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  1. She was 15 when she filmed that. So, thanks for that photo. My vote goes to Color Of Night, - Jane March and Bruce Willis
  2. I don't think anyone is persecuting older gents inThailand. (You don't really feel persecuted do you ?! - I think you are just being wry !). I believe the opposite applies in Thailand. People are incredibly tolerant of age-differences here. Plus older guys can get a teenage girlfriend who is proud to be seen with him. This is Paradise, with a capital P, for an older guy. Try it in Bradford !
  3. Well its your topic - so you tell us - Is this topic about older gents coming here and finding that they can get a sweet young thing to be their girlfriend. (which is quite an interesting topic) Or: is it about older gents coming here and finding they can get a hooker. (which is less interesting - as its stating the obvious and just a purely economic thing unrelated to their baldness)
  4. That sort of women being - ....ones whose company we don't have to pay for? I presume you do mean that - you're not referring to old guys buying crumpet are you? By the way - cutting back on drinking alcohol in your forties and fifties keeps you youthful later on. Cut out spirits altogether, particularly in this climate, where one risks drinking larger amounts. ps I've not had any problems with finasteride after taking it for 6 years.
  5. There is- 'Propecia' - active ingredient Finasteride. Save yourself 75% of the cost and buy 'Proscar' and a pill splitter instead. Then split each pill into quarters for the correct daily dosage. A Doctor taught me this trick. In the west you need a Doctor's prescription for this drug, ....here? ...well this is Thailand. They'll sell it over the counter. If you take this drug you'll also avoid getting a prostate as big as Ko Samui.