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  1. Wow, that is the best adverting to get more tourists!!!
  2. Ups, is that maybe the reason for?
  3. Another step to keep tourist and resident away from Thailand, in my country is usually to drink at least one glass of wine a day, in Thailand become a really expensive thing. That will force as well many people to drink very dangerous self-made mixture. SALUTE!!!
  4. That can be only a joke, the peoples understand only when they have to pay fine.
  5. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    I order a few weeks ago few inks for my printer and I choice COD, I inform Lazada that before I will pay I like to check if the right items are in the pack. They have forbidden me to do it, so I delete the order and Lazada try few times to get the money from me. I WILL NEVER AGAIN ORDER ANYTHING TRUE LAZADA!
  6. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    Is clear, the family Shinawatra is responsible for all that what happens in the last few years.
  7. Maeby all the Thai city's will follow that example as new tourists attraction.
  8. I know many Bandidos from Samui, no one was peaceful, always searching for trouble!
  9. I'm a biker too, years ago I was in a biker gang after I see what some of those sick peoples are able to do (in the group, never alone) I leave the gang. The most of us bikers are good peoples that enjoy a hobby with others!
  10. All those idiots that invent shit like that shut do some real fight by them self.
  11. Justice is for all, rich or poor, says Prayut

    The poor peoples learn at school to accept always what the government institutions and the big company's said, so no one poor Thai is able to complain about an injustice. THAT IS FACT! Thailand is no different than other countries, you have money...you can do a little bit more than the poor.
  12. Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    Of course, she got help from inside Thailand, the question is " who has helped her?"
  13. Must be another reason, I stop my WP this year, I'm 64 years old.