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  1. My bad, I should have said 8 foot x 4 foot snooker tables - I can see that my post could have looked like I was referring to full sized snooker tables, which is of course not the case.
  2. Rental Agent

    Avidorn, Once the contract is signed, if there is an issue with the property and it is not under management of the real estate agent, then "talk to the owner" is the correct response. The owner of Perfect Homes is a friend of mine and many, many people on this forum use his services, he's a decent guy and has worked bloody hard for what he has achieved. Fair enough you have your right to your opinion but jumping on TV and suggesting people flag his google reviews and that you're not happy that he doesn't change your lightbulbs is BS.
  3. Most things to do with Pool in CM is indeed hard work, as you will soon find out. Two pool leagues: Chiang Mai Pool League. Friday night starts at 9pm, snooker tables only, no pool tables allowed. Mish mash of old english and other rules. Lanna Pool Club. Tuesday nights, 8pm start, international rules.
  4. When you talk about anything to do with pool in Chiang mai, you need to define what you mean. Unlike every other city in Thailland, the CM pool scene is dominated by 8 x 4 snooker tables. If that's your thing then Blue Sky bar is a good starting point, as is 2tegther bar. Basic Line on Loy Kroh also has good tables of this type, and others will probably reply with more places. If you wish to play on pool tables, then the best places are Coyote in the boxing stadium, KT's Sports Fan Club in the old city and See Paak in Mae Rim. Chiang Mai does not currently have a pool hall or a decent sports bar with a few tables. Snooker - Nothern Snooker seems to be the one that most people enjoy playing at. Carom - no tables in bars here yet, but one on the way in the not too distant future on the South side of the city.
  5. Android box recommendations

    Thanks for the replies. Has anybody seen these for sale here in CM: https://www.lazada.co.th/minix-u9-h-android-tv-box-new-2017-hdmi-20-peakhd-13380645.html They look like they'll do the job...
  6. I'm thinking it's about time I bought an Android TV box and have been looking at the various options. I'd like to buy one here in CM if possible so that if it goes wrong I have some backup - can anybody recommend a shop with decent customer service? Thanks in advance.
  7. High quality sticker printer needed...

    Thanks, will give them a go.
  8. I'm looking for a sticker printing company that can make stickers like in the youtube video below. I've tried one place in Mae Rim, but they could only do the sort that are cut out and you have to peel the letters off one by one to apply yourself. I'm presuming there are some shops here that can do them, but not all: Thanks in advance.
  9. Interesting article in Asia Times that quotes consumer research company Neilson: http://www.atimes.com/article/aseans-secondary-cities-poised-boom/ Link to the Neilson study here: http://www.nielsen.com/content/dam/nielsenglobal/sg/docs/reports/2017/ASEAN Consumer Demand Report.pdf The report puts CM as the 7th biggest consumer of beer in Asean if I've read it right, and it seems that CM people like to wash their clothes allot...
  10. The Hangout - The Game - Rock City

    Drove past yesterday afternoon and there were guys outside painting, and some boxes just indside the entrance doors. So not ready to open yet, obviously missed their soft launch date.
  11. Rats in the attic...

    Really - In theory they can't get onto the roof now, so how will they get back to the same entry holes?
  12. Rats in the attic...

    Reckon that will do it...
  13. Post office moved to where?

    Bring this one back from the dead rather than starting a new one... I have two EMS parcels that were attempted delivery but the drivers didn't leave cards bless them - is this the main post office in Chiang Mai nowadays? https://goo.gl/Pg2rJY
  14. Rats in the attic...

    Well, I ain't getting up in my attic under any circumstances, seen that end in tears here far too many times. However, thanks for the info on tree rats. I guess this is how they are getting up on the roof: I'll obviously cut that back later today, see what tomorrow morning brings...
  15. Rats in the attic...

    Does anybody have a recommedation for a company that can get rid of rats in the attic? I'm not looking to do it myslef, buy a cat, put mothballs up there etc - I just want somebody to come in and make them gone. Already used one pest control company that the landlord paid for and they were utterly hopeless, the noises have got worse since they started. Thanks in advance.