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  1. The tour buses in most of these accidents look like they are made of cardboard as they fold up so easily.
  2. I think one of the A-340’s was taken by the government for his use so there are only 9 left rotting in Thai airports.
  3. There was allot of space between the pickup truck and the car on the near side. It is possible that with many maneuvers the pickup truck could have squeezed out at an angle. I view this ramming as a form of road rage even though the BMW owner was responsible for causing the problem.
  4. I think you need to have your own renter’s insurance policy which would cover the contents which you own. This type of policy is definitely available in Thailand.
  5. Waste water flowing freely onto Krabi’s beaches

    I never put my head under water at any Thai beaches.....look at the huge waste of money to upgrade Dongtan Beach area (except for toilets which remain disgusting). That money could have been used to upgrade waste treatment facility.
  6. Round them up, send them home and stop letting them come here
  7. Thinking of retiring

    An aside to your discussion on Thai passports- a Thai friend living in USA (green card) returned to Thailand this month and the machine used for Thais at BKK accepted his Thai passport even though it was expired ! I found this interesting.
  8. A Boeing 747-400 assembled south of Pattaya

    Surprised it wasn’t an Orient Thai plane....
  9. I live near Lumpini Park and am able to take off my face mask there because the air seems reasonably clean whereas the surrounding areas have filthy air. There are still a large number of old buses spewing black diesel smoke, tons of motorbikes and far too many vehicles in general.
  10. The Pintsman Pub on Silom is Closed?

    United Center has many retail and restaurant vacancies and is slowly becoming a ghost town.
  11. This has become a weekly event in Thailand. I never hear mention of any Marriage Counseling services here but they are badly needed and they might help the males accept that a relationship is over and they need to get on with their lives. Too much rage here.
  12. Parenting inThailand leaves allot to be desired.
  13. They must outgrow that feeling as they get a bit older because there are supposedly 70,000 open positions in the RTP and they are considering a draft like the Military to fill these positions
  14. Surprised that a boat this large was not twin screw (2 engines) . All of the boats used in Thailand for tourist purposes should be surveyed and inspected at least once a year.
  15. Moody Blues singer Ray Thomas dies at 76

    Induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is long overdue for this great group.