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  1. You only have one sensible option .... Get him to buy a condo ( in his name ) that way he can purchase something and he won't be left standed if all goes bad. If she is his wife then there's not that much you can do about his money .... as it's also hers in reality.
  2. A bar can't survive when they have guys only having 3 drinks a day. I was at an event night and a balloon chaser turned up, he was told to naff off pretty quick yes .... cheap charlies looking for the free food ..cheap drinks.
  3. steven100

    Hotel near Asoke

    All refurbished now. New look style everything. Good location. Just hope the cockroaches moved out.
  4. Not a hobby ... just something to pass the time. You can go to the first bar at 10am then change bars in the afternoon... you meet alot of interesting folk and Thai's.
  5. and I think the same .... if your an Aussie resident for all of your working life ... even though you were away working you still never gave up being an Australian resident ...
  6. steven100

    Hotel near Asoke

    http://www.letsbookhotel.com/en/thailand/bangkok/hotel/sukhumvit-crown-hotel.aspx Also ... RetrOasis Hotel. 503 Sukhumvit Rd. (Between Soi Sukhumvit 27-29) Klongtoey Nue Wattana, ... use to be the Crown hotel years ago, refurb and retro. Has a pool in the middle.
  7. never get bored ... so many bars to hit and get on the piss all day.
  8. Now I get it ..... to qualify for the OAP .... one has to go back and live in Australia for 2 years before even filling the form in ... then submit the application ... if approved then you can come back to Thailand. ??? Now what if you working life has been out of Australia mostly and say you only worked 20 yrs there .... would that mean one is not entitled to receive any OAP. ???
  9. steven100

    Lottery mad family !!

    555 ..... sorry I didn't mean go out and buy 555 ...
  10. steven100

    Why Im pulling the plug.

    bye .... don't forget to write !
  11. steven100

    Large Chang 99 baht, ice 40 baht!

    Yes 40 baht is a lot of money, maybe he should stay home and not spend anything.
  12. yes .... it's better not to use any electronic device near any credit cards or they may be cloned.
  13. just to confirm the above ..... my wife is getting old, fat ... and only shirtless in the garden
  14. Thailand has piece and stability, it has economic development. If being allowed to put a cross on a piece of paper is giving up all that then no thanks. !!
  15. lol ... will you move now.. and take a few whingers with you haha just kiddin.