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  1. "Rent-seeking is an individual's or entity's use of company, organizational or individual resources to obtain economic gain without reciprocating any benefits to society through wealth creation." This economic concept is such a big part of the Thai economy - the ability to profit (or to profit excessively) by placing artificial restrictions on who can and can't sell goods or deliver services in a given market. "This is MY corner - you can't sell here." "Only MY customers can park in the public road in front of MY shop." "Only MY group can pick up passengers here." The end result is that everyone, inevitably, pays an inflated price for whatever is on offer.
  2. KamnanT

    TM30 and own my condo

    True today. Maybe true tomorrow. Maybe not. It’s the law (albeit a silly one) so I do it.
  3. KamnanT

    TM30 and own my condo

    I send the reports for my houseguests by post. Sent by EMS with a stamped, self-addressed envelope included for the return acknowledgement. Works every time and saves a tedious trip out to Chaengwattana.
  4. So the Lao immigration officer is assuming that because you are arriving on a flight from Thailand that you must have exited Thai immigration. Couldn't you just say, "I only transited Bangkok on the airside from (insert home country here) - I never entered Thailand."? Of course, their next move might be, "Show us your flight tickets" but somehow I doubt it. I have never tried this myself but I have always wondered if it could be done, as I often have more empty visa pages in my "other" passport when I arrive in Vientiane.
  5. I would have to agree. HSBC did the same thing for all of its Hong Kong-issued ATM/debit cards a few years ago: switched from VISA debit to China Unionpay. Acceptance of Unionpay cards in Europe is still very sparse outside of areas frequented by Chinese tourists. On a visit to France in 2015, I couldn't find a single ATM that would accept my HSBC card...not even HSBC's own branches in France! Now apparently LCL (a.k.a. Credit Lyonnais) has joined the Unionpay network so at least one in 10 ATMs will work. My Bangkok Bank VISA debit card expires in 2020 and I will inevitably be offered a Unionpay replacement. That will be the end of my 19 year relationship with them.
  6. KamnanT

    New BTS Trains Coming To Extended Route

    They're still buying four-car trains for six-car platforms. I wonder why?
  7. Yes, Transferwise has excellent exchange rates and reasonable fees but you need a local THB account to transfer into. I'm guessing the OP is withdrawing funds from an overseas account because he doesn't have a local one.
  8. KamnanT

    Immigration staff checking passports at DMK Domestic

    And yet many Thais who travel domestically on e-tickets manage to do it without even possessing a passport. They use their baht prachachon or their driver's license. I have always used my Thai driver's license for domestic flight security checks and have never had a problem.
  9. One litre and Excise Department staff have been stepping up enforcement in the last year. I have been stopped twice in the arrivals hall (after Customs) in the last 12 months and subjected to a baggage search in their little office. Booze and smokes their only target.
  10. The "unified ticketing system" that has been in the works for nine years and still doesn't include the BTS. Mind-boggling.
  11. +1 With withdrawal fees increasing at both ends (foreign ATM fee and home bank fee), cash is once again king if you're OK with the risk of carrying cash. On GBP, Superrich in Bangkok charges a very narrow buy/sell spread. And +1 on avoiding UK high street banks and money changers: the spreads they charge are criminal, particularly on exotic currencies like Thai baht.
  12. A "manhunt" has been launched to find 8 impoverished Rohingya but so far little effort to find one affluent energy drink company heir.
  13. The reaction between lithium and water is normally quite violent. Water would not be a recommended way of extinguishing a li-ion battery fire.
  14. Or even, “It’s just my phone - I shouldn’t be using it while I’m driving, anyway.”
  15. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that US Congress (or any congress/parliament for that matter) attracts such nutters, given the mountains of graft and pork available to those who are successful at getting themselves elected.