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  1. Where then?

    After about 6-7 years living in Pattaya I moved to Indonesia. Not due to any of the oft-quoted readons discussed here but personally i was a bit hacked-off with the political sit’n and fancied a change. I’ve not regretted the move and would recommend Bali / Lombok as a good alternate to Pattaya. I reckon SEA has loads of holiday spots if you fancy a change. Goa is also v.nice and cheap.
  2. Health insurance???

    800 US per month ! Surely at those sorts of levels it would be cheaper to pay as you go at one of the Gov. / Military hospitals.
  3. The Wedding Present: Live in Bangkok

    Elvis P - now thats a legend ! Hit Parade 1 was more of a marketing gimmic. I've seen Gedge about 10 times over the years and he always plays a great gig - this night should not be missed. They're also playing in HK.
  4. The Wedding Present: Live in Bangkok

    Saw them in the run-up to Xmas in the Uk and they were excellent (george best tour). 'Legendary' might be overstating it a bit though.
  5. Bali advice-March 2018.

    Make sure you get travel insurance and keep an eye on the news over the next few months. If the volcano is still active then I would split the trip in thirds: Legian / Seminyak then Ubud and finally somewhere on the N coast such as Lovina. If Agung is quiet then Leg / Sem. then a drive round the coast stopping in Candidesa - Padang Bai ending in Singaraja / Lovina before a cpl of nights in Ubud. Driving is fine provided you avoid Dps and the big Southern tourist hotspots. Uluwatu is a nice day trip. In Bali its difficult not to have a great trip,
  6. Where to buy good pizzas in Pattaya?

    New York Pizza House on 3rd Rd. always gets my business.
  7. Ghost town

    Ha ha - you obviously have never been there. I've spent time at both recently and the Bali beaches and sea are much cleaner. Crossing the road is also far easier in Kuta / Legian than Beach / 2nd Rd.
  8. Tourist scams

    Happy holidays ?
  9. Ghost town

    I would include S Bali - Kuta Legian Seminyak Canggu. As a bonus the beach and sea are a lot cleaner.
  10. Used to be a nice walk to to the lighthouse and then up the hill. The stretch is an absolute disgrace now. Sounds to me like this road needs to be buzzing for the Junta's dog and pony show on the water in Nov.. After that, WGAF.
  11. Departure immigration queues

    These aren't criticisms. I've been flying in / out for almost 20 years and SVB was a delight to use during the first few years of operation - oh how times change. Now I mostly use DM, but thats a lottery - can be 15 mins (3 weeks ago at 3 pm) can be > 10 times that ?.
  12. Departure immigration queues

    Eh ? SVB opened in 2006.
  13. Very true - the 2 young lass's that help out at the front of the Jomtien office do a fantastic job. I was in/out in less than 20 mins yesterday. I've never seen the Soi 5 office quieter - not sure what that indicates.
  14. Arriving TG Business Class - just show yr boarding card to go through Fast Track immigration. Looking at the queues at BKK recently, this facility will be a real bonus.