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  1. 'Regency for Expats' medical insurance

    if you want a policy with all the bells & whistles then your gonna have to pay. Most won't look at 70+ and if your lucky enough to find one, the premiums will be quite hefty. AIA, Bupa, Cigna Global Insurance IntegraGlobal International Medical Group GeoBlue Global Medical - for US citizens abroad. Allianz Aetna International Seven Corners and HCC
  2. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    I can guarantee that service won't happen in any western country.
  3. Stolen credit card - police work

    why bring this up now ....did you have something to get off your chest this week ?
  4. what do you call an elephant on the road .... sir !
  5. Nope.. I don't believe some of this story ... he wasn't a dustman, I bet he was a taxi driver.
  6. Indian tourist loses B5,000 to snatcher in Pattaya

    I hope i'm never sitting next to you ... I hate hair blowing in my face.
  7. why is mama looking so unhappy .... ? is it because he looks 85 ..
  8. I'm thinking of moving to Zimbabwe ..... I'm a multi millionaire there.
  9. marry em, give them the house, car, financial support ..... same as in any western society I would say ....
  10. Indian tourist loses B5,000 to snatcher in Pattaya

    it's just absolutely tragic !
  11. Good job Mr Trump ..... at least he has the balls to speak his mind.
  12. Mob murders man at Bangkok housing estate

    I cannot see any pics regarding the article. RIP ... poor boy.
  13. Phuket’s monkeys being moved to their own island

    They sound like Phuket pub bouncers to me ......
  14. 33 is a bit old ..... surely there are younger around.