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  1. khastan

    Fishing Park Nong Khai

    Hi Does anybody know if the VS Fishing Park in Nong Khai is still open. Thank's
  2. khastan

    Retirement Extension

    Accepted has does say at the bottom of the form stipulating requirements to obtain said visa "And any other requirements. by the IO." The point I was making was to save people a wasted journey should they not have pictures with them.
  3. I have no idea if this has been covered but Nong Khai now require pictures of you inside, outside and at the front gate of the place you live in to obtain a retirement extension.
  4. khastan

    Retirement Extension

    Okay sorry I misunderstood you.
  5. khastan

    Retirement Extension

    Hi ubonjoe The Marriage extension ends 26th May. Okay thank you. That I did not know, so I should leave the application till has late has possible then. I transferred for marriage extension about two and a half months ago. Bank and proof of residence no problem Thank you
  6. Hi I would be grateful for some advice on the following matter. Due to personal circumstances I now wish to change my current extension for marriage, to one for retirement. I do not have the required 800.00 or the 65000 income , but the funds in my Thai bank and income from the UK exceeds the 800.000 requirement by Thai immigration. I have already completed the necessary documentation and submitted the consular letter to the British Embassy for proof of income. Having never submitted an application for a retirement extension before could somebody tell me what is the current documentation I require to submit an application to change from a marriage extension to one of retirement at Nong Khai immigration. Thank you
  7. khastan

    CRS form from HSBC

    I have had both CRS forms and safeguard forms through HSBC UK recently . I also have no Tin number so I have no idea what to do now after reading the reply from jacko45k. Neither can I fulfill safeguards identification criteria, passport okay but nothing with my Thai address on it due to all utilities being in my Thai's wife's name. Neither have I got anything sent from a UK government department with my name and address on it within the last four months! It is also interesting to note that the super secure document verification site recommended by the HSBC safeguard team to prove your documents are correct by using your webcam was recently near bankruptcy and I believe was purchased by one of the co founders of face book. https://techcrunch.com/2016/03/21/identity-verification-startup-jumio-files-for-bankruptcy-will-sell-assets-to-early-backer-eduardo-saverin/ I have to say HSBC safeguard does not fill me with any confidence!
  8. khastan

    Common Reporting Standard

    Hi Thanks to you both for your input and helpful comments Firstly the bank in question is a UK high street bank. With regard to the point made by topt that Thailand is not yet signed up to CRS. According to this link https://home.kpmg.com/us/en/home/insights/2017/03/tnf-thailand-status-of-common-reporting-standard-implementation.html they have now. However it seems it's not fully in effect till 2022, whatever that means.
  9. I am a retired UK pensioner and have lived in Thailand for over ten years. I have just had a CRS Individual Self Certification Form in the post from my bank. They are wanting amongst other details my Thailand TIN number which I have never had. I am at a loss what to do now. I would be interested to know if anybody else has received this form from their bank and what they did with it. thank's
  10. khastan

    A Warning Pension Stopped

    Dont Don't bother I have looked it up. All I can say is I just hope a similar thing never happens to you.
  11. khastan

    A Warning Pension Stopped

    Sorry do not understand please explain.
  12. khastan

    A Warning Pension Stopped

    This state of affairs of course would have been avoided for everyone if they still allowed faxing of completed Life Certificates like they once did. I wonder what brain box came up with this decision and the reason why.
  13. khastan

    A Warning Pension Stopped

    Sorry to hear that but it does not surprise at all. Have you tried to contact them on this email address and fax number. [email protected] fax number 0191 21 87307. Hope it helps. They also told me that my state pension had been stopped from the 7th of this month. It was according to them because they had not received my Life Certificate back in the stipulated time allowed This was a downright lie because they acknowledged my Life Certificate had been received and my account had been updated by email well before the cut off point. They then informed me after an irate phone call and similar toned email that this was not correct and my pension had not been stopped, despite me having a letter saying it had. However I have no idea if my pension had been stopped or is still stopped for that matter because my next state pension due date is 5th November. Quite frankly after this debacle I cannot trust them at all. I do not blame the staff however because they get their instructions down the line from vastly overpaid managers who have no idea how to manage people that are appointed on the basis of who they know and not what they know.
  14. khastan

    A Warning Pension Stopped

    Are saying that a legitimate death certificate issued by an hospital in Thailand and then sent to the UK Embassy for processing is breaking data protection laws?
  15. khastan

    A Warning Pension Stopped

    Went through all that with my late parents in 2014 and 2015. I also Informed everybody I could think of of their deaths including all utility companies council etc etc. However they still sent out a replacement blue badge for my disabled father and a new free TV Licence for my mother well after they had died. The one thing I remember vividly is after my mothers house was sold and I returned to Thailand is receiving, not one not two but five incorrect gas bills which they insisted on sending by snail mail!