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  1. Has anybody tried to use the potatoes avaiable here to do triple fried chips - this kind of thing: http://www.redonline.co.uk/food/recipes/heston-blumenthal-triple-cooked-chips Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't think the Vietnamese would be you main customers - Banh Mi would appeal to just about everybody. We will have a form of Banh Mi for sure, but there is also a market for other types of sandwiches that is not being met currently in Jomtien. At the end of the day Banh Mi (and Kaho Jee) are just fillings for a light, fluffy type of 10 inch baguette or section of french stick. You could put loads of different types of fillings inside that bread that would also taste great, no point limiting it to Banh Mi fillings if you have the space and capability to do otherwise, only makes sense from a maketing perspective (ie look at us, we are Banh Mi specialists). We have sourced some excellent bread, white and wholemeal sliced and some lovely big, soft baps - having a lot of fun playing those at the moment...
  3. Agreed. I do think though there is room for a range of high quality pre-made sandwiches made fresh each morning alongside something like Banh Mi made to order for the customer, the current pre-made offerings in Jomtien are a bit ordinary, to put it mildly. I'm a big fan of Pho also, getting Pho delivery in Saigon early each morning was a wonderful thing. I think that would well also, down the line. If only Green Siagon beer was available here...
  4. That is doable. The idea of really well made Banh Mi and Khao Jee baguettes is good, I am trying to source the right bread for it. We have room for a many different styles of sandwiches but Banh Mi and Khao Jee will be in there I reckon. Thanks JT.
  5. How much do you think a good quality Banh Mi would sell for here?
  6. This thread doesn't count as homework?
  7. Bit of a chilli theme going on there... :-)
  8. Interesting read, thanks JT.
  9. 5-6 or those will be on the menu, for sure, thanks.
  10. Agreed - thank you Airalee. I've had some killer lamb sarnies Aussie style - hot shoulder of lamb with gravy in a bap but again agreed, it's a bit a bit niche.
  11. When we get to doing hot sandwichs, I will PM you!!! :-)
  12. Thank you Rc2702. We do have plans for hot sandwichs, but obvioulsy need to get the basics right with the cold sandwichs first. Lamb will hopefully also be a big thing for us as a friend of mine imports premium grass fed lamb from Australia and we get it very good prices, but nobody so far has mentioned it as one of their favourites so not sure what the demand will be until we try it.
  13. Top post - thank you Airalee.