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  1. Coldest time of the year expected next week

    Don't blink ro your eyes may catch fire...
  2. Few Russian women as well, but def not "Free".
  3. Not all of Hua Hin by the looks of things - lovely day here in Hin Lek Fai!
  4. So what if you say I don't have my license with me?
  5. The Park Jomtien

    So after having a good look around and talking with one of the owners I could see myself living there, the room sizes are very good. If there are any owners following this thread looking to rent their units out, please send me a PM. Thanks, Tom.
  6. The Park Jomtien

    Thanks for your suggestions. I would also love to hear from a renter that currently lives or has recently lived there. Thanks.
  7. The Park Jomtien

    If you read some of the thread you will see there has been a whole world of <deleted> going on the this condo development for many years. My concerns are that day to day running of the place might not be up to scratch. Things like security, pool maintenience, general day to day stuff. Looking for people who currently rent there or have recently rented to chime in. Thanks.
  8. The Park Jomtien

    Can anybody offer any input into what The Park is like from the point of view as a renter, not an owner? I've been offerred a good looking unit at a good price, but don't want to get caught up in anybody elses headaches... Thanks in advance.
  9. PM Prayut slammed for six questions

    Do you honestly think an elected government would be able to do a better job? Be careful what you wish for...
  10. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    If they are burning there, they will be burning in CM... The burning has started, that is the point.
  11. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Yes they are. When I drove through the corn fields near Korat there was already mass burning, 2 dry days and they are straight into it. Almost no corn field burning during the months you mentioned, obviously still too wet.
  12. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    http://aqicn.org/city/chiang-mai/ Current level PM2.5 - 117 That's really not good for this time of year...
  13. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Did the drive from Nakon Sawan to Korat day before yesterday. Lot's of cut corn fields being burned on route...
  14. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Yeah what is going on with the haze around the place?