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  1. The stamp used by Jomtien Immigration to indicate your next report date says "This is not an extension of stay". That should be clear enough. I don't like the idea, when the expiration of the extension is less than 90 days away, of putting the expiration date of the extension on that stamp. It could mislead some to fall into the old trap of thinking that their extension renewal also suffices as a 90 day report.
  2. If you feel strongly about that, I'd be happy to refer to it as the American language. In this case, the word electrocute was coined by US newspapers to describe execution via the electric chair. Later it became used to include accidental death by electricity. It is non-American speakers of English that have recently starting using it to include serious non-fatal injuries. While I accept the natural evolution of language, this usage seems like laziness to me. Why not say "nearly electrocuted" or "barely escaped electrocution"? Anyway, back on topic, congrats to the paramedics who saved him.
  3. In US English, electrocuted means dead.
  4. New 10 year Visa

    Apples and oranges. With the Elite program you purchase your time in Thailand. Money paid and gone. With the new 10/5 year visa, while we don't know yet a lot of very important details, it's clear that you pay a small reasonable fee and you place a large deposit in your own bank account. That money is still yours.
  5. No, they will not provide you a document saying you have no revenue. Nor would the US IRS do that for you. If you had some revenue, even 100 baht of bank interest, then you could file a tax return, pay no tax, and offer that as "proof" of almost no income. Could you make a filing even if you had zero income? I doubt it.
  6. 7.8 sq. kilometers? I don't know where the reporter got that number but they parroted it without giving it much thought. It's roughly one kilometer from the police station to the Rabbit Resort. The width of the public area is 50 meters at the widest. So, the Dong Tarn phase involves less than 0.05 sq. kilometers.
  7. I should have mentioned, my application was made at the Jomtien office.
  8. " To get the number, I see you need your passport and possibly a house registration book. If we are renting and so don't have such a book, is it a problem? How long does it take to get the number or is it generated while you wait at the office? " You will need a residency letter from Immigration, just as you would for a driver's license. The TIN will be generated and presented to you on the spot.
  9. "If you have claimed tax back here, you must have been paying tax here." Anyone who has fixed accounts here has 15% withheld. Getting a Thai tax ID is the first step in getting that withholding back.
  10. " No Embassy can keep anyone's passport in Thailand " When applying for passport renewal at an Outreach or via the new application by mail service, American Citizen Services will retain your old passport until the new one is prepared. Only when you apply in person at the Bangkok or Chiang Mai consulate are you allowed to keep your passport while awaiting the new one.
  11. " The funds have to be on deposit for at least 90 days ahead of the date of application " I've always been curious about this: isn't it 3 months usually, and 2 months for the first extension? Most often that isn't the same as 90 or 60 days, and Immigration can be very picky about that.
  12. " The extension requires a re-entry permit to keep it alive if the holder of the extension leaves the country and wishes to return on the same extension. " That statement would be accurate if the words "extension" were replaced with "Permission To Stay". Nowhere in this story was anything extended.
  13. 90 day reporting

    Photocopy the friend's passport, have him sign it and write a note saying it's okay for you to do his report. That's more than enough. There are people who send their favorite motorcycle taxi to do this.
  14. Criminal record check

    RocketDog said: " I'm assembling documents for O-A retirement visa extension for submission to the LA consulate. " In your last paragraph you talk about getting 90 days within which you can meet the requirements for a one-year extension. That would only apply if you get an O visa, not an O-A.
  15. It's also illegal to refuse to turn on your meter, but good luck getting a metered ride from any taxi in Pattaya.