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  1. where i come from we would deal with Mr Swirl, a rats a rat
  2. yes the OP sounds like a rat.........................we all know what happens to rats
  3. got any current pictures for us ?
  4. We are not in Europe and if the Benz ware the same price in Europe as they are here they would not be using Benz for taxis.
  5. so what model is your BMW ?
  6. i have first class ins also on my BMW it cost about 60 or 65,000 baht = about 1,500 pounds which i think would be the same price in England.
  7. ok your was 2nd best post here along with mine ok ?
  8. what model is your Benz ? hahaha its the new be again wouldn't expect too much from you.
  9. best post here, i like, it and straight to the point and very honest, Bob wont like this post either along with many other people living here on a shoe string.
  10. good point re the gas, got to get in plenty of KM to do that. insurance i think on a high end car is about the same i think
  11. and theirs nothing wrong with that,
  12. Bob i was answering the previous post which in turn may of taken me of topic but it was correcting the post re only that BMWs are only 25% more expensive here. I choose not too that's my right it does not mean I don't have the 50,000. i dont think you have the 50,000 now thats SHOWING OFF thats why you sound a bit green Bob, think i hit a nerve. get over it Bob.