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  1. to help push this topic to 20,000 views i'm sure you'll all be enthralled to know that it was raining in the night bazaar but now it isnt. nice one.
  2. Posted 2009-09-30 18:52 Rain in Doi Saket not much but rain. in reply to the original post........... it's stopped in night bazaar. 'appen it'll turn out nice yet.
  3. nice one.
  4. 800 replies, 17,000 views! i know some of you lads are from england where you dont know what the weather will be from one minute to the next, but here in thailand its pretty easy. just the three seasons cool season, hot season and rainy season. in the cool season it doesnt rain and its not so hot, the hot season is bloody hot, and the in the rainy season it pisses it down . sorted. subject closed.
  5. Nothing to the north towards Mae Jo either although the wind is pleasant enough... hope it stays dry tomorow. i did my smalls today but i'll be doing a full load tomorrow. nice one
  6. the "no riff raff" enforcer goes to see a band that plays riff raff sorry, no rocky horror songs,but it has been pointed out that i do look abit like richard o'brien