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  1. Lazada canceled my order why?

    I order few item by Lazada in the last few weeks, some coming from China directly the other from Thailand, with the Thai post I got very good experiences, they call me always before they coming.
  2. Deferred MP election bill could delay poll

    Forget an election this year, and I'm sure that the Junta doesn't care about their image or reputation. The Junta will stay in power till they won't. PM Gen. Prayut is proud to be an army General and try to show how good is a politician....
  3. Lazada canceled my order why?

    Lazada works with many companies together, sometimes can be difficult to handle it. Try with https://www.invadeit.co.th is a very good and serious company in Hua Hin, in case you have some problem contact Mr. Thomas by mail.
  4. Sorry for <deleted>...anymore they are idiots, I mean the bus drivers....
  5. And those <deleted>'s have the responsibility for several peoples...GOOD!!!
  6. ...and what happens with all the cars and trucks that really look like Christmas tree???
  7. Job Offer THB250k

    By such big salary, shut be not a problem...
  8. Ha...ha...ha...I really like to see how.....
  9. Those peoples (captains) are one part of the tourism destroyers in Thailand....
  10. I really do not know who is counting the tourists, but something is wrong, the most destination here said that the tourism is going already for years down, many of the Chinese tourists are not really welcome in many places...
  11. Eight injured as Phuket speedboats collide

    Is real time to do something against those incompetent peoples....
  12. Right, and the selling is going now online true Thai companies...
  13. Dust and smog

    Welcome to Thailand where is forbidden to smoking and drinking on the beach and to have fun with the sweety bar girls...That what you do call smog is pollution, in Bangkok from the very crazy traffic, in other parts of Thailand they burning the fields or like we know from very dirty factories.