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  1. WitawatWatawit

    Hugging stresses your dog out?

    Scratch my tummy, and I'll follow you anywhere.
  2. Would like to know the time frame and the various parameters (eg, BOI supported) - seems a very small number to me. Would also like to know the number of foreign businesses that have closed down in recent times and the number that have relocated to Vietnam. I think there's more relevance to how Thailand is progressing.
  3. WitawatWatawit

    Quit today 1 week ago - Cold Turkey, now what?

    You'll get firmer erections as well.
  4. If they were doing their jobs properly, they could issue that many tickets before lunchtime. And that's just for foreigners.
  5. ^^^ Sorry Colin, but what about closure for the women involved? They just might feel a little more comfortable and sleep better at night knowing who their attacker is and that he's behind bars. Then there's the inevitable red tape ... No, each case must be dealt with.
  6. I don't think, that while lying half naked on a table, that I would want this woman massaging me. "You give me tip, missatah?" Quack.
  7. WitawatWatawit

    Crime wave Thailand – fact or fiction?

    A very shallow look at the problem. We need a lot more hard core facts and statistical info from the writer before we can proceed to debate what is written. A true opinion writer (and this is an opinion piece, not an analysis) will quote page and verse from facts to back up his/her arguments. A true opinion writer inspires debate and advances an argument. This hasn't occurred in this case. It's just lightweight meanderings.
  8. Ok, so I had to look that one up. Basically a variation on tahini. What I don't understand is how it can help you to get to sleep. Like to elaborate? Nice dish, by the looks of it - I am definitely going to try it.
  9. Dude, you have NOT been addicted to benzos, and nor have I. For heaven's sake, your body (like mine) developed a bloody DEPENDENCY on them, not a flipping addiction. Jeez.Wake up to yourself. I spent a year recovering from benzos, yet I still say there was no addiction. Two years after quitting smoking, I still crave a smoke, but I don't crave benzos. Understand the difference?
  10. WitawatWatawit

    Banharn passes away at 83

    I shall pay tribute to him at the Banharn and Jumsai Silpa-archa Public Toilet in Banharn and Jumsai Silpa-archa Park on Banharn and Jumsai Silpa-archa Road in Banharn and Jumsai Silpa-archa district. Nice park and road, btw, paid for with funds initially earmarked for the poor in Isan.
  11. WitawatWatawit

    Still watermadness?

    You'll be perfectly safe from water in your car. However I can give you no guarantee about madness.
  12. Just a minor correction ... they are not addictive ... your body develops a dependency on them. Taken every day, that dependency can develop in just a few weeks, and weaning off can take a year or more of sheer hell. Isn't that what an addictiion is, a "dependancy". Seems to me you're just playing semantics. No. I'm not. Perhaps this website can explain it for you - better than I can. I should explain that I went through xanax withdrawal. https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/principles-drug-addiction-treatment-research-based-guide-third-edition/frequently-asked-questions/there-difference-between-physical-dependence
  13. Forget the culture shock (and I've seen some seriously crazy reactions to it). What has become more important to me in later years has been the attitude of many Thais towards foreigners. OK, I live close to Pattaya and that might explain some things, but it doesn't explain all, like rules and regulations being interpreted at the discretion of a solitary govt official, or suburban Thais losing their village-ness (). Culture shock isn't really a big deal for most people - in reality, it's more adaptation to new circumstances - some do it quickly, others never.
  14. Just a minor correction ... they are not addictive ... your body develops a dependency on them. Taken every day, that dependency can develop in just a few weeks, and weaning off can take a year or more of sheer hell.
  15. Get to like teas - and herbal teas like rooi bos, one of my favs.