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  1. In the case of Thaksin (or for that matter pretty much any rich person with power and influence in Thailand) a "fair trial" usually just means a trial in which they are allowed to use that aforementioned power and influence to sway the court's decision in their favour. I have no doubt that in Thaksin's eyes, the rejection of his pastry box bribe was demonstration that that trial was unfair. A fair trial to him would be one such as his assets concealment trial, in which the judges found in his favour as they feared the consequences of doing otherwise. When this is how you define fair and unfair, i suspect the answer to your question may well be "no".
  2. Thaksin fully understands the flaws of the justice system because he himself took advantage of them in the past (see assets concealment case for starters). He was happy to abide by Thai justice when he could control it and influence it in his favour, now that he can't, he isn't. That's what's called, wanting to have your pastry box and eat it.
  3. I used them once and the service was good. For first time customers they give you a discount. Something like 5 dollars. I haven't used them again though as without the discount, the items were a fairly similar price on Lazada. The problem is that with heavyish stuff, the discount they offer for ordering multiple items, is outweighed by the increase in postage costs. If you are ordering something light, it might well be worth using them.
  4. That's strange. I shop at both Foodland and Villa in Bangkok. Usually about the same price if comparing like for like. I prefer Villa though because they tend to have British and American products actually imported from Britain and America. Foodland seems to have a lot of stuff from Malaysia masquerading as British and American food.
  5. When i did it by post a couple of months ago it took about two weeks. If your due date is the 23rd you still have until the 30th. I would wait until the end of next week before starting to panic.
  6. Mirrors only show you what is happening directly behind you. Objects coming towards you from behind at a 45 degree angle are invisible. The only way you would have any chance of seeing them is with the head over the shoulder check, and how many times do you do that before filtering on? Once? Maybe twice if you are a very careful driver. More than that and you stand a chance of being caught out by something happening in front of you. The taxi driver would have had to have been performing his head over the shoulder check at the precise moment that the pick-up flew into view as it performed its erratic swerve from the middle lane to the inside lane, to have had any chance of applying pre-thought.
  7. Show me a person who voted to leave because they believed the NHS would get better funding, and i'll show you a person who voted to remain because they feared the effects of the emergency budget they were promised. Plenty of examples of misleading information from both camps.
  8. "Generally accepted" by whom? The remainers?
  9. The angle and the speed that the truck is coming at means that he would have only appeared in the taxi driver's side mirror briefly a second or two before impact. Even the most vigilant mirror and over-the-shoulder checker would have had little chance of seeing this idiot coming.
  10. If nobody cared, politicians and celebrities wouldn't feel the need to lie about it and cover it up when exposed.
  11. Thanks. With the program guide, how many days into the future does it allow you to view? And i take it, no option to attach a hard drive and record programs? Programs are available for 24 hours and then that's it?
  12. With Pulse, how do you know viewing times? Does it have an onscreen program guide to see what's on?
  13. No. If they type in your passport number their records will show all your history, including when you last did your 90 day notification.
  14. All your information will be on the Immigration database. All they need do is enter your passport number and they will see your report history. Don't worry about it.
  15. Queues at ATMs are annoying but generally you can immediately see what the situation is from a distance and walk on to the next ATM if needs be. When topping up from the 7-11 on the other hand, it wasn't until walking into the shop and standing at the counter that it became apparent how annoyed one was going to get with slow staff, dithering customers, or queue jumpers, by which time it would be too late to back out without potentially wasting even more time at another 7-11. Topping up at the ATM takes no more time than withdrawing money.