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  1. How about the agents who deposit 800,000 b in a client’s account for a few days and then get this accepted and processed by IO agent ? There should be a separate line for agents and one of Big Joke’s trusted aides should be standing next to the desk. This practice will probably become more widespread with elimination of embassy income letters for some countries.
  2. I guess I must be in the minority because I go to USA for annual visit about the same time each year so I get a new O-A visa there every other year and just a re-entry permit here on the off years so I avoid the banking requirement here. Obviously timing is important to maximize benefit of re-entry permit. i think they will be going after the agents next because many of them just put the 800,000 b in accounts for a short time for their customers so there is obvious collusion. What really irritates me is how the agents keep cutting in front of people waiting in the numbered queue by just walking into the office with their applications. They should have to wait in line like the rest of us or there should be a separate agent to handle their applications.
  3. When they announced the visa program for Thais to visit Korea (I think they get 90 days) I saw this coming. Was a bad decision on Korea’s part.
  4. TM 6 should suffice unless there is an address change which should obviously be reported. 90 day reporting should not be necessary either. They could better utilize personnel involved in these areas to upgrade service at airports and immigration departments for the things that really count. I would not be surprised if Big Joke makes further changes in the future. Wonder when the guy sleeps though.
  5. Searat7

    SURVEY: Big Joke--Is he on the right track?

    Who cares if he likes to showcase his arrests in a news conference ? This guy has made tremendous progress in a short period of time; both arresting undersirables who are illegal here and by stopping the “tipping” at Immigration . I for one would not mind being approached by immigration officer to show my legal status here.
  6. You are so right about the third runway. That is the first expansion which should have been made .
  7. I think they still have 9 in mothballs because selling them for their real value would mean taking a big loss on the books. The 10th one was transferred to the government. Maybe our esteemed leader and his deputy use this plane to get around.
  8. Your posting makes a good case for having 2 baht accounts here; one attached to ATM card and the other holding most of your money. I made this change at BKK Bank a while back. No worries about skimmers.
  9. My observation is that some people are good with money ; others are not. I have seen people making 30,000 a month constantly in trouble but also know others making half of that salary who do fine and even save some money each month. It’s a matter of living within your means and there should be a course in high school to educate students about these things before they graduate since few are probably taught well at home.
  10. This is the worst miscarriage of justice I have seen in my 14 years here.feel so bad for those Burmese kids
  11. Searat7

    Big Joke tipped for big promotion

    I think they wanted him out of PD before he got too close to upsetting the Apple cart there. Sooner or later he would have hit upon some sensitive areas.
  12. Motorcycle taxi drivers in Bangkok rarely offer helmets to their passengers
  13. Searat7

    Interior minister predicts peaceful elections in Thailand

    It’s not the elections I worry about, it’s the aftermath when people realize what happened (e.g the result)
  14. Searat7

    Olympic gold medal hero Somrak declared bankrupt

    But in Thailand you cannot declare personal bankruptcy unless you have 1 million baht or more in debt. More often it is the financial institution forcing the debtor into bankruptcy......they can attach your paycheck forever if you have a good job.
  15. If you get a long stay visa (O-A) in USA you could get a re-entry permit here at the end of the first year thereby extending your visa for almost a year and you avoid the 800,000b cash in bank requirement here in Thailand. This works well for me; I get a new visa in New York every other year and the re-entry permit here in the off years but timing is important.