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  1. I think it will be around the 25 near term anyway .... It did drop some but I think a slight correction will take place .. just my opinion.
  2. hmmm .... well that's certainly a worry but what are you gonna do anyway ...
  3. Engagement and sin sod

    yes but .... I am sure she does want some amount of security, that would apply anywhere I would expect. If some 65yr old farang thinks he can come to Thailand and sweep a 25-35 yr old sweetheart off her feet without giving something then he is mistaken. She would like him for companionship, someone to enjoy the days with, and yes, some form of support.
  4. Pattaya phone-snatcher, 18, arrested

    Awwww .... sounds like he's chosen miss right !
  5. oh Jag, I know it's difficult to get use too ... but the general is here to stay.

    it's a cobra ... hic ...
  7. Engagement and sin sod

    and they all should come running after you because you are so handsome ...
  8. and some folks just can't help but whinge.
  9. Engagement and sin sod

    It's quite simple really ..... if your happy with this girl and she seems a good responsible type of person then just go ahead and provide the 100k. Remember, nothing is free and your blessed to have such a nice gf so do what your heart says. If you don't then it's saying to her and her family that you are unlikely to provide for her in the future.
  10. nothing wrong with enjoying your last few years as you like ...
  11. Engagement and sin sod

    If your happy with being engaged and future wife then whats 100k ? peanuts. $4k AUD. If you renig and don't provide the 100k then if I was the gf I wouldn't want you as a husband ....
  12. Just throw a rotten tomato at the door everytime they ride past
  13. Just read the story ..... true love ! what could possibly go wrong !!!!
  14. I really think you need to get out more.