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  1. If it's just a guaranteed service if collected (or dropped off) in Bangkok and delivered the next day within Bangkok, this is bordering on fake news... Make it nationwide, then you have news.
  2. If their kids are at school the parents would be able to get a Guardian visa (extension to stay based on your foreign childrens education). No mystery, very common visa.
  3. Is it one or two copies of each thing, and do they need to be signed? Thanks in advance.
  4. So this article in Phuket news has been widely shared by the expat community, first bit of good news in a long time: https://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-law-royal-decree-blows-work-permits-wide-open-68051.php If as the article says you can now pretty much do anything anywhere as long as it's not on the list of prohibited jobs, then it obviously changes the landscape considerably. So my question is, can you now register a company in a private house (I'm thinking upcountry, but could be anywhere), apply for the work permit there and pay VAT, Social Security for 4 Thai staff, income tax etc in that region, then just do what you want work wise down South without the need to register everywhere you work as a branch? Are the days of branches and "I can't do that" over as long as you have a valid permit? TIA. (sorry if this has been covered eleswhere, I couldn't find a thread relating to how this affects branches)
  5. I have a slightly non-standard situation unfolding where I could do with a quick in/out rather than doing a 90 day report. What is the closest border to Hua Hin that will allow an in/out with an extension to stay based on guardian of Thai child with multiple re-enrty permit? TIA.
  6. tomster

    Pattaya testing speed-trap cameras

    Tailgaiting cameras would be interesting here...
  7. Thanks for this. Can I ask you how big the office is, how many desks were in there and how many staff were present on inspection day?
  8. Both serviced offices and virtual offices can be used for company registration including VAT registration, Google is full of reputable companies offering this service. But the question is more about whether a small serviced office with less than 5 desks (Foreigner plus 4 Thai's) would suffice for the immigration inspection. In the case that the 4 Thai staff are not office based but do actually work for the company around Thailand (no suggestion that the staff are not real, they do exist), would that satisfy immigration. The reson for the question/line of thought is that you can get small serviced offices in Bangkok from around 6000 per month - this will give you a decent Bangkok address for your business cards, website etc and the office is maintained for you, you don't need to clean it, pay security etc. A lot of the serviced offices also have accountancy services on site, so they are super convenient for some people. If it did meet the immigration requirment on staff then it's an interesting option.
  9. Hi Joe, How about if the 4 employees were installers of a product and were almost never in the office? If they went all over Thailand working and only returned to Bangkok either late at night or on the weekends? Do they still need desks with their names on them, or could they just be there on inspection day (if you know in advance when that is)?
  10. Has anybody used a serviced office as the base for a company that has a work permit on it? Something like this: https://www.interactivethailand.com/office-space/virtual-office-address/ Thanks in advance.
  11. tomster

    Eye weirdness

    Bit of a long shot but before I go and see an eye care professional I wanted to see if anybody has had the same issue that I have, forewarned is forearmed and all that. I've been working online for the last 10 years or so and in the last 2 years or so I've noticed my vision getting progressively more blurry when looking at the screen. I've yet to go and get my eyes checked out of lazyness and not really wanting to admit that I need glasses. But, if I lower my head then look at the top of the screen, the top 10-20% of my vision is totally clear, everything comes back into focus. I've tried every google search I can think of but can't find anything that relates to this, does anybody know what can cause this? Thanks in advance.
  12. tomster

    Hotel Raids continue in South Pattaya

    Appartently not, this thread seems to come down to the experience of one person. I just sopke with a friend of mine that owns the largest real estate agency in CM. He had never heard of an exemption certificate and is dealing with multiple cases of this problem on a daily basis. Maybe it's just different in Chiang Mai, or different here which ever way you look at it, but I for one am not inclined to believe that an exemption certificate is required (or even exists), until I see one.
  13. tomster

    Hotel Raids continue in South Pattaya

    Do you mean it does still apply but you need to get a government department to inspect the premises and issue an exemption certificate?
  14. Has anybody tried to use the potatoes avaiable here to do triple fried chips - this kind of thing: http://www.redonline.co.uk/food/recipes/heston-blumenthal-triple-cooked-chips Thanks in advance.