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  1. Sorry I should of said will do the in Hue Hin
  2. Thank you for you help but i not think a foreigner can have a Blue House book and i am not sure if you get a chanote with a condo. I just need to know what I need before signing a long term lease
  3. I am renting a condo from a man from the USA that lives in Thailand I would like to know what paperwork will I need from him when I have to renew my retirement extension
  4. I am going to apply soon for my son and I have the same circumstances that you have can I ask you what Birth Certificates you supplied with your application
  5. I had all sorts of problems opening an account in Hua Hin on a retirement visa and I have 4 accounts already with this bank but in different provinces I think that the counter staff are afraid to make a mistake so put obstacles in the way which is mostly about prove of address in the end I used my driving licence as prove of address if you have a problem try to see the manager
  6. Does that mean that I have 2 addresses in different provinces and both addresses are in my passport I not have to report change of addess when I long stay at either address and can do my 90 report at either address
  7. Did a change of address yesterday ay Hua Hin and it was entered onto a computer while I was there they got the full address of my condo off the computer too
  8. Just for info. they also do a Change of Address but not do any Extensions
  9. Thank you for your advice I was going to ask next year and maybe even drop the travel part to because the insurance will only get more expensive for me
  10. They also only cover 186 days in 1 year this is in the small print on most yearly travel cover
  11. I am 72 years old and with Pacific Cross, my premium this year was 120000 Baht for all cover not including existing problems, I have a 20% co pay for heart condition only, world wide cover excluding America and also out patient cover I have never had a claim off them but my son also insured with them to has had 2 problems both were paid with no problem i not even see the bill
  12. I had the same thing in Prachinburi my son name is in the blue book and as I could prove that I had over 100% control over him (court papers) it was accepted and I got my Retirement Extension ok
  13. My son had an ear infection went and see a E.N.T. specialist I said I will buy some ear plugs for him, I was advised not to bother they are not needed for normal swimming just told my son not to put his fingers or anything else in his ears, all cleared up in 5 days
  14. I noticed that a day or two before I got a gout attach I got a tingling in the joint so now when I feel that I take allopurinol for a couple of day and I not had a problem for many years now
  15. Thai ID numbers stay the same for life it is even on there birth certificate