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  1. Wow, they work really very hard in Pattaya to realize the 1st class family resort.
  2. Probably is that a part of the development of Pattaya as the 1st class family destination!
  3. peperobi

    Thai economy surges: growth in all sectors

    From where those peoples got the numbers? Everywhere in Thailand is looking at all the business are slowing down.
  4. Is already the time to think how to stop the production of garbage....
  5. peperobi

    A litany of broken promises

    The only real changing they have done is to increase massively the defenses budget! For what??? The corruption is higher than ever and the situation for the peoples in Thailand is very worse compared to 2014.
  6. peperobi

    Baht bus mice play while the cat’s away

    After 5 years of "hard work" are the soldiers tired because they recognize that without the support of the police is not possible to do a long-term regulation.
  7. peperobi

    Border run in Penang

    Put just 200 Baht or 20 MR in your passport before you give it to the officer. That is the usual procedure at Sadao.
  8. I saw already many of that kind of U-turn...nice! The usual U-turn is already very dangerous!
  9. Wow, nice, those police officers watch probably often US police movies!
  10. ...and again as usual....kick someone in the face, invent a nice story, pay 500 Baht and go...
  11. If you like to have big money in Thailand, become a monk!
  12. Why does the ambulance not use the sirene? Why do they not use the other two empty lanes? Educate the ambulance driver how to drive during emergencies.
  13. Almost all of you deserve the jail, you are shitting mostly the poor peoples.
  14. That is the proof that all the criminals are farangs...no Thai!