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  1. its ok they were thai they live in that sort of stuff anyway
  2. catman20

    its not all one sided

    if your story is all true i take my hat off to you, shame theirs not a few more real men in this country.
  3. catman20

    its not all one sided

    to be honest that does not sound good enough for me, you will lose your no claims bonus and your insurance may go up possibly next year all through no fault of your own. could you not have pushed charges against the young man for all the laws he has broken or said i will not pursue this if you pay me 5,000 baht which would properly cover your loss next time you renew your insurance.
  4. catman20

    Jetski Mafia

    id love to try one with my girl but its just not worth the hassle and the drama.
  5. change the girl then if you rather look the movie than hit her 555
  6. she knows what shes there for, skip the movie and hit the sack.
  7. why dont you get your own credit card baby ?
  8. then maybe a little trip to the police station and fork out another 20 or 30,000 smart thinking. NOT
  9. nothing new or surprising in the story.
  10. and neither of u would have the balls to say it to his face in a dark ally.
  11. i wonder how much it cost to get off this hook ?