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  1. i figured thats what you looked like. i see why your lady does not respect you or anything you say.
  2. dont think you will be saying anything like that mate we all know who wears the trousers in your place. good luck with that anyway.
  3. i am from the UK ive been married 1 time for 17 years very happy however relationships run their course as mine did, we had a good divorce and remained friends for a while so i have no chip on my shoulder or bitter about any of my own experiences. Indeed, where you come from matters, when it comes to respect for women and basic comon sense and understanding. from what your saying your wife dose not respect you because if she did you would not have to ask her many time and then ask people on here their opinions. i am single i live alone never sleep alone and have had many beautiful girlfriends and relationships here in Thailand and still have with good women who respect me my home and what i like want and need and in return i do the same for them. in short am i a pig NO but im i the boss YES
  4. where i come from dose not matter. i am a man and i act like one im not married and nor would i marry again, let alone a Thai woman, yes some of them can be good women if they like and respect you. the women the OP is referring to i think does neither or she would not behave the way she does.
  5. catman20

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    its very sad for us to read about your problems, but i think its time your wife started to think about your feelings as you are obviously worried as i would be, you need to move and if she has any feeling for you she will be happy to go with to, so that you can feel happy and secure to see the rest of your days out in happiness if shes is not prepared to do this for you that tells me you need to look for a full time carer, i know it cant be easy but it must be possible if you can afford to pay someone a decent salary. good luck anyway.
  6. i bet it is 2 year sentence suspended for 2 years plus a brown envelope. you get more that that for a fight in the uk even if both parties survive and both walk away.
  7. catman20

    How did you meet your Thai wife?

    you got that right i agree
  8. catman20

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    i would be moving house and very quickly to a safer area maybe even a small gated village. you cant continue to live this way you will end up worrying your self the death.
  9. i wonder what happened to the guy that committed the violence ? i herd he got away with it after the brown envelopes were exchanged.
  10. catman20

    Im getting very bored

    i agree, obviously my RIP bit went straight over your head ?
  11. catman20

    Im getting very bored

    i think your dead right there and to be honest when that happens to me i can think of a few other place id rather live other than Thailand, but i would need to have a warm climate.
  12. catman20

    Im getting very bored

    Yes lots to do if you think about it and you have the drive and the money to do it.
  13. catman20

    Im getting very bored

    Book a van tour RIP
  14. However, I am not materialistic or a snob . yeah right
  15. Is it me, her or I just have to accept how it is ? How hard can it be?  No she stupid and so are you sorry to say for putting up with it. Grow a pair and put your foot down. If she likes you she will respect you and be quite if she does not then she will continue as she is. Then it's time to show her the door.