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  1. i did that but with 200,000 but was only in the couple of months i thought only being a couple of months that they would see what i was doing but it was not a problem and got the visa.
  2. The least you have to do with these people the better. I'm sure they feel the same way about us.
  3. and get wedged behind a mattress
  4. rhe bad ones do
  5. you got too much time on your hands
  6. lets hope his visa get refused next time.
  7. was he doing everything this dicks doing ? insulting school kids, scorpion fighting cats and putting coins on railway lines ????????????. i wouldn't of thought so.
  8. how old is this prxk ? his behavior is of a 13 years old
  9. Id be surprised if the tuk tuk driver paid 2,000 baht
  10. im surprised the JP or management company have not taken the water meter away after a few months of fees not being paid i would of done so, the tenant would of then left or the owner would of paid. had the tenant left and owner did not pay he would never been able to re rent the condo. end of story. i think the management company have been a bit slow in chasing this dept up.
  11. who is this dxck ??? whats he doing here ? how does he live here ? surprised he dont get a visit and told to wind his neck in.