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  1. the OP wanted to know a nice romantic place to go for a honey moon, but you would know that anyway wouldn't you and you said Railay beach to look at the cliffs no class, try to get of of Thailand one in your life it may broaden your knowledge of other places. the Maldives is by far the most romantic place for a honeymoon.
  2. Car import - worth an attempt?

    yes 3 or 4 years but i dont see it would be any easier now.
  3. Car import - worth an attempt?

    i knew 1 guy that did import his car from the UK he said he would never do it again and he has not, he buys his cars here now.
  4. Why would You?

    well thats what she is really
  5. ive been there very nice and quite
  6. thats because i prefer to spend my time in the Maldives where there is not hundreds of tourists of any sort its quite and very private but you would know that anyway wouldn't you . what island in the Maldives is your favorite ?
  7. if the west side of this beach gets too busy with all the Chinese tourist and all the hundreds of other tourist, they could always go to the east side where im sure they would be alone as that beach is full of mud, that would be lovely and romantic time for a honeymoon what a wonderful private honeymoon that would be. NOT. P,S they dont want to look at cliffs
  8. so your experiences in the Maldives were not romantic then ?
  9. if you really want to enjoy dont have your honeymoon in Thailand, push the boat out for hopefully for a once in a life time thing, go to the Maldives its only a 4 hour flight from here it can be very expensive but if you pick and choose according to your budget you wont go wrong and your new wife WILL LOVE IT. let us know what you decide to do
  10. i see your not taking inflation into account then ?
  11. rather you than me theirs enough women here without getting involved with that crap. life too cheap here.