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  1. Thank you for you help it maybe better for me to stay on a retirement extension
  2. I have a retirement extension now but I was thinking about changing to a extension to support my son, I have all the court papers to say that I have 100% responsibility for him and he does live with me Is there much more paperwork required or is it as easy as renewing the Retirement extension I was just thinking that I would only need 400000 Baht in the bank and if i ever wanted to I could work
  3. BritTim I have decided that I will not rent the apartment because they not give any information to the Immigration The hotel that am using I am paying week by week not on a monthly basis so I have no paper to show to the Immigration, and just to confuse things even further I have to do my 90 day report next week but I have to return to Prachinburi for a few days so I intend to do it there and hope I do not have any problem with them
  4. I do my extension and 90 day reporting in Prachinburi I am staying in a hotel for a month or more in Hue Hin should I report to immigration that I am staying at the hotel they took my passport details I am trying to rent an apartment but they will not report to the Immigration and only give me a receipt for the monthly rental will this be ok for the immigration to change my address
  5. You have to ask yourself would you be happy with your child going to a Thai hospital If you have health insurance I think you should give the same to you child and insure your child I not think the cost is very expensive for your child
  6. I now live in Prachinburi but I am going to move to Hue Hin I have booked an apartment for a month do I have to report a change of address to the immigration even though I will only be staying at this address 1 month
  7. The money is under the control of the Children's Welfare Department no money can be taken by the guardian of the child without their say so
  8. Incorrect Any land put in a child's name is owned only by the child the mother has no rights over the land, her name or the name of the father is registered with the land office no legal loans can be taken using the land as security the land cannot be sold with the Children Court agreeing to the sale all money from the sale is put in the Government bank under the control of the Children's Welfare department and any money take out of the child's account must be for the use of the child and a receipt to say that will need to be supplied
  9. Ok thank you for your help
  10. If it in the girlfriends name do you mean she would do the TM30 or TM28 or would I still have to get the owner to go to immigration
  11. I intend to rent a house in Hue Hin but keep my house (owned by my son but I have 100% control of him) and travel between them often, would it be better to put the name of my girlfriend on the rental agreement in Hue Hin to make it easier in dealing with Immigration when registering the change of address
  12. There was a little more to this than I told you I was only explaining to you how to get the land changed back The other thing the mother did was lie to the Police about losing the land papers (because I had them and she could not find them) and then also to the Land office so I was not sure how a judge would deal with that
  13. yes I understand all that I even got as far as the court but I not wanted to put my son's mother in prison and the other fact was that I would of had to put about 130000 baht into the civil court with I would of lost if the verdict went against me so the total cost would have been more than 250000 baht so I decided against taking it any further
  14. The Children's court gives the land for sale to a bank to sell but at the price the mother says it is worth they do not come out to check it then the mother get somebody to buy the land at the said price and then on the same day they transfer the land to the mother who then takes a loan out on the land but what she did not tell the court there was a house on the land so she could take out a loan 10 times higher than she paid for the land The money that the bank got for the land goes into the Children's Welfare to be given to the child for her education
  15. Not true with a good lawyer it can be done and i know this as a fact because it was done over my head she told the Court the land value was very low and they do not check it land was sold at a much higher value after buying it from the bank at the low rate