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  1. When I had mine done at the amphur they accepted a translated copy of my passport done by the local shop as long as it was stamped and signed by them
  2. How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

    Have you tried to go to the amphur alone or with your lawyer I did not go to the amphur to finalise the process my lawyer did it for me but different amphurs have different rules
  3. Sometimes it is a case of just sitting infront of the bank service staff and not moving until they contact the head office to get the OK to open a bank account but you must have your passport, confirmation of your addressing and your wife with you but she must also be prepared to sit it out with you I have had to do this the last 3 times that I have opened a bank account (changed banks because of moving)
  4. Birth Certificate Problem

    How old is your Daughter If the child was not born in Thailand most of the time a DNA test is not required to be named the father if not married to the mother, it just needs the daughter if over about 7 years and the mother to agree you are the father it the Ampur So MFA might not need a DNA test In Thailand a mans name on the birth cert means nothing if not married to the mother, the mother has sole custody over the child
  5. Your case is for getting sole custody with a divorce it is a different procedure for an unmarried couple For un uncontested divorce it can be done at an Ampure and custody can be sorted out at the same time For an unmarried person it has to go through the Children's court with a recommendation from the Children's Welfare
  6. High blood pressure

    I do not take any notice about hospital blood test always taken when under stress and never give you time to relax you need to sit for at least 5 minutes before they take your blood pressure
  7. Yes they will do 30 days early I did mine there Thursday but that was 27 days early but I heard it said they do it 30 days early If it was me I would go earlier and try get it done at least if they not do it then you can get your paperwork checked to make sure you have everything in order
  8. They could be looking for the many people that pay thousands of baht to an agent because they not have the 800000 baht in the bank and not give their true address they even have to go back to that agent to do their 90 day report If they not live at the address on their extension it can be note and they can be picked up on their next report The immigration are not looking for the people that are at home when they visit it is the ones that not live where there extension states they are looking for
  9. Last month I changed my address in the blue book but had to change the number plate, do you know what province is on the number plate if different to your address I think somebody have done something that is not correct but TIT
  10. But if you live in a different province they have change the plates because the province where it registered is on the number plate
  11. They will be sending fines to the address the car registered and if not paid the fine will get doubled when you pay your yearly tax
  12. Could he go to Laos and then go to the UK on his UK passport he has prove of entering Laos not come back to Thailand
  13. You could try 1 date in a few days time and the others later I got the impression they were not very busy last month when I got my son's passport
  14. Expensive blood test

    Thank you for you comments When I talk about a long way away I am talking about it is a 950km journey which is a bit far for a single day or even a weekend trip I was told by the doctor that there is no health risk and because he is not being affected by it now (which if you read all this thread you would have seen) I do not see the need for any rush to have the test done Of course if he gets a major reaction I will have the test done ASAP I went to a private hospital because I do have health insurance for him (again if you read this thread you would have seen that) and yes it is nearer to me only a 3 minute walk from where we live I have had some good advice on this thread but I am sorry to say that your comments were not one of them and if you do not have any useful advice to make I would not bother posting a comment and that is not BS
  15. Expensive blood test

    Thank you for comments at this time he is clear of any rashes so I will wait to see if he gets any more reactions and if he does will check what food he has been eating to see if I can pin down what might be causing them I have already cut down his sugar intake which I noticed that he had been having to much sugar which the doctor told me could cause a rashes