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  1. Why not be more specific? Instead of a cryptic comment, why not be more transparent and honest. Are you trying to say that supporters of a political faction are implicated? The current military government has been in charge since 2014. In those 3 years, the military has had absolute control with a defacto suspension of habeas corpus. If a known criminal has remained free, it is because government officials have allowed him to remain free.
  2. Good grief. A boilerplate document that is cheap will cost more in the long run. The intent of a will is to ensure that; 1. Instructions are set out and 2. That the beneficiaries are identified and that the estate assets are disposed of in accordance with the deceased's instructions. 7,000 baht is a low cost basic non complex will. Low cost lawyers offer low costs because they don't have overhead for things such as ; -qualified paralegals and actual members of the bar. - data storage facilities in a secure location with offsite backup Even if one is married, there is no guarantee that everything goes to the wife. With a large enough estate, there are taxes to be paid and tax claims to be handled. The tax department can and will look at at deceased's income and assets to determine if the appropriate taxes were paid when the deceased was alive. Estate settlements can and do become messy in Thailand if there are ex-spouses and children from previous relationships. If there are secured debts such as mortgages and demand loans, these have priority in the settlement of an estate. A spouse can quite literally inherit debt obligations unless the assets are verified to be free of debt obligation. And on and on it goes.
  3. The future of Pattaya? The Future of Thailand?

    Pattaya was lost long ago, much as Patong and most of Koh Samui was lost about 15 years ago. If one wishes to rediscover a taste of old Thailand, there is the Nahkon Si Thammarat coast. If you can ignore the pollution, the plastic, jagged metal, and broken glass on some of the nicest beach areas, it brings back memories of undeveloped Thailand. The downside of course is that it is difficult to find a 7-11 or a Central, and the electrical grid and water supply is as bad as Patong's in dry season. We can lament the demise of once nice spots, but such is life. Just move on or adapt to the change in the environment. I left Phuket and haven't been back in 2 years. I don't regret it either. It's nice to pay on average 25% less and to not get caught in a tourist clip joint. This is the characteristic of all tourist destinations and has played out before in south Florida, and the southern resorts of Spain and France. At least their problems were not pushed along by the bullying, terrorism and sectarian violence now common to tourist destinations in Turkey and North Africa.
  4. Flag of Thailand facts

