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  1. March Madness on TV

    If it is on it will likely be 672 SP Illst
  2. "but in particular would like to improve my ping time to US-based sites." OK good luck with that. I had 3bb for a long and now I have cat fibre just did 211ping and 56mb to San Fran - ping is no different then any I had on 3bb - local my pings to Bangkok are 9ms - same as they were with 3bb. maybe try to get cat. if you like numbers like that.
  3. If we could change the speed of light many things would be different. If it is a gaming problem and ping is to high - unless they set up a server more near to you there is nothing that can be done to change it much - routing can make vary little difference all the way to the states for example. Lucky your not on a Sat. connection to space and back and seeing 2000ms pings. You can get more volume like 30mbps or 50mbps but the ping will not change much beyond a few ms between one city or another - if you go out the pipe to the US and back your going to be looking at >200 no way around it.
  4. Ahhhh amazon-web-services- they might be using them - I had to use facebook page and messenger to make contact them - they never did admit to having any problem at BoA when I chatted with them - just the same old run around with scripted responses.
  5. Yes it is still slow acting and I was concerned. I was getting lagging pages while logged in but managed to get a transfer started that should have be done last week so maybe next Wed. Several times I did get logged in before but it locked up while logged in and got nothing done. They have a server problem. Now that traffic is low it works - wait until Monday. The way it was responding it does not look fixed yet.
  6. Do you WANT Trump to finish his first term? I would like to quote a rather infamous Women that is most responsible for him even being in office. "At this point - what difference does it make..."
  7. So years on after you get married they can ID the body after you fall out of your condo - been happening a lot - this will save time..
  8. Was thinking I would give mobile app a go as a back up to online - made sure I was going to get the proper app and it says "not available for use here" maybe works if you install in states first, but cannot download it and install from here. So it is online or nothing.
  9. Was in town got back BoA still not working; I get login page and the proper one it checked out following the links for security. Just before I left for town I got logged in, but then the site failed while I was logged in as it stopped responding. At least I saw my balance if that was right. Just now it is not logging and it times out before security code test - most times before it failed after password and user name and code. VPN I use was blocked not even the login page was allowed. Not related but par - when I got into town the atm was down - they wouldn't process at counter made me wait 25 minutes while they talked on the phone - got that up and did get some cash. I will just wait until next week I guess - I had transfers I wanted to make, but.......
  10. I hate the small screen and have large fingers - does it work without extra cost due to forign sim what about sms messages etc.? is it pure internet.
  11. For the second time this week the login page is failing - last Sunday and part of Monday - now again from last night to now. Vary slow and times out one login made it but site crashed once logged in. Other secure sites like Wells fargo and citi bank are working fine - in fact only Bank of America is a problem at all at I can tell. Just wondering if others see it. Have to contact BoA via a facebook page and use messenger - they want me to call them - I am about fed up. Cleared cache and all the normal stuff one can do from here - like said has anyone else had a problem?
  12. There are a number around here - most are run as therapeutic or medical style shops with uniformed staff and have government seals. Wife enjoys them and cost is not bad. You don't find them in tourist traps - ask at your local hospital as some hospitals if you have a reg. card with them offer discounts. I normally only go for the foot message now and again - Don't care that much for the whole body thing.
  13. Does not matter whom, color of client or location - the problem of prostitution is the same everywhere and the only difference is cost. That is why some come here and why it it here even if they didn't come here. You confuse bottom feeders with real pro's - their are places all over A.L. and the rest of the world that would never allow you in the door without a visa card checked. Ask any pro basketball player or others - been in the news countless times over - haidy flis or what ever her name is among just a few. Same thing in England - sorry if that pops a moral bobble for you - but the number of women that do this does not matter about the economy - only the level at which they work. The only real problem is whom gets a cut of the action. As far as places like Pattaya - if you go to the dump you find trash. People that can't afford it at home come to Pattaya or in it - something like that.
  14. They seem unable to locate it - Prostitution that is - the other thing they can find under a few roles of their fat.