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  1. It took me 3 months to get it finally cleared, after 1 month I had to go to the Children's Welfare for an interview, then after another month I had to go to the Children's Court with a translator, when that was completed they give the mother a month to see if she wants to change her mind before giving the final paper which has to be shown at the Amhper The cost for me was 12000 baht including a translator
  2. Not quiet true if you have the OK from the mother it should not cost you that much Only cost me 10000 baht for a lawyer and 2000 for an interpreter
  3. offset

    Pain after complicated tooth extraction?

    I had pain for nearly a month after a problem tooth removal and the dentist checked me every week until the pain went after the first week he told me it could take over a month for the pain to completely go
  4. offset

    Prostate check / PSA test (one visit?)

    Whenever I went to see the doctor about my prostate I always went 2 or 3 hours before the time of seeing the doctor to do the PSA test which meant he had the results when you met him otherwise you will have to see him 2 times
  5. offset

    Moving my son to new Tabien bahn

    My son went to a school in Bangkok but he was registered in the house book in Prachinburi
  6. offset

    Moving my son to new Tabien bahn

    When my son went to a Government school it was in a different area to where his name was in the house book
  7. offset

    Land paper in Childrens name

    That is what I thought at the time I ended up with sole custody of my son so she cannot do the same with the land in his name
  8. offset

    Land paper in Childrens name

    Yes I did start to do that but it meant that the mom might get a prison sentence because she lied to get a new chanot to the police ( I had the original but she told the police that she lost it) and I did not want that for the daughter, I had to put 130000 into the court plus the cost of a lawyer which if I lost the case I would not get back and I did not think I needed all the problems of a court cases so I stopped the proceedings of a criminal and a civil case
  9. offset

    Land paper in Childrens name

    Yes I know that What happen to me was the Her mom without me knowing applied to the court to sell the land and said the land was worth the same as on the chanote of 250000 baht but did not say that there was now a house on the land and the court did not check on it, the court agreed for the land to be sold and put it in the hands of bank to sell. Her mom then arranged a friend to buy the land from the bank and the next day the mom brought the land from the friend and took a 2200000 loan out on the land which she never paid back so lost the land The 250000 Baht went to the Children's Welfare I was not married so I had no say in what happen and it was all done without my knowledge
  10. When I applied for my sons passport I spoke to the advice line in the UK and was told that after a certain date the rules for unmarried parents have been changed and it is much more difficult to get a passport for my child but I was lucky he was born before that date so he got his passport I am only reporting what I was told
  11. You must check on wether you can get a British Passport for her they have changed the rules many times
  12. offset

    Land paper in Childrens name

    If you do put in Childs name make sure the proper value of the land is quoted on the paperwork and if there is a house on the land make sure that is noted to because if they are not noted it is possible if you die for the mother go to the court with a good lawyer and get the land sold at a lower price and make some money off it