    If one were to use artistic merit and beauty as opinion makers, then certainly the historical elephant based flags win out. I am not big on flags, but the current naval ensign at least preserves the traditional elephant. I see the 1916 flag as a dignified work of art that conveys so much more than lines of colour typical of national flags. It really stands out and is unique. The old Thai flags were awesome.
  5. They won't care. Thai prisons hold rapists, kiddie diddlers, extortionists, junkies, whores, violent criminals and the mentally ill. And before making the assumption the guy is guilty, why not wait to see the facts of the case. It is not hard to juice up a computer with some garbage. Local computer shop can do it, if the laptop was brought in for servicing etc. He might have a rentboy or rentgirl or wife or ex staying with him who wants to hurt him. I don't know. Do you?
  6. Nothing new. Ever wonder why the bikers are "untouchable"? It's not just the payoffs and bribes they give, but they are an important part of the drug trade. They facilitate the shipment of illegal drugs to their countries and sell to certain foreigners. It is why some local authorities do not wish to interfere with a cash source. The police and the military know who every one of the bike gang members is, where they live, where they hang out. They are untouchable because they are protected. Nothing new. 2nd refrain.
  7. We can do without the infantile propaganda. The USA less at risk of attack by North Korea. It is South Korea and Japan most at risk and who have been attacked, had their nationals kidnapped and seen multiple attempts to murder their leaders. China fears a unified Korea and would prefer to continue the failed strategy of dividing countries. The Chinese saw the economic powerhouse Germany became once it became whole again and the Russian colonial rulers left the country . China wishes to manipulate the regional economy and to maintain its dominance. It's all about China, not the USA.
  8. Coolest middle aged guy in Thailand. Totally rocks it.
  9. One day, Thailand's 5% of the population who control much of the nation's wealth will assume their social obligations and responsibilities. It speaks volumes when foreigners must do what Thailand's elites refuse to do.
  10. The proof is readily available if you were not so lazy. You can check with your homeland MoH or WHO. I appreciate that many people who have the most extreme of views come from marginal backgrounds and an internet forum allows them to adopt a persona far above their actual station in life created by their limited education, laziness and low social status. Sadly, engaging in displaced aggression against homeless dogs speaks to their ignorance and explains why they were repeatedly left out of decision making roles in society and why they are themselves treated like crap by society. For reference sake, the common approach agreed upon by those who make the decisions in society is as follows; Past rabies elimination strategies included the reduction of population density through culling, based on the rationale that rabies transmission is density-dependent with disease density increasing proportional to host density. However studies have shown that culling is an ineffective means of elimination and mass vaccination is most efficacious to reduce disease incidence in all species. The Bangladesh canine rabies elimination program focuses primarily on dog bite management and mass dog vaccination to reduce the incidence of human deaths. Since 2011, dog vaccines have been administered in 58 of the 64 districts, combined with local capacity building and knowledge transfer, resulting in a 50% decrease in human rabies deaths, demonstrating the effectiveness of mass vaccination. WHO 2016 statement This is the summary of public rabies prevention as decided upon by contributing public health agencies that included USA, Japan, EU, Australia, Canada New Zealand, South Africa, Israel and others. Apparently they are all wrong, while you with your non existent knowledge of epidemiology and infectious disease management have all the answers. http://www.who.int/rabies/control/Poster_Global_framework_for_the_elimination_of_dog-mediated_human_rabies.pdf?ua=1
  11. Rabies is quite prevalent in North America.There is a reservoir in the wild. It does not easily spread into the domesticated animal or human population because of vaccination programs.
  12. The pictures are necessary. I kid you not, but past threads on similar events have been dismissed outright by multiple members with excuses such as; - Spare the rod, spoil the child formats; - It probably was nothing - Thai kids deserve beatings. Some people need to see the results of child abuse to get it through their ignorant skulls that inflicting a beating on child is wrong and leaves lasting physical and emotional wounds. This teacher needs to be found and charged with physical assault upon a child and sent to prison if convicted.
  13. And the Pattaya TVF members complain to the mods about my disdain for Pattaya and its visitors/residents. Well, when is the last time a washed up farang did this in Udon? Ubon? Chiang Mai? Krabi? Hua Hin? Pattaya and its demographic: So much to laugh at.
  14. A 15 year old is forced to report for military training and the extent of the reaction is to ridicule the former PM. People are so quick to condemn child soldiers elsewhere, but not a word from the those so quick to heap scorn on the former PM. What part of morally unacceptable and unethical to compel a child into forced military training do some of you not understand? This isn't cadets, nor the scouts: It is military indoctination no different that the Young Pioneers of the former USSR, the Red Guards of the PRC, the recruits of the Khmer Rouge or Hizbollah or various sectarian groups in the Congo. It is wrong. WRONG. What business is it of yours? Why do you busy bodies need to know the family affairs of other people? Why are you so interested in the absence of the boy's father? It's not as if you are going to win any awards for father of the year are you? Here's a tip: leave the affairs of young boys alone. He is a child and if you had any semblance of decency and some cognitive skill you would have instead asked why a CHILD was forced into military training. 15 year old boys should not be indoctrinated into the military, even if it is the tool of opression of your beloved regime. No responsible military member accepts the use of children in service. It is wrong. Despicable and morally repugnant.
  15. Video: Could Hua Hin ever surpass Pattaya's tourist numbers?

    Please no. The absence of the sex tourism as a primary focus is one of the reasons why Hua Hin is the preferred destination of those who go. Many of us do not want the sex trade to dominate the city as it does elsewhere.