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  1. Expensive blood test

    They say it not cover the test (it is in the small print) but will still cover for any allergy treatment which seems strange because over time it might cost them more than the tests We have been watching what he is eating (stopped him eating sugar etc.) and he seems not to have any more rashes for the last week if it comes back I will check what he as been eating If it comes back I have a friend in a government hospital that can get the test done but it a long way away so cannot do while he is at school
  2. Expensive blood test

    Bangkok Hospital Skin Specialist Yes have insurance but first time the hospital contacted them about the price they go a reply that it is not a sickness so they might not pay, I will get in contact with my broker tomorrow to try get them to sort it out I would still like to know about the skin test or weather better to have skin prick test
  3. Expensive blood test

    I understand that but I was told it would take week to get the results of the test and it might be possible that the blood test are not conclusive I am already trying to reduce certain things that I think bight be the problem
  4. Expensive blood test

    My son has been having a rash keep coming up on his body for the last month, he as been having weekly visit to the hospital every week, and now the doctor want to do a blood test for "Food allergy screening test and or inhalation allergy screening test". I have been quoted about 75000 baht for this test which seems very expensive. I was wondering if anybody else have had this blood test and what did it cost them
  5. Correct was the same only last month but copies were required
  6. I have just had a passport done for my son I did not send any passports with his application but had to send coloured copies of every page including the frond and back cover of his and my passport ( my son only 8 years old so they needed my details also)
  7. Girl friend adopting my Son

    I will answer you this last time I did not say there were 31000 fee paying schools in Thailand I said there were 31000 schools in Thailand including all government and fee paying schools, the league of results were based on the ONET results from all schools I am not stupid I know how bad the school system is in Thailand but another option I have is to take him to the UK which I am also considering which would mean that I will be alone with him because I not have any close family in the UK but then I have to consider what will happen to him if I am sick or die I am just considering all the options open to me I am not being vindictive but I do honestly not believe the best thing for him would not have to go back to his mother but if that was the only option open to me it would have to be In my first post I only asked a question which I got my answer by the first poster but I looked and listen to all the poster that sent their advice even yours Different to what you think of me I am only trying to find the best thing for my son for the rest of his life and if you knew about his more about his mother you might think different of me
  8. Girl friend adopting my Son

    No he is not in a Government school he is in a fee paying school in a Thai/English program, (if with his mother he would be in a government school) it seems like you assume a lot, we have not been with his mother for over 3 years so I am not looking for any alternatives to going back with his mother which I will never do
  9. Girl friend adopting my Son

    My son now goes to a school that is in the top 300 schools in Thailand (there are over 31000 schools in Thailand) and he likes being there, my GF speaks very good English and was a teacher for 5 years I know where and what his mother is doing now which is another reason why I am looking at alternatives to my son going back to her
  10. Girl friend adopting my Son

    Without knowing the circumstances you call my thinking stupid. I know if his mom got control of him again she will get somebody else to look after him like she planned to do before which was the reason I when thought 2 Court procedures so she could not do this before, she cannot get any of her relations to look after him because she cannot go back to her village where all her family live because she owes everybody money there, so it mean a stranger to me will be looking after him I know the my GF looks after him very good now and he loves her very much so that is why I was thinking on the lines of adoption which I honestly think would be the best think for my son if anything happen to me
  11. Girl friend adopting my Son

    that is the problem why I asked about adoption to stop his mother getting hold of his land and money marriage is not an option
  12. Girl friend adopting my Son

    Because at 73 years old I do not think I will live forever so I am just trying to plan the best for my child for his future
  13. Girl friend adopting my Son

    After what happen with my child's mom I would never marry a Thai lady
  14. Passport & Visa expiry

    Need to make an appointment giving 3 different times
  15. Passport & Visa expiry

    Can be done here but only in Bangkok and they send it to Liverpool when completed it is then delivered for pick up in Bangkok it is not done in the Embassy but in a building called Trendy