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  1. khastan

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    Many thanks dabhand for your helpful post. With regard to how you responded to the initial requests for a TIN I think my reply is going to be the following. "I am retired 74 year old and do not work. Furthermore I derive no income whatsoever from Thailand so I have no need for a TIN." What do you think?
  2. khastan

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    No in 11 years living here never been asked to submit a tax return. Has I have already said my total yearly income is below the current UK tax threshold for paying tax.
  3. khastan

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    Interesting lungbing I too are well past retirement age and have no income in Thailand. What happened when you informed your bank that you could not supply a Tin number.
  4. khastan

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    Firstly thanks everyone for all your comments. In response to topt . I have nothing to hide. My total annual income is well below the threshold of paying tax in the UK. However judging from the tone of the demand received from HSBC your suggestion I doubt will suffice. Furthermore this demand for a TIN number was generated by the instruction from me to reinvest on a 5 year fixed rate savings bond that had recently just expired and I foolishly assumed this would be a simple matter. The part that worries me most is the possible threat of closure of my accounts. I have no UK address so would not be able to open another account with another bank in the UK
  5. khastan

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    I got one of these these CRS forms this morning from the vile bureaucratic HSBC bank. The letter was dated 13th July and it told me to take the completed form into my local branch and in bold letters within 14 days of the date of this letter! The letter is unsigned and has no return address. In the FAQs it states to the question " What will happen if I don't return the documents you've asked for." Answer "If we don't receive the requested information in time we will consider you to be reportable to the tax authorities based on the information we hold. In addition to this failure to provide us with the documentation may result in the possible closure of existing accounts. I will add I am currently a Premier account holder and have had an account with the Midland HSBC for sixty plus years. It would appear to me that loyalty counts for nothing in this day and age.The crux of the matter is they are wanting a TIN number so does anybody know how to get one quickly.
  6. khastan

    Fishing Park Nong Khai

    Hi Does anybody know if the VS Fishing Park in Nong Khai is still open. Thank's
  7. khastan

    Retirement Extension

    Accepted has does say at the bottom of the form stipulating requirements to obtain said visa "And any other requirements. by the IO." The point I was making was to save people a wasted journey should they not have pictures with them.
  8. I have no idea if this has been covered but Nong Khai now require pictures of you inside, outside and at the front gate of the place you live in to obtain a retirement extension.
  9. khastan

    Retirement Extension

    Okay sorry I misunderstood you.
  10. khastan

    Retirement Extension

    Hi ubonjoe The Marriage extension ends 26th May. Okay thank you. That I did not know, so I should leave the application till has late has possible then. I transferred for marriage extension about two and a half months ago. Bank and proof of residence no problem Thank you
  11. Hi I would be grateful for some advice on the following matter. Due to personal circumstances I now wish to change my current extension for marriage, to one for retirement. I do not have the required 800.00 or the 65000 income , but the funds in my Thai bank and income from the UK exceeds the 800.000 requirement by Thai immigration. I have already completed the necessary documentation and submitted the consular letter to the British Embassy for proof of income. Having never submitted an application for a retirement extension before could somebody tell me what is the current documentation I require to submit an application to change from a marriage extension to one of retirement at Nong Khai immigration. Thank you