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  1. No most of the best brothels have long be closed.
  2. Check function keys and ensure numbers lock is not on. Keyboard maybe is reading the letters as numbers.
  3. RKASA

    Pumping system

    Pumps mfg and also online have charts that can tell you what you need. 5000l a day is not hard and 60m is not much. The only part that counts is the head of level between the top of the water and the top of the tank - that is where the work is done. Water above the pump does not count - so mean low water level to top of tank is the head and look for 220v/1ph and get the required Hp pump. It will also give a flow rate to match up to duty cycle (time off and on) I would say in your case the weeds are going to be a bigger problem then you might know. Sink a well next to the pond and set it up turn it on with a float switch and forget about it for years at a time.
  4. The Bankers it would seem and some insurance companies would love this, but who needs it - why if I already have a fully functioning health care insurance from the US that works here in Thailand (and I use it) the same as I do in the US for the rest of my life as part of my pension plan would I pay for more insurance just because I wanted to stay in Thailand, and the yearly income thing - MG you can look mine up on the internet including the next rise in each January - why should I have to pay 50 bucks for a rubber stamp after traveling 1000km round trip just to prove what is already well known to the whole damn world already. Look at my ID card and you know what everyone else on the planet with an internet connection already knows if they care to look. I would say just having the insurance I have and the income I have already they should rubber stamp me ever year or more anyway - I don't mind the 90day reports keeping my address up to date or the annual fee for a yearly visa - I can live with it as is.
  5. I have two addresses at my banks as well as government contacts with regard to health care and pension etc - one the primary and the other is a mailing address to a P.O. Box here in Thailand - I use this method on four different banks and cards. Just go paperless and use online banking, but replacement cards are automatically sent to a safe and secure P.O. Box address and they warn you via message in online banking that the card is in route. Even all SSA activity and other things that are important go to that P.O. Box. I have had that box for 18 years and the cost is worth every penny of the 600 baht a year. For local stuff I use the home address or have auto pay for things like light bill, internet etc. Only need to check the P.O. Box once a month or so normally because I am expecting something to arrive - other things can just set there until I do. So even if you have to go to another in range Post Office not that near your home to get a box it is no big deal. We don't live in the big muang so we check it when we go there. The other thing is if you do this it only takes a few minutes online to put a stop on the secondary address and everything re-starts going back to the primary without any hassle at all - just a few key strokes because everything is setup already. the secondary address remains but the use primary is checked or the secondary. You can turn it on and off anytime.
  6. Obviously it is not worth it or I would have paid. The lucky last three numbers which have paid 20k and 10k in the past are between 0 and 9 good luck.
  7. Well these laws are not working well at all - for some time after they started to care I would pick up a ticket now and then just for fun with the wife's lucky number at the proper 80baht anywhere in town. Now this lady says must buy two same number and pay 100 each which I won't do. This was at the Old Tesco/Lotus front door in Phitsanulok. So I go down to the other door and same thing, wondering I go up stars to the food court and she wants normal price but does not have wife's lucky number - I was temped to buy one anyway because she was not over charging. Not sure if this is starting to spread all over town or just at Tesco/Lotus, it had been a few months I didn't buy any before this started so didn't notice until now - it seems just lately for me. A week later I asked again for a number and she was still asking the higher price with out a care in the world about it. I am not going to be filing any type of official complaint over this - I just won't buy one - just asking if it is getting that wide spread. I don't understand why a well dressed obviously not in need group of people have to over price lottery tickets at a location like Tesco/Lotus when people more in need should be the ones selling them in the first place. At least pretend you need the money or something.
  8. Exactly what I was thinking - they targeted gold diggers willing to put a bit up front in exchange for a big gold mine. God didn't make lonely girls, maybe a few ugly ones, but most of them arn't vary lonely ether.
  9. RKASA

    Car racing game/ sim heads....

    I am still getting lots of use out of the old NASCAR2003, but it has all the mods and track updates to 2016. I love it as single with AI because it is not steam sourced. Can run level 96 races without traction or stability control, always run in cockpit view I still think it is one of the best ever made. I have been told in other forums that anything else is rather arcade and they have lost the realism of the drive, but not having them I can't know if that is for sure. Try American trucker - I like that too, but it is on steam - the demo runs for awhile before you have to buy. Check out the vids on it in steam.
  10. RKASA

    Retiree land-scam ‘gang’ busted

    Tip of the berg - My wife has been asked maybe 10 times in the last 18 years by a friend of a friend to help pay off a loan on some property and get a big return when they flip it. She is no fool - she asks them to set up an escrow account with a lawyer - hers. She tells them they can make a lot more money if they just let her hold all the money up front. Some how they never want to go for that. Never ever hear from them again.