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  1. Musical play to celebrate Thai World War II hero

    I forced myself to visit earlier this year and took the rail line right to the end and was about to make the journey to the concentration/POW camp memorials but turned around and went back as I was so disgusted by the crass commercialization at the train depot. The idea of people whooping it up along the way was a betrayal of common decency. The train line is now an affront to the victims of the japanese atrocities. The Poles don't allow souvenir and touts at Auschwitz etc., but it seems that in Thailand it's ok to turn this slave labour tragedy into a profit making enterprise. Now Thailand wishes to try and reinvent its history and make out that it was heroic despite the fact that Thailand was an active collaborator and aided and abetted the Japanese atrocities. Now, a glorified soap opera musical will erase the stain of aligning with murderers and cruel savages. If the Thais had any common sense, they would not pursue the issue in any direction except to examine why the nation collaborated and undertook to profit from an alliance with one of the most evil of despot military dictatorships of the last century. The profits of the musical, and of the merchants associated with the death railway are built upon the tortured, starved, beaten and mangled remains of foreigners who gave their lives with the result that Thailand would be liberated from Japanese control. Thailand has never expressed gratitude for the sacrifice of allied personnel. sacrifice is not even addressed in the history taught in Thailand's schools. And yes, this is a sore point for me.
  2. Learning To Avoid Confrontation with Stray Dogs

    Are you aware that it is illegal for you, a foreigner, to carry or use a Taser in Thailand? It is a restricted weapon. You won't be so cocky when you are sitting in a detention center waiting on the family to come up with the money to avoid jail time.
  3. Space junk fell in Ubon

    Why anyone would want unknown foreign objects that may be radioactive and which have been exposed to "space" is puzzling. Andromeda Strain. Learn it. Live it.
  4. Perhaps the results have already been determined. After all, we have been repeatedly assured that there is no risk of pollution.
  5. For reference sake, teeth brushing and the use of listerine mouth wash will not protect you from the transmission of the following; - Parasites including protozoa, worms and insect pests such as lice. Ringworm is becoming more common. - STIs such as HPV aka warts & herpes. (condoms are not effective as the diseases are found outside immediate genitalia protected by a condom. - Staphylococcus aureus skin infections which are deadly. (Often seen with athletic participants such as wrestlers, the Staph A infection is found where ever there is flesh on flesh contact and where hot sweaty flesh and abrasions are present.) - Tuberculosis (it's making a come back and is more difficult than ever to treat.) Don't make the false assumption that you are safe. You are not. Thailand and SE Asia is one big reservoir of deadly disease, waiting for an opportunity to colonize your body and devour you.
  6. Dr good with bad backs

    Witch doctor, perhaps. Chiropractors and "new age" voodoo practitioners do more damage than good. A patient leaves the visit high on a placebo effect,, feeling "cured" in large part because the mind has tricked the body into believing the ailment has been "treated". The reality is that if the cause of the pain is due to tissue damage or another physical ailment, the patient will return, usually in worse shape. Twisting the spine and cracking joints are not effective treatments. If one has serious back pain, the place to start is with the GP who will do a proper physical and check motor reflexes and look to see if there is physical cause. Often there can be wear and tear or a growth or other damage. Next up is a physiotherapist. These are the people who bring movement and dexterity back to those who have lost it. Chiropractors offer get fixed quick solutions. A twist here, a crack there and voila you are ok. The physiotherapist says, you have to work and exercise and experience some pain on the road to wellness. The physiotherapist knows your anatomy and is an integral part of the general health solution. they can rehabilitate the injured soft tissue and have delivered more effective solutions than all the charlatans calling themselves "Dr." have ever done. Chiropractors are not medical doctors and their insistence on calling themselves "doctor" is an insult to those who are health professionals. Part of the wellness effort is a movement specialist, a Kinesiologist. These are the people who save patients lives by bringing back exercise and proper stretching activities. They come up with the programs designed for the patient to strengthen the back muscles. They work seamlessly with the physician and physiotherapist. Chiropractor activity should have been outlawed decades ago.
  7. His arms are ready to explode as demonstrated by the stretch marks. when they do it will be like the draining of a massive pimple. He is literally a fire hazard at that point.
  8. Frenchman killed in a road accident in Cha-am

