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  1. orientfan

    Working in Thailand

    Thank you. I guess there's still much that's unclear...
  2. Hi everyone, It was reported here recently that the rules of 'no employment' for those on RVs or Non-Imm Visas have been relaxed to accommodate farang who volunteer or do work, 'for the good of Thailand.' Can anyone comment on that? Is that official policy now? Thanks for your thoughts!
  3. orientfan

    Jomtien Office

    Thanks everyone for sound advice!
  4. orientfan

    Jomtien Immigration

    Thanks everyone.
  5. orientfan

    Thailand relaxes work permit laws for foreigners

    Can anyone comment on the significance of this (if any!) to those volunteering without a WP?
  6. Hi, Does anyone know the opening hours of Jomtien Immigration and if they close for a lunch hour? Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone, I have to Register a TM30 and renew my RV. Is there a 'best time' to avoid long queues at the Jomtien Immigration office? Is there a time to be avoided? Do I need to take copies of any passport pages for the TM30? Many thanks for any useful information.
  8. orientfan

    RV Renewal in Jomtien

    Thank you for that!
  9. orientfan

    RV Renewal in Jomtien

    Thank you Ubonjoe. Helpful as always!
  10. Hi everyone, My RV extension renewal is due on 19th July but maybe it's a good idea to go a few days before in case of a problem? How many days before renewal date can one apply? Can anyone advise if I should take any additional information or documents to 12 months ago? This will be my 3rd renewal in Jomtien. Thanks for any advice!