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  1. Foreigners arrested came from China, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Nigeria. all know as quality tourists countries.
  2. catman20

    Moto GP Thailand

    i went to the F1 their 14 years ago didn't recon it never been again.
  3. catman20

    Moto GP Thailand

    im in the Marquez stand see you there
  4. throw them both in jail until they repay all the victims.
  5. Maybe go there and stay in a hotel for a week. I bet you will be flying back to Thailand after that. good advice.
  6. go for it, i hear what your saying, try it if it dont work out, you can always come back, sounds like you have nothing to lose. good luck.
  7. catman20

    UK driving licence renewal Thailand

    so if i cannot renew here is there a way to apply online but using a relatives address in the UK and ask them to post to me here or would the dvla need proof i lived there? yes thats how i renewed mine.
  8. catman20

    Thaifriendly thread

    yes, zero
  9. catman20

    Thaifriendly thread

    get out the wrong side of the bed did we ? if its too early for you dont read it.
  10. catman20

    Thaifriendly thread

    sounds like you maybe you are one of the farang that are here punching way above their weight, therefor has to pay
  11. catman20

    Thaifriendly thread

    i agree. i dont have a girl stay with me that would be the beginning of the end of a relationship for me however i have had several girls ive dated over the years, yes the sex has been free but i do pay in other ways, women cost money any way you choose to look at it. as they say each to their own.
  12. dont see why hes just embarrassing his self and his country.
  13. catman20

    How much do you pay for your electric?

    find a descent landlord not a peasant landlord that needs to rob you on your electric. they should be shot
  14. your a sad man that makes you no better than a poor thai man, you expect your Thai kids to take care of you when your old. you should be ashamed of yourself !