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  1. Hello, I bought my cable modem (nearly 2000 when I signed up for DSL high-speed Internet with TOT. I'm going to be leaving Thailand next week, and am wondering what I'm supposed to do with it now? Will TOT buy it back from you? I've only had it for about 4 months, and still have the box, paper, etc. Thanks, Lorax
  2. TheLorax

    How Many Of Us In Nakhon?

    Yes, I'm the new P 1/2 teacher at Ratana this term, and my partner Peter is teaching the after school lessons at Tookta's office. Yes, I know Danny; and my son used to go to Ratana. We have since (the beginning of this school year) transferred my son into the EP (P.2) at Sae Man Meung School in Nakhon (across the road from Kanlayanee). Are you newly part of the Ratana bunch, or with Satri? I guess I'll have to pop over to SamJay to meet the new crop of visitors
  3. TheLorax

    How Many Of Us In Nakhon?

    2 more falang in Thung Song, and interested in potentiala meet-ups. Hey Ron - I think I've heard of you, but we haven't met. Do you know Danny? Are you a teacher in Nakhon and your son attends Ratana Suksa school?
  4. When it's 2 AM and I can't sleep, that's a pretty good time to be wishing I had something to read.
  5. Nakhon seems to lack good used book shops, and the English selection at Ocean seems to be limited to Harry Potter, Dan Brown, and those horrible Asia Press books about getting scammed by Thai bar girls and/or spending time in BKK prison. Anyway, would anyone be interested in a book swap? A quick inventory says I have: - Cat's Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut - Monkey Brain Sushi, a collection of Japanese short stories - Lonely Planet Taiwan - Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis - The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien - Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit, PG Wodehouse - JPOD, Doug Coupland - Notes of a Dirty Old Man, Charles Bukowski
  6. TheLorax

    Indian Food!

    Where can I get some good Indian food in or around Krabi? I recall seeing seeing a place in Ao Nang that did Indian curries, but they were more of a "we-serve-everything" place than a real Indian restaurant. Any recommendations for where I could get some samosas, chickpea or daal curry, and naan bread? Thanks!
  7. The Internet tells me that "Transformers" is playing at the movie theater in Hat Yai in the "Diana" shopping center.... Can anyone tell me if the soundtrack is in English? Thanks so much!
  8. Hello, My sig. other and I recently accepted jobs teaching in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province. We were told that for our work permits and 'teacher books' we are required to have professional-looking photographs taken. I was instructed that I could not wear any makeup or jewelry, and had to have my hair tied back. My boyfriend was instructed that he must wear a shirt and tie. We each paid 350B for the photos, and assumed that was taken care of. 3 weeks later, we are now being told that my boyfriend's photos are "unacceptable" by the Thai government as he has a goatee, and in the photo must be clean-shaven. Now, it's a small well-groomed goatee. He's 30 years old and looks completely professional. Our school has also hired dozens of foreigners before and, if this is the case, we think they should have known. It sounds like he'll have to pay for new photos and pay some sort of 400B fee for having the previous photos rejected. Can anyone confirm if this is the way things are? Thanks.
  9. Hello, We're a new farang couple living and working in Thung Song. We've been to Nakhon a few times now to go shopping at Tesco and CarreFour and take care of paperwork with Immigration, but what else is there to see and do? We're also curious if there's a DairyQueen in town? We miss going for an Oleo Blizzard! - Tanya
  10. TheLorax

    Trivial Pursuit Evening Anyone?

    Hello! We're a new farang couple living in Thung Song and would be very interested in a Trivia night. - Tanya & Peter