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  1. It appears the tandori chicken got a bit hot .. !! and should that dog be in the kitchen ??
  2. I heard that song recently .... UNHCR played it !! ... yawwwwwnn
  3. What a country. Absolute lack of common sense. How to solve a problem with guns being in the wrong hands = Provide a gun for the teachers. Why not just issue everyone in the US with a gun ... so they can protect themselves from each other. What a society we live in !! crazy
  4. I keep track of all my expenditures, beer, gambling, pizza, more beer ..... more gambling !!
  5. A drug addict is as low as you can get. A drinker is generally not stigmatized the same way in society .... wonder why !
  6. please don't try to justify druggies as oppose to drinkers.
  7. I like the Singapore & Malaysian justice system for drug users & pushers. Also the Philippines seems to have the correct answer to clean it up, The likes of Australia could learn a thing or two from these countries to clean up the mess that it's currently experiencing with ice users.
  8. please tell him to slow down a bit.
  9. It was 15 years ago today.....

    I joined so long ago I've forgotten when, now a titanium member with so many followers & likes than i care to remember. :) We use to drink at Queens park bars when it was thriving ...
  10. Cheapest 1-way SIM ?

    just google ... it's your friend.
  11. Cheapest 1-way SIM ?

    Do what you like. AIS has better coverage.
  12. Cheapest 1-way SIM ?

    Just get an AIS card. Top up at machines everywhere.
  13. ... poor girl, she is seeking attention and trying to drum up support. Just another Nuttaa ...
  14. Touchy feely in Thailand

    no way, just get to know the guy alot better and then go out on the drink with him.
  15. Touchy feely in Thailand

    Some Thai's are like that when in the company of falang or even their own, it's nothing to be concerned and if you can adjust to it well thats fine. You can do similar if your ok with it.