior USN officer on the bridge at that hour, with a cargo ship with minimal personnel on deck, perhaps on auto pilot. I was recently on board one of these big ships and was surprised that everything on the bridge is automated. They don't even have navigation stations with maps and someone who plots a course. It's all done by computer. It saves the cargo carriers alot of money as the position is eliminated. The ship bridge can operate with 1 to 3 people now, even the big ones.
  3. There is another side to the story, one which you are unwilling to accept. Many of the people whinging about their medical care do not wish to acknowledge that the illness or injury is not attributable to their actual military service. Or, that their injuries are not critical care issues. Are all of your injuries actually due to campaign service, i.e. suffered while in action? If the injuries were not a direct result of military service, but are instead a result of lifestyle, or old age etc., then the nation has no greater moral duty of care than that which it provides for other citizens.. Sorry if you disagree. One of the problems the US VA hospital system has is that it is gummed up by people who served but who do not have military service related medical issues. There are Vietnam war draftees who never saw action, making their demands, which deny care to the people who were actually injured or exposed to poisons who need the care most. One doesn't see the same degree of entitlement assumptions from veterans of combat that followed. It's a taboo subject in the USA and some people will blow up over it. Oddly enough, combat veterans whether it is the USA or Australia or Canada will usually say, give priority to the injured people first and that they'll wait if need be. The Canadian government closed its veterans hospitals years ago and transferred medical care to the provinces. Veterans line up with civilians for medical care. It's actually better for them for the simple reason that cutting edge and up to date medical care is more readily available at teaching hospitals in the public sector. There are enhanced mental health care programs paid for by the veterans ministry because provincial medicare doesn't cover it. If one is seriously ill the public health care systems in the west will respond and give priority to those in need of immediate care. The NHS has its deficiencies, but it is still an excellent system and provides one of the broadest forms of coverage in the world.
  4. You are delusional. It is rare that an older male is a "catch". Very rare. Celebrity, wealth, personality, physique et al, are all key attractants, but the reality is that the overwhelming majority of older Farang males in Thailand have none of the aforementioned characteristics. The wise man knows this and acts accordingly. When some woman or man hits on me at one of the Bangkok malls, or in a bar it's not because I am awesome. I notice that no one ever makes a pass at me in the Royal Orchid lounge at Swampy or on the BTS. A gay waiter once smiled at me at a high end restaurant , but that was most likely because I had spilled red curry down the front of my white shirt. There is a big, big difference between a 40 year old lady who takes up with a 70 year old man, and a 20 year old who takes up with a 50 year old. As for your comment that Thai women age slowly, nope. It usually hits them hard in their 30's. Skin issues and loss of connective tissue tone. Look closely at a woman not wearing cosmetics.
  5. I am surprised no one has attempted the "he was murdered" comment. Tossed as punishment for allegedly stealing. Is it because he is Thai and not worthy of a conspiracy claim as we see for farangs? The point being, is that often these horrible tragedies are just that, a tragedy.. A kid lost face when caught stealing and who had no way of repaying the money or in showing his face in school again after being publicly humiliated and having disgraced his family.
  6. Very bad comparison. Bigly bad. Hugely bad. Las Vegas can in no way be compared to Pattaya because; 1. The primary business focus of Las Vegas is gambling. The changes you speak of, were a return to gambling, which was much more profitable for business owners and the state. The ROI from gambling is significantly greater and more efficient than the business model of the Pattaya beer bars and go go clubs. Pattaya does not have a regulated gaming industry, except for the head games played by hookers and johns alike. 2. Las Vegas is a heavily regulated operation where liquor codes, fire & safety regulations etc. are strictly enforced. You cannot get a gambling license unless you go through an extensive review . Anyone in Pattaya can open a beer bar brothel. Yes there is corruption with municipal and state personnel in Las Vegas, but it is contained and when people are caught they pay a high price. In Pattaya, the sex trade and its associated money laundering and drug trafficking activities poison everything they touch. No one important goes to prison in Pattaya and the corruption and crime is a way of life for far too many people. 3. Minors work in jobs they should not in both Pattaya and Las Vegas. The difference is that in Las Vegas, people make an effort to stop it. All socially responsible people should support the efforts of the Thai governement to contain and manage these loosely regulated business which prosper through the exploitation of vulnerable people.
  7. Although not the intent, it unfortunately is in some respects. The purchasing options for consumer items isn't viable. They should cut a supply deal with Amazon for the consumer items and let Amazon handle sales & logistics. Everyone loves Thai food and Thai edibles. (I do so therefore it must be ) Make it easy to get quality Thai products and the stuff will jump off the shelves.
  8. Less friendly for sex tourists, but more friendly for families and respectable people.
  9. Boo hoo. Long time coming. The crackdown will probably prevent a few people from contracting HIV and Hepatitis and keep a few people from sexploitation. However, the reality is that this crackdown will go away in a week or so, just like the crackdown did in Patong and in Bangkok etc. The bars will be back in action within a few weeks.
