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  1. Searat7

    Issues with my thai family

    I think he is either hitting on you or trying to antagonize you. He sees he gets some reaction so keeps doing his thing. With no reaction he might just forget about you and move on to his next target. If you can easily communicate with each other why not have a beer with him so that you can better understand each other. After that the nonsense behavior should stop but you need to be more understanding and not homophobic.
  2. When I went to MBK to replace batteries on my IPad and I phone, different quality levels were offered.
  3. For me the biggest drawback is air pollution. I choose to live in Bangkok and have worn a carbon mask for years when I go out but that is no longer enough as the problem has gotten much worse in the last 6 months. I get bad cough and sinus problems which continued for one month after returning to USA for annual visit. I just stocked up on N-95 face masks but Year 15 might be my last because of this problem. I fully realize I could live elsewhere in Thailand but access to many goods and services would not be the same.
  4. The mail problem has gotten worse in the past 2 years. I suspect increased volume has overwhelmed their antiquated system and needs to be updated.
  5. I feel sorry for the girls who wear very old fashioned dresses that are very long. Prices would go down if this bulky item was redesigned. Shirts are cheap for both sexes as are shorts for the boys. I also notice girls carrying heavy leather book bags (brief cases) while boys seem to be fine with simple back packs.
  6. If Police were really serious about doing their job (will never happen) how much work would be involved to visit hotels and bars in their districts to check for proper licenses ? Almost every time we read about raids or incidents it seems these places are not properly licensed.
  7. If the water is deep (can’t stand with head above water) life jackets should be mandatory. The tour operator should explain how to use mask and snorkel and they should have someone watching those with little or no experience.
  8. Presumably all of the scams we read about here are reported in the Thai media too so I wonder how Thais can continue to be so gullible. There should be a major effort to round up all of the Nigerians here on overstay and they need to really tighten up the qualifications for a visa even if some profiling is used.
  9. One term I never saw in these horrific stories is “designated driver”. If Thais learned that one person in the group must remain sober so that the others can be safely transported I am sure there will be less deaths.
  10. Searat7

    Trump orders strikes against Syria over chemical weapons attack

    The strikes had already been made or were underway when Trump announced this action. No doubt this was a difficult decision but the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian dictator against his people (again) could not be ignored. The UK and France also participated. Shame on Russia for continuing to prop up this barbaric regime.
  11. If they raise the speed on the highways they need to raise minimum speeds too I think. I see fully loaded trucks pulling trailers with equal loads. Most of these trucks are not that large and would not be seen pulling full trailers in other countries.
  12. I have Thai friend who had huge credit card debt (over 300,000b) with salary of 28,000. He also has car payments which are high because he had no down payment. Had his family not stepped in to help he would have been dragged into court and there would be judgements against him which could have attached most of his salary as long as he worked. Banks were previously irresponsible giving out too much credit but now there are limitations based on salary. They really need to teach kids how to manage money before they leave school.
  13. Searat7

    Best way to deal with a cough in Bangkok?

    A few weeks ago Jinthing suggested Eucalyptus oil and it really works. A few drops in a container, add hot water, put towel over your head and breathe in. I lost my cough of 3 months after 2 days but I should add that I was back in USA when I tried this.
  14. With the ARL the problem is that it is being managed by the SRT. Operation should have been turned over to BTS long ago
  15. I notice that most of the motorbikes used for trash pick up or to sell food do not have license plates. These vehicles should be registered...no registration = no insurance.