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  1. wallpaper

    I did one room a couple years ago with paper from UK and paste from Thailand (arm and a leg price) without cross lining and it went quite well, last year I had to stick back 2 or 3 edges which had came away (hence I was asking about cross lining) so far so good no more edges loose. but cross lining would have helped I think. walls are typical Thai render but quite smooth.
  2. wallpaper

    Thanks for reply I guess I will have to take a chance and just hang the paper without lining walls.
  3. swimming pool

    Thanks for quick reply. upon further research it seems pros and cons for both tiled and lined pools in your experience what would you do? and these pool companys seem expensive
  4. swimming pool

    I know there is a sub forum about pools but just wanted to know if anyone has used jdpools in korat and if so what was your experience, I am thinking of getting a lined pool and am a complete novice.
  5. trying to find

    Hi I am trying to find an old friend called paul who is married to a souk and he had a son called david and they used to live in colehill near wimborne in uk. they relocated to hua hin some years ago. any information would be helpful.
  6. krabi hotels

    Hi all I am visiting Krabi in August and would like to know which hotel is best between railay resort and spa, and beyond hotel. both of these are in with a tour price from bangkok for 2 days, or is there another tour you could reccomend within my budget of 8 to 9k thb for 2 nights stay.
  7. hotel in krabi

    Hi all where can you reccomend in Krabi to stay for a couple of nights where its reasonable price and near to action but not near enough to hear noise when we want to sleep.
  8. wallpaper

    I would like to know of any shops in bangkok that sell lining paper (the paper you hang horizontaly before the main paper) and any idea on price would be a bonus.
  9. flexible hoses

    Can anyone tell me what the grey intermittent stripes mean on a flexible tap connector, I understand red is for hot and blue is cold and red and blue can be both but what about grey.
  10. Terminal 21 Korat

    Maybe someone else is playing your game anf count to 51 when they see you.
  11. Terminal 21 Korat

    The shopping malls in Thailand are a much need haven for aging farangs, Where else can they hang around, spend no or very little money and oggle the pretty young Thai women and girls like the old perverts they are? It's getting bad. When my eight year old daughter and I have reason to go to the mall in Korat, we play a game we call " Count the farangs'. In recent months, our count is getting into the 50s.in visits lasting less than one hour. Mostly old white guys lottering, staring and almost drooling at every attractive Thai girl. My daughter notices the staring as well, and it's getting embarrasing for me since I am an old white guy too! Younger white guys are pretty rare. White women ae very rare ( they count as two points in out game) Five years ago it was not too common to see farangs in Korat. Those days are gone. The increase in numbers is not so bad, but the lack of class and manners is disgusting.
  12. You are so right, you can not recreate xmas in Thailand the same as it is in UK. I have had xmas in both many times and the UK is far better. It should feel Christmassy ie cold, windy, snow, proper xmas tree, rushing round at the last minute to make sure you have everything for xmas day and boxing day. wrapping all the presents up, putting them under the tree, opening one on xmas eve etc etc. All the family together having a good proper xmas dinner, xmas pudding and getting blotto and yes then sleeping it all off. As for buying a bag for 5p to save the climate unlike Thailand who uses plastic bags for everything!! Don't get me wrong I still love most of Thailand but imagine trying to recreate songkran in UK it just would not feel the same.