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  1. peperobi

    Paradise Thailand!

    Sorry, is not the same place, the pics are from three different places...
  2. peperobi

    Paradise Thailand!

    Real FUNNY! Because of people like you is everywhere so dirty. Continue to go around with closed eyes is for you the best choice! FYI: I'm here 23 years and I saw both Thailand, the clean one and the very dirty one! AMEN!
  3. peperobi

    Paradise Thailand!

    Who said that????? But I live here so I care about it!
  4. peperobi

    Paradise Thailand!

    Is not a waste, is only the pic of the guy that I like to read that!
  5. peperobi

    Paradise Thailand!

    Dear Gen. Prayut and Thai government, is that really the Thailand that you like to promote to investors and high quality retired peoples? And FYI: this is only a few examples, I travel a lot around Thailand and I see always the same kind of situation, nice or?
  6. Be happy, I live next to three temples and EVERY day is something to celebrate, is mean beginning at 4-4.30 am with loud music and speaking.
  7. You are responsible for that disaster, nobody else!
  8. Many peoples are probably not very interesting to find out the truth!
  9. peperobi

    PHOTOS: Miss Thailand World bikini photoshoot in Cha Am

    To be too sexy can be in Thailand with the government in charge a delict...
  10. peperobi

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    Don't complain, Pattaya is on the best way to become a 1st. class family destination, it needs a little bit more time! Gite time to the time....
  11. Is it absolutely an election campaign and I hope the peoples will have the right reaction.
  12. The general just got a look, the problem doesn't persist anymore...?
  13. peperobi


    What's nice about that?