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  1. "I got my 30 years lease paper. Can I get a yellow tabien baan ?" As the holder of a 30 year lease, most amphur offices will issue you a yellow tambien baan. Some will do so gladly, some will really put you through the wringer. If you get the yellow book, you should easily be able to get a pink ID card. With those two items, most Land Transport offices will issue you licenses and register vehicles. No paper needed from Immigration nor from the owner. You might still have a problem getting water, electricity, and Internet services without the land owner's signature. You should not need the land owner's signature for Immigration's TM30 process. I realize that all the above sounds kinda fuzzy, but that's the way it is.
  2. " The FT rate has been adjusted from -24.77 to -37.29 " No, it's been adjusted from -37.29 to -24.77, which is an increase.
  3. The fuel surcharge is applied per unit (which is a kilowatt). Let's say (ignoring tax for the moment) that for my usage level the unit rate is 4.48 baht. If you "add" the fuel surcharge of -.3729 baht per unit, the net rate becomes 4.11 baht.
  4. The average bill for our house is around 3,300 baht. This month it worked out to about 4.11 baht per kilowatt, tax and fuel surcharge included. Two or three years ago, the fuel surcharge was 20 to 30 satang, making the total cost as high as 4.80 baht per kilowatt. More than a year ago, the surcharge went negative. Now they announce it will rise, but may still be below zero.
  5. Yes, Tuesday the 18th will be a long tough day at the Jomtien Immigration office. But Wednesday the 19th is Songkran all over Pattaya, concentrating on Jomtien Beach. Even if the Immigration office turns out to be open, you'd only be able to get there in the early morning, and probably have a hard time getting back home.
  6. I agree that the tank in the photo looks like oxy, but there's no acetylene tank to be seen. Keep in mind that the indoor unit also exploded. That is what makes me suspect that a gas other than refrigerant was added to the system. I really don't know if oxy would explode in that case. maybe so.
  7. In another current thread where this same topic is mentioned, UbonJoe said " I have heard of person being fined for not doing a report when leaving after the report date when they did their report after the trip because the officer noticed they failed to a do a report that was due before leaving. No likely but possible. Better to do the report than risking the standard 2000 baht fine that can be up to 5000 baht. "
  8. It appears that both the indoor and outdoor units exploded. Given that the refrigerant is not flammable, can anyone suggest how such a thing could happen?
  9. There is a window for 90 day reporting in person: 14 days before to 7 days after. But, that window only applies if in fact you make the report. Since you did not, when you make your next report, in June, it is likely that you will be fined 2,000 baht. Your O-A visa has a stamp that says "Enter Before ...". If you exit Thailand and return on or before midnight of that date, you will receive a Permission To Stay ("Admitted Until ...") that is one year later than the day you come back. After the "Enter Before ..." date has passed, your O-A is expired. From that point forward you will need a Re-Entry Permit to exit and return without voiding your Permission To Stay. At the end of that one year Permission To Stay you must apply at Immigration for a one year extension and meet the conditions thereof, primarily the financial proof.
  10. They aren't tickets. They are passes issued to employees, and can be used for standby travel for themselves and friends.
  11. Long ago I had a good pal who was a flight attendant. We went to Hawaii together for a weekend using his company passes. Boarding was stand-by, always, and the firm dress code for men was jacket and tie.
  12. There was a news story out of Phuket a few years ago where a couple of guys were "flipping" boats. Neighbors got annoyed by the constant whine of grinders and sanders, called the cops. These two guys said "We love boats! It's our hobby!" but there was plenty of evidence that they were constantly selling them on. They were arrested, though as usual there was no follow-up reporting on the case.
  13. Just to clarify for others: "... you get a free ride on a very substantial amount earned 70k USD...." That allowance only applies to earned income, e.g. wages. Not applicable to unearned income like bank interest. " also get a credit for foreign taxes the 26.375% the Germans taxed my Allianz Stock dividends." You are only allowed to take a credit for foreign taxes paid if you are unable to recover the amount withheld. For fixed account bank interest earned in Thailand, the correct process as you say is to get a Thai tax ID, file for a refund, and then claim the entire amount of interest on your U.S. texes.
  14. " I assume the account can be closed and funds used .. " Yes, but I just doubt if that can be accomplished in a single day. Besides, if it looks in any way like something other than an ordinary savings account or fixed account then it is very likely that an IO would say no.
  15. No, because you will not have immediate access to the funds.