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  1. mike123ca

    School Slow on Teaching License

    Yes, I prepared all the required papers and documents required, I also made copies of the papers the school needed to provide for my license. It took my school 3 days to make me the required documents. I did all the clerical work, so my boss only had to fill in the paperwork.
  2. I did my teaching diploma with Ifugao (St. Roberts) and the teacher's ethic course at Krusapat (T.C.T.) Then I handed over the paperwork for the license last week. The courses are still be offered by St. Roberts. I don't know if the teachers ethic course is still required.
  3. I was at the t.c.t. yesterday. My coworker received his 2nd waiver. He was told to start working towards his teaching license because this will be his final teaching waiver.
  4. mike123ca

    Education Degree for Teaching Licence

    My question is what options are open to me? I live in Ubon so if there were online courses it would be easier. I am looking for a course which is accepted by Kru Supa and is the cheapest and of shortest duration. This is just for me to stay in Thailand. I am not doing this for employment enhancement I also had the exact problem as stated above. There is nothing offered in Ubon. Last year, I signed up with Ifugao and had to travel to Korat to participate in the course work. I'm told by St. Robert's that they need 15 students to sign up and they would open a class in Ubon.
  5. mike123ca

    immigration moving

    That would be too convenient...
  6. mike123ca


    How can you prevent anthracnose from attacking your tomato plants? I just pulled out and removed all the tomato plants that were infected. Is there anything else I should be doing?
  7. It appears that the current government is considering its position regarding The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. http://asia.nikkei.com/Features/Trans-Pacific-Partnership/Thailand-giving-serious-thought-to-joining-deputy-prime-minister Much is written about how it will have positive and negative effects on the Thai people. I was wondering what is the viewpoint of ex-pats living in Thailand. Will it help improve our ability to be employed in the kingdom. What happens to laws that restrict foreign ownership to 49%. Will it benefit ex-pats whose home countries are members of the TPP FTA.
  8. I can't believe Thai banks would lend money to someone who is so far in debt.
  9. mike123ca

    12 men rescued from pig farm slavery

    i wonder if there is an "inactive post" for Krung Thai managers? On a more serious note, I would like to know what is the bank's position regarding the the bank manager's status.
  10. Employer Name: Thatnaraiwittaya High School Number of Positions: 3+ Job Start Date: August 2015 Province/State: Sakon Nakon Employer Type: Government High School Age of Students: Middle and High School Contract Length: 12 months Teaching Hours Per Week: Monday - Friday, 8.00am to 4.00pm, 20 hours Local Currency: Thailand baht Salary per month in local currency: 30,000 baht Vacation: Paid holidays Required Nationality: Native English Speaker Required Degree: Bachelor's Degree Required Major: Preferred Teaching Experience Required: Preferred Certification Required: Preferred Thatnaraiwittaya High School is now hiring for Full-time Middle and High School Teachers needed in Sakon Nakon. The positions will start before August 2015. Qualification: Native English Speakers Bachelor’s Degree. Teaching experience Regards, Michael Martyn
  11. I'm not Thai, but I do pay taxes to the Thai government. All government jobs should make public the compensation levels of its employees.
  12. Full Time Middle and High School NES teachers The Foreign Language Department of Narinukul High School, Ubon Ratchathani needs to recruit 4 dedicated professional native English speakers to teach middle and high school students. Teachers will be hired before the start of the new school term before May 2015. We have 6 native teachers on staff and would like to hire 4 new teachers for the term. The contract will begin May 1 2015 to April 30 2016. For all positions, we require the following: • Native English speaker. • A bachelor’s degree. • Teaching experience not necessary. • Candidates must be willing to get involved in a variety of school activities. The hours of work are Monday - Friday, 8.00am to 4.00pm. There will be 25 contact hours per week. In return, we offer a starting salary of 30,000 Baht per month, 12 months of the year. Visa and work permit provided. Government Health Insurance ( 50% paid by school) This includes paid legal holidays. There is a friendly and supportive working environment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the positions or the school. Please reply by using private message.
  13. At least the South Koreans will not allow Thai citizens to buy land in South Korea. The Koreans believe in reciprocity for its citizens.
  14. After the rice has been harvested, my wife's family starts to grow chilies. The paddyland is dry, but they do have access to groundwater.