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  1. I was surprised to find out that you checked out every Dim Sum place in Thailand. Anyhow I am happy to have learned something again.
  2. Zign hotel used to have great Dim Sum. Not in buffet but truly delicious.
  3. TukCom 2nd floor, prices starting 3,000THB for a new screen. Actually they probably don't even need to replace the screen as possibly it's only some (yellow?) colored wire that connects the screen with the printplate or so (check google about your problem, it might lead you to some youtube clip explaining this problem) but in these shops in TukCom they find it easier (and more rewarding) to rather change too much than find the cause by trial and error.
  4. This article and protest is about nurses in government hospitals so your comment is irrelevant
  5. not small, not family run but good food and not expensive: Grottino, soi 33 off Naklua Road
  6. Where you trying to make a picture of the car or the bumper here? :-)
  7. Never heard Sanofi Pasteur claiming that they could cure Nile Disease nor HIV
  8. "sniffing a seat I can understand"? Lost for words !
  9. for me those happy zones are fine, I don't mind, as long as they will not ban the shops with fake goods from those happy zones
  10. Naughtily peeped through the holes a few times when I was there in the past months. I didn't notice any further changes there as when compared to 4-5 months ago.
  11. nice of them not to let him go by bus but to have him make this trip flying business class and staying at a nice hotel
  12. don't believe the headline too much ... driver would never say "sorry"
  13. Most likely not off the rack but I guess they can make the imprint and send the result to your home. or fully online via
  14. Now it's just a matter of waiting until we read: "Acknowledged. Regards, PM"
  15. Only by cutting away the words quality and great it becomes a correct reply