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  1. I did the Korean Air cnx to ichenon to san fran w 8 hour layover going and 2 hour back. free showers, free places to sleep, and free wifi in 2nd floor of the intl transit terminal. slept about 3 hours on a flat surface and had a free shower. nice airport.
  2. USA lost PP ?

    Well, if I lost my passport the first thing I would do would report it to the embassy in case someone turns it in. btw, passports are the property of the govt, not you, so returning it to the embassy is returning it to its rightful owner. If you're afraid of questioning by the embassy, why did you pick it up? Its not a crime if you picked it up and you're trying to help. Not everyone is on facebook or on the other social networks. By not returning it promptly to the police or the embassy, you're only going to draw more questions to yourself as to why you didn't....
  3. Recommend psychiatrist in Chiang Mai

    Be careful. Remember electro-shock therapy is still an acceptable treatment here...
  4. Buying house and usufruct

    Usufruct is poison. You only have the right to stay on the property until you die; it gives you no other rights. Many Thai lawyers are taught it so its what many do. Do a 30 year lease and put in the lease that you have the right to transfer your leasehold rights to any person you desire without the leasor's approval. You can then 'sell' your lease to someone else if you want. Get a lawyer who recommends 30 year leases and speaks English - don't trust any lawyer that recommends usufruct leases...
  5. Bars closed on Oct 26 and...when else?

    Was just told by my pharmacist that all shops - including 7/11s are to be closed between 2 pm and midnight on the 26th.
  6. you are required to go to immigration when you get a new passport to transfer your visa to the new passport from your old passport. If I remember, it must be reported within 2 or 4 weeks of the issuance of the new passport. You can't just show up at the airport with a clean passport and leave the country. You'll raise all kind of red flags with immigration at the airport if you try it; be pulled over, maybe fined, etc.
  7. It already is a Marine leisure hub. I've meet many Marines on R&R there....
  8. Grace is expensive and you have to wait for an appointment. On Moon Muang just before soi 9, next to the Kasikorn Bank there is a very good dentist that will do wisdom tooth removal.
  9. No, actually 2 months is normal for a check to clear from Thailand to another country. The check has to be physically processed; processed at the depositing bank then sent from the depositing bank to Bangkok where it is additionally processed, then physically sent overseas to the correspondence bank then sent to the overseas local bank then the process is reversed, all with paperwork. But I don't understand why the poster didn't do a wire transfer which is 24 hours.
  10. Zoe Complex.

    I've heard a rumor that that land was being sold for 8 years now. So far everything on the thread is just reporting rumors.
  11. Recommended Yeast infection doctor in CM?

    I thought for chlamydia and gonorrhea they had to do a swab from the inside of you know where and not a blood test as they are local infections. Did you see a urologist at Ram? Alternatively you can just go to a pharmacist and ask for the antibiotics for those two and take them and see if it clears up.
  12. Testosterone Gel

    There was a medical study in the US published last year that the testo gel is useless. You can get shots for cheap in Chiang Mai. GO to station 2 at Ram Hospital and ask for an appointment with the endocrinologist.
  13. Mass pigeon kidnapping??!!

    Good riddance. They are flying rats, or flying roaches. They drive out the native birds as they are larger and compete for food and living spaces. Nest in buildings and leave droppings. Hope they get them all.
  14. Loose visa stickers.

    Mine was loose also, so I removed it. I keep it in the back of my plastic cover for my passport with my passport. So if anyone asks, I have. The only country that it will matter to is Cambodia and perhaps your country of origin. You still have your entrance and exit stamp for Cambodia showing the entrance and exit out of the country so the visa is secondary. What would matter if the pages were damaged or not. Thailand wants to see your visa for Thailand and your entrance and exit stamps for Thailand.
  15. They can be removed the same way that the foreigners were removed several years ago from the sunday night market. Selling is not begging, selling = working. No work permit.