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  1. They can be removed the same way that the foreigners were removed several years ago from the sunday night market. Selling is not begging, selling = working. No work permit.
  2. All the hospitals do it. Do some comparison shopping as the doctors will vary widely. I had about 5 years ago and the prices varied between 30k to 100k - for the same operation.
  3. Part of the confusion is that if you 'home ' address is a service apartment or other accommodation that has several foreigners staying, they report on a regular basis. If you are staying in a private home with no regular reporting, then the owner has to report it. The onus is on the owner of the property as they can be fined. In practice, most of the larger offices with many foreigners do not do; smaller offices will periodically enforce as they are following the rules more rigorously.
  4. Well as W. C. Fields famously said one time in a movie when a man tried to insult him by calling him a drunk - "Yes I am. And you sir are crazy. And tomorrow morning when I wake up I will be sober, but you'll still be crazy."
  5. Download the 'Grab' app. works just as well as Uber. You can request a grab private vehicle or a grab taxi. Grab Taxi is regular taxi, but rate is below regular taxi. was at my place in less than 2 minutes. Before most services wanted 150 baht to the airport. Grab taxi was 88 baht. Go to to airport in a taxi, no hassles from other taxis...
  6. the overstay fine is 500 baht a day. so if they let you work it off at 200 baht a day in jail, you may be spending more time there than you realize....
  7. Stamping? Where do you do your 90 day reporting? CM immigration gives a paper that says when next 90 days is due, they don't stamp in the passport....
  8. two of the quality Russian tourists that TAT is talking about in another article on TV today....
  9. I think that's an oxymoron - quality Russian and Chinese tourists.....
  10. In order to save one buck, or a buck and a half...really. Here's the downside. Most restaurants put the orders from Meals on Wheels at the front of the cooking queue so the drivers don't have to wait. Don't expect the same service from a one-off phone-in take-out order - if the person answering understands English.
  11. Truly heroic, but don't understand the picture...are the BIBs checking his license after saving someone???
  12. Thailand is something like 3rd in the world in active users on a daily basis of facebook. Thais don't mind a lot of things, but take away their facebook, and there may be a lot of repercussions....
  13. Reminds me of the ancient Persian emperor who ordered his soldiers to whip the waves because the sea would not obey his order to stop the high tide from coming in. You either embrace change or you go backwards. There is no standing still. Rushing headlong into the 19th century.