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  1. Yesterday I had 4 quotes back from just Googling companies that varied between 25,000 & 50,000 in professional fees with government fees on top of that. Plus a TV member sent a PM offering to help, still waiting for info on that... Would be good to get some feedback on the process from people that have done it, any banana skins they encountered etc. TIA.
  2. How easy, or difficult, is it to register a trademark in Thailand? Any recommended companies for doing it? TIA.
  3. Well, they are doing a pretty good job of hinding their presence here in Thailand, I have Googled for hours on end and can't get one reference to a company in Thailand doing it. I guess it must be in Thai language only.
  4. Have you ever seen that in white?
  5. Yeah, there are lot's of different sorts. You really need a system designed for the job rather than getting Somchai to make one, something like this: http://childproofnets.com/ But they are based in South Africa.
  6. Has anybody seen any companies supplying safety products for balconies here? Products like these: TIA.
  7. tomster

    Virtual Thai phone number

    Nettalk from True or Link from CAT fit my requirement perfectly, thanks. The requirement was clearly stated in the OP: So I will be spending quite a bit more time in Vietnam going forward and rather than taking my Thai mobile with me and paying the very high roaming charges from True, I would like to set up virtual Thai number. When I google it there is just too much information - has anybody found a simple solution? Skype don't do it for Thailand otherwise that would be perfect, so I guess that is the kind of thing I'm looking for. TIA.
  8. tomster

    Virtual Thai phone number

    I tried using the True wifi calling app just now to phone another phone. I have extremely fast internet in my home but the call quality was terrible, basically unusable. Anybody actually used the True wifi calling app and had it working with good quality?
  9. tomster

    Virtual Thai phone number

    Nah, I need a fully functioning number but do not want to pay 30 Baht a minute, that adds up very, very fast... Wifi calling looks like it does the job, but only if it can use the data from a second sim. Not seen anything anywhere saying that it can, so I need to test next time abroad.
  10. tomster

    Virtual Thai phone number

    Thanks. That's cool but Iphone only and Google is not bringing anything back for an Android version...
  11. tomster

    Where to buy or drink IPA in Chiang Mai

    https://www.wishbeer.com/en/503-ipa-india-pale-ale And: But I have a feeling that the Family Mart is a rare animal in CM...
  12. Wasn't that because he was also wanted in the UK? My understanding is that if you are wanted in your country of origin you will of course have to buy a ticket to back there, but if not and the immigration officer is agreeable then you can choose to go to another country?
  13. tomster

    Result of a snake bite,don't look if squeamish !

    I think I'd rather get bit by a MPV than a banded krait!!! You gotta very, very lucky to survive a bite for one of those, MPV is more localised trauma (from my limited understanding).