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  1. londoedan

    Stickman On Sunday is back

    I’m glad he’s back. One doesn’t need to agree with everything he writes and some weeks are better than others; good luck to the guy. Anyone remember the Notstickman guy ? Now that was like a bizzarro world episode of Seinfeld.
  2. londoedan


    I once did this trip in a taxi - 5000 THB from one of the stands on P Klang. Point2point was handy. Took about 5 hrs.
  3. londoedan


    I’m not from the US and I didn’t claim NYPH was special. I do like the range of pizza’s there, the sides and the delivery service is good.
  4. londoedan


    New York Pizza House on 2nd Rd (near the junction with Lengkee) has long been my favourite in Pattaya.
  5. londoedan

    Any advice?

    Should be able to get another TV in Denpasar Bali - but check their requirements before you go. Nice place to spend a few days and the AirAsia direct flights are not too pricey booked ahead.