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  1. well here a man that says it like it is no punches pulled i like it well said, one thing ld like to know would you man up if and when you are put in a really heart breaking position or would you do whey ive seen most men do which would be to put there head in the sand and carry on as though nothings happened.
  2. they all say that no sex on the first date, ive met 100s like that, if they like you ect you get them all in the sack normally within 30 mins some take a little longer like an hour but they all end up in the same place. in bed .
  3. must be real love i guess, or maybe your just a sexy man. dont get in a flap im only joking.
  4. Fun in the streets of Pattaya.....not! 😳

    agreed avoid all eye contact with anyone that approaches you.just keep walking.
  5. Coconut milk very high in cholesterol right????
  6. she was trying to sell it to you i would believe one of these Thais even if they told me the time, i would check.
  7. docent everyone in the long run. i dont pay for sex but all my girlfriends here have cost me a few bob one way or another.
  8. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    im not trying to be an ass hxxx, sentence to 50 year why would there be any sign of him getting out after 4 years, surely your friend knew the downside of messing around with ecstasy. sorry but you would catch me with 60 paracetamol
  9. strange how we seem to hear about a lot of ex athletes that die early form heart attacks or something else when they have been so fit and healthy all there lives. RIP
  10. i had similar problems in my garden i got a company to come and spray the garden every month all ok now.
  11. Leaving with Children

    good luck mate cant be easy.
  12. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    people know the risks you run in Asia dealing with drugs, if your that stupid you deserve everything you have coming to you. no sympathy
  13. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    yes your dead right. no time for these idiots, their just lazy bxms who just dont want to work, they want to have the good retired life that so many of us enjoy here but we all worked for out retirement.
  14. i think you will find the couple in koh lanta have not yet been caught or identified as yet.