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  1. only Travelex or AMEX travellers cheques.
  2. correct .... kids and elderly should be allowed and able to walk around in a safe environment without the possibility of being attacked. Kill all soi dogs .... they are pests and carry diseases of all sorts.
  3. silly mentality .... a dog can swim better than a human, it would eventually get to shore. he could have drowned for nothing ....
  4. well I don't have anyone ..... I just stay in my room all day and drink
  5. I think you mean avoid Thailand or the world ... ? lol
  6. I think the Aussie tourists are better of going elsewhere .... maybe Indonesia ... drunken hooligans comes to mind .... lol
  7. Maybe you would like it to be the red shirts and yellow shirts again. up to you ... but I have my opinion.
  8. Khun Prayuth Chan O Cha is working hard to bring Thailand into economic sustainability. He has secured many projects and continues to create industries. It amazes me that some farangs don't like the government for anything at all they do, hence they only know how to complain. Those farang wouldn't be a shadow to the PM and the Junta. I have my opinion on why the government is in place and the security it has instilled. How does the Junta being in power cause any problem for anyone who does nothing illegal ? anyone can go about their daily work without any problem. I feel sorry for the farang who don't like this government and have to wake up each day with the feeling of dislike and hatred, just whining each day and whinging. It would be far more enjoyable living in a place you like rather than one you don't and don't have to constantly whine. I enjoy life ... same as most thai's ...
  9. disagree .... as I mentioned the truth : If you don't have someone in control, the parties stay making trouble and then it's a mess. Roadblocks, airport closures and many problems. The Junta is in control ... like it or not. And it's better than the way it was before. imo
  10. good one ...
  11. I prefer control rather than roadblocks, protests, airport closures etc ... Having Khun Prayuth in charge does not affect my daily life one bit and I expect it wouldn't yours. Thais are also not inconvenienced by the Junta as they go about their daily lives ..... however , I and I expect most were inconvenienced by the previous governments. Thailand needs someone to take control otherwise you will have mayhem, insecurity, lawlessness and fighting between parties .... it's been proven time & time again. I guess some farang can't see that and therefore prefer mayhem as before. But if you prefer as before , then thats your choice.
  12. pls see post #7. tks.
  13. Well done .... great to see someone beat the either of the William sisters. Lady's tennis was getting boring.