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  1. I need to replace the loose covers on my sofa and chair (originaly bought at Index). Can anyone recommend a suitable shop? Replies gratefully received.
  2. Is there a wat in Phuket that will allow a Christian only cremation ?
  3. Lawn Mower Shop

    Where can you buy lawn mowers other than Home Works and Home Pro?
  4. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    At 1pm today I was in and out of Phuket Town Imigration for 90 day reporting in less than 5 minutes. Everyone pleasant and helpful, even upstairs where I had some questions about renewing my "marriage visa" next week.
  5. In the month of waiting for marriage visa extension to be accepted may one apply for a single re entry permit? Can anyone comment from experience please. Many thanks for any replies.
  6. Has anyone had experience of Thai Insurance Company for car insurance, particularly with making a claim? Thanks for anyone who takes the time to reply.
  7. Shoe Repair

    Many thanks to those of you who took the time to reply to my enquiry
  8. Shoe Repair

    Can anyone recommend out of experience a place for shoe repair?
  9. 3BB

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply to my question re 3BB.
  10. 3BB

    I live in Kathu and have had problems for 5 days with 3BB speeds. Often too slow for Google to work. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  11. Hospital Double-priceing

    Does anyone have personal experience of Thai national being charged less at any Phuket hospital? My Thai wife is interested in possible plastic surgery. Thanks for any replies from personal experience.
  12. Does anyone have any recommendations of a dermatologist at a hospital or a private clinic?
  13. Food Suplements

    Where is the best place to buy food supplements in Phuket other than Boots Pharmacy? I am looking for Green Coffee Bean Extract.
  14. Please could anyone tell me where I may buy a pet hampster for my son. Thanks for any replies.
  15. Canon SLR Camera Repair

    Can anyone advise me where I may get my Canon SLR Camera repaired in Phuket?