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  1. " Would an office building have lifts rated to carry 14 passengers? " "Why wouldn't it?" An ordinary low-rise office building would likely have elevators rated at around one metric ton. Fourteen passengers at 71 kg each would be right at the limit. It still shouldn't fall but it would tempt any existing defects.
  2. Would an office building have lifts rated to carry 14 passengers?
  3. Immigration closed today???

    It was a reasonable question since today is a no alcohol day.
  4. The Immigration Officer did you a favor because she's made you realize that you need a change of plan. Better to learn from her than at the border or an airport where there's a possibility of being refused entry. Be wary of going for an education visa. That also has been tightened up. As suggested, make your next trip to Laos an overnight and get a Single Entry Tourist Visa. That will give you even more time to study the education visa situation.
  5. Dilemma

    "... I want to be able to come back in on a double entry tourist visa obtained in Europe. " Double and triple entry Tourist Visas no longer exist. You can easily get a single entry TV, or with considerable difficulty, in your home country, get a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa.
  6. Investing

    If an IFA is an Independent Financial Advisor then the answer is Yes, there are plenty, but I cannot suggest a way to be certain which are not crooks. Possibly none. My Thai partner mostly buys Thai SET index funds through Kasikornbank and KrungThai bank. By U.S. standards the percentages removed for admin are excessive and the unscheduled nature of the dividends is disconcerting, but overall he has done just fine.
  7. At this hour the corner 7-11 is still selling smokes at old prices. But, they will be getting fresh deliveries mid-afternoon. I'm expecting about a 30 baht increase on Marlboros. Just a guess, though.
  8. Does anyone on the Committee have signatory power on the bank accounts? Have they been to the bank to request the current balance? Have they shown the police report and requested replacement bank books and statement printouts? Just FYI, standard procedure is that each of the five Committee members is named on the accounts and a minimum of two signatures is required for withdrawal. The JPM is often one of those Committee members but cannot withdraw money without a second signature. Even so, this does not prevent a corrupt JPM or Business Manager from simply failing to make cash deposits (usually from association fees). That simple trick cost our little mooban half a million baht this year.
  9. The bank books are the property of the Juristic Person as represented by the Committee. If they are not produced by the Juristic Person Manager or the Business Manager immediately upon request, you should notify the police. The Committee should then proceed to dismiss the Business Manager without notice. If the JPM is at fault, then the Committee should call an emergency association meeting and vote to remove him/her from office.
  10. A Juristic Person is not a person. It's a thing, a legal construct which represents a group. In a condo or mooban, a Juristic Person is represented by a Juristic Manager, a person chosen by the Committee and approved by the Land Office. This can be a farang, but (I believe) it needs to be one of the unit/property owners. I served as a Committee member for a while but I declined the role of President. I did not want to be involved in banking or the signing of contracts (e.g. guard services). To me, those actions could too easily be categorized as work by the Labor ministry. As an aside: the Juristic Manager's role is to sign legal documents as directed by the Committee. That's all. But, so many condos employ the Juristic Manager to also be the Business Manager. This is a terrible mistake. Way too often, that person, able to do so much without scrutiny, will take the money and run.
  11. Okay. Then it sounds like the OP moved to the wrong district.
  12. What I've heard as being the usual requirement is: - be the owner of a condo, or - be the legal spouse of the Thai owner, or - be the holder of a 30-year lease. If the OP is basically a renter and has no official connection to the chanote, would any amphur issue him a yellow book?
  13. The stamp used by Jomtien Immigration to indicate your next report date says "This is not an extension of stay". That should be clear enough. I don't like the idea, when the expiration of the extension is less than 90 days away, of putting the expiration date of the extension on that stamp. It could mislead some to fall into the old trap of thinking that their extension renewal also suffices as a 90 day report.
  14. If you feel strongly about that, I'd be happy to refer to it as the American language. In this case, the word electrocute was coined by US newspapers to describe execution via the electric chair. Later it became used to include accidental death by electricity. It is non-American speakers of English that have recently starting using it to include serious non-fatal injuries. While I accept the natural evolution of language, this usage seems like laziness to me. Why not say "nearly electrocuted" or "barely escaped electrocution"? Anyway, back on topic, congrats to the paramedics who saved him.
  15. In US English, electrocuted means dead.