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  1. No excuse for this but it seems that novice monks should be older than 9 years old. He was just a young child !
  2. Those of us who signed up with BB years ago (14 years for me) might run into problems moving to a new bank if we don’t have work permits. I am going to hang on to my BB ATM card with chip which expires in December 2021, hoping that BB comes to their senses by then.
  3. Does anyone know the actual cost of a work permit ? I have an Asian friend (not Thai) working in Hotel Reception and they told him the cost is 25,000B and they want to reduce his already low salary by 1,000B per month to pay part of the cost. Seems very unfair to me.
  4. Searat7

    Another day on Thai roads - another 58 corpses

    In Thailand vehicles (motorcycles in particular) rarely stop at the end of one street before they turn on to another. Many of the accident videos posted on TV show motorcycles flying out of a side street onto the main road without even slowing down. I would never consider driving in this country.
  5. They certainly didn’t give him enough time in the job to properly evaluate him. It is more likely that he went after some “sacred cows” which would be a big No No with the junta.
  6. Searat7

    Hun Sen ‘will be accepted at UN’

    Just one of many dictators currently running countries throughout the world.
  7. Searat7

    The death of Walking Street

    A couple of restaurants I liked there disappeared....other than the expensive seafood restaurant(s) there is not much to offer.
  8. How about adopting uniform policies and procedures for all of the consulates ? That would be the easiest. (And best) step to improving services.
  9. Extra lanes to enter an already jammed freeway ? What does that accomplish ? One thing I notice in Bangkok is that motorists regularly travel in the breakdown lanes which are pretty narrow.
  10. Because they placed my Visa and subsequent re-entry permit so far into my passport ( after many empty pages) I just use a paper clip. The stickies kept falling off.
  11. BTS Siemens trains are nearly identical to MRT trains so adding a fourth car is not an issue as BTS has done this already. When BTS ordered the extra cars it would have been a great opportunity for the MRT to piggyback on that order but of course they did not. The only government owned and operated system is the Airport Link which is the most poorly managed of the three. This should have been taken away from SRT and given to BTS to manage long ago.
  12. This is outrageous. They have been using the same 3 car trains since MRT opened in 2004. The government should have demanded that a fourth cat be added before opening/connecting Purple line
  13. Searat7

    Shipyard fire guts Phuket tour boat

    It was probably one of the boats deemed to be unsafe during last week’s inspection. Better to collect insurance money than fix the boat.
  14. If there was ever a situation where profiling was justified it is the Nigerians. Round them up and send them home and stop letting their replacements come here.
  15. When does this guy sleep ? He is omnipresent it seems....he has done more to fight crime in Thailand than entire squads or committees. Hope he gets the big promotion soon...he has certainly earned it.