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  1. Rollerblading

    Public park Pong (back side of Maprachan lake) 12.9483449,100.9744733
  2. Breakfast Buffets

    Apex and Lek indeed probably the cheapest. But cheap is the only positive adjective I could come up with when describing these 2. Pay about 100 baht more and have breakfast e.g. at Casa Pascal, nice place to sit, quiet, air-con'd, clean and good food incl. warm and soft drinks.
  3. Is it true that they only found DNA of two young Burmese guys in that car and that they first pleaded guilty but then withdrew this saying that they had been tortured?
  4. You're too optimistic about yourself there I'm afraid. Good upbringing of course was helpful but in the end you also need to be lucky that your kids end up in a good circle of friends. Not this former miss teen Thailand, she's 28 and should be considered as adult, but kids during puberty and early adulthood will probably stay on the right path or leave it more due to choice of friends as due to upbringing.
  5. All sympathy for former Miss it seems. If it would have been an unknown guy who is dealing hard drugs, preying on our kids to start / continue taking this for his own profit I guess reactions would be quite different ("hang him", "let him rot in jail" ...). And for those who insist on seeing where it says that they're not just recreational users but dealers please read the initial reports (before they started to change their stories)
  6. is "while at the same time performing a sex act on himself" referring to the security guard as he saw the naked unicyclist?
  7. Generic medicine law ‘may hurt patients’

    For some medicines you're right, not for all though. Just as a sample, read on studies about therapeutic equivalence of generics vs. brand medications for Carbamazepine, Levetiracetam, Alendronate, Meropenem, Teicoplanin, Levothyroxine, Clozapine, Citalopram and several "ER" (extended release) medications.
  8. Where to buy kitchen equipment in Pattaya?

    Let the shop come to you instead http://www.lazada.co.th/fry-king-12-fr-np5-7120586.html?spm=a2o4l.search.0.0.PLxAkJ&ff=1
  9. JSixpack is coming from Jomtien direction ... for us 'normal Pattayans' it's a little further as it is then past the intersection
  10. in Big C Pattaya Thai there's a small stand that does embroideries, right across Foodland there's one, 3rd road between Pattaya Tai and Thappraya there's several shops... Get them the jpg and they will make the patch
  11. My kids, 11 and 12, love him ... what he makes is funny for them and he's harmless. All these negative comments about how childish his actions are etc., I also rarely roll over the floor laughing from his stunts, are irrelevant as I can guarantee you (incl. myself) that we're not his target audience. 3M followers one doesn't get if one doesn't have the talent to address his target group. Probably a good earner for him, well deserved.
  12. Anonymous MRI

    Forget your passport / ID card upon registering yourself for check-up at random hospital Mr. David Jones?
  13. Large Shoe Size Shopping Alert

    maybe op is a woman with shoe size 47...