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  1. Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

    Another perverse idiot away!
  2. Nice to see that many monks are <deleted> bad peoples, I know only a handful of monks that take their business seriously!
  3. For what a party? They are in power already and can stay till they want!
  4. Bad air quality in November?

    Right Simon, I call it as well rubbish, agricultural rubbish! In the south coming that problem from Indonesia so finally is not matter where you stay in Thailand, you are always confronted with that problem
  5. Video: If you want a taxi - call a policeman!

    I really do not understand how those peoples can cover the cost with that behavior.
  6. Bad air quality in November?

    Nearly everywhere in Thailand the same problem, the peoples prefer to burning the rubbish and don't pay money for collection.
  7. Shut bee is forbidden at all.
  8. PM may reshuffle his cabinet before year-end

    The 1st step in preparation for the next few years government!
  9. Is aswell a big business, many of those people are owners or partner from a T-shirt company...so money business, I suspect as well that the plastic bags companies pay a commission to the cashiers into all the big shops.
  10. Stop immediately the free bag at Tesco, Big C, Seven 11, Family Mart and all the other shop that are very generous with that. Years ago Tesco was planning to stop give free bags away, it was only a plan nothing more! I must always be fighting with the cashiers of the above shop because I take only one or even none.
  11. Good boys, burn all the shit nature and the environment will thank you. Do you think that is better than smoking on the beach???
  12. Lottery tickets - price increase?

    The price is still 80 Baht, but those guys are so "clever" and know how to get more. Yes definitely shut be reported, I do it always.
  13. Everyone knows that problem for many years already! Why is it not possible to taking care all the year about that very bad matter but only on New year, Loi Krathong, Songkran, and other festivities? The police must be always present and force the peoples to respect the law!