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  1. Well, regardless of whether the one who stole the phone was a genuine monk or not before the action; he is automatically defeated by committing this parajika offence... and hence no longer a monk.
  2. Not being an ace with regard to "situational awareness" and "procedural knowledge" could be a contributing factor. But the drugs he took (perhaps to compensate for a sense of inadequacy) might have been even more relevant. A recent article in The Independent refers to his case: "On 13 March 2016, French investigators released a report on the case of Andreas Lubitz, the German wings pilot who locked himself into the cockpit of a plane and crashed the plane carrying 150 people into the Alps. When I opened it I felt sick; just nine days before the accident, he was put on exactly the same antidepressant medication that I had been on when I became psychotic and nearly killed my kids. It was clearly stated in the toxicology report – citalopram, mirtazapine and zopiclone sleeping tablets.mentions
  3. No Ireland. I don't know where they have a list of countries where they have servers. But since I use Linux I configure my settings manually, and the list of servers is more than I require... e.g. fully-routed openvpn for Canada (2 servers), Luxembourg (more than 10), France/Germany/Switzerland/Sweden/Netherlands/U.K... many of which have multiple servers. In addition to proxied servers for Canada/Germany/Netherlands and Switzerland. Also surfing/streaming only servers for Italy/Japan/U.K and U.S. ​It might be worth a couple of minutes to send them an email to see if Ireland is a possibility. ​ PS.. after posting this I went to their site. Countries are listed on page named "About Us": ​
  4. ​I've been using BolehVpn for several years now. They are a Malaysian company that punches above their weight-class, often mentioned in "top 5/top 10 best vpn provider"-type articles by Lifehacker, Greycoder etc. They have released a notice regarding a fix (new server) for the BBC IPlayer problem : ​One of the reasons they rate so well on the various lists is that they don't keep logs. Those interested in privacy may also like to know that it is possible to fund an account wish a cash bank deposit in Malaysia. That, coupled with webmail address of ones' choosing provides a good degree of anonymity. ​But the main reason I like to recommend BolehVpn is that, whenever I have had a problem, their support people always come through promptly. Not so common these days to find a service company that knows the importance of customer service.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  5. Why didn't the just set the office furniture on fire?
  6. Friday's Bank Negara mid-rate makes RM 5000 equal to U.S.D. $1337... so that part is close enough.