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  1. Hi Winnie, A friend of mine did the drive in one stint during a storm a couple of weeks ago. He's been here 27 years and drives all over for his work, he said that was probably the worst drive he has done, really sketchy driving after dark in the rain. Hence wanting to break it up... And yeah, will go via the BKK road on the way from Korat to Patts for sure.
  2. How about Nakhon Sawan - any recommendations on hotels and expat bars?
  3. So I have to be in Korat in about 2 weeks and will be driving down on route to the Bay of Dismay (Pattaya). I've not driven it before and would like to break it up into two leisurely sections with an overnight stop somewhere with a decent restaurant or three. Any suggestions on the best route for this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Tom.
  4. Has anybody had their Android phone rooted by a shop here in CM? Not interested in doing it myself, learning curve too steep. Thanks in advance, Tom.
  5. Car Bluetooth - where to have installed?

    I need a stand alone bluetooth system for voice calls. I actually have a Bury one that I bought for my previous a car, a honda accord, but doubt it would be compatible with the Vios. This one: http://www.bury.com/consumer/us/products/kategorie/via-bluetooth-without-display-1/produkt/comfort-compact-bt-cc-9045.html So I was thinking about something along these kind of lines...
  6. Hi, Has anybody had a quality car bluetooth installed here in CM? Not worried about cost, just looking for good service. Thanks.
  7. Problem you got with Pattaya having enough restaurants to class it as a foodie destination are two fold: 1. A high percentage of the tourists are Chinese and Russian, so not likley to eat a diverse range of cuisine types. 2. A lot of Thai's living and working in Pattaya are from Isaan. They don't have the desire to eat a wide variety of food, they tend to stick with what they know and can afford. A city is not going to reach foodie status unless both locals and tourists are into it. Chiang Mai is a perfect example of this - the Thai's there are very adventurous by Thai standards with their food choices.
  8. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    This one? Map data looks like 2017 to me, unless I'm looking at the wrong thing (I'm looking at the text in the bottom right area of the screen). Houses look kind of jammed in though, and it's a way out of town as well.
  9. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    Thanks NanLaew - great info.
  10. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    Are there any Baan Balina villages to avoid? When I was googling I saw some posts about flooding in BB1, is that still an issue for example?
  11. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    Ah, didn't see the 5th Baan Balina... I almost rented in View Taly Marina about 3 years ago. The house I looked at was around 100k per month back then, and was absolutley stunning. But, issues with boat access during low tide, weird smell from the water and 100k was a bit rich for me... Will take a look at Panalee, thanks.
  12. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    So Huay Yai it is then, seems like the access issue by the lake has a way to go before it gets sorted. Another question, nice moobaans with pool villas in the 40k-60k per month bracket - any suggestions? I've seen the Baan Balina villages on the real estate websites and they look cool - I'm guessing there are a few other similar moobaans in the area?
  13. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    So, I know the bars and restaurants up around the lake are pretty quiet and a bit hit and miss. Are there any places of note in Huay Yai?
  14. Huay Yai vs Lake Mabprachan?

    I'm not doubting you, I just can't see any evidence of it. Hopefully some other members will chime in on it...