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  1. I thought the OP was implying that he wanted to preserve some aspect of his visa + stamps. My error.
  2. Does the OP have a Re-Entry Permit for his current Permission To Stay? If not, he should get one, or there will be nothing to transfer.
  3. The trigger for reporting is a total of US$10,000 or more in all your overseas accounts.
  4. "... I'll apply for a TIN and declare a nominal amount. " The application form for a TIN (L. P. 10-1) does not ask you to declare or estimate income. It only establishes your identity.
  5. It's a fine point. The accounts that most people get from government banks don't have 15% withholding but that's due to the type of accounts they are allowed to offer. GSB and the others promote unusual accounts that are somewhere in a grey area between savings and fixed. They offer much better interest than savings accounts along with somewhat more flexibility than regular fixed accounts. Not to mention odd stuff like lottery-type drawings. The nearest GSB branch has twice said No to me because I am a retiree and don't have a work permit. Their HQ hotline has told me to go back with a residence cert and force the issue. Maybe I will someday, but there's a limit on how much effort I put into chasing interest.
  6. You got stiffed by someone who was not in the mood. It's a two-stage process. You go there with your passport and a Residence cert from Immigration and they will give you a TIN. With that done you go upstairs with your passport, your TIN, and a letter from your bank which details the amount withheld and they will assist you in filling out a tax return. In a month or less you will get the refund check in the mail. I've done it, at that office, and had no problems, perhaps because I brought along a translator. Last year I didn't file a return because the refund amount wasn't much and I just didn't care, but I still have the option next March to file for both 2017 and 2016..
  7. " If they charge me 1900 baht for this service, and I request 7 days and they give me 7 days, it means that my request is approved " Poor logic. You could ask for 3 days or 45 days, you'd still get 7 because you do not meet the requirements.
  8. I understand the OP's dislike of the stamp's wording and the impression it might give. Nothing to be done about it except to explain that it's Thai Immigration's way of granting (and charging for) a week's grace period. Of course it would be better if the stamp said something more neutral, like "requirements not met".
  9. If you get an SETV, it will allow you to request entry at any time from the date of issue up to midnight of the Enter Before date (three months). Once admitted you will have permission to stay for 60 days which can be extended for 30 days more. The visa validity dates and the Admitted Until date are on unrelated timelines.
  10. This may be a case where the Elite visa is the only practical choice.
  11. " Would an office building have lifts rated to carry 14 passengers? " "Why wouldn't it?" An ordinary low-rise office building would likely have elevators rated at around one metric ton. Fourteen passengers at 71 kg each would be right at the limit. It still shouldn't fall but it would tempt any existing defects.
  12. Would an office building have lifts rated to carry 14 passengers?
  13. Immigration closed today???

    It was a reasonable question since today is a no alcohol day.
  14. The Immigration Officer did you a favor because she's made you realize that you need a change of plan. Better to learn from her than at the border or an airport where there's a possibility of being refused entry. Be wary of going for an education visa. That also has been tightened up. As suggested, make your next trip to Laos an overnight and get a Single Entry Tourist Visa. That will give you even more time to study the education visa situation.
  15. Dilemma

    "... I want to be able to come back in on a double entry tourist visa obtained in Europe. " Double and triple entry Tourist Visas no longer exist. You can easily get a single entry TV, or with considerable difficulty, in your home country, get a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa.