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  1. geriatrickid

    Any tips on how to not get sick in Thailand

    Easy and low cost way to prevent most communicable illnesses like a cold; 1. Wash hands regularly. Do it with vigor and for 30 seconds or more. Do not touch public faucets, towels etc. after doing so. 2. Stop touching mouth and nose. Stop rubbing eyes. 3. Stand clear of the hackers, coughers and sneezers. 4. Wai, don't shake hands.
  2. geriatrickid

    American arrested for stabbing Thai wife in Pattaya

    I don't know what the reason was, but stabbing the woman in front of the child?????? That says something. This man just sealed his fate with the boy. Assaulting mom like that is why children hate their fathers.
  3. geriatrickid

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    I didn't read all the posts, because I found the thread unsettling. If not already suggested, consideration should be given to hiring someone to act as night watchman on such occasions. Even if the guy sits in a chair and sleeps, the dog barking would surely wake him into action. 300 baht for a night's work of sleeping is a dream job for someone in Issan.
  4. Because what? You examined the deceased's pupils, and saw his fingernails or did a blood analysis? Highly unlikely it was carbon monoxide if there is no evidence of the exhaust being routed to the vehicle interior. Vehicles are not airtight. Why? We don't know the cause of death or who the deceased was. maybe he was a wonderful person, or maybe he was a mass murderer. I just do not understand how one can be "sad" over an event that has yet to be fully determined or a person of whom there is no information.
  5. geriatrickid

    Travel Insurance for 84 Year Old

    There are multiple options available online. Cost depends upon legal residence, but I see that Allianz prices out for 3 weeks $480-$755 depending on limits selected. One click search. Factually incorrect. Travel insurance is available and the cost reflects the risk being transferred. If the traveler cannot afford the coevrage, then the traveler cannot afford the cost of sickness or injury and should not travel. The insurer does not find any excuse to squirm out of paying. Rather it applies the contract wording. Pre-existing conditions can be covered if the medical illness is stable and meets some common sense conditions. Insurance isn't a lottery.
  6. I wish they wouldn't call these products "drugs". They are chemical concoctions, filled with impurities and undisclosed chemicals and heavy metals. As much as I don't like the BiB, their intervention here has most likely saved a life or two. These idiots at the party might as well eat lead paint chips followed by a chaser of arsenic.
  7. geriatrickid

    Psychiatrist urges kindness for ‘sick’ rocker

    A Bipolar condition has degrees of severity. In the less severe cases, it is a manageable chronic condition through the use of drugs and therapy, with the therapy intended to allow the patient to understand and to help manage his/her condition. The psychiatrist gave an excellent, prudent comment, which unfortunately some of the people here did not comprehend. Patients will often self medicate in an attempt to cope with their symptoms, which only worsens the condition. This poor fellow needs help and I hope he gets it from a professional like Dr Nattakorn Jampathong. A very compassionate, and understanding position.
  8. Before there is a 3 year jail sentence, local authorities actually have to do something, and that isn't going to happen.
  9. Looks like asphalt used to repair the steps. In the heat it softens.
  10. The premise of the article is valid. What people fail to understand is that the days of the hand to mouth pensioner are indeed coming to an end. All it takes is one serious illness and poof, gone. TVF has already had a number of farewells, and others have gone quietly, trying to preserve some dignity in the process. Keep in mind too, that many of the original pension segment have died. Those who remain are for the most part the active, non smoking, relatively healthy group. To be blunt, when I first showed up at Don Muang International, fresh and full of vim and vigor, I can recall all manner of interesting retirees and working expats. Those retirees have died or moved back home for advanced medical care. Expats I first encountered and marveled at, perished in car crashes, or in mysterious circumstances or due to work related injury or through misadventure. Others moved on. Grad students I knew, have grown up kids now. The new western residents are a different type of person.
  11. geriatrickid

    Turkey is a 'target of economic war', Erdogan says

    https://www.sinodefenceforum.com/china-helping-iran-to-upgrade-f-4-phantoms.t6568/ https://thediplomat.com/2017/12/china-iran-to-deepen-military-ties/
  12. geriatrickid

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    I don't wish to derail the important discussion at hand, but in respect to the use of the R, educated and/or polite people will use Krap. Bar workers, the male cleaners and errand boys etc. use kap.
  13. Sometimes what is best for him is also what is best for the child. No child should be in a home where it is not wanted. Wagging your finger and heaping condemnation on the guy doesn't change the conditions at hand. There are potential parent sout there who will do cartwheels for a kid and under the circumstances, the child should be given that opportunity to gow here there will be love and care.
  14. I remember being lectured by several nasty individuals on here that a military takeover was needed to stop corruption.