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  1. joke,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nice earner out of 30 months he will only serve 15 month 15 into 265,000 = 17,666 pounds a month. he will be back at it when he gets out,
  2. glad i live in town and not the country side
  3. he looks very happy with his self, must be the comfort and the facilities at his new residence.
  4. quite clearly your a passive with no scene of reality. welcome to the real world.
  5. well is what happened to her not a fact ? ask her, or the doctors,so now go and get a life your just nit picking,
  6. i think so and properly a L/B
  7. im not blaming anyone just stating a fact.
  8. maybe it was a short time room thats why no valuables were found in the room ? RIP
  9. driving or on a bike
  10. hope the doc get a huge pay out