  10. Transported to care by long tail boat. That in itself was punishment enough. It's a bouncy ride even in good weather and she would have felt every bump along the way.
  11. His friends do not know what they saw. The untrained easily confuse discolouration due to tissue decomposition// blood pooling/ hypostatsis/ capillo venous distention/ etc. with bruising. It is normal to find a relatively fresh corpse with what looks like fresh bruises with visible splotches of red, blue, lavender and purple. So no, an idiot cannot determine from looking at a corpse if the cause of death was because someone was beaten up. When you have actually seen a few corpses you will understand my point.
  12. Every patient is unique. This is because each patient presents with specific underlying medical conditions and characteristics of enlargement. An enlargement might be similar in two patients, but the treatment very different. An aggressive surgical approach is not appropriate for elderly frail patients. A surgical method which has a higher rate of success, but a greater likelihood of impotence adverse reaction may be worth considering in a 70 year old who doesn't have much need for intercourse. It is most likely inappropriate for a 50 year old with a robust sex life. A chemotherapy regimen which might be appropriate for an otherwise healthy patient could kill a patient with heart disease and a history of MI. In the absence of a complete medical history and lifestyle review, there is absolutely no point in asking for the "best" treatment approach because there isn't one treatment that is best for everyone. The best approach is to find a competent urologist with experience in treating the condition. Ideally, the specialist should be affiliated with a teaching hospital so that the most update to date procedures available are accessible.
  13. I know what I read. Please post the references that you cite. Show that I am incorrect by putting up the medical examiner's excerpt that supports your position. Your claims as to the drug use are neither credible, nor plausible. You claim the deceased had "Ritalin" in his blood. Ritalin is a brand name for Methylphenidate. It is impossible to know if it was Ritalin anymore than it is possible to differentiate between Tylenol and acetaminophen since they are the same drug,. Tylenol is a branded version of acetaminophen. You claim the deceased had "trace" levels of the drug because he had used the drug "several days" previously. Where did the deceased get his drugs? You state that the man had consumed the drug previously, for "fun". Obviously it was purchased from a drug trafficker without any regard for dosage, or purity. The properly formulated drug has an average half life of approximately 3 1/2 hours. If the deceased had access to the slow release version, it would have been metabolized after 8 hours. However, here is another deficiency in your reasoning: The slow release is not much use for recreational release because one wants the quick hit. Crushing or grinding the slow release version defeats the slow formulation. The common method of abuse is snorting and this is done to give the quick high. You claim the deceased had used the drug several days prior. Know what? It would not have been identified in the stomach fluids or blood had that been the case since the drug is metabolized after two days. How do you know he had not taken the drug hours prior to his incident? The deceased was impaired. You may not think he was but cognitive abilities and reflexes are seriously impaired at the blood alcohol level he had. The man would easily have bene stumbling about and slurring his words. You state that he had been partying and had consumed the drug previously. It is then quite likely that the man was also tired. Fatigue + illegal drugs + alcohol = increased potential for injury or death. it was an unfortunate sad event, especially since he was so young. The fact that the island is corrupt and that crime syndicates run the island does not change the fact that the deceased was impaired at the time of his death. A conclusion of death by misadventure is supported by the facts which you have acknowledged.
  14. Unless one is a trucker or bus driver, one is not going to be doing a drive like that at 10 PM. The typical gainfully employed person is going to be on the road during the day and perhaps early evening. That's why there are rush hours. It's wonderful that you drive at 20 to 40 kmh above the legal speed limit. We don't. Our drivers are obliged to respect the law.
  15. I understood his point and what he was trying to say. I also understand your point and I'd be a liar if I said that I wasn't out some nights into the wee hours when I was in my 20's. However, there comes a point when bones starts to creak and crack and you can't roll out of bed like you used to. I was in a junior position back then with zero authority and zero power. I also made a fraction of what I do now. (Oh how it hurts - I finally get to the point where I can be a big shot, but I would much rather be at home in bed.) The fact of the matter is that the people who are at a place like Royal City late at night midweek are almost always nobodies who occupy low level positions like shop clerks, waiters, rent boys & girls, tourists and useless kids showing off. Sales agents might go if they are entertaining a moocher client. However, for the most part, most gainfully employed people are at home snug in bed. Do you thing the young physicians who work at the top hospitals in Bangkok clubbing about? How about the up and coming CPAs, lawyers , architects, engineers, or bankers? People who run their own business, whether it is as a tradesman or entrepreneur are not out at a dance club unless it's to get paid for a job because they will be up at 06:00 and off to work. In respect to RCA and your hundred of chicks, who do you think you are fooling? If they are not university students or fluff heads, they are indeed hookers looking for some easy luchre. No one intelligent is going to hang around Onyx and damage his/her hearing. The decibel level is at hearing loss levels. Every responsible adult knows how dangerous the bars and nightclubs of Bangkok are. Locked exits, blocked stairwells, no sprinklers or fire protection. Many people learnt from the 2009 Santika tragedy.