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  1. don't feed them ... just poison them humanely. Far too many soi dogs in Thailand.
  2. you will get those shovels from the local hardware shop. All types of garden tools.
  3. tourists should know ..... when you walk along any street have your money & passport ( if you must have it ) all tucked in the front of your pants. If you need to carry a shoulder bag then just put make up and minor items of little value inside .... however a bag strap being wrenched can severely injure your arm and shoulder when yanked with force so best not to have. Don't have gold. Little cash on hand. Definitely no credit cards. When walking always walk against the flow of traffic so you can see whats coming. If riding or as a passenger, never have bags hanging or anything that can be grabbed.
  4. common sense has just gone out the window .... people just don't think anymore ... wouldn't you think she would realize the car would be boiling inside ?
  5. they are considering renaming this batch of rice ..... they may call it ' yingluck rice '
  6. I can't see that the concrete pole is on the road .... ?? It is close but it is left of the white line / lane
  7. Just move to an area that is quite .... if you bought and cannot sell then move & rent the place out as a party house ...
  8. Does that mean Thailand isn't on their holiday list next year .......
  9. rubbish .... it's not very common in London. Maybe Caracas .... but not london.
  10. yes .... joking aside .. Australia needs the US. If it wasn't for the US we would be all eating sushi now... It's fine to jokingly bag the US and Aust relationship, however if any country started to wage war on Australian soil or threatened Australia it would be disastrous for Australia to even try to defend itself alone ... Truth is we are in good with the US and we need to be .... they helped us before in war and we need that assurance again. That's the truth ....
  11. brainless people in this world
  12. Trump : Yeah god damn it !! how the heck are ya Mal ... Turnball : I'm fine thank's Mr Trump ... Trump : well come on inside and get a damn whiskey in ya .... Turnball : sure Mr Trump ... that sounds good . Trump : now Mal, what the hell did ya wanna talk about , howz those damn kangaroos Turnball : well Mr Trump, you hung up the phone on me last time we spoke ... Trump : god damn it Mal ... it wasn't me .. it was the damn line just cut ...
  13. waiting for the ' honest taxi driver returns 100,000 baht ' story ... probably come out tomorrow ...
  14. Is that why you see them on Television asking for assistance from aid agencies with seven kids hanging off them .... it happens all the time, they cannot afford one child however they choose to have seven ... crazy If there is poverty there then the government needs to address it not other countries.