    That is because the deceased was on a motorbike and the automobile hit the motorbike. This caused the deceased to be thrown onto the pavement, whereupon he was run over and became wedged between the road surface and vehicle undercarriage. The deceased was then dragged by the vehicle resulting in the reduction of the body through multiple contusions and compression fractures.
  9. In fairness, these were not real full time monks. They are the revolving door type. Perhaps it would serve everyone's best interests if they gave these "temporary" monks a different colour other than orange to wear and used the term monk candidate, allowing them to be monks only after 2 years of clean and sober life.
  10. Is life in Ubon boring?

    Interesting case, but I don't understand why someone age 35 would move to Ubon, if there was not a bonafide reason to do so like a job or research. OP are you gainfully employed, or do you have a guaranteed income such as an annuity or investments or even an allowance from your parents? I have nothing against Issan or Ubon city, but it is not a hot spot of action. There's the university, multiple military facilities, the relatively new Central, but not much in terms that would compare with a modern advanced civilization. The people are nice and I certainly felt much safer at night walking about. The place goes to bed at 10 pm, and good luck trying to find a taxi after the late night movie ends at the Central cinema.
  11. What does Geldof expect from this woman? She is still a prisoner of the military, albeit living in a gilded cage. She isn't responsible for the violence. The responsibility lies with the army who still rule Burma/Myanmar. She's on a short leash and if she misbehaves the army will take back the small extension of civil liberties already granted.
  12. I don't think it is reasonable to snipe at the project specifics just yet. Based upon what I have seen with the InterContinental and BluPort, I expect that this is a top of the line quality project and it's something that will benefit Hua Hin. This isn't a fly by night developer. Having driven past this project over the past few years, the size and scale was something to behold. As far as construction sites in Thailand go with an impact on local traffic, this one was one of the better managed. Unfortunately, the finished project may be too advanced for the municipality and the city really needs to get its house in order to service and support a quality development like this. As mentioned, the amount of traffic and the ingress and egress to the location will be a nightmare come high season. It expect we will see a situation similar to Orchard in Singapore at rush hour, or Collins Avenue in Miami Beach during Florida's high tourism season. The key difference being that there will be no traffic lights, police presence, or traffic smoothing features in Hua Hin. As it is, traffic along the main drag is terrible and poorly managed. Just how are all of the visitors going to get to Hua Hin? There is no direct air link. The train connection is a farce with filthy out of date equipment and an inconvenient schedule. The bus connection is a deterrent with the move of the bus depot to the city outskirts. However, the main concern for me is the fire protection. The city does not have modern equipment such that it can control a large fire at a high rise. The water pressure in the vicinity is not the best. If the hotel is a Holiday Inn then it should have life safety standards up to the same quality level as sister brand InterContinental with sprinklers, smoke and heat detectors, fire extinguishers etc. None of that good stuff helps if the staff are not trained and there is inadequate water supply. Perhaps there is a plan to divert water from the water park in the event of an emergency.
  13. Not everyone is smitten with the ladyboys of Walking street. Two things I take away form this; 1. Head wounds produce a lot of blood giving a lovely dramatic flair to the event. 2, Algerian man should take this as a lesson not to succumb to the western ways of wanton lust and the consumption of alcohol.
  14. You make the false assumption he was shaming Thais. On the contrary, much of that trash is from tourists. The beach where Pierre was is a foreign tourist destination. Look at the popular tourists beaches in Thailand such as on Phuket especially Patong, Katha and Karon. In Hua Hin, the tourists leave a trail of filth on the beach from the the main entry all the way down to Khao Takaib.
  15. Looking at the distance of the ring from the glans, it seems that someone had a preference for a circumcised penis. That's sure to upset the wackos obsessed with the topic. I anticipate someone will be along to complain of mental trauma due to the design. I question the sculptor's skills though. A crafts person would have carved an intricate vagina. It's sexist to not have considered women's genitalia. And what about those who are transgender and have bits and pieces of both?