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  1. Reminds me of the ancient Persian emperor who ordered his soldiers to whip the waves because the sea would not obey his order to stop the high tide from coming in. You either embrace change or you go backwards. There is no standing still. Rushing headlong into the 19th century.
  2. I'll second the optician near the UN Irish pub. Professional optician. My eyes have different focal lengths and I have a little astigmatism in one eye. I could use the cheap off the counter stuff sold everywhere but if you do a lot of reading you're better off going to a professional. Got a pair 3 years ago for 2000 baht. You don't need lens coatings or scratch resistance on reading glasses. The problem with ordering off the internet is once you order the glasses, they're not fitted properly to your head as a professional optician will do. He's a few doors East of the Irish pub.
  3. The enforcement is lax. They let Thaksin stay.
  4. I like Taeton, just a few kms past Mae Ai after Fang. Sit on the river with food and drink and no water throwing. Water throwing is confined to about 50 meters in downtown area.
  5. Normally a work permit is given for a specific work location. You are supposed to keep the work permit at the work location, not at home, not on you. They can extend the work permit to other locations if your the business you are working for is setup to have official business offices in other provinces.
  6. Don't worry. 34 flights per hour - sounds like a sales job to try and get approval for the expansion. It will take CNX many many years to reach that level. Meanwhile the expansion means jobs for locals.
  7. Not so unusual. I've heard of Iranians with American passports several years ago that have been told they had to return to the US for the issuance of a new passport, and they could not renew through the US embassy...
  8. Yep. Had a friend look into starting a micro brewery a few years ago. The laws are written by the beer oligarchies to prevent anyone opening up one. Really a stifling of free enterprise. You can open a small shop and make small money selling the big names brands, but you're not allowed to make decent money by starting up your own brewery. And they wonder why Thai entrepreneurs want to go overseas.
  9. I have heard from many Italians that the Italian embassy is strict on whatever doc is needed for the issuance of any doc for any reason from the consulate. This is an Italian only requirement. All embassies set their own rules for what they issue.
  10. You don't see large factories built by Chinese companies that are employing many Thais (with good job skills and good wages) with Japanese managers with goods being sent overseas. What you see is Chinese starting small businesses or building hotels and employing small amounts of Thais at low wages. They are essentially getting their money out of China and getting themselves out of China. Not good for Thailand in the long run.
  11. I have a Amazon Firestick with Kodi loaded on it. Works fine. Just make sure you're not to far from the router, or you may need a wifi extender.
  12. Aww, and I thought what CM really really needed was another mismanaged zipline.
  13. Chiang Mai immigration required it 6 months ago. Free of charge at US consulate for US citizens...
  14. Fox Sports1 (in Asia also) is carrying it. SO anyone that has this on their channel package will have it. Thai 1 On on Moon Muang soi 9 has. Game starts at 7.08 am, but they open at 8.00 am. I did notice that the last game against the Dodgers which was friday morning here, they did not have as Fox Sports1 in Asia instead carried Thursday night NFL - but I picked it up at home on a Kodi feed for Fox Sports1 from the US. The World Series is purposely avoiding this Thursday night as a game night so there isn't a conflict this week.