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  1. Ditto. Did mine yesterday. Approved within 24 hours.
  2. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Unless you are driving a ten wheeler, makes no difference whatsoever.
  3. I ask you a question you can't answer so you feign busyness. And having just accused me of avoiding questions.
  4. Although crass incompetence is something i'm sure they are well capable of, in this case, i don't think it was particularly required to enable her escape. She wasn't a convicted criminal so it's not like they could chain her down, all they could do was follow and observe from a bit of a distance, and as mentioned, when you have unlimited wealth, it opens up your options somewhat for getting out of the country. Hardly a Houdini like feat what she did.
  5. Firstly, pull the other one. Secondly, i didn't avoid the question.
  6. Well, i think for a woman of her means, it would have been quite possible to escape without their help, especially with a few members of the police force helping her... but i can also think of some reasons why her escape would suit the junta, so it's not out of the question for them to be involved. Short answer is, i don't know. Do you?
  7. So you support the current crowd having "immunity" from their illegal act of a coup? or you claim it was 'legal'? If you weren't making an assumption you wouldn't have started the sentence with "so".
  8. "Philosophical endorsement" You're a card.
  9. You posed a question that totally ignored my point and made a baseless assumption. You are quite a one to talk about bias.
  10. LOL Says the man who described her as a "heroine of democracy".
  11. I'm not questioning that "unfortunate accidents" happen, i'm questioning your two contradicting theories. Theory one, there's the Yingluck who the junta fear so much they force her to escape because they daren't jail her. And then theory two, there's the Yingluck whose life is in great peril from being bumped off by the junta.
  12. As usual, ignore my point and make a straw man argument. Where have i said i support anyone?
  13. You start by saying that they are only fugitives because they didn't grant themselves amnesty, but then go on to admit in your "they are criminals too" comment, that they are indeed criminals. It would therefore be a lot more accurate to say, not that they are only fugitives because they did not grant themselves amnesty, but that they are fugitives because they committed crime and were unable to grant themselves amnesty.
  14. Not really that sad though is it? Some lay person, completely innocent, being banged up, and without the means to fight the charge... that would be a sad day. Someone being given a harsh sentence but for something that they are clearly guilty of, and that someone having the financial means and influence to never have to worry about actually serving a single day of jail time anyway, able to jet around the world first class, living a life of luxury... well, let's just say, there are some needier causes out there if you care to look (and didn't happen to be so besotted). As for this nonsense charade of the great peril she was in, as evidenced by comments along the lines of, "she had to flee because she would have been bumped off", you really need to make sure the theories you make up, match up, and don't contradict each other, before you come out with them. The junta can't be one minute, the junta that was so desperately fearful of the backlash of sentencing Yingluck that they masterminded her escape and forced her to go along with it, and then the next, the junta that was poised and ready to switch off the CCTV and organize an "unfortunate accident" for her.
  15. One minute the junta is so terrified of the public backlash from sentencing "heroine Yingluck" that they orchestrated her escape... and the next, "heroine Yingluck" is in such great peril of being bumped off from the junta, and were she behind bars, they would arrange for her to have "an accident".