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  1. similar Naam, spent 5 yrs all over SA and enjoyed it alot. Had many a delicious chinese take away in riyadh. Always in safe compounds or hotel in Quarayatt in the north.
  2. what is a wild romp entail .. ? why did he suddenly pass away ... was there too much action and what action ..?
  3. I really think the whole Thailand visa system needs a complete overhaul to make it simpler but still affective. I am fine with my visa, but for genuine tourists, non O, non AO, retirement, and others it just appears so complicated. Surely it can be easier and simpler to understand ... I guess I'm just dreaming ....
  4. your correct , not every thai women is a gold digger. Actually I love thailand so i'm not really a thai basher... more just a joke on bar girls. I like Thailand more than anywhere else .. and respect many things Thai.
  5. I guess his Thai gf broke it off because there wasn't enough money coming through to her each month. Police just need to get another thai girl from a bar nearby and take her up to him, then talk and she can say he's a hansum man and I lub you and some other things and then he will come down and he will forget his other one.
  6. but then he'll go down and then back up ...
  7. correct .... it's her doing it .... she didn't ask for his money to do it so just give her the funds and step back and let her do it .... if it fails , so what ... if it's a winner ..great !!
  8. I take your point Jon and with comments. I won't be leaving Thailand anytime soon, that was answered more in jest. Although the Junta and Khun Prayuth are not perfect, I believe that Thailand will not succeed with anyone else at the helm ... it has been proven time and time again that there are too many who want the power and that's when the fighting starts and the protests and then it escalates. I know the Junta is not correct with some things they implement and there are areas that need much harder work to convince the Thai people, however I would prefer the Junta in command then any of the other clowns. I can go anywhere freely ... also there is stability & safety, so in my book it's fine and I am happy.
  9. keep using it, being 67k it must be a top of the range ... mine were the small netbooks ... yours will be fine ..good luck.
  10. sorry jon, I only answered yes to all because of all the No's. correct answers : 1. Do you think, in the next election, we will get a government which has good governance? Not unless it's the Junta in control. 2. If not, what will you do? leave thailand 3. Election is an important integral party of democracy, but election alone without the regard for the future of the country and others is right or wrong? wrong 4. Do you think bad politicians should be given a chance of political comeback; and if there is conflict again, who will solve it and by what means? No chance of comeback
  11. Question 1: yes Question 2: yes Question 3: yes Question 4: yes Khun Prayuth Chan O Cha
  12. patekatek, take him and get 5 million baht ... !! quickly ... 5 million ..$$ wow !!!!
  13. That's pretty cheap for a condo ....